An affair – anal

I was leaving work when I noticed my boss’s wife in the parking lot looking very distressed and upset. At first I was suspicious of approaching her because the other workers had told me she was a bit of a dragon, but she looked almost ready to cry so I just said, “Excuse me madam is there anything I can do?”

She seemed to be about to chew on me, but she shook her head and said softly. “No, but thanks for offering, I’m supposed to fly to Ireland on flight 14:50 from the airport, but there’s no way I’m going to do it now.”

“Do you have any luggage?”

“No, I was just going for a meeting and I was coming back tonight, why?”

“Excuse me for a minute,” I said, and I caught my phone out of my pocket. “All is not lost.”

My older brother replied on the first ring, “Yo kid, what’s going on?”

“Did you say you were taking the 14:50 over Belfast?”

“Yes, why?”

“I have an important passenger with me if I leave now, can you wait, I’m just talking for a few minutes?”

“Damn, you know everything about time slots.”

“I’m going now, we’ll be here in 25 or 30 minutes.”

“OK, fucking pain, give me his name and I’ll have a word, hey kid?”

I said, “Yes?”

“Hurry up.”

She looked at me with astonishment in her big blue eyes, but plunged into the front passenger seat of my car in a flurry of long legs and tousled blond hair.

“I don’t understand that, I thought you worked for my husband.”

I said, “Yes.”

“Are you holding a plane with a phone call?”

“Yes ma’am, my brother is the pilot.”

“Yes, but, checking in the airport and all that, they’ll never get me up.”

“My father’s company owns the airport, ma’am.”

“Bollocks, your father owns the airport and you work for us?”

I said, “That’s right.”

“And you drive this thing?”

This thing was an Aston Martin DB5, a vintage James Bond car, well maintained by my father’s mechanics and capable of well over a hundred miles per hour as well as being a huge value for money.

“Yes, that’s good, isn’t it?”

“There is no seat belt.”

“No, it’s a 1965 model, they were never equipped or necessary.”

By then, we were doing more than a hundred on the A50 towards the airport, if we met a law, I was finished, but luck was with me, twenty minutes later we arrived outside the terminal.

“I don’t know what to say,” she says, still astonished by the events of the last few minutes.

“Just run to that guy over there.” and I pointed to another brother frantically waving at him.

“Thank you, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Hurry up,” I shouted back as I admired his little figure running away from me.

Everything I told him was true, my father owned the airport, my brother was the pilot, and another brother was the airport manager. Dad had offered me a position as Director of Airport Facilities, but I had turned him down to work for the largest transportation company in the Midlands as a trainee shipping clerk. I wanted my own business, and I wanted to know everything there was to know about the transportation business first, all my buddies told me I was crazy, I was probably/am, but at almost nineteen, I had already learned a lot about costs and how to minimize empty running, etc, etc, etc.

I was half-working towards home when my cell phone rang showing my older brother’s name.

“Hello buddy,” I smiled.

“The lady says thank you.” was all he said and I smiled again.

The next morning I was working on some numbers when the office manager came to my office and said.

“The gaffer wants to see you.”

I said, “Okay.” I thought he meant the warden of the depot, but as I got up, he looked at me and frowned.

“Not the director, the boss, the man who owns the fucking place, paint your hair, you smarten a little for God’s sake.”

“Hey,” he laughs, “that’s how I came to work if I’m smart enough to work like that, I’m smart enough to see the gaffer.”

He sighed deeply and beckoned me to follow him, knocked on a door and waited for a voice to go out: “Come in.”

We walked in, and I saw my boss behind his desk, he looked up and told the office manager he could leave.

“Is it him?”

I said, “Yes.”

“My wife told me that you did her a great service yesterday.”

“I was happy to help.”

“She also tells me that you are not what you seem to be.”

“I’m a trainee shipping clerk sir, nothing else.”

“In addition to being a very rich trainee shipping clerk.”

I didn’t say anything.

“Why are you here?”

“You sent for me sir.” and I heard his wife hide a laugh.

“Don’t be smart boy, you know what I mean, your father owns four airports, a few dozen hotels, God knows what else and you’re here in my business earning peanuts, why?”

“I want to learn the company sir, the transportation company, I want my own business one day.”

“Why don’t you ask Dad to buy you one?”

I didn’t care about his emphasis on the word “dad.”

“And do what? Push it into the ground because I don’t know anything about running a transportation company? no thanks, I came here to learn, and that’s what I do, or at least I thought I was.

“He’s a tough playing son.”

I said, “Yes.”

“A mistake can break you.”

“Did I make one? Looks like I might have.

“No, not at all, first of all, I must tell you how grateful I am to you for helping my wife.”

“As I said, sir, I was happy to help, the lady looked a little distraught.”

“Yes, my driver crashed on the way to take it. The fucking idiot didn’t have his cell phone with him.

I didn’t say anything and waited for it to continue.

“Your car.”

I waited again,

“You obviously didn’t buy it on the salary I pay you.”

“No sir.” then I felt cheeky and added: “I couldn’t buy a push bike on what you pay me, sir.”

His wife didn’t bother to hide her laugh that time, even the boss managed a smile.

“Well, my driver was injured, so I’d like you to act as my wife’s driver until he’s good enough to resume his duties.”

“When will it be sir?”

“About a month, I should think, why?”

“I came here to learn more about transportation sir, I don’t learn much as a driver.”

“You will learn speed and civility, you will learn to drive all night if necessary, and you will gain experience, but above all, you will earn my gratitude, oh and you will earn a good salary increase, night money, overtime and all that.”

“Will I go back to my work after?”

I said, “No.”

I said, “No?” I couldn’t believe it!

“No, when the work ends, I want you to work next to me, that’s where you’ll learn all about the company. I’m also going to pass you your heavyweight 1.

“All right sir, I’ll do it.”

“Good man, good man.”

His wife was also smiling and said thank you.

“Okay, I’ll have a new Mercedes delivered very soon, so I’d like you to go home and change, do you have a dark suit?”

“Several sir.” I smiled.

“Yes, take a taxi here, load it to the company, and when you come back, we’ll hand over your duties.”

“All right, sir.”

“Oh, by the way, you’re going to drive to Glasgow tonight.”


“Yes Glasgow, it’s a small place on the Clyde, you know.”

“Yes sir, I think we have a hotel or two there.”

“Until then, let’s go.”

I was back within two hours to find Mrs. Hawthorn was waiting for me next to a shiny new Mercedes.

“Good Thomas,” she said pleasantly. “Glasgow please, the Central Hotel, I believe this is one of your fathers.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“It’s Mary, Thomas, at least when we’re alone.”

“Very good madam e um … Mary, any particular road?

“I’ll leave that to you, well you and the satnav.”

I swung out of the parking lot on the busy A50 and aimed at the M6 north which took me just half an hour. It only took three hours before I hit the M74 north of Carlisle, it took me an hour and a half longer to reach the outskirts of Glasgow and another hour to negotiate traffic at the hotel.

Two bedrooms avwere booked for us, but Dad had asked me to look into the manager just to pay my respects, I asked the male receptionist where I would find him as he looked at me down his nose.

“Why would you want the director?”

“Hello Frank, it’s Thomas, Thomas Green.”

“Thomas, where are you?”

“I’m at the front desk.”

“Ah you’re here.” a voice behind me said cheerfully, and we shake hands warmly.

“What are you playing as a driver?”

“It’s all part of the learning curve Frank.” I smiled, “But the lady I raised is the wife of an important client whom I think we have the business, so Dad wants even more than your best for her.”

“Of course, of course, what room number is she?”

“Who sir?” asked the receptionist, Frank took a deep breath and apologized for taking the snooty idiot to one side. On her return, it was with a pretty young woman who took a look at the checkout and announced that she was in room 201.

“Upgrade her please to the s.uite, and if at any time in the future she books, please give her again, the normal room rates will apply.

“Very good sir.”

“Your father will probably chew me for it, but if she gets us the business from his business, it will be worth it.”

“Just then Mary appeared, and I introduced them both, Frank told her she had been upgraded. She smiled at both of us, before asking about dinner.

“Whenever you want, ma’am,” he replied. “In your suite or the dining room?”

“Oh what’s next, I think, will you join me, Thomas?”

“Thank you, yes, I’d be happy to.”

“Dress by so please, I can’t be bothered to get dressed.”

The receptionist took her to show her the suite letting me talk to Frank about how the hotel was doing in the recession, but he said he was fine, “Remember, any new business is always welcome.”

“Can we talk privately Frank?” I asked, and he took me to his office,

“Drink?” he asked. I nodded my agreement that I had finished driving for the day.

“Your eyes only Frank,” I said, and gave him a letter from Dad.

He read it and looked at me with a smile.

“Do you know what’s in it?”

“Yes, he wants your answer as soon as you like.”

He, reached out for his phone and asked the office to put it through at head office, then turned on the speaker,

“Clive Green please.”

“Green.” my father said in his usual abrupt way.

“Frank Thornton here Clive.”

“Frank, how are you? Good to hear from you, did you get my message?

“I did indeed, the messenger is sitting in front of me now.”

“Well?” he asked.

“Well yes, of course, yes, but a new hotel?”

“Yes, it will be ready to open in two years, the center of Paris, a high level job Frank, but I only want the high level people to manage him.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything, it’s always better, I’ll be in touch.” and he hung up.

He looked at me and smiled at me when he saw me laughing.

“He doesn’t waste words, does he?”

“Not much Frank no.”

“I’m stunned, Thomas.”

“Well you shouldn’t be, he thinks you’re the right man for work, and if my opinion is something to pass, I think he’s right.”

We chatted a little longer, then I left it and went up to my room where I undressed and went into the shower before pouring me another drink.

Mary then called on the phone from home and asked me to join her for a drink before dinner, she wanted to go on the next day’s schedule with me.

The penthouse had its own private elevator with a little blonde woman to open the doors for me when it arrived.

“Thank you, ” I said, and then made a double take, the little blonde woman was Mary.

She laughed at my mistake and at that moment I thought she looked beautiful, disappeared was the neatly coiffed hair, smart business suit, and high heels, instead she wore an old denim mini skirt that showed off her beautiful legs tanned with a little white vest top that di dn’t seem to hide a bra and flip flops.

“My casual outfit,” she says with a laugh, “It feels good just to dress from time to time.”

“Well, if I may say Mary, you look sensational.”

“Thank you Thomas.” “That’s how I dress when I’m home, but my husband says I look scruffy.”

“With all due respect Mary, he’s wrong, you’re beautiful.”

“Gorgeous, wow, you know how to make a girl feel good.”

“I only tell the truth as I see it.”

“OK, let’s have a drink to the truth.”

I found it very difficult to focus on the menu with its beautiful face just inches from mine, and its fragrance didn’t help. I found myself being excited by its proximity.

“I think I’d like a Thomas steak, ” she said. “What about you?”

“Yes, the steak will be fine,” I said, “and I walked away from her before Doing something I would almost certainly regret,

She looked surprised and a little hurt.

“What’s wrong, Thomas?”

I said, “Nothing.” I stammered, but my face gave me.

“You didn’t like me being so close to you, did you?”

“No, I mean yes I liked it, that’s the problem, you were, um, you know, you had an effect on me.”

She looked at my groin, then backed up towards me and smiled.

“Should I tell you how much younger than my husband I am?”

I nodded it.

“Well, he’s fifty-four, I’m twenty-nine, a difference of twenty-five thomas.”

“That’s a lot” I accepted and sipped my drink.

“Yes, you see if I was a woman’s stay at home, I would probably have a lover, you know a quick shag every afternoon before getting the hubbies dinner ready, but I’m not a wife stay at home, Thomas. I’m a woman who’s going to get new business and contract service that we already have, I’m a very busy woman Thomas, so fucking busy that I almost forgot what it’s like to be loved, well loved, to feel the arms of a man around me , to feel his lips on mine, just to feel desired, Thomas.

Her voice broke and she sobbed. “Just to feel loved.”

“I was afraid you’d scream if I did what I almost did when we were close,” I said softly.

She looked at me through her eyes filled with tears.

“I wanted to do it,” and I took her in my arms and kissed her.

it was a hard kiss, almost brutal, but she melted and made a funny little noise as she moved against me.

Her hands scribbled at my back lifting my T-shirt, then I felt her nails on me, I slipped my own hands under the back of her jacket top and discovered that I was right about the bra, there was not one, she moaned in my mouth that I found s breasts and gently squeezed a n ipple.

“Yes Thomas, yes.” always with our mouths locked together, I lifted her skirt and felt her sexy little background dressed only in what looked like a very tight tiny thong. We came across the couch with his doodle at the belt of my jeans. She was like an animal, a wild animal, she pulled my jeans down, and I expelled them, then it was my turn to moan as I felt her full, red lips slipping on my stiff cock.

“Oh my God yes, oh fuck Mary who feels good.”

“It’s for Thomas,” she smiled and went back to work, I managed to get rid of her skirt and jacket top, her thong ripped as I ripped it off and we were naked. I had to force her to move away from the groin to lift her where I wanted her, and I felt her hand on me, guiding me where we both wanted me to be.

She let out a long, slow groan of desire as she sank on my cock, the gentle warmth of her pussy felt like nothing I had ever felt before.

“Above me Thomas.” she whistled, “I want to feel your weight on me.”

We turned around, and his legs went around my hips.

“Slowly Thomas.” she was breathing, “Slow and deep, yes that’s it, it’s beautiful, oh fuck ingwhat yes, I can feel every fucking inch of you in me, fuck me, hold me firmly Thomas and fuck me slowly. Ooh, damn yes, it’s so good fucking, so very good whore.

I started moving faster, faster and deeper, I slipped both hands under her bottom and cut her cheeks, she squeaked and bit my neck as my two index fingers stroked her little back hole.

“Dirty man.”

I did it, and it made it squeak, I pushed deeper at the same time as I pushed into son wildly, her cry became a cry, almost a howl as she culminated, I felt her nails tearing my back.

“I’m coming, Mary,” I whistled, feeling the familiar tingling that stood out in my legs.

“Yes, yes, oh fucking hell yes, fill me up, Thomas, give me everything you have, pull everything into my little conquinate.”

“Yes, yes I come,” I whistled again as I broke and held me rigid, her big blue eyes were wide open, her mouth formed an O as she made an ark with her back until little by little our passion subsided and we collapsed s out of breath.

“Oh my God Thomas, you’re a stallion.”

“And you’re an incredibly sexy woman.”

“Let’s order dinner.”

“Good idea,” I told her and gave her the phone from home, “she did well to ignore me while she was commanding, because I kissed each breast in turn, the moment she ordered the sweet, I kissed her stomach. I was just kissing my way down when she replaced the phone and laughed, “Shower,” before running into the bathroom.

Shower with it was an erotic experience, but we needed to be outside and wait when they served our meal, so we reduced our activities and made it respectable and when the door shot came, we were sitting at the table planning tomorrow’s calendar.

Frank himself oversaw the portion of it making me even more confident that Dad had made the right choice for his new hotel.

We had our drinks on the balcony after eating and watching Glasgow at night well below us.

“I love this place you know,” she says wistfully. “Did you know that at one time it was the second most violent city in the UK, after Belfast?”

“The government should have sent you here at that time,” I said, behind her, and I slipped my arms around her waist. “They would all have fallen in love with you, and they would have been too struck to fight.”

She laughed and waved her bottom against me as I kissed her neck.

“You say the most beautiful things, Thomas.”

“Only to the nicest person I know.”

Turning around, she placed her empty glass on the table and meandered her arms around my neck.

“Will you stay with me tonight?”

“I wlike hoping you ask me.

His phone rang at that point. She said it was her husband, she sat on the couch and answered while making gestures for me for another drink.

I poured two brandishies and put one next to her, her eyes widened as I removed one of her shoes and kissed her toes. They widened when I pulled her other shoe and kissed those toes, even wider when I slipped both hands on her thighs taking her skirt with them until the sexy white vee of her panties came into view.

“Yes, my dear.” “Don’t worry, I know exactly what I’m doing.”

I didn’t know about it, but I knew what she was doing at the time. She hung a finger under her panties and pulled the material to one side, she never missed a word as I bent my head and touched my lips at her beautiful little landslide. She placed a hand on her phone and moaned softly as I ran my tongue slowly between her hairless cunt lips. I then got up to tow her panties right away, she spread her legs wide open in the invitation. I accepted the invitation and lifted both legs on my shoulders.

Her tasted just as beautiful as her suggested aroma, Mary put a hand on my head as she finished the call. “Thomas?” he asked.

I looked at her and saw a pure and naked lust in her eyes.

“Is it, you know, is everything okay?”

I took a long, slow lick along the entire length of his split dewormed my tongue in its moisture.

“It’s more than just Mary, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever tasted, if I die now, I’m going to die happy.”

“He says it’s dirty.”

In response, I pushed my face into her groin and pulled on her buttocks, her humidity swallowed me up, I loved her, the juices inside her tasted like nectar, and they flowed profusely on my tongue.

“Ooh yes Thomas.” she crooned and moved her hips against my face, she screamed when I licked her clitoris before quickly flipping through it with my tongue. She sucked it in breath when I gently ran my tongue over her sexy little rosebud.

“Oh fuck Thomas.” she moans, “Let’s go to bed, I want to be naked with you again, I want to do things to you.”

“Things?” I smiled as I stood up.

“Gross things.” she said and blushed, “Very rude things.”

We undressed slowly, slowly and sexyly, I kissed every little piece of her body as I discovered until finally we were both naked, my dick was standing straight almost touching my navel. She moaned as I kissed her and whispered that she wanted me to touch her bottom again. ‘

“You know Thomas, with your mouth, I was almost coming,” she added shyly.

But I knew she wanted something else.

“Do you want me, you know, to fuck you there?” I ran a hand over her beautiful bottom and slipped a finger between her buttocks.

“I’d fucking love it.” she whispered in my ear as she stroked my dick, “I want to feel every fucking inch of that fucking ass.”

Kiss greedily we lay down on the bed with Mary always grabbing my cock, eagerly she placed it against her back hole and fixed her eyes on mine.

“Do it Thomas.” “Put it in me.”

I pushed gently forward at first as she screwed her face up. I stopped pushing, but she insisted.

“Keep pushing Thomas.”

Suddenly, her anal muscles relaxed, and my cock slipped straight into, she screamed, but then grabbed me in case I retreated, I stood still until a smile spread over her face.

“It feels beautiful Thomas.” “It fills me, oh my God yes I love it.”

I started fucking her with long powerful blows and felt her ankles grabbing my back, she pulled my head down to hers, and we kissed greedily.

“Is it nice for you?”

“Mary, everything about you is nice.”

Even my?

“Especially your sexy little background.”

My too?

I love your that you know I do, I would eat it for breakfast every day if I could.

“Mmm beautiful thought.”

“Yes, you on the table in front of me naked, except for the stockings.”

“Do you like the stockings?”

“Love them.”

“I’m going to buy some, now fuck hard.”

I did, every push made her cry, it was my first time for anal sex too, but I didn’t tell her, I wanted her to think I was very experienced in all sexual matters.

I felt her long nails dig in my buttocks, she was biting my neck as she pushed herself away from me.

“Make me cum Thomas.” Make me scream.

We found a rhythm that suited us both, with each push forward of mine, she also pushed and tightened her buttocks at the same time making her anus even tighter than he already was, our mouths were locked together, exchanging saliva as we kissed wetly.

“Thomas.” she gasped, “Oh fuck Thomas.” her fingers dug into my buttocks, her head tossed from side to side and she bared her teeth in a growl like a grimace, “Thomas I’m cumming, oh fuck yes, I’m here, I’m FUCKING CUMMINNNNG.”

She poured her teeth into my neck, and I thought she was trying to break my back with her legs, I threw myself forward with a growl making her scream again as I broke, we clung to each other still rutting , both of us still enjoy the replica of what had been a fantastic X clima.

“Never Thomas,” she whispered softly. “Never have I come so hard before, it was amazing, even mind-blowing.”

“You are an extraordinary lady Mary,” I said, pulling her with me to lie on her side, “incredibly my penis was still semi-hard and still inside her anus.

“Leave it there Thomas.” were his last words that we allowed sleep to claim from us!

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