A Little Winter Tail – anal shower submission control wife

We planned this trip a few months ago, and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but as the day approached, I really wasn’t looking forward to it. I’m not a winter type girl, I hate being cold, and it was absolutely cold and in teenagers at night.

We were going to stay in a state park in a small cabin with two other couples who are good friends. I was really looking forward to spending time with our friends, but the setting was what I wasn’t so crazy about.

When my husband and I arrived, John and Kim, and Bob and Jen were already here. It was a nice little cabin, had two bedrooms and a full kitchen, but it was small and a bit too much “roughing it” for me. I’m more of a hotel suite girl. Anyway, after we settled down, we played a few games, and everyone was tired so we went that night.

The next day, I must admit, was much more fun than I had expected. We went for a walk in the frozen park and actually walked across the lake which was completely frozen solid! It was beautiful with all the snow and frozen lake, but I was ready to come back in the heat. We relaxed in the cabin, played a few more games throughout the afternoon, then prepared to head out for dinner in a local town.

As we were getting ready, some of the others took their showers first and that pretty much exhausted the hot water! We had to go make our reservation, so I just refreshed and put on a beige sweater dress, a pair of black tights, a black lace, front closing bra, and my little separate black suede heel, and I was ready.

We had fun at dinner, really good food in this quaint little place, and then we made our way back to our cabin. We all kind of just bask around and had a drink in the night, talk and joke and share stories, and feel pretty good about vodka. The other two couples had the rooms, and we slept in the living room on a rolled mattress that we brought. The other couples headed to their bedrooms to get to each other and we made our bed on the living room floor.

No sooner than my husband’s head hit the pillow, he was out and snoring after his dinner and alcohol. I felt a little cold sitting all evening in just my dress and tights, and since I didn’t get a shower earlier in the day, I thought I’d enjoy a nice hot shower before going to sleep.

As I took my clothes out of my sleeping bag, John came out of their room for a glass of water. We talked for a second, every joke about how our spouses were fainting sleeping already, and I told him I was going to take my shower. This is probably the best time to tell you that there is a story of sexual tension and little things between John and me, but nothing too intense.

Over the years, especially with a little alcohol involved, there have been kisses and touches of light, and the occasional grinding or flashing that has happened, but as I said, nothing has ever gone further than that. I noticed throughout the dinner, John was looking at me, checking my legs and flirting with me, but none of this is unusual.

John took his water and went back to his room when I went to take my shower. The bathroom was far from luxurious in this small cabin, and the shower was just a stall with a cheap vinyl curtain that pulled through. I started the water and let it warm up as I slipped it out of my dress, tights, and bra. I walked into the shower and was happy to find that it was quite hot, the way I like it. I was standing there just enjoying the hot water hitting my body for a little while before I started running the soap on myself and then started washing my face.

All of a sudden I was surprised and almost screamed as I heard the curtain slip and I felt someone walk behind me. My first thought was that it was my husband who woke up and found that I had left and then came to surprise me. I wiped the soap from my face and eyes as I felt my hands slip around my hips and begin to move up my ribs under my breasts, firmly packing them to pull me against a very stiff erection slipping against my lower back. I finally open my eyes and turn my head back, and to my surprise, it was John!

I turned quickly and pushed myself away from him, one hand descending to cover my shaved, the other on my breasts, and asked, What do you think you’re doing?

Even as surprised as I was, I was still trying to keep my mouth shut because I didn’t want anyone else to hear and wake up. He smiled at me and said, “Come on, you know you want that too. Let’s be quiet and have some fun. I couldn’t help noticing that it was fully erect sticking straight to me, and that was pretty impressive, I have to admit.

He stepped towards me sliding his hands around my sides to grab my lower back and pulled me into it. I brought my hands to his chest, pushing slightly away from him as he held me tightly against him, leaning down to begin kissing me. I could feel her lips pressing against mine at the same time as her erection was pressing against my stomach. What little struggle I had, or objection, faded as I felt him kiss me and his tongue begin to probe between my lips. I succumb to knowing that it was true, I was excited and feel it too, needing some attention.

As he felt me relax and stop pushing away from him, his hand slipped between our bodies and moved between my legs. There was still a light film of soap on my body making everything slippery. I felt a sigh of air leaking out of my mouth as he wasted no time slipping his finger between my lips, brushing my clitoris, and began to penetrate me as he moved me against the shower wall. He wasn’t ransacked or anything, but certainly was a little drunk, acting on pure desire, and now that I stopped saying no to him, he was really starting to go to me.

I had one arm around his neck holding him firmly as the other hand was on his right biceps, trying to stabilize me as he had his right hand completely between my legs, almost lifting me off the ground as he was deeply fingering me against the wall. I put my head on his chest trying to smother all the moans as he worked at me with his fingers. He had his middle finger and the ring finger pushed into me, pushing them into me as his palm rub against my lips and pressure my clitaction.

Suddenly, he took his fingers and turned me around facing the wall. I stood with my hands and forearms against the wall and my head turned back, pressing against her as I felt her walking behind me, guiding her erection straight into my. Feeling it enter this way, the hot water cascading over our body, its hips grinding into me against the wall, took my breath, and within seconds I had my first orgasm ripple through my body.

My legs were like jello and I was barely standing as I felt it slip out of me. He carried his hands up to my wrists, took both my hands on my head against the wall and crossed them, then held them there with his left hand.

I watched his hand move on the shelf in the shower and he grabbed a bar of soap. I felt him move between the cheeks of my where he was soaping me. I started shaking as I knew what he was going to do as soon as I felt the soap move on my anus.

I remember looking him back and saying, “No… No, I’m not ready for that, you’re too big.

He put the soap back on the shelf, then I felt him move the tip of his cock between my cheeks and start pressing into my ass! He said, “Relax, it’s going to be good.”

It was a combination of the whole situation, hot water and soap, the way he had my hands pinned over my head, and the sexual tension between us that made me not try to fight him and let him take me that way. He started his slow and constant pressure as I felt him open me up, and then finally he penetrated me.

It took all I had to not make a lot of noise and scream as he took my breath. He was so tall. It was very uncomfortable at first and I didn’t think I could handle it. He felt me squirm, but this did make him tighten his grip on my wrists as he continued to push his hips towards mine, pinning me against the wall as he impaled me on his tree.

After a few seconds of him slowly stroking in and out of me, the initial pain subsided and he began to feel much better. He had his head right next to mine with his mouth against my ear telling me how good my was… how tight I was … how he dreamed of this … how I was going to make him enjoy. And then the following things he said are that kind of broke me, and put him in a frenzy.

He asked, Who’s the is this now? Tell me who to vote toE belongs.

I did not answer him immediately and he pushed me two or three times to make me gasp and moan, and then he repeated his question again.

I said quietly, “You … My belongs to you.

Just saying these words, and hearing them come out of my mouth, completely stripped me of any resistance, and made me submit to him.

Then in a low growl, straight into my ear, he said, “Tell me to fuck your ass … Tell me to cum in your ass.

I clearly felt him getting more and more excited as he spoke to me, the movement of his hips reflecting his intensity, sinking me, with small thrusts. I felt my body, breasts and nipples slide against the shower wall, my feet spread wider than my shoulders, flexing my calves and bows as if I were in the highest heels, trying to push my body away from its deepest thrusts.

Again, he gave me some sharp thrusts, making me moan as he repeated, “Tell me to fuck your ass… Tell me to cum in your ass.

It started a steady rhythm now stroking in and out of me as I was pinned against the wall. He was feeling incredibly intense right now.  I felt his hand freedom move between my body and the wall as he was squeezing my chest and pinching my nipple. Then I felt his forearm slip between my breasts as a strong hand rose around my throat, under my chin, to hold my head and my mouth there as he looked at me, still feeling it caressing in and out of me.

One last time, he said, “Tell me.”

I looked him in the eye, my expression reflecting every thrust of his hips in me, as I quietly said, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

No sooner had the last word left my mouth, he began a constant push, always holding my hands up, making me gasp and taking my breath with each penetration. I felt the eroticism and intensity of the situation myself now that I was pressed against the wall to let it take me that way.

I finally got enough air and looked at him and said, “I want you to fuck in my ass… cum for me … cum in my ass.

It was all it took to put him on the edge as he let go with a final frenzy of thrusts that I had to endure before feeling him liberated, pressing on me. I could feel his cock as loud as it could be, and throbbing deep inside me, as his orgasm overtook him and he trembled against me.

At that time, even though until then I was completely submissive and taken by him, I felt like I was the one who had all the power because I brought him to that point.

After his orgasm, he released my hands and slowly slipped out of me. I turned around, looking at him, and i reached the soap. His cock was still erect and trembling as I took it in my hands and soaped it, gently caressing and cleaning it. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back. As I finished, he leaned over and gave me one last kiss, then with a big smile and no words, came out of the shower, dried, and left.

I regained my composure, rinsed and dried, slipped on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt, and walked to my bed with my sleeping husband.

As I was lying there, my mind was running back through what just happened, everything he said, how he felt physically, and the way it made me feel emotionally. Lying there, I could feel all the muscles of my stretched, as if it were still inside me. And more than that, I could feel how excited my body was still.

I slipped my hand down inside my leggings, teasing my smooth with my fingers, making small circles on my clit/head. It might have been the fastest I’ve ever done myself reach an orgasm as it rippled through my body, lying there trembling, and then falling asleep.

The next morning, everyone had to pack their bags so we could check it out. John came out into the room with all of us as his normal, joking himself. For a while, I felt like it was a dream I had and it didn’t really happen.

We loaded everything up and said goodbye, hugging. When I got to John, I just said, “It was a really fun weekend,” as I leaned over to kiss him.

He replied with a smile, Yes, it was very fun, but then he leaned over and put his mouth right next to my ear, and as he slipped his hand down and gave my a pressure, he whispered, Don’t forget who’s it is. He rose with a big smile on his face.

I just let out a little laugh shaking my head and I said, “I won’t.” Inside, a shiver went through my body as his words reminded me of our encounter and his new influence on me.


So now begins all my anxious thoughts of what he means by that, or more importantly what he intends to do, and when. I’m not looking to have an affair going on, but I know he’s going to do it again. Oddly enough, I look forward to it too, accepting with submission his request on my. I just hope it doesn’t become too frequent and risky for all our friendships and marriages.

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