An Affair, chapter 2 – anal shaving mf

She was back to being her smart business as herself in the morning, her clothes of the day was a black pants suit, but even the stern cut was unable to hide the curves of her gorgeous little background.

“I’ll call you when the meeting is over, Thomas,” she smiles. “We might need to stay another night if it lasts too long.”

“Very good lady,” I said with a hint of a smile.

I drove quietly back to the hotel and enjoyed a coffee in the day lounge where Frank found me and asked for a word.

I said, “Of course.” I said cheerfully, “What can I do for you?”

“It’s just a Thought Thomas,” he says, keeping his voice low. “And strictly between the two of us here.”

“OK, it looks very mysterious.”

“Not really, but obviously I’m much older than you and so, I hope, much wiser too.”

I said, “Yes.”

“Can I suggest that if you’re not going to use your bed, you’re at least making it look like you’ve used it?”

“Oh,” I said quietly. “I forgot that.”

“Don’t give the maids anything to chat about, the word is circulating.”

“Like I said Frank, oh fucking.”

“Well don’t worry, I made sure she keeps it to herself, but just keep it in mind in the future.”

“I’ll Frank, I’ll go and thank you.”

“My pleasure Thomas and if I may tell myself, she is a beautiful woman.”

“She’s that frank everything is fine,” I agreed.

He then left to continue his duties leaving me to think of what he had said, but there was no point in worrying about it, he had given his word that he would not go any further and that was good enough for me.

I took the car to a car wash and paid for cleaning it, then decided to drive to Loch Lomond which was less than half an hour from Glasgow. I pulled into a gis from behind a truck with its rear doors open and just caught in the fabulous view of the world-famous loch. My phone rang and then showing Mary’s name as the caller, and as I listened, the truck driver came around at the back of it and closed the doors leaving me with a clear view of the owner’s name, it was Hawthorn’s Haulage and Storage Mary’s company.

“Mary,” I said urgently, “and I tell her urgently where I was.” “I’m sitting behind one of your trucks, it’s empty, oh and a van just walked away with a wave to your driver, what does all this mean?”

“Take the pick-up number, Thomas.”

“I did better than this sweet lady, I took her picture, with the registration number.”

“You, charming man,” she laughed. “Is our truck still there?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Keep it there, park in front of it, do whatever you have to do, but keep it there.”

“Go do it.”

The driver was enjoying smoke as he looked over the lake, threw his dog and was about to get back in his cab when I hit him and asked if I could buy a cigarette.

“I thought I had some in the car,” I said as an excuse,

“Yes no probs mate, ” he said and pulled out his package, his cell phone rang then, and he swore as he answered. He listened, his face turned white, then he turned and looked at me as if I were dirt before handing over his phone in silence.

“Hello, boss,” I said cheerfully, “and then I listened to my instructions.”

“Okay,” I said, “and I ended the call.”

“Your keys to the phone,” I said.

“You’re just going to leave me here?”

“That’s what the man said, but the police are on their way, so you shouldn’t have too long to wait.”

“Bastard,” he swore. “I’ve been with him for over twenty years.”

“And fly for all without a doubt.”

“I’m not telling you, fucking Judas.”

“Not a Judas guy, just another employee, just an honest one.”

I got into my car then and sat while waiting for the police, surprisingly they were soon there and took him away.

My boss rang as I was about to stop and congratulated me on my awareness.

“I need you to wait there until tomorrow, we send a driver to pick up the keys, I want you to drive him to where the truck is, so I might need you to stay while they take the other guy, Mary may have need to identify what he bought from our driver.”

“Whatever you say, boss,” I said, “and I thought of at least one more night with the delicious Mary.”

The lady was smiling as she entered the car.

“Who’s a smart boy then?”

“I am,” I smiled. “Do I have a reward?”

“Oh yes, I’ve already thought of something.”

“Really?” he said.

“Well, I was thinking about you before I got into the meeting, so I did something.” she dipped in her briefcase and pulled out a small piece of lace.

“I took that off,” and she handed me her panties.

“He said he wanted us to be available to see the police, so we might have to stay here a little longer.”

“That’s very good for me, ma’am,” I said, and I held her panties in her face.

“Beautiful,” I smiled, inhaling their aroma. “Almost as good as the real thing.”

“I need to go shopping when we get back to the hotel,” she says, “I want stockings.”

I said, “Grrr.”

My hair needs trimming as well, know someone who’s going to do it for me?

Did I tell you that I graduated in haircut?

“No, you must have forgotten to mention it,” she laughed. “In that case, would you like the job?”

“I’d love to,” I smileas as I emerge from a store show and point to a clothing store.

“Come with me.”

I said, “What? I’ve never been shopping with a girl.

“A girl? Oh wow, I’m going to bring you back.

I drove into a parking lot across the street and then walked with her into the store where we spent almost an hour. She bought a beautiful little white dress, four pairs of stockings, a white lace corset and a dozen pairs of panties, some barely more than tiny triangles of lace that would hide nothing.

“Are we going to dine in the dining room tonight?”

“Wherever you want.” I said, “I’d be proud to be seen anywhere with you.”

We thought it was best if I was getting ready in my room, so we parted at the hotel where I looked for Frank and told him to wait for a police visit and explained what had happened.

“It was a quick thought for Thomas,” he said, laughing. “Your father would be proud of you.”

“There’s only one person I want to impress Frank and he’s not my dad.”

“Let’s hope it doesn’t end in tears,” he says earnestly and lets me reflect on his words.

In my room, I took a shower and a shave before dressing in a dark blue suit with a light blue shirt, I was looking forward to impressing the lady.

“Oh my God,” she cried, opening her door. “You’re fantastic.”

“And you madam if it is easy enough to the most beautiful woman I have ever seen before,” I smiled, but I thought, she was beautiful. The new fitted dress where he touched, cut just low enough to display a hint of cleavage, it was tight enough to show her fabulous back and short enough to draw attention to those beautiful, long legs.

Frank was struck, that much was evident as he showed us at our table personally, like all the other men in the dining room, but no more than me.

We both had an aperitif while studying the menu and settled on a locally sourced salmon each. She told me that her husband had been in contact again and had told him that the driver had worn wooden garden sheds in kit form, he would go to the factory the next day to talk to their boss, and he hoped to have more news for her afterwards.

“They sell for about four hundred pounds per shed,” she told me. “But there seems to be some confusion about exactly how many were in the truck.”

“To the confusion,” I said, touching glasses. “Long before he reigns.”

“Then Thomas,” she said softly, “and leaned towards me.” Are you still game to cut my?

“Oh definitely,” I smiled. “But I’m going to have to rub a lot of shaving lotion first.”

“Naturally, ” she agreed.

“And I’m going to have to do it naked in case the lotion splashes on me.”

“Of course, I don’t expect anything else.”

“And then I’m going to have to test it for sweetness.”

“Oh yes, I expect it will take a lot of testing.”

“That will be the case,” I confirmed. “A lot of things.”

She called for our check then and signed it adding a generous tip to the waiter, and then hung her arm through mine. In the elevator to the apartmentt, she stood behind the attendant and waved her back in my groin feeling my penis entirely erect and smiling at me suggestively.

She screamed as I closed the door behind us and grabbed her, but her arms meandered around my neck as she fell into me as we kissed avidly.

“Strip me Thomas.” she whistled in my mouth. “Strip fucking me naked.”

She wore a matching bra and thong placed underneath and moaned softly as I closed my mouth on a lace breast, her nipples felt like bullets in my mouth that I sucked first one then the other, I felt it decompress my pants , and his hands were hot on my dick.

“Tell me what you’re going to do to me,” she gasps, holding her bra, but instead of answering, I pushed her against the wall and slumped on my knees. The little fragile triangle of lace on her was already wet. It turned out no barrier to my tongue, the wet material was pushed up into its bean as I probed and licked and I heard its faint moans of pleasure.

I licked her clitoris around her anus as she pulled on my shirt almost strangling me in the process. I managed to kick my pants and get up, but she clung to me laughing and wrapped her legs around my waist. Getting upright, I let her own weight lower her down until I felt the hot humidity of her cunt on my cock, I threw myself up and she creaked, he went straight without even going or collecting two hundred pounds.

“Ooh fuck Thomas.” “Oh fucking yes.”

I felt her sex juice wet me, dripping over my and I was vaguely aware of her ringing phone.

“Leave him,” she whistled. “They’re going to ring back, just fuck me, Thomas, fuck me hard.”

She was flinching against me like a belly dancer, but my legs were giving, we collapsed on the floor just as her phone stopped and we both heard her message service click.

“Mrs. Hawthorn, please call as soon as possible, it’s urgent, repeat, it’s very urgent.”

“Shit,” she muttered and scrambled out of me to pick up her phone, punching in a number, she blew me a kiss and listened, her face turned white, her lower lip trembled and she dropped the phone. I went to pick him up and said who I was and I told the person I would call back after Ms. Hawthorn recovered, and then I clicked on it.

“Mary,” I said abruptly. “Mary, get away with it, what’s wrong?”

She opened her eyes and stretched out her life for me. “He’s dead, Thomas, he’s dead.”

We immediately returned from Glasgow, and I took her straight home to find everyone still there. Her brother-in-law told her that her husband had left work early complaining about feeling bad, but had not even gotten as far as his car, he had collapsed in the parking lot with a massive heart attack and was confirmed dead at the scene. I phoned home and told my parents that I was back, but that I would stay with Mary until I was sure she was okay, she was shaking in shock, so I gave her a big brandy and put her to bed after everyone was gone.

“Please stay Thomas,” she asked, and of course I agreed.

“I will sleep on the couch, Mary,” Said I, “but she grabbed my arm and shook my head.” “No, I mean here in my bed, hold me, darling, please.”

Baby? She called me a darling! I stayed, and I held her all night, in fact, I hardly slept at all, when she cried, I soothed her until she drifted again and finally it was daylight. I got up and made her a coffee, she looked better, at least she had stopped crying and insisted on going to the office to check everything out.

We had both forgotten the keys to the truck in Scotland, but luckily Frank called and told us he had given the driver a room and assured us that he could stay there until I could send the keys with another driver. I went down to the garage and saw the transport foreman and asked if he could spare a driver. He cooperated fully with me quite surprisingly and sent a driver home to pick up a change of clothes before taking a train north.

Mary convened a meeting of all the department heads and informed them that she intended to run the company herself with me as her assistant and asked that everyone cooperate until she decided what would happen.

She moved into her late husband’s office and had an office set up for me and somehow we all spent the day without major calamities. I took her home with me after work for dinner with my family, my parents took her immediately, Mom bothered on her like a mother hen and even agreed with me that I should stay with her until at least after the funeral.

The next day, at work, she learned that she had obtained the contract for which she went to Scotland, which was good news and she, together with the transport manager and myself, set out to allocate trucks and drivers for the Serve.

“Remember Scotland Thomas,” she said that evening after dinner at her house.

“Of course,” I smiled, wondering what would follow.

You promised to cut my for me didn’t you?

“I did yes.” I smiled.

“Well, he needs it even more now.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

“I’m sure, but I think you should know that Henry and I were talking about separation and we would have done it.”

“Why are you telling me that?” I asked.

“Because I’m excited and I don’t want you to think I’m a bad woman.”

I pulled her on my lap and kissed her ear, “But I think you’re a bad woman.” I laughed and stroked the inside of her thighs. A very, very bad woman.

She went upstairs and then picked up a razor while I filled a bowl with hot water and put it on a towel in front of an armchair, then I poured two large brandies. My jaw dropped when she came back, she was wearing a micro house coat on the stockings, and she was holding my razor.

“My razor?” I laughed as she blushed. “I like the idea of you shaving with it after it’s been around my naughty pieces.”

“I like that thought too,” he laughed, “and I kissed him at length.”

“I’m going to kiss the blade before I use it.”

“You’re a lovely man, Thomas.” “And you have a nice dick.”

I unlocked her house coat and stood back to admire her nudity, her breasts stood firm without a bra, her belly was just a very slight bulge, and the mound of her seemed to attract my eyes like a magnet.

“You look great,” said one softly. “A wet walking dream.”

She sat in the chair and watched as I undressed, her eyes barely leaving my penis fully erect until I made her lie back with her legs wide open, she moaned softly as I lathered her groin and even slipped a finger inside his delicious little hole.

“I don’t think there’s any hair up there, Thomas,” she laughs. “But you’d better make sure.” and threw each leg over the arms of the chair.

It only took five or ten minutes to shave her stubble and get rid of her cute little back hole of all the hairs, but by the time I had finished checking with my mouth, at least half an hour had passed, and she had enjoyed two orgasms.

“Just one last test.” I smiled and eased my cock gently in its humidity.

“That’s good,” she whispered softly, “and went down her head to hers.

Slowly make me Thomas, me with some nice slow shots.

My dick felt like a wet velvet ploughing iron bar as we moved slowly together in perfect symmetry, our mouths enclosed together like our tongues, our duel tongues and looking, it was beautiful love. I realized I was falling in love.

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