Back Door – anal restaurant toys first time formal

After a meeting in the parking lot and sex games at work, Allyson finally goes on a date with the mysterious brooding gentleman.

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“I’m too eager to dine at nineee!”

Badum bum bum

“I must be vinized and sixty-nine!” I bowed squarely to the top of my lungs as my dog Nala grimaced and laid his ears flat to the sound of my Amazing Voice.

“Oh shut up! What do you know about the fine vocal arts?

It was Saturday night and I had dinner with… Wow. This man folded me in a parking lot, practically forced me to masturbate at my work, made me try a GD cap and I still don’t know what his mother called him. I must really be a tramp.

But he knows how to drive me crazy.

Anyway, I had dinner in a fancy restaurant and Wanted to be at my best. I looked at myself in the mirror and gave a whirlwind for the effect. The dress was a beautiful number, a beautiful piece from an upcoming Parisian designer that I had met on the work trip to New York. It was a light beige and tonal with a hint of pink, champagne, if you will.

Complete with a plunging neckline, a elture that sat on the waist, and these gorgeous pure sleeves decorated with tiny intricate lace patterns that led in one off the other to the point that you didn’t know where one ended and the other started. Best of all, it was covered with these miniature rhinestones that danced every time the slightest amount of light struck them.

“Miroir, mirror, on the wall… Jean Claude Van DAMN I’m fine! I exclaimed.

I heard Nala wince once more and watched her cover her eyes with her paws.

Everybody’s a fucking critic.

I grabbed my clutch and went down the stairs, “singing” all the time.

“She likes to strut her stuff and show her stuff.” Cue the hip kick.

I was in such a good mood, this is the most fun I’ve had in a while. I was so worried about my future that every day was meticulously planned and rigorously built around work and school that, somehow, this mysterious and unstructured relationship was … Mitigate. I slipped on a pair of stilettos and chat-walk at the door, feeling in every direction, shape and shape. I was about to take my car keys when I noticed the envelope containing the cap.

“Aw, damn it.”

I had completely forgotten, he wanted me to exhaust him for dinner tonight.

How can I even use one of these?

I pulled the little sacrum cap out of the bag and rolled the smooth, silicone around my fingers. It was small but heavy for its miniature size. I made my way down on the couch with my phone and leaned my legs on the armrest while sliding my heels, noticing my cute little toes again.

They were pink now. I read a few articles on how to use a plug (lube, lubricant, lubricant) and surfed some porn videos before jumping over to the kitchen to catch a lubricant.

Oh shut up, everyone’s got this garbage drawer in the kitchen full of random, don’t judge me.

I hiked my dress up to my waist and slowly slipped a lubricated index finger into my. My eyes closed to the sensation of this new sensation I realized that I rarely thought of anal. Well, I did, but I was never included in these veraies.

It’s not that bad, but if I want to get this plug-in, I think I’d better lie down.

I went back on the couch and turned on my stomach, pressing one leg on a headrest and the other stretched as far as possible. I had to be a hilarious show with a finger in my and my spread wide while dressed.

Well, it reminds me of my first year in uni.

I applied a generous glob of lubricant to the toy, recognizing that it was tiny compared to the monstrosities I had seen on the web. I took a few deep breaths before gently pressing it against my. I got the tip halfway before I had to take a break.

Breathe Ally, breathe.

I could feel my sphincter muscles resist before taking a break to calm down. I browsed my Instagram feed, double typing pictures of my friends at parties, beaches and clubs while I sat here trying to get a plug up my.

“Imagine if I accidentally started a live video.’ Hey, guys, try to plug my ass! Oh, hi Grandma!

I laughed at my madness and went back to pushing in the cork. It went a little easier this time and I could feel every freaking inch I felt so full by the time the rounded base had nestled in my. I turned the toy to align the T part with my crack and shivered at the feel. I felt good, in a different way. I should have done it earlier in the week to get a couple of practices, but it was too late now.

Hell, I hope I can last the night.

I leaned over to pick up my heels and moaned that I felt the increased pressure of the socket.  As I locked the door of my apartment, I finished the last line of the choir, although much softer.

“That’s why this woman, is a slut.”




As he passed through the city, my body got used to the foreign object inside me. I had a little shiver every time my left leg got up to push the clutch pedal and soon I was excited like all hell. By the time I reached the restaurant, I was ready to jump the valet that was so busy gawking at me, he gave me a key to a Lamborghini.

“To me? Oh, really? I joked by giving them back and strolling towards the entrance.

The restaurant was beautiful. It was dimly lit and there was a soft fountain, babbling waterfall in the east corner, directly in front of a quarter of four stings that subtly filled the room with its influence. Chandeliers covered the ceilings, but were only there for secondary lighting, each table housing three cylindrical candles in the middle that created this intimate and sensual atmosphere.

“Hello there, miss, do you have a reservation or do you meet someone this beautiful evening?”

Hell, I don’t know this man’s name. What the hell am I doing, describing it? “Oh yes, he’s a middle-aged white man.” Mr. Dumbass.

As I examined the area wondering how I could meet the host, I closed my eyes with my patron saint’s penis dragging a table through a wall to see through various wines.

“Ah yes, it’s right there, love, thank you!” I answered happily.

“Let me escort you,” he said, grabbing a menu. As he wandered on fish specialties and wine chords, I felt a jolt climbing my fucking spine as if Zeus himself had installed Mount Olympus in my asshole and was throwing lightning bolts on the walls of my anus.

That cheeky fucking bastard.

The socket vibrated. I could practically feel the vibrations in my as it rumbles against the nerves in my and traveled through my whole body. I don’t know what it was like to be in my, but. I had to grab the railing for a second as they ran the course all my body, the feeling was so unfamiliar that it drove me crazy.

“Is everything okay, miss?”

“Yes, yes, sir. Everything is fine,” I replied to the master’d concerned.

I could see it through the transparent wall of wines pretending to be absorbed into its menu. What an.

We rounded the turn along the wall and he put my menu down on the other side of the table as my “partner” got up to greet me.

“How was the reader?” he asked, engaging in a rigid and formal embrace.

“Fuck you, a vibrating asshole?!” I whispered.

He ignored my beard and turned to sit down, but before he could take his place, I skilfully pressed in front of him in his side of the cabin and pulled him with me.

“Does it bother you that if I sit next to you, I am a little cold,” I said, sarcasm as a schoolgirl.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate, All-“

“You go to the other side and I’m leaving,” I actually told him.

He paused for a moment. The king of pride was challenged by the lioness, the power he derived being in control at war with his carnal desires. My eyes were full of nothing but a fierce determination as we locked our eyes, my conviction began to renounce more this reincarnation of Eros looked into my very soul. I was literally about to back off when he let out an existential and relaxed sigh next to me.

Close one.

Are you wearing underwear?” he asked.

“The split on this dress is way too high for that, it wouldn’t be good.”

I said, “Good.”

As I relaxed in the recesses of the cabin, I was aware of the socket again and I could feel it by pressing against the wall of my vagina as well, adding to the myriad sensations I was already going through. I’m glad it wasn’t as strong as the one I had in those panties because it probably would have been uncomfortable, this was too strong. This cork was like drinking beer after the hard alcohol, it kept you level.

I was at this basic sense of high excitement. I stole a glance at her three-piece suit and just imagined he would pick me up, hike my dress to my waist and just absolutely ruin my on that table. I caught my breath and let my body get used to sitting down with the plug-in before I started making the conversation light.

“So I’m surprised you don’t go for a table The Behind“I joked while he was talking about the menu.” Do you think they are hot Buns as a starter? I’d like to do it right now. My reader was just Peachy by the way, I think the valet parked my car in the Back I hope he doesn’t move the Seat.


“Oh for fucksake, not even a smile? Peachy? Fishing? Like emoji? I asked desperately.

“Delicacy is not synonymous with hilarity, Allyson,” he replied calmly.

“What do you know, old man,” I said, rolling my eyes.

The plug rolled on and as I got used to the new sensation, I started to really enjoy it. I can’t imagine what I looked like to the server as it came to take our order, I was next to me with lust. I ran my foot up and down his calf while turning my hair and constantly moving into my seat.

Look. So fucking articulate and collect … God, I just want to have her fucking babies. Well, not literally, but if that’s what it takes to keep that dick in my gut then so be it.

I almost spit out my water laughing at my own mental ruminations, I’m so stupid I swear. I haven’t been as excited since high school, a fake shot and I could be tried for sexual assault as I wanted to get him out of his clothes.

“And you, Allyson?” I heard his deep voice pointing at me for miles.

“Oh, I’m sorry to think about work, my apologies. Gracious, I didn’t even get a chance to look at the menu.

“Would you like me to order for you?”

I nodded it. I had no idea what I should eat in this siddity ass restaurant anyway.

I listened to him order me what I think is a steak, I was too busy watching his throat and lips move… wishing that the chiseled jaw was between my legs, sucking the very essence of my split now quickly moistening…


While he and the waiter continued to talk about different wines in French, I ran my hand to his thigh and found my price. Do you want to watch this, Mister Cool, Calm, and Collected was hard rock while sitting next to me little old. There was a hiccup about the conversation as I squeezed his dick’s head into his pants, but I was too busy looking the other way at the waterfall to notice. The waiter finally left and I felt it pass by me.

“Why can’t you behave like a sweet woman for once?”

He made me fuck up. I took a deep breath and sat straight before letting him have it in a monotonous tone that rivaled that of The Professor Ferris Beuller.

“I’ll give you six seconds to do six things. Repeat yourself what you just said, remember who you are talking to, reassess whether what you said was the right thing to say, change it into something worth saying out loud, and then tell me the end result. Otherwise, our night is over. I told him calmly.

“It was only five things,” he said.

“Yes, I know. The sixth is that you will get under that tablecloth and eat me outside, while I eat out.

“It’s ridiculous,” he scoffed.

“You asked me why I can’t ‘act like a gentle woman’ while you parade darted here telling me what to do. So it’s normal for you to do all these crazy things to me in public, but is it a problem when I do it? I’m sorry, little boy, but I’m not one of those plain doe-eyed girls who will look after your beck and call them all. You know what I think? You Want to behave badly and say what to do.


“No, to be a realer,” I said bluntly.

“That’s not how our agreement is supposed to be. Honestly, I can break up very well,” he replied.

You don’t have them. You love me as much as I love you. Your cock is always growing in your pants and I bet it’s the idea of getting you under this table to eat that good pussy ass while my stilettos dig in your back. Isn’t it?

“There will be repercussions,” he warned.

“Percussion? So you’re going to beat that like a drum or what? I said with a laugh.


“I swear to you all fucking suck. I’m funny, for God’s sake, I say, pouting around here.

The food arrived shortly after and I asked the waiter if he could bring chimichurri for my steak.

“Right now, miss.”

“Well, my food is here and I don’t want yours to get cold so I suggest you get down there and get back here quickly,” I told him while cutting into my steak. It looked so good.

I didn’t feel any movement from him before watching him swing his head and then slide under the table. I felt his strong paws spread my legs and enter through the split of my dress as he began to eat me.

“Here’s your request, miss. What happened to your husband?” he asked.

“Oh, he just went to clean his pallet, he’ll be back soon,” I beamed.

The steak was to die for. So tender and juicy, perfectly paired with garlic puree and grilled asparagus.

“Oh my God,” I said with a feigned British accent, “this side of the oral is to die, please address my greatest compliments to the Head Chef. Head, take it? Do you give me the head? I whispered to under the table. I gently hit my knife against the table as I laughed.

I had a rod in my mouth when I felt a vibrator on my clitoris and almost choked.

Damn it.

I’m in danger.

I don’t know if the vibrations were colliding and creating resistance or something because I was instantly made aware of the buttocks socket once again. I had to lay down my silverware to grab the table as it hit the vibrator on my clitoris while his tongue lapped at my ocean with a. I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet in my fucking life.

Oh my God, I’m going to make sperm.

It had only been two minutes, but I knew that the huge feeling of nothingness growing in the pit of my stomach was an adumbration to orgasm that I was going to be sent caressing in.

What had I done?

I tried to close my legs and turn my hips to escape, but his elbows made me lock as if I were in a gyno chair.

“If you don’t stop, I’m going to explode. Okay, you did what you said. I’m sorry! I whistled under the table.

Nothing more vibrant and licking.

“Oh fucking…” I moaned and cried at an old couple looking at me in anxiety. I smiled shyly before lowering my head once again, grateful for my hair to cover my face. I was really going to screw up, and it was going to be violent. Suddenly, a thought struck and I had to get him out of there. I started squirming as nonchalantly as I could not make a scene.

“Listen, you need to get o – mmm, you need to get out of there NOW!” I tried to say between various moans, deep breaths and laborious breathing.


“I’m fucking seri — oh my God…”

I was moaning audibly now, I couldn’t control it. I stuffed a fucking loaf of bread in my mouth and clasped hard, praying for what I knew was coming, to Not Come. I was praying I. wouldn’t come. I felt him my legs towards him and sit my legs on the opposite bench, my stilettos digging into the cushion.

Hell, it’s going to happen.

This dark and dark pit of orgasm loomed, eager to take me prisoner. If I could describe it naturally, it was as if two black holes were growing from my vagina and and met in the middle to create a huge black hole. And in this singularity, there is a super volcano scientifically impossible, ready to explode.

And in about ten seconds, he was going to swallow me whole.

I threw my head on the table while I was biting my piece of bread in an attempt to stifle my screams as I fell into the abyss. My eyes turned and my senses were overloaded to the point of absolute oblivion, followed by a free fall in the erupting volcano. I was full of heat as I was immersed in the figurative lava, my temperature rising from the pit of my stomach until it bursts at the same time as I began to squirt violently.

Stream after flow of my pulled into his mouth while all my muscles tightened and loosened several times. When my eyes turned forward, he was back next to me, a linen towel tied around his neck as he carved his fish and bitten into his creamy potatoes. I was smooth with sweat and couldn’t feel my legs, my drooled pulsating with the heat, and I could barely breathe.

Three minutes and you’re squirting, Ally. What is going on?

I couldn’t even eat, I spent the rest of the dinner trying to regain my composure, to no avail. I hadn’t ejaculated in years, I honestly thought I couldn’t anymore. I used to get it on and popping all the time, but now, even when I was alone, I couldn’t.

“You really know how to punish,” I told him without ambagin.

“Punish? When?” he replied.

“Don’t play dumb. I know your shirt is soaked under that towel. You win, I’m sorry.

“My dear, it was simply cunnilingus. Your punishment begins at my residence.

“Wait, what?! What are you even me — “

The waiter approached and cut my cries of mercy short as he boxed my food and farewelled us.

“Well, You’re going to have to do it.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

He simply walked away towards the exit.

I felt like a newborn calf, my legs were so weak that I could barely walk. I got up and found my swing when I saw the old lady looking at me in horror while her husband smiled. I looked down and noticed that the dress was badly positioned directly on my naked vagina.

I hurried to turn the waist and babbled a few excuses before tripping towards the exit. When I got out, I saw the valet talking at my appointment and running away to the parking lot.

Oh, I didn’t tell him to get my car, I said as I flew through my clutch in search of the valet ticket.

“It won’t be necessary, you will ride with me,” he said abruptly.

“Well, what about my car?”

“He’s been taken care of.”

The valet pulled himself well up in his Audi and I thanked him shyly as he opened the door for me. As we made our way out of the parking lot, I nervously looked out of the rearview mirror and breathed a sigh of relief as I saw these familiar, halo LED ANNEAUX looking back at me. I nestled in the luxurious leather of the heated seat and looked at it as it drove, the dark inner lights of the console fighting with the lampposts above illuminating his face. I watched the lights and shadows take turns claiming his face and I couldn’t help but be filled with lust.

That fucking sturdy jaw.

The cap was still going on and I was excited again. I spread my legs a little and slipped a finger into my, still hot and wet earlier. I reached over with my other hand and unzipped his pants, wondering if he was going to object, but he just kept his eyes on the road. I dug into his underpants for a while before pulling his stiff cock out of the fabric and rubbing the thick, purple head, covering it in my moisture. His dick was beautiful. It wasn’t huge, but it felt… Yes I. Necessary it in my mouth.

I got down on my knees in the passenger seat and placed my mouth on his dick, flashing my head with my tongue before taking it in a thumbs up. When his head hit the back of my throat, I took a deep breath and pushed until my nose touched his pelvis, his cock firmly lodged in my esophagus. I sat there for a few seconds before retracting and giving it a good shot. I loved sucking cock in the car, it was one of my favorite fantasies.

My God, I feel like an Ironman groupie right now, sucking Robert Downey Jr. into a high-tech Audi. Well, there’s a bit of fanfic.

His hand crept on the steering wheel and rested on my head as I bobbed and sucked at his clogged penis, I couldn’t get enough. I fell to her and pulled one into my mouth while I jerked off the length of his tree, I knew I could bring him in, but we had already reached his house.

Saved by the bell. A lucky one.

He gently pushed me away and I wiped my mouth as he got correct and met the valet who was shooting with my car, tipping him what I thought was generously before the kid got into an Uber and left. The passenger’s door opened and I was gathered in his powerful arms and carried to his front door.

“Ahhhh, I feel like a princess!” I said childish while swinging my feet.

“This is not a castle. The jokes stop there,” he replied with gestures.

“Oh, so you’re the bad guy? Like Bowser? All right, I’ll be Peach, I said with a laugh.

“Shut up,” he replied dryly. He was serious.


I expected him to get me high to unlock the door, but all he did was press his thumb against the button and I heard the click of the door.

A biometric lock? Hell, it’s Tony Stark!

The interior of the house was gorgeous, very minimalist, clean lines and only two colors on display at all times. He carried me effortlessly to his room and I grew excited like a dog, itching to finally be fucked by him. The number of times I replayed our parking meeting in my head was ridiculous, it was a movie I couldn’t stop watching. His face was set in stone as he threw me on his king-size bed and began to undress me. I followed suit and tried to squirm from my dress, forgetting the zipper in my back.

“Hey would you be a doll and get that zipper for me?” I said, stand up.

With a powerful paw, I felt him push me to the edge of the bed and I heard the sickening sound of the fabric being torn as it ripped my dress out of the split around my back, exposing my.

“Yo, what the fuc — ” I began by turning in disbelief.


I barked in pain as he delivered a thunderbolt to my bottom. He stung like a bastard and made my pussy drool with lust.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up?”

My emotions were everywhere. On the one hand, I was indignant to have my dress torn and to be spoken in this way, terrified to be at the mercy of a man I barely knew, and on the other… I was excited like I had never been before. It was as if all these emotions were thrown into a blender and poured into the heart of my pussy who drank straight fucking.

I’m sorry Lucien, it was a beautiful dress.

“Listen, if it’s about the restaurant, we can talk abo-“


“I don’t see what’s so hard not to talk. It’s your problem, you refuse to listen. “


Anyway, I’m going to fix it.




I bit my lip and moaned, clinging to the bed sheets for dear life as he spanked me relentlessly before crashing into my sopping, wet cunt, forcing all its length into me.

“Oh, my God!” he cried. I screamed.

He started fucking me from behind, as he did the week before, once again turning my legs into fucking putty. He grabbed the end of the buttocks and start playing with it, turning and sliding it in and out of my. It was driving me crazy. I missed him so much in me, it was like that first shot of a drug after a break because your new job was to do drug tests. I don’t want me to know, I have Never Medicines.

Damn, in my mind, I’m still a virgin, Daddy’s little angel, it’s me! Speaking of Dad, I had a Category B Tom Selleck who liquefied my bowels and I loved every fucking second. Then came the moment of truth. I moaned audibly as he removed the plug from my and slipped his thumb into my, not missing a beat as he stroked me with reckless abandon. Then the asshole did it. I almost fell into a state of shock as he pressed the head of his giant peck to my, slowly sliding down my. He retracted and began to spit on her, massaging in my back with his thumb before pushing back with his cock.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, ” was all I could muster as he spreads my anus and divided my ass cheeks like Mseparation from the Red Sea.

I reached around and claws in his biceps as I tried to relax so I could accept his can of beer from a dick, struggling to breathe as I finally felt his pelvis touch my ass. It sat there for a while, allowing my body to adjust before slowly sliding in and out. It was a weird feeling, I felt so fucking Full.

As time passed the sensation gradually grew into pleasure and soon I moaned and moaning as he fucked my ass. I reached down between my legs and furiously played with my clitaction as it began to pump faster, filling me with this smudge-luxury as it did so often. I was so fucking excited I slipped two fingers into my pussy until the last joint and I fingered myself with fervor as he fucked my stupid back end.

“Fuck, you have a tight ass, ” he growled as he hammered away.

It became easier and easier and soon I was screaming like the I was, as he pulled on my hair and hit me after every race. I couldn’t imagine the scene if someone had to walk in, my spilling out of my ripped dress with my hand in my vagina and my skewered. I was insatiable. Enough submitted, Mom needs a nut.

I got up and put his cock in a vice handle with my sphincter, making a full 180 as I sat him on the bed and started riding it. It was so much better with me to control the pace, much easier to play with myself too. I was really getting the shot from it and soon I was throwing it back as hard as I could while violently rubbing my clitaction. I moaned incessantly as he roughly tightened my breasts and pulled on my engorged nipples, leaving them only to suffocate me well.

“Oh, God yes! Fuck me fucking good! I screamed as I bounced off his dick.

I screamed louder as he lifted my legs, holding me by my thighs as he pumped it into my from below. I clung to his neck as I continued to rub my clitoris, getting closer to what I knew would be a vicious fuckfest of an orgasm. He slammed into me several times and all I could do was shout the name of God in vain with a load of of obscenities and indeterminate syntax.

“You’re going to fuck. damn! Don’t stop. Oh my god!

His fingers were intertwined as he held my thighs captive in a cradle of his powerful arms, thrust into me barbaric with my feet in the air as I cried in aphrodisia. I could feel this familiar feeling getting bigger and bigger and I knew what the fuck was coming, her carpet was fucked. My head swung violently back as I came, he luckily his head was out of the way or I would have knocked him cold with my big head. Flow after flow of my nectar pulled and coated its carpeted floor, my eyes rolling so far back, I was absolutely sure that I could see my brain so tense hard enough.

“Oh my God. Oh my God,” was all I could gather between the pants, struggling to breathe.

I couldn’t fucking breathe, but I kept kissing her, taking huge breaths of air between kisses while stroking her face. I finally calmed down and put my head on his chest, trying to get my heart rate in check.

“My turn,” I heard him say.

I pulled straight up and looked at him with a mixture of disbelief and menseau as he put me on the four-legged bed. I felt like a puppy being put in the garage for the first time after growing up sleeping in bed, anxious.

“Your turn?! what?

Aw fucks.

I grabbed the headboard for dear life as it fucked me numb, alternating between my ass and the cunt, I was in such euphoric amazement that I could hardly differentiate the two. All I could do was rub my clitoris and pray that it would go somewhere, anywhere. My hair was knotted around his fist as he hammered into my twat, pretty much throwing my head forward before slipping into my ass. I moaned endlessly as my face pressed into the cool mattress, arched my back and vigorously rubbed on my clit/head.

After a few seconds, I slapped again, dipping his sheets and spending what little energy I had left. It was a good thing he was close because at that time, if I had more orgasms, I would be in a fucking coma. He groaned forcefully as he came, spraying thick ropes from his seed into my, pulling to shoot at my and back.


He gently repositioned himself next to me, pushing back the strands of my hair that had stuck me to the face of the effort.

“Can I speak?” I asked him shyly.

“Of course,” he said, smiling.

“Holy fuck. Damn it. I no longer need to have sex. “I’m pretty sure there’s a fingerprint of your penis on my cervix,” I said, looking back.

He laughed at the throat and rubbed on my nipples as I tried once again to catch my breath.

“Now, will you decompress me?” I pleaded.

It happily forced me to sit down, which hurts like fucking, and pulled up my hair to allow access to the zipper. I slipped out of the Ruined held and happily took a little washcloth to pat me dry. As I turned to the bed, I saw him naked for the first time, in all his Adamic glory.

It was beautiful. Chiseled and powerful, but slightly worn, betrayed by the plethora of stretch marks and scars that entached his body in strange places. Irregular, sunken and drawn… gunshot wounds. My father had the same stripes. I crept into the bed with him and ran my fingers through his chest hair, kissing his nipple or neck from time to time while slightly running my finger over his marks, pondering the story behind them.

“Thank you,” I heard him whisper.

“For what?” I asked quizically.

“I appreciate your time,” he said.

“Listen, if you can fuck me like that, you can have all my time in the fucking world, that’s for sure.”

“Is that all I am to you?”

“No no no no, I just wanted to say tha — “

“It’s good for me,” he says with a smile, turning my hand away from his growing limb.

A bastard.

“Fuck it. Well, fuck me, you know what I mean,” I said with a sigh of feigned exasperation.

I tipped over my back and opened my legs wide, eager for him to beat my guts to an orgasmic soup again. As it slipped into me for the umpteenth time only one thing crossed my mind.

Oh, I forgot the side of this lady of the ranch.

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