Anal Addiction – anal oral

You look at the man next to you in bed – let’s call him Jim – and your weird lips in a smile.

Thin and hard, with dark hair overspreading her chest, but not a real skin … It’s also a kiss of hell, that’s why you’re naked in your bed. You stretch your long smooth legs, tilt your face against his shoulder and speak softly.

I said, “Listen to me. I don’t want there to be any possibility of misunderstanding of what I’m going to say.

I want to. You. Flight (Vol) kiss. My. . He should be able to understand this, no two-syllable words.

He’s starting to say something, but you’re swinging him with a finger on his lips.

“Don’t talk, listen. I read the same articles you read, those that say that women do not like anal sex, they tolerate it just for the good of the guy.

Well, listen to it clearly. I know what I want. – and I want you in my. You roll on your stomach, displaying your succulent to the best advantage. “And if you’re honest, you know you want to fuck my ass too. Don’tcha?

You lazily drag your fingers on your little round. Imagine that monster buried in That!

You turn around again. His eyes rake your curves and he smiles. You embrace her deeply, a lot of tongue action, and your hand slips over her chest to settle her. His cock jumps and you kiss him again, your breast rubbing against his upper arm. You’re both a little out of breath when your lips separate.

You’re smiling lasciviously. Just so you know, I don’t offer this to any guy… But you’re good, Oh, really good, and I know you’ll be good at that, too.

You shudder suddenly, remembering how he licked your, slowly and tenderly and thoroughly, until you could not hold back a second longer, and squirted you on her face. And even then he did not stop; he continued to lick until every shiver worked his way out of your body.

Stirred by a sudden impulse, you bend over and take his cock in your mouth – just head at first, circling with your tongue, feeling your pussy getting wet again. Then you move through the tree, slowly, licking and sucking, until it butts against your throat. You’re holding him there for just a second; then you open your throat and swallow it down, down, your soft lips full embracing her wiry curls.

It took a lot of time and a lot of practice to learn deep throat; you’re proud of your skills but you don’t waste them on just All Guy. Only the best of the best can experience it.

For a moment, you stop there, unresolved, with eight inches of cock in your mouth. Part of you wants to continue until it explodes – in your mouth, on your face, on your breasts – wherever it is, everything is fine. But another part of you – especially, your ass – wants to feel his cock open you, force his way beyond your sphincter (softly!) and fuck your tight little ass.

Your wins, and you’re content with the idea that you can suck it later. You Do take your time freeing it from your mouth, though…

You made him a tube from the top of the tin. “Lube me, baby, and a lot of him.” Significant pause. “If you hurt me, I’ll bite your dick.”

Whether it’s the threat or just because he likes to play with your, he takes his sweet time lubricating you. Just a finger to start… and as your sphincter relaxes, it adds a second finger, as well as a real Truck lubricant. He turns his fingers into you, stretching your asshole, making room for his ass-destroying cock.

You moan quietly, enjoy the preparation, fantasize about how it will feel to have it deep inside you. It makes it easier Other lubricating truck in you and then you scam your finger to him.

“Okay, baby. Time for the real thing.

It approaches your with reverence, which is right. A booty like yours doesn’t come every day.

You put it in position – on its side – and make sure it will stay hard by sucking it briefly. Then you lie on your side and relax back until you feel it bump gently against your slippery.

“Okay, let me control things and you’ll have a helluva ride. Remember what I’ll do if you hurt me.

You loosen slowly, carefully, this rock-hard cock will open you up gradually. You gasp as it pierces your tight ring, and you stop for a second, getting used to the sensation. Then you shine, faster now, until it is fully fleshy in you. You squeeze your ass throughout its length, enjoying the sensation of its cock inside you. You are there motionless for a while, getting used to its length and circumference, and then –

“Do it, lover. Fuck my ass.

He slowly recoils… you shiver and slide your fingers over your swollen cliteence. Now assured that it is not going to hurt you, it begins to fuck you at a normal pace and your pussy squeezes, bringing a cry to your lips. You scratch your clitum harder and wonder, not for the first time, if it is possible to have Two G-spots – one in your, one in your. Is it possible that you are some kind of rare scientific anomaly?

It’s hard to consider scientific research when you’re assfucked – especially when you’re assfucked this well. Your fingers are a blur as you tease the fuck of your clitoris, your pussy is soaked and squeezing hard, and you use all the obscenities you know (and a few you just did) to celebrate the fact.

Like what:

“Oh my God, fuck me, fuck my ass, oh give it to me baby, fuck my ass until it hurts me, give me that big cock, put it in my ass, yes! Yes! Yes! oh God, it feels so good, oh yes, I want your cum up my sweet ass, oh fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me, oh God I love your cock, love it up my ass, oh baby, you’re so big, stretching my tight little ass so good , oh baby god fuck me”

Enough of that.

And then he roars, rushes forward and a wave of boiling hot Fills your and you scream and and and and, your fingers tearing two more orgasms of your convulsing convulsing convulsing convulsant, your words becoming babble meaningless.

It seems to take a long time for him to lose his hardness, but that’s okay because his cock feels so good in you. Your hurts, but it’s good too; you have three, count them, Three tremendous orgasms out of it.

He ends up coming out of your and you turn around, smiling, spreading your wife legs, letting him see all the gorgeous package. If he keeps giving you orgasms like that, he may look like he looks like everything he likes, even taking pictures and posting them on the Net.


“Hey Jim, have you ever been with a man? Sexually, I mean.

He looks confused. A typical guy. I said, “What? No, never.

“Hmmmm. Think a little. Sometimes my brother and I share a guy – he’s bi, by the way – and he gives even better than me.

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