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Spencer was the official photographer of the Zander Corporation, a secret organization made up of business professionals. The group’s goal was to use their power and influence to help people move up towards professional success. The reason why the group remained secret was due to their operating procedures. Ninety-nine per cent of their “internships” were allocated to women. They are all particularly beautiful young women who were to have a three-hour interview with each of the directors.

Spencer was hired by the company five years ago after retiring from the CIA. In addition to his work at Zander, Spencer had also obtained an executive position at a large company in the city. It is, so to speak, his coverage that has allowed him to receive an exceptional salary with very few responsibilities other than filming candidates for internships. While at the CIA, he had worked in what was affectionately known as the “dirty works department,” and was a magician with cameras.

As he bowed to his couch in front of his 60-inch-plus flat-screen TELEVISION, Spencer sipped a beer and his mind returned to last weekend with one of Zander’s former interns. After reviewing his audition film, he remembered meeting her back in his studio several months earlier. Thinking about the things they had done in her new apartment, Spencer decided that the time she had spent with the secret business managers had given her a new perspective on sex. She had been more than willing to do anything, and all that Spencer had suggested. She had become very vocal and multi-orgasmic.

He just remembered how he had folded the ex-intern on his kitchen counter and was liberally applying olive oil to his pink pucker when his cell phone rang. When he picked it up, he saw that the call came from Phyllis Zander, Zander’s official secretary. He quickly cut the sound of the television and answered the call, “My sweet Phyllis. Why would you call an old cantankerous bachelor on a Sunday afternoon?

“You are not cantankerous,” said the woman without ambagin. “I’d like to call and ask you to go around your studio, but alas, I’m not.”

“A studio tour? What a beautiful idea, Spencer replied in a soft and sexy voice.

To get into business, Phyllis announced: “I got a call from Jonathan Zander. He discovered a young woman he would have liked to have enrolled in our program. He says she is beautiful and talented, but needs help to advance her career.

“Why do I feel like you don’t believe it?” Spencer asked.

“Oh my God,” replied Phyllis. “I’m sorry if my disbelief showed in my voice. But you guessed correctly. I’d be willing to bet a month’s salary Jonathan played footsie with the young woman and needs to find a way to get her out of town.

“Would he do such a thing?” Spencer asked showing fake shock in his voice.

“I have no doubt about that,” she seemed to spit, “But I don’t get paid to think about it. My job is to kick off the ball and continue until the end of the contract period.

Spencer smiled. “You’re doing a great job, Phyllis. Tell me what you have in mind for me.

“You are always such a breath of fresh air, Spencer,” said the woman. “One day, I’m going to take a tour of your studio.”

“Consider the extended invitation,” he said honestly. “Whenever you feel the need, call me. But keep in mind that my studio sessions last three hours.

There were several seconds of silence before phyllis spoke again. “I have set up a lunch meeting between you and the woman so you can get to know her before she undresses for you. I thought you’d like to talk to her first.

“I appreciate it, Phyllis,” he said. “And you’re exactly right. I try to make the most of our women while they are being filmed. But it can be a bit difficult if I only spent five minutes with them before telling them to undress.

Phyllis thought how sweet it would be to have Spencer tell her to undress, but tried to keep her mind on the current topic. “The reason I’m calling you now is because I booked you a table at the Town Point Club tomorrow at 1 p.m. Can you do it?

“Even without looking, I know I have nothing on my schedule tomorrow,” he replied. “I’m trying to keep my Monday clean. So 1:00 is perfect.

“Well,” she replied. “I’ll call the woman and make arrangements with her before I call you back.”

An hour later, Phyllis called back. “We have a plan,” she said without preamble. “Miss Santos will meet you at 1:00. I told her that she should only say that she is here to meet with Mr. Spencer. You should have an hour to get to know each other.

“What’s his first name?” Spencer asked.

“Michelle,” replied Phyllis. “She doesn’t have a discernible accent that I could identify, but you can work all this out as you always do.”

“I’ve had enough for a good start,” Spencer told his old friend. “As long as I know his name, I’ll get to the sequel to it in due course.”

“I’ve already spoken at the restaurant and arranged for the meal to be billed to the company. All you have to do is sign the cheque.

Spencer laughed. “So you don’t mind if I order a bottle of wine?”

“Order two,” replied Phyllis. “The determination that this project is a go-about one is entirely yours. The woman was recommended by one of the directors, but that does not mean that we are required to do so. If you decide it is not up to scratch, you will just have to say the word. You have proven to us in the past that you have a unique skill for choosing the best people for the program.

“I’m going to take care of Phyllis and be back in touch with you later in the afternoon.”

“Thank you, Spencer,” replied the woman. “As always, I can’t wait to talk to you.”

“You’re always so polite and articulate,” Spencer said with a laugh. “Why do I feel like you’re an all-up when the lights go out?”

There was a pause before she answered. “Maybe one day we will have to discuss the subject. Maybe it will be one of those two days of bottle.

The woman unplugged the call leaving Spencer to laugh.

The next day, shortly before 1 p.m., Spencer arrived at the Town Point Club. Identifying himself, he told the receptionist, “I’m going to conduct an interview while we have lunch. I would like the service to be minimal and the table to be located where we are least likely to be disturbed. My guest will ask to join Mr. Spencer.

He was only sitting for ten minutes and was looking over the wine menu when he saw her walking towards him. Michelle Santos was maybe 5 feet 5 inches tall. He guessed she would weigh about 110 pounds. The way she walked cried out for the men to look and desire her and desire her. With a name like Santos, he didn’t expect a woman with such a fair skin. Her hair was black and hung over her shoulders. She was wearing a business suit that perfectly matched her beautiful body. Her skirt was slightly above her knees and featured her legs, locked in pure black stockings.

Standing to greet her, Spencer mumbled under his breath: “I love my job.”

Upon arriving at the table, the woman flashed her white teeth with a smile, saying, “Mr. Spencer?”

Taking his hand, he simply held on and replied, “Losing the Mr. I just went by Spencer. Can I assume you’re Michelle Santos?

“I hope you will call me Michelle,” she replied, continuing to give her a big smile.

“Please,” he said. “Sit down.” He looked at her as she sat and placed her purse on a chair next to her. His mind moved away, performing his initial analysis of his first impressions. Once seated, Spencer looked at Michelle and said, “I was going to order wine. Would you like to join me?

“I’d love to,” she replied. “I don’t usually drink alcohol at lunch, but since it’s an informal interview, I think it’s appropriate.”

Almost immediately a waiter came to the table. Spencer ordered a bottle of wine and returned his point of view to Miss Santos. “Did Phyllis give you any information about me when you spoke to her yesterday?”

“She only said that you would be my first contact with Zander and guide me through the process. She did not tell me what was involved in the “process” but assured me that you were a very kind and knowledgeable man about the business.

“So let’s start at the beginning,” said Spencer, with a warm smile. “You apply for what we usually call an internship at Zander. If you are accepted, you will meet with the various administrators over a period of three months. At the end of your internship, assuming that you complete the program and areyou will receive some form of career assistance for the group. Have I described what you expected?

“I think you were very politically correct and polite. You avoided saying I’m probably going to spend a lot of my internship naked,” Michelle said with a friendly smile. “Is that correct?”

Spencer laughed. “That would probably be true. Since you are here, can I assume that you have no problem with the requirements?

“Let me be very frank, Spencer,” said the young woman softly. “My understanding is that if I am approved, I would spend some time with each of the directors having sex. In exchange for my sexual favours, this group will help me in one way or another to advance my career. She took a sip of the glass of water from the table. “I am a woman who really loves sex in all its forms and configurations. If doing something I love with a variety of men and women can help me climb another step up the ladder, count me in.

Spencer decided he loved Michelle Santos and not just because she was beautiful and sexy. He loved it way, she behaved and the assurance she showed.

The waiter arrived and poured wine for both. Holding his drink to Michelle, he offered a toast, “To a mutually beneficial internship.”

After ordering lunch, Michelle asked, “So how does it work? How can I get in touch with the company’s directors?

“All this is arranged by Phyllis,” said Spence. “After seeing your audition film, the directors will contact Phyllis to make an appointment to meet you. By doing it this way, you don’t have to worry about dozens of phone calls and having to maintain a schedule. Phyllis will be your point of contact. She’ll make your appointments, keep track of your schedule and let you know.

“And you?” he asked. Michelle asked.

“My job is to make your audition video, edit it and put it in the hands of the directors.”

“So,” Michelle asked, “Are you going to film me?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Where?” was his next question.

“In my workshop,” he replied. “I have a studio in my condo.”

“How long will it take?”

“I always have three hours,” he told her. “That doesn’t mean we’re going to be filming for three hours, but it’s going to take so long to do everything and give you some time to catch your breath.”

Michelle took a sip of wine and studied Spencer for a minute. “Will there be anyone else while you’re filming?”

“No,” he replied quickly. “Just me. I have my studio set up with five different cameras plus two handheld cameras that I also use. They are all synchronized together so I can easily see the same action from five different angles. This makes editing pretty easy.

She listened intently before asking, “Would you and I have sex?”

“Yes,” replied immediately. “Typically, I’m going to conduct a bit of an interview with you in front of the cameras. At some point, I’m going to direct you to undress and give the camera a close look at your body. In general, I’ll ask the person to masturbate for the camera before moving on to “two people” sex.

“I’m not going to be shy,” Michelle says with a smile. “I think I’m going to love having you as a sexual partner.”

“I’ll do my best to keep you entertained,” he said with an unbalanced smile.

While they were having lunch, Spencer asked Michelle what kind of work she was doing. “I’m in the sales,” she replied.

“For the past year, I have been working with a local company that sells sophisticated computer equipment used by many downtown-based companies. I moved to this job from a small company doing essentially the same thing. This job is better paid and has a larger and established clientele.

“Do you like work?” he asked.

“Not really,” she replied. “I was hired for my body, not for my brain. I am not saying that I am opposed to men looking at my number before agreeing to hear a sales pitch, but I would like to be taken a little more seriously.

“Is it through your sales work that you met Jonathan?”

“Okay,” she replied. “Jonathan’s company was about to invest in a new computer system, and I had the opportunity to discuss my products with him.” Suddenly she looked up at Spencer, realizing that he had set her up. “Fuck,” she whispered.

“Exactly,” he said, smiling. How long have we been Jonathan?

Michelle sat down with her knife and fork next to her plate. “About three months,” she replied. “Is that going to disqualify me from the program?”

“I don’t see why that should be done,” he replied. “But I suggest you don’t tell someone you might meet with Zander.” Spencer took another bite before asking, “Is it good?”

Michelle smiled at Spencer and replied, “He’s not the best I’ve ever had, but he’s certainly not the worst.”

Spencer finished his meal and looked across the table at Michelle. “Are you free Wednesday night to do the audition tape?”

“You bet,” she replied with a beaming smile. “I can’t wait to get started.”

“Yes, I too,” he said, handing over a piece of paper. “This gives direction to my condo. I’d like you to be there no later than 7:30. You’ll have papers to sign, and we’ll have a drink and discuss it before we move to the studio.

Looking at the newspaper, Michelle looked up and asked, “What should I wear?”

“Something sexy, but not whorish,” he told her. “Keep in mind that you will try to seduce twenty well-behaved men with your film. I think it’s a good idea for you to wear sexy lingerie that you can remove slowly. It would be a good idea to bring a favorite toy or two. I’ll have some available if you don’t have one.

Looking into her eyes, Michelle crossed and uncrossed her legs, giving her a quick glimpse of her inner thighs and the top of her stockings. In her clever gesture, she answered two questions for Spencer. Michelle wasn’t wearing panties, and her was shaved. “I’m excited to think about it,” she muttered. “Thank you for your time and for lunch.” Michelle got up and reached out to Spencer. “I’ll see you soon.”

Spencer shook his hand without standing. As he watched her move away, he thought, “And I can’t wait to see you less clothes. I bet you set my sheets on fire.

Shortly before 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday night, Spencer opened his front door to let Michelle in. As she entered, he studied it from behind. She was wearing a fitted black skirt and a flamboyant red silk blouse. The heels she wore made her look bigger than when they first met. Her eyes caressed her rounded as she walked before him in his drawing-room.

“You have a lovely place,” Michelle says, looking around the room. “He feels very masculine.”

“I live here alone,” he replied, “so I guess it should be manly. I bought this place five years ago because I liked the layout. It only needed a small change to be perfect for my needs. As he spoke, Spencer led Michelle to her granite bar top looking into her kitchen. He pointed to a bar stool and looked as she sat, once again showing her inner thighs.

“It was originally a four-bedroom house,” he told her, enpasting a bottle of wine from his wine built from a wine cooler. “I turned the master bedroom into a studio and made a new master bedroom upstairs by combining two more bedrooms.”

As he spoke, Spencer opened the bottle and poured two glasses, handed him a glass and picked up his. Holding his glass towards her, he said, “Here to success.”

“Indeed,” she replied, and took a sip of her wine while her eyes remained glued to Spencer. While staring at her glass, Michelle picked up a pile of papers from the counter. “Are these for me?”

“They are,” he replied. “This is your contract with the Zander Company. I’d like you to read it and I’ll answer all your questions.

“Couldn’t we just make the film first?” she asked, and he could see the fire in his eyes. He was sure of one thing. Michelle Santos couldn’t wait to undress. He didn’t need to touch it to know that her bald was already dripping wet.

Spencer gave him his “sexy” smile. “You just sat there and read the contract. It is clear and highlights the things you will be required to do and what society will do for you. Once you have read it, we will sign it and take the next step.

Michelle sipped her wine and read the contract. Five minutes later, she looked up at Spencer and said, “It’s very simple and not filled with mumbo-Jumbo. I’m ready to sign it.

When he gave him a pen, he said, “You sign here, and I will see it.”

Once they had both signed it, Michelle asked, “Can we start the film now?”

“Let’s just talk for a minute,” he said, moving alongside him and putting his arm around her. “My job is to make and edit your audition film. It is essential to your success that it is good. You want the administrators to see it and be so excited that they will want to meet you immediately. That way, I mean you have to think people are watching.

“It’s a bit perverse,” she laughs.

“Since I haven’t been with you, I don’t know what kind of noises you make while you have sex,” he explained. “It is important that you speak clearly so that the directors can hear you. The moans and moans are good, but saying something from time to time makes it even better. In other words, play the camera.

“I don’t think it’s going to be hard,” she says with a shy smile.

Spencer picked up the bottle and filled their glasses. “Let’s go back to my studio, and I’ll explain how it all works.”

“I understand how sex works,” she said, slipping off the stool.

As they walked to his studio, Spencer let his hand rest on his. “I’m sure you know how sex works. I want you to understand where the cameras are and how they work.

Michelle loved the feeling of her hand on her buttocks. There was no doubt in his mind that Spencer was a man who knew what to do to make a girl happy.

Spencer led her into what at first seemed like a large bedroom, but as she looked around, Michelle could see that the big bed was simply an accessory. He reported the cameras around the room. She could see that he had all the corners of the bed covered.

“In addition to these cameras, I also have two handheld cameras that I will use for close-ups. If you’re good, I can even let you hold one towards your face to catch your look during orgasm, he explained.

Just hearing her say the word orgasm excited her. “When does this happen?”

“Not right now,” he laughed. “First, we’ll do a little interview with your clothes on. I’ll be behind the cameras asking questions. You should remember that you will speak directly to each of the directors. After we’ve talked a little bit, I’ll ask you to take your clothes off. You’ll want to do it slowly.

“Are you always going to be behind the camera?”

“Once you’re naked and I’ve filmed you masturbating, I’ll join you on the bed,” he replied.

Michelle got up and touched her chin. “Then we’re going to fuck?”

“Oh yes,” he said softly. “We will most certainly fuck. The cameras will be on you, and you’ll want to make sure that administrators can see how much you like to fuck. Spencer patted his bottom and pointed to the bathroom. “Go in there and touch up your makeup. You don’t need a lot of makeup because there will be close-ups of your face. Put some gloss on your lips. You need to look kissed.

While Spencer made her final adjustments on the cameras, Michelle made sure her makeup was perfect. She pulled up her skirt to make sure her thigh-high stockings were in place and checked to see if the wet spot in her panties was visible.

When she returned to the studio, Spencer pointed out a spot at the end of the bed. “You look sensational,” he said. “Now I need you to deviate there and let me check the lighting.”

She watched him work on his cameras for a few minutes before he tended and pointed to a large flat-screen TV. “Look over there,” he said. Suddenly, his face filled the screen. “That’s what I got from that camera,” he said, pointing to the camera in front of him. Then he pressed a button on a control panel, and she could see herself from five different cameras. “Now you have an idea of the angles I get.”

“It’s really amazing,” she said as she looked at herself on the big screen. She watched him pick up a small hand camera.

“Are you ready?” When she nodded the saying, he said, “We’ll start.”

As she stood at the end of the bed, she watched Spencer put on a helmet with a microphone near her mouth. He pulled out a block of paper, looked at it and smiled.

“Zander’s directors,” he began. “I am pleased to introduce Michelle Santos, the newrecruit to our internship program. As you can see, Michelle is a beautiful woman who is interested in achieving her career goals. Again, he looked at Michelle and smiled. “We are pleased that you are joining us, Michelle. Please tell Zander administrators something about yourself.

Michelle looked into the camera in front of Spencer and smiled briskly. “Hello,” she says as if speaking directly to one of the directors. “I’m Michelle Santos. I am 27 years old and currently working in the field of computer equipment sales. I graduated in business administration with a degree in business administration when I was 21 and have worked in sales ever since. I am originally from the city, but I have no desire to stay here forever. I am single and have never been married.

She looked at Spencer smiling and hiccuping the horever. He asked, “How could a woman of your beauty avoid getting married.” There must be men chasing your whole town.

Michelle laughed. “Thank you, but I’m just career-focused. It’s not that I don’t like men. It’s just that I stay focused on my work and keep men more for entertainment.

“Did you ever entertain yourself with women?”

“My first sexual experiences were with ladies. Well, girls back then. I knew I wasn’t a lesbian, but I got my first bits of sexual knowledge from my girlfriends.

“Do you still have sex with women?”

“From time to time,” she replied honestly.

“Would you like to turn back to us, please, so that the administrators can get a good overview of you?” Spencer asked.

Remembering her previous advice, Michelle turned slowly, making sure they had a good look at her.

Once she had finished her circle, Spencer said, “Now I would like you to take off your blouse and skirt so we can see what treasures you have covered.”

Michelle laughs a little at Spencer’s reference to his “treasures.” However, bearing in mind what he had told her, she looked into the camera and slowly removed her blouse and skirt, dropping them to the floor at her feet. She stood in front of the camera wearing only matching red sequelae panties, bra and her thigh high transparent black stockings. Without being told that she has turned again in a circle so that viewers can get a good glimpse of her well-formed.

When she had finished the circle, Spencer could clearly see that her nipples were hard and pushing against the lace fabric of her bra. His stockings showed his legs well tonate. The black band at the top of her stockings seemed to act like an arrow pointing to the little silk panties that covered her sex. The glow in his eyes made him feel what was going to happen would be extremely hot.

“You have a beautiful body,” Spencer told him. “I’d like to know about your sexual experience. Have you had many lovers?

Thinking quickly, she replied, “I don’t think you could call them ‘a lot’. Michelle could only hope that her ability to tell lies worked properly as she remembered the night during her first year in college when she and her roommate took twelve guys. It was the night that had changed his mind about the glory of sexual arousal and the joy of mastering men with the gash between his legs.

“How many lovers have you had?”

“Perhaps ten or twelve,” she replied, still thinking of that night. In fact, the actual number would be closer to fifty, but she saw no reason to disclose this information.

“You’ve already told me you love sex,” Spencer said. “How many times do you have sex?”

“How many times do I have sex or how many times do I have sex with a partner?” she asked.

Spencer laughed. “I’ll be more specific. How many times do you masturbate?

“At least once a day,” she replied.

“Do you use your fingers or toys?”

“Both,” she replied. “It depends on where I am and what I do.”

“What’s your favorite toy?”

“I have a pink rabbit vibrator that’s kind of like my best friend,” she replied with a bright smile. “He does all sorts of things in addition to just vibrer.”

“Have you masturbated today?”

Michelle seemed to blush a little. “Yes,” she said. “Actually, I did it twice today. I was excited to come here to make this video.

“Please take off your bra, ” he directed.

Michelle disconnected it from the back and dropped it on his feet. As Spencer had suspected, his nipples looked like small stones. Her breasts were full, round and all natural.

“Adorable,” Spencer told him. “Your nipples seem to be very hard. Are you excited now?

“Yes,” she replied softly. “I’m very excited.”

“Is your panties wet?”

“Very wet,” she whispered almost.

“Put your hand in your panties and make sure,” he said.

Michelle saw her smile as she slowly pushed her hand inside her panties. He could see his fingers pressing against the silky red cloth as they moved between his legs. He looked at his eyes closed when his fingers found their destination.

“Uh yes,” she murmured. “Extremely wet.”

“Did you bring your rabbit with you today?”

Opening her eyes, but not moving her hand, she replied, “Yes, I did.”

“Then I think you should show us how you use it,” Spencer replied.

Michelle smiled and slowly pulled off her panties, letting the camera see her bald for the first time.

“It looks like you’re made for speed,” Spencer commented.

Rubbing her hand on her mound, she replied, “I love her that way. I like the way it feels. What she did not admit was that she had a girlfriend who refused to come down on her until she cut her bush. It was all she needed to shave it.

Michelle got on the bed with her pink rabbit in her hand. “What position do you want me to be in?” she asked, kneeling on the crispy sheets.

“How do you like to do it?”

“Sometimes I like to start in this position,” she says, spreading her legs.

She lit the rabbit, and Spencer could see the end writhing and moving. He watched her rub between his legs until he could see it shine with its juice. Almost holding her breath, Spencer watched her start pushing the mobile tube inside her. He could hear the vibrator engine running as the toy disappeared inside it.

As he stood behind the cameras watching Michelle play with her toy, Spencer was thrilled. There was no doubt that each of Zander’s directors would have their tough ones in hand as they watched the video at this point. “Let’s see if we can’t soften that a little bit,” he said.

When Michelle opened her eyes, she saw Spencer making hand movements indicating that she should lie on her back and continue. She rolled on her back, took the mood in her hand and started pulling it in and out as Spencer zoomed in on the camera on it.

Moving to the side of the bed, Spencer was still carrying his microphone. Doing his best to stay out of the picture, he leaned over to her and asked, “Does it feel good, Michelle?”

“You’d better believe it,” she moaned. “It’s not as good as a real hard cock, but my little pink bunny always makes me feel good.”

Moving her to the edge of the bed, Spencer stood back and began to undress. Michelle looked at him as she continued to fuck herself with the toy. When he was naked, she became more excited and fucked harder and faster. Just look at his cock more and more filled his desire. He stood next to the bed, punted his cock towards his face and said, “I think you should have something to suck while you play with that sweet pussy.”

Michelle almost jumped on her thick, stiff cock, swallowing half at a time. She moans around her as he pushed her deeper into her mouth. She continued to drag the rabbit through her sex in need and took her cock in one of her hands. Looking up at her face, she seemed to gasp “It’s beautiful” before trying to swallow it again.

As Michelle continued to use her rabbit and suck her thick cock, Spencer checked the views shown from the various cameras on her large monitor. There were two distinct views that he knew would be spectacular running side by side on the DVD he would make. He smiles as he thinks of the directors’ reactions.

He felt his orgasm through his dick in his mouth. The muscles of her legs trembled as she moaned around her cock. “Oh fucking,” she moaned as she lay on the bed, the vibrator still inside her with the engine running.

“Was it good?”

“It was fantastic,” she said, gasping.

Spencer walked away, took one of his handheld cameras and pulled it to the end of the bed. He spread his legs, pointed the camera at her filled with vibrator. Pulling the vibrator out of it, he said, What you need now is to be filled with, and immediately pushed himself inside its creamy humidity.

“Oh Spencer, ” she exclaimed, “You’re so fucking great!”

“That’s what you like, isn’t it?”

“Fuck yes, ” she moaned as she began to twist her nipples. “Give me that big dick!”

Rechecking the monitor, Spencer could see that a camera showed his face as he changed from a smile to a look of extreme pleasure. The other camera showed a close-up of her dick plunging into her pussy over and over again.

He continued what he was doing for a few more shots before going out and turning it over on his belly. After making sure she was in the right position for the cameras, he rode her hips, pushing her cock inside her pussy drip only this time to get into her from a different angle. Leaning forward, he placed the camera on the bed pointed at his face, grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head up in front of the lens.

“Oh, fuck!” cried again. “You are so deep! It’s so good!

Checking his monitor, Spencer could see the look of pleasure on his face as he contorted in enjoyment while his cock found its depths. “Do you like being my whore?”

“Yes!” he said. “Oh fucking, yes!”

Spencer almost laughed when he thought how excited the directors would be when they watched that part of the film. Each of them would like to do the same. In general, Spencer’s goal was not to expose the perverse side of Zander women, but he understood that Michelle was a woman who wanted the extremes and he intended to show the directors what they were going to get from her.

On getting out of bed, Spencer pulled Michelle over her hands and knees. He slapped her with an open palm making a loud cracking sound and leaving a red hand print on her soft white cheek. Head down and up!

“I need more,” he heard her say and hoped his microphones would pick up his voice.

Recheck her camera angles, he stood behind her and spread her legs so that the camera could see her wet dripping. With an energetic gesture, he buried his cock inside her and heard her scream once more of the pleasure he gave her. As he hammered her, Michelle continued to make noises of pleasure. Spencer knew his sounds were recorded and would excite the directors.

He walked away from her, giving the cameras a perfect look at her open spread. Finger your and let me see it, he directed her. Spencer knew the directors would like to watch what she was doing and he had a moment to rest. As he watched her push two fingers inside his opening and moan loudly, he had another idea.

Returning to a table behind the cameras, Spencer found a bottle of lubricant and coated his thumb. He recoiled in the view of the camera, stuffed his cock into it once more. “You like that dick, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I love it. Give me more!

He gave him two shorter strokes before he pressed his lubricated thumb against his pleated opening and began rubbing it in a circular motion.

Michelle raised her head and tried to look back over her shoulder. Before she could say anything, Spencer pushed her thumb up her to the first punch. He could feel her and vaginal muscles tightening at once and felt that acting was something she liked but hadn’t mentioned to her. He planned to find out.

He pushed his thumb up his ass up to the second joint and began to move in and out at the same time his cock was moving in and out of her pussy. He watched her head fall on the pillow again and she let out a long, faint moan.

Spenser had wanted to find a naughty woman for the directors. While he had discovered some beautiful and talented women, he had not yet discovered the one who was a little perverse. Listening to the sounds she made, he decided that he had discovered a gold mine.

Coming out of view de the camera for a moment, Spencer backed away behind Michelle holding a glass tip cap. He pressed her against her and slowly pushed and twisted until he was fully inside her. When once again he pushed his cock into his vagina, the woman started screaming.

“For God’s sake,” she cried. “You have filled me all. Damn, it’s so good.

As he hammered his cock into it, he could feel his muscles tremble, and his breath came in pants. He slapped her again, You love her in your, don’t you Michelle?

“Yes,” she growled at him. “It’s so good!”

Normally, Spencer would not have done what he decided to do, but wanted to know if he had sized this woman properly. He pulled the cork out of the butt from his, and she yelled at him to put it back.

“I have a better idea,” he said, loud enough for her to hear only her. He pressed the head of his thick cock against his open sphincter still stretched and pushed in. His was still lubricated enough and open enough to take what he offered.

As he slipped it home, Michelle started talking to him. “Damn, Spencer,” she growled. “Give me that big dick. Push it up my and me! Go wrong, you bastard. Fuck me!

He slapped her again.

Yes,. Spank me stronger! Make me make sperm!” she shouted at him.

He felt his whole body tighten before it freed itself like a tight spring. Her body felt like she had an electric current running through it as every part of her shook in orgasmic joy. As she trembled, Spencer finally triggered her own orgasm and sprayed blow after blow of creamy hot into her rectum. When he finished, she fell like a lame rag on the sheets, sweating and panting to breathe.

Spencer walked away from the camera lens once more and picked up his helmet with the microphone. He caught his breath before he spoke. “Directors, I give you Michelle Santos. A charming and intelligent young woman who needs your help to advance her career. I think you can see that she has great talent and is willing to work hard to get what she wants. She will be ready to accept your personal interview by the weekend. Please call Phyllis to make your reservations with Zander’s new intern.

He turned off the sound and picked up his handheld camera. The lens closed on Michelle’s that was still slightly lifted out of bed. A steady stream of white liquid was seeping out of her and rolling down to coat her opening. Spencer moved the camera to show his face. Her makeup had run a little, but there was a smile on her face. He held the camera steady, and Michelle laughed. “It was so good,” she whispered, closed her eyes.

Spencer turned off the cameras before turning off the lights on his tray. He sat down on the bed next to Michelle, leaned over and asked, “How do you do it?”

“Can we go back?” “You know how to show a girl a good time.”

“Rest a little,” he says, stroking her hair. “I need to edit your film and prepare it for distribution. I need an hour. Stay here and take a nap. If you’re still excited when I’m done with the DVD, we’ll see what we can find a way to satisfy your needs.

A little over an hour later, Spencer had his DVD made to his satisfaction. He put the original in another piece of equipment to make copies that he could send. Once the machine started working, he went to see Michelle. When he sat down on the bed, she opened her eyes.

“I’ve been there a little bit, sir,” she said softly. “I had my share of pleasure, but no one ever fucked me like you did. Person.

“Should I take this as a compliment?”

“You should,” she smiles. “Did the film look good?”

“I’ve never done better,” he says with a warm smile. “But I hope you’re a big fan of anal sex because every director is going to want your ass after watching this movie. If I were you, I would be wearing a tube of lubricant all the time for the next three months.

Michelle laughed. “If it helps my career, I’ll benefit.” She reached out and touched her face. But from now on, my belongs to you.

“What a beautiful thought,” he murmured. Her hand ran on the curve of her buttocks, inside her thigh and came to rest covering her well-used unnd still wet sex. Two fingers slipped inside and immediately found his g-spot. When his eyes opened, he said, “Now I think I’ll take a second help with the cameras off.”

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