A Deal Made For Daddy, Part 3: Shelby’s Surrender

The memories of my night with Ben burned longer than the pain he left in my body. He had fucked me like no man had ever had, pushing my limits until I completely succumbed to his will. A few days later, the next day warmed me again to my heart.

I took the time to reflect on everything that had happened. I dwelled on things he had done, and others to which he had only hinted. The images and sensations of a raw and savage act tickled my mind until my gloomy desire bowed in increasing need. Long after my body recovered, I was still wondering about a new kind of darker sex.

Checking online, I watched the video after the video of girls caught in the. These films were surprisingly easy to find and I was shocked at how many women should enjoy them in the privacy of their sex lives. God, it made me so wet. The desire to be used like this, to be stretched open while Ben fucked me in such a taboo way, was too strong for me to ignore. I never thought I would want such a thing, but after his fingering and stretching my hole, the idea of taking his cock in my ass made me weak with desire.

Just the thought of it makes my drool. I remember fingering my clitoris in bed like a blonde slut was skewered on screen by a man with a cock even bigger than Ben. I assumed it must hurt, but she was in a place way beyond the pain. I imagined myself in this place: panting and tense while being completely fucked. I needed to know what it was, but I had no idea when Ben could call.

I decided not to wait.

I pulled the vibrator out of my. It was soaked, of course, shiny and smooth with my juice. The smooth plastic always moved easily in and out of my and I thought I should be able to take it in my bottom. Still, I was suspicious when I drove on my side. With my eyes closed, I held my breath and bit my lip while the tip pierced my tight little hole.

Oh my God, it was thicker than I had expected, stinging with a scorching heat as my hole was forced open. By grint ingesting my teeth, I was bored, and with my body quivering, I softened it through my ring. Damn, it felt huge in me and I stopped, whistling in pleasant pain, my muscles stretched against its circumference.

For many seconds, a white heat shot burned in my, but as I relaxed, a heat spread through me. I took breathing properly and my hissing became a satisfying moan as my crumpled rose capitulated to the toy. Soon I was shaking with excitement and I pushed him further.

“Ahh, damn it, ” I cried as he slipped all the way in. By this time, the sting had been replaced by a strange fullness that required me to massage my tight airtight ring. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed, I plunged the vibrator in and out, over and over again, fucking myself in the ass for the first time.

I gasped on the bed, stuffed with toy dick, buzzing vibrations caressing my tender flesh. Every time I retired, I felt an exquisite relief mixed with a strange void that made me long to bring it back in. It was so different, but I loved how it felt in me, certainly as much as I enjoyed my.

Rolling on my back, I curled up, shamelessly rubbing my clitoris while stabbing the toy into my void hole. I was sweating, my long hair tangled, and still I couldn’t get enough.

I was on the verge of cataclysmic orgasm. Good God, how I had to look depraved. I was a slut, a whore to the man who had incited me to be one, and I wasn’t going to stop until I was as raw as he left me that night. My belly floated, my thighs stretched, and a hard shiver swayed through me. Just as the orgasm rose to engulf me, I pulled the toy out of my, moaning of an ecstatic explosion.

I was wasted and out of breath when he passed. My body was hurting, a repeat of how Ben had left me several nights earlier. Sighing with contentment, I curled up in my sheets, letting the purr of sexual relief sweep me away in a deep and comforting sleep.

Something changed in me that night. Any reluctance I felt to give ben evaporated into this upsetting climax. I was looking forward to his call and the next afternoon I decided to call him. But what could I say? As desperate as I was, I wouldn’t ask her to fuck me like that! I may have lost to him, but I wasn’t ready for that. I mean, I was still in high school. How could I start saying something like that to a man more than twice my age? So what Could Yes?

Crazy with frustration, my phone suddenly woke up with an incoming call. Looking at the screen, my stomach stretched to the name.

Ben Gillman

“Oh, shit!” My hands trembled as the bell continued. I was a mess, unable to answer. Finally, while Taylor Swift was singing the fifth rehearsal of “We are never, ever getting back together”, I drew my finger on the virtual cursor “accept”.

I said, “Well. Hello. This is me. I’m here. Words fell in haste even as I struggled to hide my joy. Ben’s quiet laugh followed, and I grimaced in embarrassment.

Then his voice came clear and loud. “Hi, Shelby. I was thinking about you and I was wondering how you were doing. Are we still friends?

My joy to hear about him was almost crushed when he used that word. Until then, “friends” was an understatement Ben used for me to be ready to fuck him, and a familiar anger began to surface.

“It depends, Ben,” I said bitterly. “Why did you take a whole week to call?”

There was a brief pause. I felt his mind change gears and I was afraid he would hang up on me. I waited, almost ready to apologize, even if he deserved my wrath, when I heard him sigh.

“You’re right, Shelby. It was foolish of me not to call earlier. The truth is, I wasn’t sure you wanted me to speak. Perhaps, in the circumstances, the word “friend” was misused. Are you ready to let me do it again?

damn! I mean, just as I was beginning to understand it, it made me tremble again. I. Was glad to hear the change in his attitude, however, and the venom on my tongue suddenly disappeared. “Well, at least this time, you didn’t send a text. I guess you get something out of it. I. ‘m glad you called.

Ben had to hold his breath, because I heard him exhale before answering. “That’s good, Shelby. Thank you. Look, I have the evening free and I was hoping to see you. We can dine somewhere in public, if you prefer.

Oh, hell yes, I wanted to scream, but I bit my tongue while silently pumping my fist that the urge to scream faded. “Uh, yes, Ben, I’d love that. What time and where would you like to meet?

I visualized his smile as I listened to his positively floating baritone response, “Six hours, and don’t worry where. I’m going to get you.

Oh my god!

“Uh, that would be great. How do I dress?

“Let’s do it informal tonight. Why don’t you surprise me?

I said, “Okay. Six o’clock, then. Goodbye, Ben.

I was in shock. The last time I met him, it was clearly only for sex and he had been absolutely rude and insensitive until he took me. This time, when I wanted him more than ever, he was the complete gentleman? Dinner in a public place? It was wonderful. Yet that night more than the last, all I wanted was for him to take me somewhere and fuck me in a coma! damn! At this rate, the night was going to be very long.

I was walking on the air and took special care to get ready. I wanted everything to be perfect, and my mind was filled with naughty thoughts as I laid down my clothes.

Informal, he said, and that was fine. Last time, I dressed elegantly and was treated like a whore. This time I decided I would dress up the party and time would say if he was going to treat me like a new one. I was desperately hoping he would. An hour and a half later, I checked my reflection in the full length mirror and smiled.

The white cami seemed pretty innocent, but the extremely low cut revealed a dangerous amount of breasts. Tapping down and clinging to my waist, it left a few inches of bare belly before my pink skirt started, flowing on my hips and ending mid-thigh. My hair, I put in a French braid. It followed behind my back in a style designed to highlight my tender eighteen-year-old. If Ben was going out to me in public, I wanted to torture him, make our age difference too as obvious as possible.

My red lipstick, as well as some strategic Dior mists on my breasts and thighs, made me feel sexy. Hopefully they would also drive Ben crazy with desire. Finally, I chose my black, ‘fuck me’ stilettos. They made my calves thin look even thinner.

Anyone who saw us couldn’t think I was just a niece or another relative. I looked like a teenage bitch with a Sugar Daddy, and that’s exactly what I wanted people to think.

‘You’re so into it tonight, Ben, ‘ I thought, looking in the mirror. I was ready for him when he called to tell him he had arrived. Grabbing my clutch, I rushed down the stairs and through the fireplace, to stop in the terror I saw Dad had beaten me to answer the door.

Dad, don’t do it.I was about to scream, but it was too late. He opened the ornate door to find Ben standing on the porch.

“Well, hey, I wasn’t expecting you. Please come in. Me, ah, just need to clean up. As usual, Dad had been drinking and he looked like hell. Ben’s smile turned to a smile as his gaze passed from dad to me.

“No need, Garrett,” he replied, with a disdainful wave. “I’m here to see Shelby. You can go back to doing … Anything. The disdain was simply flowing from his voice and Dad was watching us as I slipped into Ben’s arms.

“What’s going on here, Ben? She’s my daughter. How dare you?

Ben was about to fight back, but I cut him off. “Stop, Dad. It’s your fault you love alcohol more than you do. Looks like you haven’t figured out how your scenario ended yet.

Dad was silent, stunned. Ben shrugged, and sliding his arm around my waist, took me away. His hand cut my before we rounded the corner. I don’t know how long it took Dad to close the door.

The atmosphere of the evening could have been ruined, but Ben’s glittering limousine came into sight. The deepest black I’ve ever seen, I felt I could reach right into the painting. I leaned against Ben’s chest. “You’re really going out all the stops tonight, aren’t you? If I didn’t know you, I might think you were trying to impress me.

Ben kissed my neck, sending shivers into my spine. “I wanted to make up for driving you last week. Am I forgiven?

Turning, I kissed him, sucking slightly on his lip until his tongue came out to find mine. It was a passionate and even affectionate kiss that stole my breath. “I forgive you.”

A few minutes later, we went down Sepulveda, wandering through the lights of the city. The pure elegance of the soft, buttery leather of the limousine and its spacious interior have created the perfect atmosphere to let my stress move away. And Ben… Well, he was like a movie star as he poured two glasses of chilled champagne.

“Where are we going?” I asked, accepting the flute.

Ben smiled and gently touched my exposed thigh. “I was going to take you to dinner, but with the way you’re dressed… I’m afraid the tabloids will have a day in the field if someone had a picture of us.

For the second time that night, my stomach tightened, and I felt a redness redness redness redness of my cheeks. “Oh, my God. Sorry, Ben. I wanted to tease you. I didn’t think about the press.

Ben’s kiss was dancing on my lips. “It’s okay, Shelby. I love how you look. You should never be afraid to let your panic while we are alone, but you must learn discretion when we are in public. So, instead of going out, how about I’m making you dinner? I have a beach house in Malibu with stunning ocean views. Believe me, you’re going to love it.

The drive from downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Coast Highway is quite long and I huddled with Ben, chatting and enjoying the view. While we enjoyed the bubbly, cuddles turned to gentle caresses with tender kisses. Watching the waves crash against the shore on my left, I felt like I was in a fairy tale. It was so different from my last time with Ben. Soon, the warm hum of alcohol and its light but insistent touch had my hot and moist. Running my fingers on Ben’s chest, I popped a few shirt buttons.

“Do you have one of those dark screens, privacy in this thing?”

“Actually…” At the touch of a button, the opaque glass slipped upwards, protecting us from the driver’s view.

“Mmm, it’s better,” I muttered, and finished unbuttoning his shirt. Ben leaned back into the seat, holding me slightly as I dragged kisses on his mighty chest. The idea of having sex in a limo was too much to resist, and I sucked on my lower lip as I unpacked his pants.

“Get up,” I said, “and then I turn edping his pants, letting him throw them on the ground.”

Oh my God, seeing him naked, with his hard and horny cock makes my mouth water. On my knees between her thighs, I kissed and licked her cock until she was wet with my saliva. Its smell rose like a fog, making me stun by the heat.

Forming a fist around his base, I took his cock in my mouth, dragging my tongue around my head before sucking deeply and slowly. Ben cooed gently, passing his fingers through my hair while I sucked up and down his length.

I was more interested in him than fucking him, even though I wouldn’t mind if he had. My goal was to tease and enjoy its masculine flavor. Up and down his length, I went, drawing my lips along his tree. By dragging my tongue around his head, I took my time to explore his form, foaming him while I enjoyed the taste of his shows.

He was so hard that I felt his heart rate pulsating through him, but he was still in control. I smiled inwardly, happy with him please without taking him down too soon. I sucked him slowly and carefully, taking him as deeply as I could until his thighs began to shake.

As I withdrew, I stroked the underside of his tree with my lips until I reached his bag.

“That’s all, Shelby,” he commanded, “sucks my. Your mouth makes me feel good, baby. Ben gently urged me on, moving a hand behind my back and on my. That key made my tighten, and I knew I had to have it in me.

Sucking his balls in my mouth, I relished the idea of having his cock in my pussy again. This time I wanted him in every hole, so keeping him hard and excited until he could have everything of me, meant I had the pace. With one last suck on his nut, I moved up, slipped my legs around her thighs and kissed her deeply.

“Take off my thong, Ben. I want you to fuck me.

Reaching under my skirt, he hung his fingers under the elastic and quickly removed the thong. Fresh air was pouring down on my smoking sex. I was pouring, the juice was pouring down my thighs. crawling by hand, I scooted until his spongy head was brushing my swollen lips.

“Mmm, yes. Do you feel how wet I am? I can’t wait to have your big cock in me. I want you to be deep inside yourself, right to the end. Are you going to do this for me, Ben? Fuck me slow and deep?

Ben grimaced and nodded as I pushed down, clutching my damp flesh around his pulsating cock. “Oh, fuuuck.” I gasped as his thick head stretched me open and plowed into my sheath. Angling my hips, I stirred and wriggled on his cock, panting loudly as he stretched out my pout hole.

“Fuck, yes, ” Ben grumbled, “that teenage pussy of yours is so fucking tight. I can feel you’re tightening me, all wet and smooth. I’ll make you take it all up until you come all over my dick. Then, with a wild growl, he grabbed my hips, dug his fingers into my flesh, and forced his cock into me as far as he could reach.

“Fuuck.” I was completely overpowered and could not get as he moved forward, gaining the leverage he needed. The anticipation flooded my heart and I threw my arms around his neck, clinging desperately as I prepared for his strength to unleash.

Ben was done with my slow, controlled fuck. Squeezing my body against his chest, he began to rock me on his lap while slamming his cock up to my pussy. I had no choice but to ride it hard. Soon, my thighs were painful, tense and tired of the stump. Again and again, he threw his thick piece of meat into my cunt, making my whole body shudder with every dive.

Frenziedly, I snatched my top, offering her the tender flesh of my breasts. Ben’s look filled with lust and I grimaced as he bit bit my sensitive nipples.

“Ah, damn it. That’s right, bite me. God yes, make me feel while you fuck me.

When he buried his face in my chest, I knew he was close. The delicious rubbing of his cock massaging my hole made me burn. I held it firmly, feeling my apnear orgasm, hoping I would reach my climax before it came. “Oh, fuck, bring me in,” I pleaded and when his hand fell on my ass, I squeezed, knowing what he would do.

Reaching between my cheeks, he probed my hole until the tip of his finger was inside. “Fuck me,” I gasped, and when he pushed it deep into my ass, I exploded on his dick. I was completely drunk: a finger forced into my back hole while I was impaled on his hard iron cock. My gushes out and contracted, pulsating madly as I came. My vision faded and my mind faded until I couldn’t hold on.

I felt him shiver and his finger dug into my so hard that I knew I would be bruised. Then he growled with pleasure and the hot puff of his cum filled me, coating his cock inside me and flowing and on his balls. I was completely ruined when he finished and luckily I curled up on his lap.

For several minutes, Ben kissed me and stroked my body as we watched silently as the waves poured out onto the shore. Somewhere along the way, the driver had parked at a cliff edge, giving us an incredible view of the sun sitting on the horizon. It was the most amazing backdrop for what we had just done and I couldn’t imagine anything more romantic.

Ben pulled his suit jacket at us, keeping me warm, and we looked at the ocean as the sun slowly flowed.

“You’re an amazing girl,” Ben muttered, his fingers playing on my breasts. His touch was soft, floating slightly on my nipples and drawing delicious invisible circles around my pink areola.

“Mmm, thank you,” I said. “You’re pretty amazing yourself. I must admit, you really know how to treat a girl … When you want, it’s.

Ben smiled in my cheek and kissed me in response to the obvious reference to our last time together. “That was back then,” he said. “I wasn’t sure what any of us wanted, and I found that keeping these things just about sex can prevent misunderstandings.”

Looking at the sea, I contemplated its point. It all started out as nothing more than a business. Opportunities that only he could provide in exchange for sexual favors on my part. Dad and I would have our safety, and Ben had the use of the athletic body of a volunteer teenager. It’s probably a deal he’d made several times before and I guess I couldn’t really blame him.

I was no better. I had sold myself for his money, and as he had said that night, it made me a slut. Of course, for a million dollars, I was, at the very least, a slut.

“So why the sudden change?” I suddenly asked.

“What do you mean?”

Turning in his arms, I brought my eyes to his. “I mean, all of this. The limo, your plans for a public dinner, your malibu beach house. Having sex like that so that the sun sets on the ocean. It’s terribly romantic, Ben. A girl might start to think she means something to a man if he treats her like that. So why this change? You don’t need to impress me, so what am I supposed to feel like here?

I was terrified that the cold, heartless series he had so clearly shown would suddenly reappear. I was so afraid of it, in fact, that I almost decided not to ask. He could have run me over. But my rationalization to be with him had changed: I did not want the audition, or his influence, not at the cost of my heart.

For a long, terrifying moment, I held my breath… until the goodness I had seen when he appeared at my door came back, and he gently kissed my nose.

“I guess that means I don’t think of you as a groupie or a casting couch bimbette. I…. The truth is that I couldn’t stand the idea of not having you with me. Like I said, you are an amazing girl. I don’t want to hurt you, I couldn’t do that right now.

“What I do Want it’s for you to be with me. Right now. Tomorrow. In public here or when we travel. Above all, Shelby, I want you with me because You want to be mine, not because of what I can do for you.

Oh my god! I was screaming inside, but my brain hadn’t caught up yet. All I could do was get lost in those dark eyes. I wasn’t talking, I could barely breathe! He had not said that he loved me, even though I already knew that I loved him. For one of us to say these words so early would have reduced their meaning, and I think we both understood that.

What he said was that we were real. This fact meant more to me than I could ever imagine. Throwing my arms around his neck, I kissed him hard, expressing myself passionately beyond all the words I might be able to find.

The warmth of this kiss turned into fire, burning us with a desire that went beyond the shallow needs of our flesh. I wanted to do more than please him. I wanted to get into his mind and make him desire my touch as strongly as he wanted my body. Slipping from his knees, I knelt on the thick carpet and picked up his semi-hard cock in the palm of my hand.

“I want to watch you become hard on me,” I murmured, before blowing softly on his cock, bathing it in the heat of my breath. Ben moved, spreading his thighs and leaning back while his flasque tree anebesed.

It’s an incredible sight, watching a man stand up. The fact that her reaction was totally natural and uncontrolled, except for her desire to plunge her into me, drove me crazy. My pussy flushed with wet heat as I felt her cock grow in my hand.

“Fuck, Ben, it makes me so wet. I love watching you get tough for me. Mmm, just a little more, baby and you’ll be ready to fuck me again.

I’m dying to wrap my hand around him and feel how hot and hard he was, but I held back, studying it carefully as he grew up. Inch after inch, he lengthened, with that thick head being pushed across my palm as he did. His cut foreskin stretched back, revealing his purple crown. He thickens more and more as the blood pours in, piling his cock with the very essence of his manhood.

Looking up at his face, I could see him struggling with his lust. The urge to be touched and caressed must have been overwhelming for him, but he sat down, immune, as his erection came to life. When his tree arched and rose from my hand, I knew it was as hard as it could be.

Hell, it was a beautiful thing. Her skin stretched to a beautiful pink and purple glow, the stiff meat pointed upwards, ready to be sucked or immersed in my body. Slowly, almost respectfully, I stroked the underside of his tree until my fingers found his bag. Her balls hung heavy, and I imagined a hot load of sloshing cum around the inside, waiting to be released into my pussy or mouth.

It was a delicious idea, but I had other plans for this particular load.

Until now, I had done a little more than caress her. It was only a twinkling drop of pre-cum that I gave him the touch he obviously wanted to feel. Wrapping my fingers tightly around its length, I stroked it, keeping my clenched fist and my long, uniform movements.

“That’s all, relax and let me make you difficult. I love your dick. It’s so big and warm in my hand. Let me make it nice and wet, okay?

Ben nodded, looking at me intently as I read my lips and kissed that bulbous head. Cutting her, I gently lifted and stroked them as I slid my mouth up and down on the side of his tree. From his crown to his bag, I darted my tongue, flashing slightly on his skin. It was a wonderful tease, and he sucked in a breath and whistled with pleasure when I took it deep into my mouth.

The sweet aftertaste of his cum and my juice was still on his dick, and I swirled my tongue around and around until I had licked it clean. With his spitting wet tree, I slipped my fist up and down, accompanying my lips as they traveled on his pulsating manhood.

Having no desire to make him ejaculate, I kept my tactile light, moving slowly through teasing, erotic torture, taking him to the edge. Drops of sparkling dew appeared at the end of his head and they kept me away, relishing the taste of his pleasure.

“Damn, Shelby, you’re making me so hard. I don’t know how long I can take this.

Rising from his creeping erection, I seized him tightly. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh, hell no. I’d rather just come inside your.

“I have a better idea.”

“Oh? What could be better than fucking your sweet pussy?

I sucked it again, made a satisfying plopping sound when I pulled it out of my mouth, then turned my burning look over his eyes.

I want you to come up my.

Ben’s eyes were blazing and he smiled finely, an almost predatory edge. I said, “Yes. I want you all tonight, and your ass was made to be fucked. But are you sure that’s what you want? Once I’m inside you, I’ll stretch you open until you think I’m in your throat.

Hell, hearing that made my pussy drool. “I want you so deep, Ben. Remember when you licked me last time? What did you call that?

Ben stroked my cheek, ran an inch over my moistened lip. “Rimming. This is called the rim. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

“Mmm, you have Not Idea. Do this to me again. Edge my ass before you put your big dick in there. With a final, wet sucking his cock, I turned to the limo facing the back seat, and still kneeling, rested my arms on the leather and buried my face in them.

The next thing I felt was that his hands were stroking my back. God, he had big hands: soft, warm and strong. My eyes were closed, but I could feel it behind me, move my hips and lift my until it positioned me perfectly. His touch was electric, and I moaned softly when he exhorted my thighs apart and smoothed his palms on my, massaging me.

My pussy was on fire, squeezing with a hunger for her dick. Every time his fingers leaned, I would brood my, hoping to feel him touch one or the other of my painful holes. But he refused me this relief, providing only the warmth of his skin slipping on mine.

Your is so tight, Shelby. It’s a joy to watch as you walk. I bet all the guys you’ve been with wanted to do this.

I was going to ask what he meant when I felt the indescribable sensation of his tongue slipping over my anus.

“Oh, damn it, yes,” I gasped. The heat and humidity covered me, sounding up and down as my body began to succumb. Ben kissed my cheeks, bit me and made me wince, before dragging his tongue down and into my. Time and time again, he drew wet circles on my most intimate areas until I felt like putty, ready to melt into the seat. When he kissed along my spine, I took a deep breath, knowing what was to follow.

There is a particular joy to be ridden by a man. Having him above me like that, feeling his weight, it’s so satisfying. Feeling him holding my hips as he drew his cock through my lips made me want to purr like a kitten.

Arching, I gave Ben the opening he needed and was rewarded with the wonderful pressure of his cock plowing into my pussy. I was wet and ready and it was inside me with an easy push. My pussy was swollen, filled with juice, and he soaked his cock when he slammed inside, the liquid coating twinkling before it leaked and flowed on my thighs. Ben grabbed my hips tightly, pulling me back every time he pushed inside me.

He was so hard. I sucked on my lips, relishing my surrender to him. It hit my stains so deeply that I wouldn’t mind him giving up my. At that point, I wanted him to pull my hair and fuck me stupid, so I whined when he retreated, leaving a frustrating wet void. I was going to tell him to put it back on when the thick head was pressing against my tender brown hole.

“Oh, damn it, go easy,” I moaned at the increased pressure on my tight rose. He was fisting his cock, keeping it in place while guiding me with a soft touch on the small of my back. I calmed down on him, taking him in me at my own pace. Damn, I struggled, beating my nerves as this insidious piece of meat opened my hole.

Twice I succeeded, but each time, Ben patiently pulled me back, caressing me and gently encouraging me to try again. Then, with my on fire, I felt him jump inside, my eyes widened and I quickly pushed back, forcing much of his tree deep into my body,

Groaning in a mixture of shock, pain, pleasure and pride, I dug my fingers into the seat as Ben bent down, driving the rest of his cock into my ass. I shouted profanities, rebelled against his intimate intrusion and yet ordered him to fuck me hard. Ben got up, pinning me on the seat, and began long blows with his rigorous cock.

Oh, my God, I’ve never felt so open. He had stuck me under him, his cock sawing in me, strong thighs pressing mine as his weight pressed me deeper into the seat every time he slammed his cock at home.

It was an amazing feeling, much better than my toy and, automatically, I slipped a hand between my thighs. Spreading my lips, I rubbed my clitoris hard, wanting to reach its climax before it filled my with. I got lost in the sensations. Somewhere in everything I had an orgasm, the waves crash through me over and over again until Ben drove deep and bathed my inside with his hot juice.

I felt it vibrate, followed by an incredible sense of relief as it slipped me. Ben tapped on the division window and pulled me on his lap. The car started moving and Ben cuddled me all the way on to the drive from his Malibu home. I woke up a few hours later, tucked into him in his bed.


The remorse that Dad felt in my “stained” was enough to encourage him to detoxify. Ben found the best clinic in the condition, and after a while, Dad was able to overcome his addiction. It was not easy, however, and his demons are never far away. Ben and I keep him sober.

I never accepted an audition. If Ben used his influence to seduce another girl, at least he made sure I never knew. He said he had finished being that man – but, hey, it’s Hollywood, and dreams here are almost always an illusion.

If life has taught me anything, it’s that nothing in Tinseltown should be a surprise.


Authors’ note.

I would like to once again offer my thanks to Jwren for his excellent editing work. This time, he really surpassed himself.


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A Deal Made For Daddy, Part 3: Shelby’s Surrender