Important Powerful Tips for Anal Play For Fun in the bedroom

While the ass was taboo in the past, this mentality has changed recently.

To put it simply – more and more people are trying various forms of anal play.

Whether it’s ordinary anal sex.

Or play with just your fingers.

Or for the most intense pleasure, play with anal toys.

But as anal play has become more common in society, many people are not approaching anal play in the right way.

They make inserting anal toys much more difficult than they need to be.

Which only makes anal play less satisfying as a whole.

In this article, we describe in detail what makes anal play so enjoyable.

We will also discuss two tips on how you (and your partner) can make sure your anal play is always intimate and enjoyable.

Woman laying on bed showing beautiful butt
Loot is not only for appearance, but also for getting intense sexual pleasure.

Sphincter Muscles – the key to anal play

As mentioned several times on our other anal guides, the pleasure of anal toys does not come from the anal cavity itself.

It comes from the sphincter muscles.

In general, the sphincter muscles are circular muscles that tighten and control a natural passage or opening in the body.

In our case, we are talking about anal sphincters which control the passage of materials through the anus.

And there are actually two main muscles of the sphincter associated with the anal cavity.

The muscles of the external sphincter and the muscles of the internal sphincter.

These are the muscles that are designed to relax when something passes through them.

Diagram of the anal cavity showing the muscles of the external and internal sphincter


Your anal cavity has two separate sphincter muscles, which are the key to anal stimulation.

Nerve endings are essential

The muscles of the external sphincter have many nerve endings, which is a big reason why they are so pleasant to stimulation.

And when you have objects of different sizes, shapes and quantities passing through these muscles, they really create an endless supply of pleasurable sensations!

Big advice to receive objects in the anus: Relax!

When playing with anal beads or anal plugs, a common problem with beginners is their inability to put toys into their anuses easily.

This is actually the case for any type of anal play, including ordinary anal sex.

The reason why they have difficulties is quite simple.

They simply relax!

Relaxation of your mind and body will naturally relax the sphincter muscles which cause resistance to the insertion and removal of foreign bodies.

And while tension is actually a natural reflection of the foreign objects entering your anus, you need to reverse that mindset.

This will allow for easy and easy entry and exit of your toys.

And it will seem much nicer to you than if your sphincter muscles were trying to squeeze objects too hard in resistance.

So when you insert anal beads into your body, do your best to relax.

Remember that this is a fun and enjoyable experience.

And this simple relaxation will greatly increase the pleasure!

Tip for partners: be gentle!

While the anal toy receiver gets most of the fun, it’s important to remember how your partner (if any) should behave.

Anal play is a delicate balance between pain and pleasure.

And so your partner, if you help insert the anal toys into their partners, must be nice.

This also applies if your partner helps remove anal toys too.

Being gentle is a simple step that ensures anal play is enjoyable for you, but never becomes painful.

Anal Play – Go easy for orgasmic results

Anal play can be quite second to none in terms of pleasure.

The end result may even be orgasms which, although rare, are so incredible.

But this requires a proper frame of mind and execution on the part of the receiver (and any participating partner).

If the receiver can relax his sphincter muscles and the donor is soft and intimate, your anal play will be fantastic and unforgettable.

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