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She pays me to help her. I mean, once a week, I come to her house, I take her to the den, I lower her pants and I finger her until she cums. So I’m going. She’s a very busy woman.

In the beginning, it was physiotherapy. She had injured her leg while hiking, and her doctor ordered her to do a few PT sessions to help stretch her muscles as they healed. She’s a stay-at-home mom who goes to school to learn a little trade (I’ve never caught what), and otherwise just try to take care of four kids ranging from 4 to 11.

The first time I came, she was really looking forward to it. She put the oldest child in charge of the younger children, told them they shouldn’t disturb her, and took me back to the den, which was set up as a kind of home office. There, I helped her through a stretching routine.

The third time, however, something different happened. She wore yoga pants (God bless the man who invented the yoga pants) and did a deep thigh stretch. The kind where she lay on her back and tried to pull a knee to her chest while she kept the other leg straight. The pose did not leave much to the imagination. I was kneeling on the floor next to her, and the tight fabric was drawn through her groin, clearly showing me the crack of her.

I tried not to look, but when I looked up, I noticed that her nipples were rummaging through the fabric of her exercise top. Quickly, I moved my line of sight to her face, where I found her staring at me.

Her expression was illegible, but the next thing I knew, she grabbed my hand and put it on her thigh. Heart beating, I manipulated his leg until he is in the last straight. As I did, I allowed my hand to slide lower on his thigh than was strictly necessary. She maintained intense eye contact with me, but did not react in any way.

I did the same thing with his other leg, but this time I brushed my fingers on the slit between his thighs. As soon as I touched her there, she gasped and jumped on her feet. She thanked me for the session and told me we were done.

I thought I would never hear from her again, but she called me the following week to confirm our appointment. When I arrived, she insisted on telling her children not to disturb us, and practically pulled my arm out of my grip pulling me down the hall.

As soon as the door was closed, she turned around to face me. Her cheeks were flushed, and she spoke quickly as if she were afraid of what she was going to say.

“Okay, here’s the deal. Before we continue our… session, I need to know that you understand the situation. You know I’m married, right? I nodded it.

I said, “Good. Let’s be perfectly clear about that. I’ll never fuck you. It’s just that it’s not going to happen. Is that clear? I nodded to the one again.

“Great.” She nodded it, took a deep breath and went on. “I don’t have much time for myself and my husband… Well, that’s not your problem. I think our physiotherapy sessions may need a broader scope. I have some tension that you could help me relieve. Every week, you will come and administer… Let’s call it a deep tissue massage. Until I get the kind of Release i’m having a hard time finding time for. Are you interested?

I was very interested, and in the weeks that followed, she taught me the best ways to help her. Not with words, you understand. I learned by doing.

For example, I found it not very for foreplay. The first time, I started teasing her nipples and thighs, and she got really upset and told me I was wasting her time. Then she grabbed my hand and pushed it between her thighs, where I found a damp spot. From that day on, without exception, she was already wet and ready to go when I arrived for our appointments.

She quickly banned penetration, but we discovered that she liked to be leaning over her desk and rubbed from behind. The first few times I rubbed her in her yoga pants, but she was tired of finishing our sessions with wet clothes. I found out she liked it when I was a little rough pulling them down, but she didn’t appreciate it when I gave her a slap.

Once I have her pants around her knees, I stand behind her and rub the outside of her until she cums. She likes a variety of stimulation, but especially likes me to start with a slow and circular movement. I apply firm pressure on his entire vulva, but not his clitbole directly.

As she gets more lit, I make the circles tighter and go back to the opening of her. Still not penetration, but teasing its opening. It is not long before my hand is covered with its juice, and I can feel its opening contractrhythmically. I rub faster and faster until I feel his body stiffen and his breath catch in his throat. Finally, she tells me to stop.

It’s funny, she never gives me any indication that she’s cumming. One second, she is leaning, grabbing the edge of the desk with a white fist intensity, and then she suddenly says “Enough is enough.” If I couldn’t feel her swell and pulsate against my palm, I would never have any idea.

After a few weeks, I could tell it wasn’t quite working for her as well as before. Obviously, she needed something else, but she didn’t want to give me an idea of what. I understood only by a stupid chance. One day, my hand slipped, and I found myself rubbing the bridge of flesh taught between her and her.

It was electric. As soon as I touched her there, she gasped and started breathing faster and faster. After only a few short moments, she let out a long, faint moan before her usual “Enough is enough.” She did not mention what happened or did not act as if something was different.

The following week, I did it again, with the same results. And the next week. Then I went a little further, and a little further until I rubbed small tight circles around his. Every week, her seemed wetter in anticipation, and I was spreading her juice further and further. Our sessions started again with her, but it became clear that the focal point was her. I was applying more and more pressure until her breath came in the little sharp grunts and she finished with a low moan.

Finally a week, I had the audacity, and I slipped just the tip of my middle finger into her that I massaged it. Once again, the results were amazing. She started panting and clenching her hips, and I swear she was trying to deepen my finger. The following week, I forced her. My fingers were covered with its moisture, and I slowly pushed the entire length of my middle finger into his. She moaned, then a stream of hot liquid gushed from her and ran over her thighs. She jumped (popping my finger) and looked really embarrassed, but didn’t say anything, and didn’t tell me not to do it again.

So the next week I teased my way back to rubbing the circles around her asshole before finally swiping my finger in this time she didn’t cum right away, so I slowly slipped my finger back, pulling small gasps of her. Then I plunged it back. That’s what he did.

The following week she started making quiet little cries of fun as I slipped my finger in and out of her. Once again, when she came, she squirted it on her leggings, crammed around her ankles.

The following week, while I was standing there fingering his, I accidentally whispered aloud what I thought: You love it in your, don’t you? Immediately, she came on my hand and pants, her rhythmically squeezing around my finger.

It’s been several weeks since. We got to where I fucked his asshole with two fingers. She loves it when I tilt my fingers towards her, while talking to her dirty. I whisper dirty things all the time, things I would never feel comfortable saying in other circumstances. I call her a whore and a slut, and she rewards me by gushing on my hand.

She still won’t let me put anything in her pussy, but last week for the first time, I took my cock in my left hand while I fingered it with my right. I didn’t do anything with her, but I was hard rock, and it seemed to bring her down when I told her my hard cock was out while I dipped my fingers in her asshole. All I could think of was what it would be like to pull my fingers right when she starts cumming and replace them with my dick. I think I’ll try this week.

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Back-door physical therapy