A favor for a friend.

“Peter, I need a favor,” I looked up from my work to the sound of opening my office door, smiling when I saw that it was Kelly closing the door behind her.

My smile was a natural reaction, the kind of red-blooded male had every time a beautiful woman entered the room, but with Kelly it was a little wider because I had known her for years and we had been close friends since the day one.

Kelly was a beautiful woman, but we had never dated, nor even shared a drunken kiss for that matter, due to the fact that she had been married for as long as I knew her and was impeccably faithful; a woman who didn’t even want to have a bad word about her husband, despite the fact that he was a little.

I had never shared my thoughts on Kelly’s husband Mark because I didn’t want to be this guy, the loser who covets his hot friend, but he did not change the fact that every time I had met the guy, he had been drunk and obnoxious.

It would be rude to say that he was a rude slob with a wandering eye; but it would also be correct, and I could not believe that Kelly had not noticed this for herself. God knows what she went through in making their marriage work, but I couldn’t find fault in her behavior, even though my heart secretly bled into knowing how relationships with men like Mark usually resolved themselves.

Over the years, I had always kept my silence, which could not be said about most of Kelly’s friends, and my restraint was something I knew she appreciated. I knew her, it wasn’t that she was blind to her husband’s faults, it was that she really believed in, ‘until death separates us.


“Hey Kelly,” I replied, as I moved to take the chair in front of my desk, “what can I do for you?”

As she sat my smile died a little, “Kelly, which is wrong; Did you cry?

The question was just a courtesy, she had obviously cried, “Sorry Peter, I have to look at a mess.”

A mess wasn’t how I would describe Kelly, and today she looked as beautiful as ever, even dressed a little more To I used to see her around the office; Wearing a loose pleated black skirt and a nice cream shirt, with more open buttons than he was fully professional.

If you looked beyond the sadness in his eyes and the shape of his body, with barely a thin layer of clothing that contained him, it was enough to make you catch your breath. Kelly was a woman defined by curves, with beautiful breasts in medium cut and an of the form of peach; even seated, as she was now, I could see the shape of it in my mind eye.

“Kelly, don’t be stupid,” I said, forcing a smile back on his face, “you could stop the traffic, but you just look like you cried.”

“It’s Mark,” her eyes left mine as she said, as if ashamed, “he’s cheating on me.”

“What!” the word came out like a cough, “Are you sure?” I knew this man was a moron, but I couldn’t believe he’d be stupid enough to cheat on his wife.

“Yes,” she replied, clearly trying not to cry anymore, “I knew this morning, but it has been going on for some time.”

I sat in silence for a few moments without having any idea what to say. Finally, with words that I missed, I got up from my own chair and walked around my desk to give him a rough hug, trying to pour all my unspoken emotion into the gesture, simply to let Kelly know that her friends would be there for her; no matter what.

Kelly pressed her face against my shoulder, hugging me back as she sobbed a little, “I can’t believe it.”

I hugged a little louder, nodding silently, while placing my hand on the back of his head in a gesture of comfort; release my hug just before it became troublesome.

Rather than take my place again, I perched on the edge of my desk, just to comfort Kelly with my presence.

“Will you tell me what happened?” I asked quietly.

“It’s stupid,” she replied, looking away, “are you sure you want to hear it?”

I took her hand, squeezing her: “Of course I want to hear about it, but only if you need to talk.”

She took a deep breath, “Mark pushed me for a while now, putting pressure on me.”

I stopped her suddenly, I shouldn’t have because she clearly needed to let go, but I had to ask, “Kelly, did that bastard hit you?”

“No,” I saw a tear fall from her eye on her cheek, which she wiped with her free hard, “it’s not like that, he put pressure on me to do things for him; sexually I mean.

I stopped shaking her hand, a change she noticed, which brought her eyes back to mine. My reaction was involuntary, but I was afraid for my friend “Kelly, I’m sorry and I really don’t know how to say this, but are you sure he didn’t hurt you?”

She shook her head and I believed her, or at least thought she didn’t feel like she had been mistreated, “Mark didn’t hit me, or something like that, he just said a lot of unpleasant things to be me. “It’s mostly when he went out drinking and coming home late,” Kelly blushed, at the thought of what she would say afterwards, “he likes to fuck me after he’s been with his buddies.”

I shook his hand harder, in awe of where the story was heading, Honestly, I don’t mind, but for the last few months he’s been drinking more and has been under pressure on me having sex. Kelly’s blush deepens to a darker hue, “You must think I’m a prude.”

“Kelly, I don’t think you’re a prude,” I swallowed audibly, “it’s okay not to like anal sex.”

“Have you ever done so?” She asked me, surprising me.

This time it was my turn to blush, and I didn’t know how to answer, “Well, no, I’ve never been fucked in the ass.”

“That’s not what I meant,” she replied, smiling a little at my lame obscuration, and I was happy to have comforted her a little.

“No, I know what you meant,” I had to swallow again, my mouth full of saliva. It wasn’t a conversation I was planning to have with someone today, let alone a beautiful married friend, “Honestly, I haven’t tried anal sex either.”

It was Kelly’s turn to shake my hand, “Did you ever want to?”

“Do you mean with you, or in general?” I tried to joke again, trying to dodge the question.

She laughed a little, but was not disturbed, “Peter, I’m serious, my marriage is over, and I need to know if it’s my fault?”

“Kelly don’t be stupid,” I replied without thinking, “if you tell me that your husband is cheating on you because you won’t let him fuck you in the ass, when he’s drunk apparently, then there’s no way your marriage breaks down is your fault .”

“Honestly Kelly,” I probably should have stopped, but I couldn’t, “I think Mark is an asshole; seriously, a real fucking shit, who has been taking advantage of you for as long as we’ve been friends; and the only reason I haven’t said that before is because we’re friends. I’m sorry Mark’s cheating on you Kelly, but it’s not your fault, and it’s never your fault; so never think that, not even once.

As I let out the feeling I had been holding in about her husband, Kelly’s face has changed, becoming sexy and vulnerable, but with an assured air rather than a resigned, “Thank you Peter, and I want to say thank you for saying that now , and not before.”

“You have nothing to thank me, I always wanted to be there for you,” as I said, my intention was to appear platonic and caring, but we both heard the deeper meaning too.

I became aware of the warmth of Kelly’s skin, in the hand I was holding. I could see the beginning of her cleavage, with only the first three buttons on her open shirt. As I looked further at the cut of her skirt and how he had climbed as she sat, exposing her inner thighs, was quite obvious.

Thoughts began to run in my head, and not the kind a decent man should have when comforting a vulnerable woman, no matter how attractive she was; especially when she was a friend.

Kelly clearly felt something too, and removed her hand from mine, “You haven’t answered my question though.”

I had no idea what she meant, and my face had to say the same thing, so she asked again, Did you ever want to have sex?

I did not blush this time, the blood rushed directly to my cock, every hormone answered the question for me. Unfortunately, comme my crotch was level with his face, Kelly noticed the jerk in my pants leg and deduced the correct answer.

“So why didn’t you do it?” she asked, putting a hand on my leg and bringing her eyes back to mine.

All I could think was the feeling of my dick getting harder, so I answered completely honestly, “I guess I was never confident enough to ask and,” I blushed a little deeper, “no woman who saw my penis has it suggested.”

Kelly smiled again, “And how about me?”

Maybe blood is flowing towards my dick, but I had no idea what she meant, “What would you say?”

“And I,” she said, putting her hands on my lap, “have you ever wanted to fuck me in the ass?”

My breath took as she said, and I had to force myself to exhale. What could I say, beyond the truth “Only every time you folded, and about 30% of the time you faced me.”

“Only 30%, what do you think of the rest of the time?”

“Well,” I hesitated, “before letting my dick think for me, it would be more difficult to answer if you were wearing a bra.”

“Oh, you’ve noticed,” Kelly replied, without looking at me. his eyes focused on the tent forming in trousers, his hands stroking my knees to encourage him.

“Kelly, I always notice when you’re not wearing a bra,” I say, my breath to resume as she pushed my legs apart.

Kelly leaned back to look me in the face again, “Do you like my titles?”

I could see the outline of her breasts through the pale cream material, and as the shirt pulled tighter, it was obvious that her nipples were rock hard. Her eyes never leaving mine, she began unbuttoning her shirt further with one hand, while the other traveled up to my leg to coarsely open my flies.

I tried to play cool, but failed miserably, openly gawking at her breasts as her shirt fell open. They were as perfect as I had always imagined; two medium-sized, firm globes centered on hard pink nipples.

My dick was hard rock by this point, and Kelly had to use both hands to get it out. He has widened eyes when she took her first look at her, “Oh, Peter, fuck I think it’s too big”.

It was pure flattery, I admit that my cock was obviously very thick in terms of circumference, I was told half a dozen times, but I was only eight inches on my best day, and far from a monster his suggested reaction.

“That’s what you meant before, when you said the girls didn’t want it,” Kelly continued, putting her two little hands around my tree, while leaving your head exposed, “you’re like a mushroom.”

“Kelly, my office door doesn’t lock,” was how I started my sentence, but the words died as she leaned forward and sucked on the head of my dick.

She sucked a little harder, while removing her hands and sliding her mouth over my cock, sucking hard enough to make me moan.

“Kelly,” I tried again, to say it was a bad idea, but she kept taking me deeper, while pulling superficial breaths through her nose and sucking my cock.

The feeling was too much, my dick was on fire, so I started rubbing the back of his head; grabbing her blonde hair; pushing, encouraging him to take me down his throat, despite my thickness.

She had clearly relaxed her practice gag reflex and could almost take my circumference, choking a little more and filling her mouth with saliva, which she tried to swallow.

I was literally about to enjoy, and she must have felt my cock swelling, because she slipped me out of her throat and mouth in one movement, and grabbed the base of my cock painfully to prevent her from cumming,

“Peter,” Kelly began, but his mouth was still full of saliva. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was surprised when she spat on my dick and started jerking off my already shiny tree. As she started again, Kelly said, “Peter, I need a favor from you.”

This time I was shocked, “Kelly you don’t have to suck my dick to make me do you a favor; I’m not your husband.

“I know,” she smiles, “before leaning forward and licking the precum on the tip of my penis, giving her a little kiss for good measure, you’re much taller. But you’re wrong, that’s the only favor I need to suck your dick for.

My mind ran, but I could not come to what it was leading to; not that it mattered, “Tell me, I’m going to do anything.”

Kelly smiled, but it was the vulnerable woman who had been cheated on who was looking at me, not the slut who had just slit me deeply and spat all over the place, “We’re going to make a video, which I’m going to send to Mark.”

“A video of you sucking my dick?” I asked, more hopeful than a teenager who might be about to glimpse his first breast.

“Not stupid, I sucked Mark’s cock hundreds of times,” again she licked the precum of my leaking cock head, licking her lips unintentionally to taste, “and I like to swallow.”

I couldn’t risk a word, every Christmas came just early for me, and I just had to wait and see what my gift was.

Kelly grabbed by stronger cock, pointing it at me, “I want you to stick that big cock up my ass, and try to fuck him. You’re probably too tall, I’m really a virgin there, but I want you to try, and film me by taking my using my phone.

It took all my willpower not to take her out of the chair, and throw her over my desk, but I had to be quite frank, “Kelly, I told you, I never did; What if I hurt you?

You do peter, I haven’t been as lit since before I got married, and to illustrate the point Kelly pulled her loose skirt to show me her. It was the first time I had seen it and I was not disappointed; she kept her completely bald in Brazilian fashion and it was obviously very wet, her thighs were sparkling from where they had been pushed together, with the back side of her skirt soaked through.

My cock spasmated at sight, and I took another deep breath to stabilize by heart rate. I had to say something, just to distract myself, because between the sight of her exposed breasts and the pussy, and the work she had already done on my cock, I honestly thought I was going to enjoy.

Given that all the blood was rushing to my dick, it’s no surprise that I said something silly, “You don’t wear panties.”

Before answering Kelly grabbed the base of my cock tightly again and looked at me, “What makes you think I never wear panties when I come to your office.” She knew what she was doing, clutching the base of my cock as a vice, to repress my orgasm, which she had triggered with the smell of her wet pussy and a dirty word.

She licked and swallowed the cum dribble that had leaked from me, gently kissing the tip of my sensitive cock. When Kelly was sure I wasn’t going to explode, she started sloaking me deeply again, never letting go of vice.

When my cock was soaked again, she came for the air and asked, “So, do you want to fuck me in the ass?” squirming my wet cock at me, she added, “Enough please Peter.”

I made the slightest nod, which was enough for Kelly who held him a move, pulling his phone out of the bag on the floor next to his chair, and passing it to me.

I stood too, my dick bridging the gap between us like a post. Kelly’s breasts were still demanding my attention, and I realized a long-term fantasy by reaching over and squeezing them in turn. Kelly swatted my hand away and kissed me on the lips, “Later, the door doesn’t lock back.”

I smiled, she was right, I had forgotten that the door was unlocked, thank God it was lunchtime, but it was still not much of a guarantee of privacy.

“Okay, lean over,” I said brutally. In my dreams of fucking Kelly, I had always taken her from behind. She had an ass to die for and I had always fantasized grabbing her hips and fucking her against something; I couldn’t wait to feel my crotch snapping against her cheeks.

Kelly shocks her head, kissing me again, “No, I need to be on my back, so you can record my face as you fuck my ass.”

“Kelly, get on the desk,” I said in despair, “don’t expect much from me, I’ll make the sperm at any time.”

“Stick it in me Peter, don’t be gentle, I want you to fucking explode,” she grabbed my waist, echanging our positions and sitting on my desk in her first motion, laying back in her second and raising legacies in the air like a gymnast.

I stepped forward, taking the weight of her ankles against my shoulders, as Kelly crammed her skirt, Do you think you can stick in my once without cumming?

Whenever I would have been embarrassed by the question, but we both knew I was on the edge, so I just nodded the door.

“Do it,” I took a deep breath and lined up my cock against her pussy, pushing in. “Fuck,” Kelly moaned, “push it all, Peter, push hard, your biggest than I’m used to.”

I never stopped. Push my entire length into it in one movement.

“Now, stand still, and don’t mess with it, “the more guttural words I’d never heard Kelly before, I’ll get you wet.”

I didn’t have a second to consider what she meant, because she started rubbing her clitoris like a porn star, or a whore; except for her it was real. “Hold that big dick again Peter and suck my fucking boobs.”

I didn’t need a second invitation; leaning forward to suck his tis like a mad man.

She gasped in my ear at this point, and within seconds was moaning, “Yes! Yes!! YES!!!” as it came around my dick. Her ran against me, and I had to withdraw before breaking my promise.

My dick was literally dripping wet from being in her pussy. Kelly smiled at me, catching her breath: “You like that, don’t you?”

Answering honestly, I said, “This is probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Kelly pulled my head forward and kissed me pretty much, “I just wanted you to know how much I wanted that too.” Without further ado, she pushed me away with her legs, “Now stick it in my ass; make sure you can see your dick forcing in me, and get a lot of blows from my face; I want Mark to see me take your dick where it’s never been.

I held the phone in place, but before pressing Save I thought of a condition, “No correct names?” It was silly, considering how far we’ve come, but we’re working together and even though her marriage was falling apart, I didn’t want me to be the cause.

“No baby names,” she replied, as I started the video on her phone.

I had never made a video with a girl before and didn’t have the first idea where to point the camera, but given that Kelly was doing this to get revenge, I thought she’d like to say something before the show started.

It seemed to be the right thing to do, because Kelly looked down at the lens and spoke with a genuine hate, “Hi, Mark, I heard about Caroline this morning, you fucked fucker. Five fucking years of your shit, and the only thing you wanted from our wedding was my ass. Well, surprise Mark; do you want to see what a real cock looks like to fuck me?

There was no signal from Kelly, but it seemed like the right time, so I pointed the camera at my wet cock, and used my free hand to line up the head against Kelly’s pleated asshole.

I pushed slowly, and either I was too big or it was too tight, but it wasn’t right. I had no experience and didn’t know if it was normal with anal sex, or if Kelly was particularly tight because it was her first time, or because she was nervous, or maybe both.

Despite the fact that Kelly had asked me to be rude, I really didn’t want to hurt him, so I just kept increasing the pressure against her slowly, until I felt he was starting to loosen up. Kelly, could feel it too, and gave him instruction in the form of comment for her unfaithful husband, “yes that’s baby, push him in there; stick that big dick up my ass!

I had the camera pointed at my dick, and Kelly sounded as if she liked the feeling; I know I was. Still, I had to make sure, so keeping the camera pointed at her, I glanced at her face, she nodded her hand once and spoke for the video, Come baby, stick it in; me!

I looked back like a push and felt the head of my cock pop up his ass before I saw it happen. I wanted to scream, but I held my tongue, and I let Kelly speak for me, “aw, yes! Come on, don’t be shy, give it to me baby!

I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted and just kept pushing. Kelly was incredibly tight, but my cock was lubricated with her pin and cum, which I doubt was perfect, but was enough and I slowly slipped into it.

“It feels so good baby, push it all in! Harder, you bastard, fill me up! I never stopped, just kept pushing into her tight ass; squeezing into it. My cock on fire, at the hottest experience of my life – I was fucking ass the girl of my dreams, on my desk, in the middle of the afternoon.

I had to take a break, with my cock about three-quarters, just to take a deep breath to stop me from jumping right now.

Kelly had other words for her husband, “Look at this Mark, you cheating bastard, it could have been yours, but you couldn’t wait. Now you have to watch while a real man fucks me, “which seemed to be my next clue to push a little further, “he’s so fucking big Mark, he feels so fucking good.”


Pulling the camera back, I managed to get my cock in the shot with Kelly’s hand, which she was using to rub her clitter. “Come on baby, fuck me with your big cock,” she moans, again like an actress in a porn movie. How could she have thought she was a prude I don’t know.

Feeling again that it was time, and her body had adapted to my circumference, I slowly pulled my cock from Kelly’s ass, being sure to catch on camera how she grabbed my tree, as if trying to keep me inside her.

I stopped just short of pulling my head, afraid that I might hurt him if I pushed back in savagely; and I would push back, nothing could stop me now.

Once I had gone out as far as I dared, I immediately began to regrow, in a smooth motion pushing my full length in Kelly growled hard as I melted, her muscle squeezing me like a vice.

Again, I didn’t stop, and withdrew in the same motion, before pushing into a little more difficult this time. Kelly got along with the program, moaning for the camera, baby, which was exactly the plan.

I pushed again faster, and still Kelly moaned, “Harder baby,” rubbing her clitique with an increased rhythm, matching mine.

Kelly prompted my movement this time, “Please baby, fuck my ass harder,” which made me lose some self control and push in, as if I were fucking her pussy. Kelly shouted a little, which turned into a breathless, “Yes!”

As I buried my cock in Kelly, her ankles on my shoulders, the sound of our flesh meeting made me grow harder again, “Please baby… Please… make me enjoy, Kelly panting, rubbing her clitoris, as I began to slam into her as hard as I could, barely able to hold the camera stable.

“Yes! Make me some sperm! Please baby, make me fuck!”

I focused and decided to try to do it for her, setting me the twenty goal and counting down as I pushed it over; while looking at her, watching as he convulsed a little with wet soaking, which Kelly sent everywhere with her masturbatory hand, moaning even louder as she orgasm, Yes… I cumminggg … your dick feels so great… Harder baby, fuck my ass harder … I’m so wet for you… FUCK!” and the sentence had grown to basically a cry; with not a given if the office was back from lunch.

As this amazing woman reaches orgasm, her tightened like a vice and I had no choice too.

My countdown almost to zero, I was determined to cum with my cock as far into his virgin ass as possible.

I moaned, desperately trying to keep my voice off the recording, Kelly spoke above me though, “No, don’t! Cum on my face!

Which made me break the stride, “But,” I whined my voice clearly audible.

Lla But goes without saying: “No baby next time … every time baby … anytime baby…. from now on you own my ass and can fuck it, and cum, whenever you want … please cum on my face” and the slight change in tone let me know that was it all for the camera.

“Fuck” I moaned loudly, half in frustration and half in the grip of an orgasm. Kelly’s butt popped up when I quickly pulled out. Grabbing my cock, to aim at his face, I started to cumming like a pipe. I jerked off the tree as tightly as possible, trying to mimic Kelly’s feeling of hot, and brutally aimed at her face as requested. Aim ing on his eyes, cheeks, lips; covering it with more sperm than I knew I could produce, with the small explosions hitting her neck and breasts. At last I stopped, my painful the size of the charge released.

Kelly waved her legs, and I walked away from her to let her ankles fall. Having her ankles on my shoulders during that time must have been painful, and she dropped straight to her knees in front of me.

I managed to keep the camera steady, focusing on her dripping face as she again grabbed my cock. “Fuck you, Mark,” she said, her voice full of hate, before taking my cock head in her mouth, which made me tremble a little more sperm.

Kelly sucked the drops from me and quickly spat out my sperm back on his camera, signaling the end of his film.


When I handed over the phone, I helped Kelly recover, her skirt dropping to cover her. Despite what had just happened, I couldn’t help but look at her hanging freely, exposed by her open shirt. “And now?” he asked. I asked to struggle to make eye contact, filled with lust.

Kelly took my senses, looking down at my cock, which ridiculously still held hard, “Sorry, I know I promised it, but I’m too bad, and I don’t want to suck it after it’s been in my ass; I already feel like a slut.

Ignoring the fact that Kelly had already taken a bite off her ass, I cut off her sticky cheek to make eye contact, “Kelly, you’re not a slut, or a prude, or one of those things Mark called you,” I said, my voice full of affection.

She smiles back, “Well, I feel like a slut.”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little; she had just lost her virginity in her boss’s office, she had all over her face, had only a skirt and a shirt on, after entering the work without underwear; and then made a video of her getting fucked for the first time, “OK,” I smiled conceding the point, “maybe you’re a slut, but, believe me, that’s a good thing.”

Kelly smiled more deeply, and she looked irresistible, “You can fuck my pussy if you can be quick; I don’t want to lose my job and my marriage on the same day.”

She was right, it was too late, lunch was over and someone was hearing us, No, you promised me your.

Buttoning her shirt, and straightening her skirt, she said, “Next time.”

It wasn’t a question or a promise, the way she was talking was a date on the calendar, and he made my fully harden, Can’t wait.

Pick up his bag and drop off the phone, “Thank you again.”

She looked back, closing the door behind her, “Would you like lunch tomorrow?”

Kelly left without waiting for my answer, and it wasn’t until I closed the door that I realized that her face was still covered in semen.

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A favor for a friend.