An introduction to the pleasure of anal play

I gently pull your black panties and t-shirt out so you’re naked in front of me. I’ll take you to a padded massage table. I lay you on your back and poured hot coconut oil all over your forehead. I massage your body, starting with your fingers and hands, then working in your arms. I massage the oil into your breasts, rubbing my hands in circles feeling the nipples rubbing against my palms. Slowly pinch and pull them, feel the blood flow inside. Feel them swell.

I roll your nipples harder between my fingers until they are stiff little knots. I then pour more oil on your belly and rub it in circles before sliding my oily and smooth hands down each of your legs. I slide my strong hands up and down your thighs, finally ending at your feet. I massage each of your feet with firm pressure, sliding my fingers between your toes.

I grab each foot in turn and with both hands firmly massaging the balls and soles of your feet, using my thumbs to find your pressure points. You gasp and moan in surprise as you feel my mouth wrap around each of your big toes and suck deeply.

After a few minutes of this, I slide my hands up your inner thighs, my fingers pressing your muscles as they work their way up.  I’ll drag them all the way to the V between your legs. I make sure you don’t touch your lips engorging quickly again. I approach, but stop all short. Your hips squirm as you struggle to be touched. I run my hands between your legs and then on your belly, never touch the hot, wet center desire more.

Your is now painful to be touched, but in our preparation, it is not yet time. I have you flip over on your belly and I take the oil again and from the base of your neck pour a thin line right in the middle of your back and between the crack of your. I use my hand to gently extend your open cheeks and pour some hot and slippery oil directly on your beautiful, tight, little rose button. I let your cheeks close around. I pour more oil on each of your legs, then start again from your feet. I massage every foot and every toe. I then wrap my lips around each of your toes and gently suck, sending a shiver through your body.

I continue the massage by going up to your shoulders and neck. I’m working on all the tension out there and keep going slowly in the muscles of your back until I get to your cheeks. I grab them firmly in each hand and start kneading them as I would a mound of fresh dough. I spread your cheeks with one hand and gently pull my fingers down the crack of your and start drawing slow, soft circles around your. Slow and around and around in hot and slippery oil.

After gently and gently massaged your tight little hole with my fingers, I lift your hips so that you are on your knees, your is pointing in the air and your back is arched. I lean forward, spread your cheeks and breathe zetre the hot breath on your before slowly sliding my tongue from the bottom of your and up to your tight little hole, swirling my tongue around and around. I’ve been doing this for centuries as you feel all the nerve endings in your light up with pleasure. At this point, nothing has been inserted. All I did was caress and use my tongue.

With your hips pointed high in the air and holding your cheeks apart, I bury my face deep in your. I use my lips to gently kiss your hole and my tongue to swirl around and around. I love and lick every beautiful little crumpled crease.  You’re starting to realize now how tightly connected your and are. The more I stimulate your, the more relaxed your becomes.

Always rimming you, I stretch down with my hand and start massaging your and clitoris. Your is so wet and my fingers are playing in wet folds. I spread your juices all over your lips, then quickly scrape your swollen clitaction back and forth. I hear you’re starting to moan by connecting the feelings of your clitbé with the pleasant feelings in your. It begins to fade into a giant sensation.

Then I start with two fingers and slide them slowly but gently into your while I still keep my tongue on my. The feeling of my fingers penetrating you makes you moan even louder. I slide them slowly at first, but gradually dive into you faster and faster. I add a third finger and it makes you feel so full that I simultaneously finger-fuck you and lick your. I bend my fingers down towards your belly as I push to stimulate your g-spot.

With all the fun that runs through the nerve endings of your and, we are now at a point where your is starting to relax and we can see if you are ready for penetration. I stiffened my tongue, turning it into a little finger of sounding.  I place the tip at your hole and start pressing inward, feel your sphincter relax as my tongue begins to gain entry.

I keep rubbing your and clit/h.  I then take a bottle of water-based lubricant and start pressing a little on your and start rubbing slowly with my fingers. Because of the way you are relaxed and the fun you’ve had, your tight little is more relaxed. You breathe deeply and you are ready – in fact painful – to feel something slip in.

I start with a finger, sprayed with lubricant and gently press your hole. Surprisingly, your opens easily and accepts my finger that slips skillfully in. You feel incredibly full and stimulated now.

You begin to realize that your is designed to give you pleasure. I keep sliding a well lubricated finger in and out of your, twisting it as I go. As I hear you moaning in pleasure, I tuck my index finger and middle finger together, one behind the other, and slide the two gently into your. You feel fuller, but there is no pain.

With me, you’re on fire now. Your pussy and ass are stimulated in a way they never have before and now I think you are ready for my cock. You? Are you ready for my dick in your ass? I need you to ask me. Tell me what you want right now.

You are always on your knees with your back arched and your pointed and exposed. I come behind you and you first feel my thighs press against yours as my hard cock slaps against your pussy lips underneath. You go down and drag your fingers along my dick from my balls to the tip. I step back and place the head of my cock at the entrance of your beautiful pussy. Your consceau is so wet that my dick glides with ease and you let out the most amazing moan i sink into you by hand.

I then walk back and forth, fucking you rhythmically. I go downstairs and start rubbing your clitipeux with my fingers when I fuck you. You’re moaning now, but you know what you really need. You then say the words I was waiting to hear: “Fuck my ass. Please, I need to feel you in me.

I know now you’re ready. I’m pulling out of your. My dick shines with your juice. I squirt another spray of lubricant on your and I work it with my fingers. Your sphincter is relaxed and loose now that I’m testing by sliding two fingers easily into, spreading the lubricant. Are you finally ready to get your ass fucked? Tell me again.

I slip my thick cock out of your pussy drip and I line up my head with your nice tight asshole – one I spent so much time licking and sucking earlier. I press the smooth and bulbous head of my cock against your hole and slowly begin to grow. I get to and rub your clitaction quickly as I press.

I pull down with my fingers and draw the edge of my cock as it meets the tense skin of your ass. The tension is so good. I press deeper until my whole dick is buried deep in your ass. The silky lubricant I applied makes my push in your effortless and smooth.

I go down and grab a small vibrator, turn it on and press it against your clitoris as I slide in and out of your. This takes you to a new level and you push against me as I fuck you – never knowing how good it might feel to have your ass fucked. I hold the hard vibrator against your clitoris and increase my pace. I can hear you’re ready to cum for me. My dick is cuddling your orgasm out of you now.

My dick feels so good slipping in and out of your tight, slippery, ass. I can feel the walls that grab me – literally pulling the sperm out of me. I can’t last long baby. With the vibrator pressed hard against your clitoris, I pushed once again, deeply and hold my cock again as I hear your orgasme tear through your body. You bury your face in your pillow as your hands grasp the sheet tightly in a ball. You howl your pleasure in the pillow as I pump silky ropes from my warm, white cum deep into your ass.

I hold your hips tight as we come down from the top of our orgasms. After a while, I pull my softening cock out of you now and pull your knees down so that your body lays flat on the table. I massage your back slowly to soothe you before pulling a clean, soft leaf on your body. You’re lying there in post-orgasmic happiness.


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An introduction to the pleasure of anal play