Anal For The First Time

Shortly after my first time joking with Sean, okay who I’m joking about. We didn’t just fool it. I got down on him, sucking his cock until he took over and fucked my breasts and it wasn’t long before he dropped his cum on my face and cleavage. After all this, it didn’t take long to do more. The next night, I sneaked into his house and this time he made sure he had condoms. It wasn’t long before we had sex at least once a day. Sex was good, sometimes great, but that’s not the story I want to tell you this time.

This time, I want to tell you about the night his parents were out of town and I stayed at his house. We didn’t even pretend to watch a movie this time. We went straight to his room and practically ripped off each other’s clothes.

We did a lot of things that night. I sucked his cock until he pulled his cum into my mouth. He came down on me and made me scream. We had a lot of sex. We fucked a missionary. I rode it. He fucked me in fashion. By the time we had finished and collapsed on the sheets, he had filled three condoms. It was most times when I had made sperm in one night and if we could have kept our eyes open, we would have kept going.

I woke up first when the sun started coming through the crack in the window curtains. With her naked body next to me, the first thought to my mind somehow was more sex. Unfortunately, my second thought was to check the time. I had to work that morning at my part-time job and Had to go home first to shower and get my uniform. So instead of reaching more for his cock, I reached my phone on the night. The weather on my phone said I had to hurry if I wanted to get to work on time.

I got out of bed without waking him up and started finding my clothes on the floor. I didn’t put on my bra and thong until Sean flipped over and looked at me. “What are you doing?”

“I have to go to work.” I said, then pulled on the t-shirt I had worn the night before.

“Just a quickie?” He removed the leaf to reveal his morning drink.

“I can’t.” I couldn’t help but check his erection. My body said yes, but I couldn’t risk being late for work. I had already been late twice in the last month and the last time the nice boss even warned me that he would have to write to me if I was late again.

He got up and I thought he was going to put something on so he could walk me around to make the door. Instead, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. His touch and tongue make it harder to ignore my body’s desires. He slipped his hand into my underwear, not stopping until it reached my lips. “Just a quickie.”

“Just a quickie.” I said with a laugh. I hope it would be the right work boss and maybe I could talk to him about writing to me.

Before I could finish my sentence, he brought me back to the bed. He used his strength to guide me behind my back and got on top of me right away. He pulled the thin cloth from my underwear to the side and was ready for us to pick up from where we had left the night before.

“Whoa.” I said I used my hand to prevent it from penetrating me. “Slow down. Where’s the condom?

“I’ll come faster if I can fuck you without it.”

I gave him a disapproving look and he came down from me to reach into his night stand. He took out a condom and wasted no time in putting it on.

It positioned itself on me and this time I didn’t try to stop it. He pulled my underwear to the side again and pushed into me. I wasn’t quite ready for him, but at the same time I couldn’t take it anymore.

It did not take its time, or start slowly. He filled me up, withdrew, and then pushed me deeper. It was good, but it was really for him.

It wasn’t long before we breathed hard and started sweating. He pierced his dick in me with the only sounds being our bodies colliding every few seconds.

I expected him to come quickly. Usually, the first time it came quickly, then the second time it would last longer. However, I guess it wasn’t a regular first time. We had just had sex six hours earlier and slept most of the time in between.

I need him to come fast and not just stay here. Under him, I moved almost as much as he did. Above him, I mounted it as hard as I could. My whole body bounced up and down on its hard tree. Yet we were far from his orgasm.

I slowed down and stopped and asked, “What can I do to get you here?”

“Let me fuck your ass.” I thought he was joking until he grabs my with both hands.

“No way. Nothing but that?

“Have you ever done so?” He said he ran a finger between my cheeks.

I said, “No.” I said I pushed his hand away.

“You might like it.”

“Or I might not.” I had heard of a friend who had done it and his opinion was very negative. She said she had never felt anything so painful, so I was in no hurry to do it myself. I wanted to get to work quickly, but I thought I could bring it in another way.

I went back to mount it, but couldn’t get it any closer. After a minute or two, I stopped again. “Fuck me doggy style.”

He responded by knocking me out of him and onmy my hands and knees. He set up behind me, but he didn’t push his cock into my pussy as I expected. Instead, he slipped his dick between my ass check. I admit, the feeling made me squirm as the pleasure rushed through my body. Against my best judgment, I did not stop him. Instead, a groan somehow escaped from my lips.

He pushed me on my stomach and pushed his head against my. How much could it hurt?

The smile on my face disappeared as he forced his cock down my ass. He didn’t even get more than the tip of his cock in my ass, but it hurtlike nothing I’d ever known before. A sharp pain that went through me. I tried to get away, but he held me in place while he tried again.

This time he pushed harder until his cock went into my tight asshole. I felt my eyes start watering and Closed them.

I should have demanded that he stop, but I did not. I wanted to bring him in one way or another, but it was more than that. I wanted to experience it for myself and deep down, I think I liked it, not the feeling, but that I was now the kind of girl who let a guy penetrate her.

I could feel inch by inch as it penetrated me. The pain grew as his cock filled me. All I could feel was the pain. It hurts.

The pain did not fade as he slowly pulled back either. He was always there when he started fucking my ass. My, more virgin. I couldn’t believe a guy was in my, let alone Sean. I felt like half the school would eventually find out and I didn’t care. I just wanted to get him here and fast.

His flare-ups were hard and fast, which did not do much to reduce the pain. After a minute or two, I started to get used to this feeling, but I didn’t feel well said.

Then as soon as it started, it was over. He hit me one last time and stopped. He came hard with a deep moan. I had never felt him or any guy come so hard.

He withdrew and the pain eventually began to subside, but he did not disappear. It still didn’t look real. I was no longer an virgin and even if it hurt so much, I wanted to do it again.

What was really real was that I had to get up and hurry to work. Half an hour later, when I went into work, my was still sore. I was also very late, luckily the nice boss was there and I just had to flirt my way out of his bad side. Another thing, the old me would never have done.

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Anal for the first time