Bad Girl – Chapter 7

Camp is nearing the end and time is coming for Pam’s demo on anal sex with her former mistress. Pam and Gerry have an unexpected encounter with the couple in the next campsite.

After cleaning and a refreshing dip in the pool, they headed to the campsite. While Gerry was pulling on the grill, the people camped next to them came and introduced themselves as John and Liz. They explained that their grill was malfunctioning and wondered if they could use Pam and Gerry’s grill to cook the London Broil steak they had.

“I was going to try to rig something on a fire, but when I saw you, I thought I’d take the risk and ask. It is a very large piece of meat and you are invited to share it with us.

“Tell yourself what, John. Bring your chairs and food and we can share everything. I have chops that have been navy for two days and should be like butter.

“It looks like a deal.”

John carried on two garden chairs and then returned, returning with his wife Liz, the steak and several additional containers as well as plates and silverware and a bottle of wine. The men put the meat on the grill while the women set the table and opened the wine. When the meat was made, they put it on a tray to sit for a few minutes before cutting it. While they were waiting, they each had a small salad, then they cut the meat and each of them took a piece of steak and some of the chops. There was pasta salad and cold beets. They went through several bottles of wine and a packof of six of beer. When Liz talked about homemade cherry pie, they all moaned.

“Have you heard of the lake walk tonight? It should be dark enough early enough to get full effect. Why not clean up here and then walk some of this food? We can have the pie when we get back.

“Yes, we heard about it earlier today from one of the residents and Pam and I were planning to go, so it sounds like a plan.”

They all threw and cleaned up the mess of dinner in no time. They headed to the lake hand in hand and walked the way with a number of other couples. They took their time and it took about forty-five minutes to complete the full tour, then they went back to the campsite. This time they went to John and Liz’s campsite, grabbing their chairs and a bottle of Buttershots. Gerry grabbed the plastic glasses they had brought just for something like this. Liz served four pieces of pie. They burned and shot them, then ate the pie.

They each fired several shots and everyone was getting quite wasted, especially the two men who also drank beer. The subject eventually got around sex and John and Liz both admitted to being bisexual and that he liked to suck. Liz said he turned it on to watch it do so much that they always had a lot of sex after. Gerry said that even though Pam was bisexual, he wasn’t. The two men went into a “don’t hit until you try it” and “I went without up to this point” and then “I’m not asking you to bend over and let me fuck your ass discussion, while continuing to drink.”

“Put your mouth where your money is…”

Then Gerry got up, got up in front of John, pulled his zipper down and pulled out his cock.

“I bet you can’t take all that piece of meat in your mouth.”

John took the cock in his mouth and started sucking and petting it. He massalysa Gerry’s balls with his other hand and Pam looked at it in amazement as his cock devaded. Liz had her eyes on the action and kept whispering to Pam how much she was dying. Pam admitted to herself that it was quite hot watching a guy take her husband’s cock deep in her mouth. After about ten minutes, she heard Gerry growl as he shot into John’s mouth. When he retired, Pam said something about sleeping and pulled Gerry back to their tent before anyone could get into discussing what had just happened. She thought they could pick up the chairs and other stuff in the morning.

They crawled into their tent and undressed, and Pam gave Gerry aspirin, then took one herself. For the next thirty minutes, very loud sounds of sex could be heard coming from the tent next door. Pam wondered what Gerry would think of what had happened if he remembered or admitted it. They both fell asleep and it was mid-morning when she woke up. Gerry was still asleep, so she went to the food court. Breakfast was over, but she was able to get orange juice, two cups of coffee and a couple of iced doughnuts. There were snoring coming from the neighbor’s tent, so she guessed they were both still crushed. She heard noise coming from their tent as Gerry awoke.

Pam put food and drinks on the table and picked up their chairs. She gave Gerry a cup of coffee and more aspirin and took a sip of her own coffee, then handed him one of the doughnuts.

“Sugar will help your head, hun. Breakfast was over, but I’m going to take out the cereal and milk. I had some orange juice too if you like.

They each had a bowl of cereal with a lot of sugar and shared the bottle of OJ. Gerry had still not said anything about last night and she just decided to let it go unless he talked about it. She hoped that if he didn’t say anything, neither John nor Liz would talk about it either. If he was embarrassed about it, she would just leave him at camp, and if he was ok with her, she knew her husband well enough that he would make him talk about himself at some point. In any event, it did not bother her.

The Mistress Candace class was doing on anal sex was scheduled in about an hour and a half. As they hadn’t showered last night, Pam grabbed her ditch bag and a towel and walked to the showers. She did some touch-ups and made sure she was ready for anal sex. On his return, Gerry was still sitting in his chair eating the second doughnut.

“How’s the head, hun?”

“Better and better. I took another aspirin. I’ve heard our neighbors are still asleep.

“Yes, I saw that when I got up. I want to go to class early in case Mistress needs to tell me something. Are you sure you’re ok with me doing this?

“Yes, everything is fine, baby. I know you want to do this, and I really agree to let you do it. As we agreed, whatever happens at the camp, good or bad, stays here, right?

“Yes, it’s true. I love you so much. You should take a shower, maybe sit in the hot tub and sweat. The course is in about an hour now, so if you want to come and watch, you should have time.

“Okay, baby. I’ll try to do it, but have fun if I don’t and don’t worry about me.

Pam put on a red lace thong, one of the pairs of nipple jewelry and her wrists. She still had on the necklace Gerry had bought for her so she headed to the classroom. An earlier class had just ended, so she was standing around waiting for Mistress to show up. Two of his male submarines showed up and moved some of the furniture around and straightened the chairs. She recognized one of them from when she was a submarine as well.

“Samuel! How great to see you again! So you’re still with Mistress Candace?

“Pam! I heard you’re here and you’re going to help with the demo. No, I got married a few years ago, too. We have little twins now. My wife used to be in the lifestyle as well, but not as involved as I was, but enough to understand the desires. I come to one of the camps every summer, any Mistress needs me to be. This and some local events during the year. In return, she takes a girls’ vacation only with her girlfriends. We’re not talking about what’s going on with the two of us. How about you? Still married?

I said, “Yes. Actually, he’s here with me.

“Oh, so he’s in the lifestyle too. Is he your Master then?

Pam explained their arrangement with a vacation and that after running into Mistress Candace at the mall and learning camp, she chose this as her choice this year.

“It’s pretty impressive. Is he having fun?

“Much more than I expected, but I think he had a little too much fun last night and he’s a little hungover today. If he feels good enough, I hope he does it for the demo, but I’m not sure he’s ready to see me fucked by another guy. Are you the demonstration guy?

“It was supposed to be Jocko there, but when Mistress told me you would be the girl, I asked for the change, so yes. We were always good together when we did that.

“Yes, we were.”

“Well, I’d better let you go back to your tasks avaMistress introduces herself.”

They kissed and he went back to work. A few minutes later, Mistress Candace arrived.

“Hello, Mistress Candace. I am here to serve you and make you do with me as you please.

Pam then turned with her back to her mistress, then faced her again, then turned her back once more.

“Hello, kitten. I’m glad to see you. And has your Master made a decision?

“I think a little too much alcohol last night made the decision for him, Mistress.”

Candace cut her wrists together, then turned her over and fingered the jewels adorning her nipples.

“They’re beautiful, kitten. I saw them at the seller’s area and thought of you, but I still think your nipples would be nice pierced. I suppose you have seen that Samuel is here and that he will be the man of demonstration if your Master does not show up.

“Yes, Mistress. We had a little chat. I hope my Master will at least do it in time to watch, but then again, although he’s ok with me doing this, I don’t know how he would feel seeing me actually get fucked by another man.

“Since you and Samuel have done this several times, I guess there is no need to load anything.”

“No, Mistress.”

When she entered the tent, both male submarines did their designated rituals, then Jocko left and Samuel took her place while Pam took hers. The seats began to fill up and Pam kept an eye on Gerry, but she hasn’t seen him yet. The class began with Mistress Candace explaining the importance of the lubricant and going slowly, stretching and positions. Pam and Samuel went through the steps as the instructions were given. When they finally finished, she spotted Gerry in the back row, but had no idea when he arrived. After the room was emptied, he went to the front.

“Hello, Candace.”

“Hello, Gerry. Did you come to pick up your pet?

I said, “Yes. Will you need his services further?

“No, I think I’m done with her for this camp. Thank you for allowing him to help me.

“You are quite welcome. I hope his work was satisfactory.

“More than satisfactory. She’s very clever.

“Yes, I’m pretty familiar with his skills. I suppose I have to thank you for that, at least in part.

Gerry gave candace a nod, then turned to Pam.

“Bend over, bitch. You forgot something when you left.

“Yes, Master.”

Pam leaned over and Gerry gave her half a dozen very hard slaps on her, then pulled the tail from her back pocket and pushed her into her back hole. He pulled her up and tied the leash to her collar.

“Thank you, Master. Thank you, Mistress Candace. It was nice to work with you again.

“It was nice to work with you too, kitten.”

Gerry left with Pam in tow. They stopped at the food court where he released his arms. They each got a lunch plate and a piece of fruit. Gerry also had a few bottles of water.

“How do you feel, Master? You look better than when I left.

“Better, baby. You were right about the hot tub. It really helped me.

“I didn’t see you enter the classroom. How many have you seen?

“Probably halfway, maybe a little more. You looked quite comfortable.

“Well, Samuel and I knew each other when we were both submarines for Mistress Candace.”

“Then you were both together?”

“NOOO! Well not in the way you think. We did demos together sometimes; we are just comfortable with each other is everything. And like me, he is no longer his submarine. He is married, has two children and only runs this camp once a year. You’re not angry that I did this with someone I knew, are you?

“No, I agree with that. I love you and I know that you love me and that nothing will change that. By the way, John and Liz finally woke up and they were still in the hot tub when I left. John looked a little green around the edges.

“They say something?”

“Most of the time just sitting there sipping coffee.”


“Are there any other activities you want to attend today, baby?”

“Nothing long before tonight’s bonfire. Although I never had a chance to check out the rest of the sellers. How about you? Everything you want to do, Dad?

“Not really. Even if I feel better, I’m not quite 100%. I saw something at one of the sellers if I want to show you. So maybe just hang out around the pool and hot tub, or go for another pedalo ride.

“Okay, why not check out the rest of the vendors, then grab some towels and hit the pool?”

At the vendors, he showed her a harness that he had seen that he thought she might like it. He circled the breasts, climbed up to a necklace, and then a strap down his back to a belt. The strap continued between the legs. and could accommodate two internal dildos. There were many rings on the back strap, collar and belt to tie the wrists, or even the pig pegs to tie too.

“What do you think, baby. Do you want something like that?

“Oh, I love it, Dad!”

They bought the harness, then went to get some towels and headed for the pool. Pam took off her tail and wrists, leaving them at the campsite. They spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, swimming and sitting in the hot tub. When it was time for dinner, they went back to the campsite and heated the leftover ribs and chops. They finished what was left of the salad.  They noticed that it seemed that neighbors could be breaking their site as half the stuff had disappeared. After cleaning, they went to the camp store and got a couple of ice cream bars, then went down to the lake. The pedalo was on duty so they waited for him to come back, finishing their ice cream.

Before the bonfire, they straightened what they could to leave the next day, and then showered. They grabbed their chairs and headed for the field where the bonfire had been set up. It was quite a deal because it was the closing ceremony. On Sunday morning, an exhibition of donated objects would be drawn, some thanks and prizes would be given and the campers would then be sent back. When they returned from the bonfire, they noticed that John and Liz had to leave because their campsite was clear.

After having breakfast on Sunday morning, they packed everything in the tent and set it up, then took the tent down, Gerry moved the truck to the site and they packed everything except for a few towels and clean clothes. After the shower, they packed the rest of the stuff into the truck and put some drinks and ice in the small cooler. They took bottled water and went to the dungeon where the raffle was held. They checked all donated items and bid on several items each. They watched the awards and cheered those who were recognized for the work they did at the camp. When it was all over, they went back to the truck and went home.

They discussed the camp on the way home, mostly discussing activities and classes, but true to their agreement, the sexual aspects were never discussed. Gerry and Pam sometimes played d/s after camp and even attended some local events in these roles. Gerry was more open to experimenting with Pam and they decided to add the camp as an extra short stay the following year as well. Pam found that she was very happy in the casual role as a submarine and that satisfied her needs. Gerry took the time to learn a little more about the role of a master. With their forays into role-playing and camp once a year, marriage has flourished. Although Gerry never mentioned the incident with John, he used the glory hole at camp the following summer, using that of the tagged men.

The end

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Bad Girl – Chapter 7