I just let my boyfriend watch me use a sex machine on Skype

My boyfriend lives in a few states, we only see each other once a month, which is really difficult, but over the years we have become more inventive and having webcam sex is normal enough for us. and something we do most nights.

It’s really great fun to get naked and watch yourself touch each other, it makes you incredibly excited and desperate to touch them across the screen, but once you ejaculate and watch them enjoy, it’s pretty rushed and if you’re in a long distance relationship, it’s a great way to keep your sex life alive and to feel more normal.

Recently our sex webcam needed a little “punch”, just using my fingers and even dildos was not enough to cut it more, we need a little spark in our sex life. When I was researching ways to do this, I came across a forum of women and men who are all in long distance relationships and some of them are delusional long distance sex machines / sex toys and how it had changed sex remotely for them. I did my research and even though it was a bit of a folly for me to buy the real machine, I decided that we needed it and a sex machine was what I bought.

How my sex machine made me cum hard

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i bought my little sex machine and I didn’t say anything to my boyfriend. But I just knew he would be so excited to see me use it. We decided to have a time when we were both free the same evening it had arrived and I made sure my pussy was soft and silky, I put on my favorite lingerie and I even put on makeup. My slim, toned body was amazing and I couldn’t wait for my boyfriend to see me through the webcam. I was so excited at the thought of using the sex machine, I was as excited, seeing myself in the mirror made me feel as perverse as hell.

the sex machine that I bought can be controlled via an app so my boyfriend can decide the speed, vibration and timing abouts In fact, I enjoy from anywhere in the world. I made sure he had downloaded the app before starting the webcam (still saying nothing to him and telling him not to open the app) and that’s where everything has begun…

We started with our usual chat, talking about our day and what we had done. I told him how excited I was and he smiled. He was just wearing his boxers and I was lying on my bed in my lingerie. He asked me what it was and I told him to open it up and see what was going on, he did it and pressed the vibrations and I lifted my pretty sex machine. He looked confused but happy and when I explained that he could control everything, he was delighted but still a little worried.

I slipped the vibrator inside of me and lay on my bed, making sure he could see everything through my webcam. It started with a slow rumble, I could feel the vibrations on my G-spot and my clitoris, it was a crazy feeling. Knowing that he controlled everything was so incredible, it was so intimate even though I was alone in my room. My boyfriend looked at me through the webcam, touching his erect cock as it increased the vibrations for me and made me moan louder.

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The vibrations were so powerful that I was already on the verge of an orgasm. I couldn’t believe how good the combined sensations were, I forgot my boyfriend was looking at me even when I started pinching my nipples and moving my hips so that the machine sex sinks deeper into me. All my boyfriend could do was to admire the vibrations driving me crazy.

My pussy was soaked, my boyfriend could see it sparkle through the webcam. I had so much fun and he was so involved in my pleasure, playing with the parameters and making me moan more. It was like he was close to me, he could have been in the room for all I knew.

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My orgasm was accumulating so intensely in me, my G-spot had never been fucked like this before and my clitoris begged to be able to enjoy. I told my boyfriend that I was going to come and he moaned a little, rubbing his cock harder and harder. I could see the veins of his tree stretching, his cock hard and desperate to be emptied.

I started to cum, my white juice coming out of my tight pussy, my body throbbing with orgasm and my knees trembling with intensity. I had made a huge wet spot under my body. Looking up, I saw that my boyfriend also had sperm all over his chest and that he was sitting, head back and sex still in hand.

Buying the sex machine was the best thing we ever did. Once we recovered, we both talked for centuries about how amazing it was and I have to admit that we tried the vibrations again that night, we didn’t have everything I just couldn’t resist and my boyfriend loved watching me cum.

Has this helped our long distance relationship?


Certainly yes. Even if you are not in a long distance relationship, it is exciting to cede control to your partner and have him or her adjust your orgasm. You can also control it manually without the app, but I think the personal use of the app is really fun and sets it apart from the rest.

My orgasm was really powerful and it made us feel like we were in the same room together, it definitely took our long distance sex life to another level. However, I will always use this amazing machine even if we are actually in the same room together, I can’t get enough of it.

Update: the newly has not yet definitively worn for us we use our sex machine whenever we have steamy webcam sex and we plan to use it when my boyfriend flies through State to see me little by little.

The charging time is ideal, there are no wires or batteries that I need to worry about. None of us found any problem with the app and my orgasms are still thick and fast when I use this sex machine. I love it and I have no regrets for my handbag.

The only negative thing I could say is that I have to constantly change my sheets as they are constantly soaked.