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I think it was the cold air that woke me up. As I blinked with my eyes awake, I noticed the open window to the left of my bed. While rubbing the chilled skin on my shoulder, I looked across my bed. There, naked, wrapped in my white blankets, was my reminder of the day before. Turned away from me, his black skin stood in a beautiful dark contrast with the white silk blanket, and his hair rested, disorderly, calmly on my spare pillow.

We had met at a wedding reception, and after the glass, and the glass, and a glass of champagne, the night had brought us here. To my brown king-sized bed. The night was foggy, but some of the images flashed through my memory. Sweat, panting, lotion, R’n’B music playing softly in the background, ecstasy, the climax. As I lay there and watched him sleep, I thought only of the climax. His nail marks were undoubtedly still etched in my skin. His sensual voice still resonated in my head. His breath still pulsed warmly through my ears. It was in the heat of the moment and the intoxication of the night, but looking at it in the morning, I couldn’t help but reach more, wishing to continue where we stopped in the dark a few hours ago.

I got closer to her, my heart starts to beat in my chest. It was, after all, the next morning, and I couldn’t be sure how she would feel. I wanted her. I wanted it. The closer I got to her, the more powerful her smell became. I leaned against her gently, guided my right hand first to her right cheek, then slowly towards her, where I stopped for a while. I felt her warmth, and with a little firmness, I took hold of her. She stirred softly, and I whispered in her ear, “Hello.”

Slowly, she began to wake up and realize what was going on. She began to smile, and let out a breath, “Hello.”

Her naked body stretched a bit as she pushed her ass against my cock growing. I began to kiss, lick, and breathe in his ear as my right hand entered his wet lips. “I need you,” I murmured. I said, “I can feel you.” She let out another long breath of air and started grinding her huge ass back and forth on my cock.

“Take me,” she breathed back, “and let out a groan as two of my fingers plunged deep into her.” My fingers started a rhythmic beginning, and it was already starting to flow. As the rhythm of my fingers accelerated so made the movement of his. Together we started a kind of slow dance under the covers. “Let me taste it,” she moaned, and I grabbed my fingers from inside her and let him devour them. Lick and suck. I took her juice down to myself and mossed my hard rock cock with them, before making my way back to her pussy. The pace began to accelerate, as did his breath. “Oh fucking, ” she sighed, “Oh fuck me.”

I smiled through my desire, and nibbled on his neck, “Tell me what you want.”

She continued to grind her ass into my dick, and mount my fingers in increasing ecstasy, then murmured in pleasure, “Come in and out of me.”

I took my hand off the inside of her and threw her other opening, her flower, with her juice. She was so wet, and hot. First, I started opening it with my fingers. She let out a sigh of air as I massaged her flower, and plunged fully with two fingers. His pleasure rolled through his body, and my cock continued to pulse. My breath was getting heavier, and I couldn’t wait a second longer to get into it.

A few more moments, she rolled my fingers. “Please do it now … Oh, do it now, she said to my head behind her and grasped firmly on my hair, “Do it now.”

With my breath and intensity, I whispered, “Good baby.”

Slowly, I got into my hard-beating cock in his ass. So tight, so hot, so sexy, together, we moved together in unison. She let out little cries of pleasure as I approached me, trying to satisfy her with every plunge of my cock. As I continued to ride her from behind, I again took her in my right hand. I massaged her clitipeux and penetrated her lips, and I could feel her climax starting to rise up to her body.

I could have come instantly, knowing how much fun she felt, but I knew I had to last a little longer, I wanted to give her everything she deserved.

“I’m going to come, baby, oh fucking, I’m going to come,” she gasped, “Yes, yes, yes yes…”

I took her by the waist and turned her over on her stomach, “Not yet baby, be with me a little longer.”

With her facing me and her face down in the pillow, she was breathing heavy with increasing pleasure. Aggressively now I massaged his clitoris from behind and started pumping my cock into my hand. When she started shaking with ecstasy, I walked into her for the last time. In and out my fingers played with her pussy lips, and her damp continued to foam my cock up her ass.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck”, she was thrilling.

It was all I could do not to scream with pleasure, his black skin was coated with sweat and his beautiful ass completely swallowed my cock. Inside and out, indoors and outdoors. I knew I was going to enjoy it and there was no stopping it this time. I could feel her orgasm begin, and I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her towards me. There, standing on our knees together, we had sex. I stroked her big breasts in my left hand, and worked her clitaction with my right.

My cock kept riding it from behind, and we let out stronger breath after stronger breath. “I’m going to cum baby, I’m going cum.” That was all I could do to not yell at him.

“Inside me, inside … From… me…” Every word escaping from his mouth one at a time, following every plunge of my cock. Our bodies stretched together, and our orgasms took us with our feet all the way through our environments and minds. Screaming with pleasure, we clung to each other. There we went out, panting for the air between the waves of fun.

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First thing I see