The Most Amazing Glass Sex Toys To Use This Year

There is something elegant, luxurious and classic in a glass sextoy. The way they look inside of you, the way they feel and their whole behavior just takes a realistic, colorful and textured classic dildo to create a new playground.

What are the benefits of using a glass sex toy?

  • They are usually odorless and harmful chemicals. If you are sensitive to latex or worried about the ingredients in other sex toys, a glass sex toy will soothe you.
  • They are easier to clean and wash.
  • The lubricant can last much longer, it tends to slip on sex toys and the glass does not absorb as some silicone sex toys tend to do. You can also use all types of lubricants, not just water-based.
  • Glass adult toys are much more durable than other sex toys on the market. There is no rubber or seal to wear, no cables or batteries to break. Usually these toys are made from shatterproof glass so you can own it forever.

The best glass dildos I have ever tried

Without further ado, let me present to you the list of my favorite glass sex toys:

Supersex glass dildo set

set of two glass dildosThese two dildos are smooth, strong, have amazing mouthwatering textures and know exactly where to go to boost your G or P spot.

Experience the game of temperature by immersing them in the freezer or in hot water and really feel what it is like to be penetrated by something incredible. There’s even a luxury velvet storage bag where you can put them when you’re not using them.

What others have said:

I wish I had tried them earlier because I am now converted, they are really amazing! They look as good as they feel, reaching all the right places. The glass is perfectly smooth. Even small bumps. There are no rough patches or seams. “

8 inch sensual beaded glass dildo

pearl glass dildo

With an incredible 5-star rating, this 8-inch pearl glass dildo is not the one you will quickly forget. It is a unisex dildo so that you can enjoy the pleasure alone, with your partner, knowing that it is completely safe, anally and vaginally, and that it will not do you any harm.

Ideal for beginners, lovers of the beaded shape and lovers of glass dildos. The bulbous tip gives you complete control over the distance and the fun you want to enjoy.

What other customers have said:

“The best thing about this dildo is that it is suitable for both anal and vaginal use. OH uses it as a regular dildo and likes the smooth texture and size and when I use it with it it gets wet very quickly to the point of squirting and begging me to squirt Stop. “

Glass dildo with leather whip

dildo with whip on the end

Another one of my favorite glass adult toys with a solid 5-star rating. A whip is a wonderful device that provides tingling pleasure for the spine or sharp eyelashes of painful pleasure. The heaviness of the glass handle of the dildo gives the dom an easier time to control the speed and the pressure of the wonderful whip than that provided with 30 suede leather tails.

The dildo measures 5.9 inches and comes with a wavy rod to give you maximum interior pleasure, ideal for anal and vaginal use, this leather whip is a two in one toy this cannot be missed.

Other thoughts:

“Glass is heavy, and if you like glass as much as I do, you will know how important weight is. The ridges on the tree are from other worlds and this perfect round head – it will hit places that will make you scream. “

Realistic textured glass dildo

penis-shaped glass dildo

A realistic looking glass dildo with a bulbous head, a veined stem and a huge 7 inches insertable length play with. You can use each end for intense and breathtaking stimulation at any time, it is also submersible so you can take it for a while “calm” in the shower.

Versatile, ideal for temperature and perfect for reaching hard-to-reach G-spot orgasms.

Other customer opinions:

“I find it best to leave it in the fridge for a while before playing because the cold temperature makes me even more sensitive and you can really feel every movement inside. The size is also very good, it is not too big and it is not too small, I find that it suits me. I highly recommend this product for durability, enjoyment and cleanliness. “

8 inch textured glass dildo

cute glass sex toy

This pretty light pink dildo offers you wonderful internal stimulation whatsoever anal or vaginal and ideal for prostate stimulation, the flared base also gives you peace of mind as it prevents the dildo from going up when you don’t want it to.

Made of glass, this dildo gives you pleasure without friction as soon as you pick it up and say the word “Go”. Like all glass sex toys, you can use it with the lubricant you want, flavored, silky, anal and more.

Other opinions:

This toy does everything you want, it hits exactly the right places, feels like heaven when it comes out and comes back. The weight is amazing inside of you and with a little clit vibrator to help you out, my orgasm was incredibly intense. (Although I could certainly have reached orgasm without a vibrator too!) “

Slimline sensual G-spot glass dildo

g spot glass dildo

This dildo is a perfect size for beginners, a perfect shape for G-spot orgasms and a wonderfully elegant, rigid, sleek and modern glass dildo for anyone looking for intense G-spot orgasms Experiment with the game of temperature, different types of lubricant, foreplay incredible and even display this magnificent fireplace designed with the jaw so that everyone can see it (OK, maybe you are only doing the last piece if you do not live alone).

What other customers have said:

“The bulbous head of the dildo fell easily because her body was now ready, and the thinnest rest was absorbed gently. I was amazed at the effect. It reached its peak immediately and continued to many acmes of pleasure. At the end of our long session and a very wet towel later, she was the most satisfied and exhausted that I have ever seen her. “

Tentacle Glass 6 inch glass dildo

glass tentacle sex toy

Slightly different from the other adult toys on this list, but certainly a favorite among so many glass toy enthusiasts. This 6 inch glass dildo could be used as an ornament in any home, but in reality it hides pretty naughty secrets. Beautiful knots, nodules, textures in relief and stimulating crests are all inspired by nature and send you all into another world of pure pleasure.

His designed to intensify your sensations and make you feel more than you would with the medium glass dildo. Compatible with all lubrication, easy to use with the practical loop at the end of the dildo for easy guidance and recovery, it is also easy to discreetly store this glass dildo inspired by tentacles thanks to its discreet appearance, this tentacle is a winner in my books.

What others have said:

I was not disappointed. From the second the textured glass slipped inside of me, I was a moaning mess. It was so good, and I am absolutely in love with it. It is also so beautiful that I am tempted to use it as an ornament in everyday life. “

Textured glass sex toy

textured glass sex toy

Perfect for beginners, couples and solo this textured glass dildo is added to your sex toy box immediately. With its raised swirling tree, you can really feel each raised texture by gently turning it inward and outward, a more powerful pleasure. It can also be used as a massager to remove creases in tired muscles, so if you find a little time, you might be able to use it for other purposes.

It measures 6.5 inches of insertable length so whatever your experience, this will be great for everyone. The glass with which it is made is hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about adding anything unpleasant, it also goes in the dishwasher, so once you finish the cleaning is a breeze.

Other customer thoughts:

“I honestly couldn’t blame this product if I tried. It definitely strikes! One of my partners suggested not only pushing but twisting this dildo to get a real feel for the grooves. I would highly recommend this product to anyone! “

Nubby textured glass sex toy

nubby textured glass dildo

This dildo was hand blown for even more luxurious sensations, bumps and bobbles greatly increase pleasure and everyone is screaming to be played with. Just like the adult toy above, it can also be used as a massager, although I don’t think anyone can last too long without wanting to experience its versatile and unique design in it time and time again.

The toy is double ended so you can enjoy many foreplay scenarios and kinky role plays, it is also made from hardened borosilicate glass so that you don’t have to worry about it bursting. There is even a luxurious storage bag included so you can keep this exquisite sex toy safe from dirt and prying eyes.

Other customer reviews:

“The abundant bumps on this product give you a wonderful feeling that I have never experienced with anything else before, it is definitely a unique sensation. I also used the beautiful bumpy end to massage the body of my partner, which they loved! Being in glass, it is fantastic to relax in a bowl of ice or hot water to really change things. Cleaning is also extremely easy! “

Double ended dildo

double ended glass dildo

A two inch unisex dildo that comes with two tapered tips to insert and enjoy at any time. The real tree of the dildo is covered with raised nodules which provide wonderful indoor pleasure that will leave you weak at the knees.

The dildo itself is firm and reliable, which is something you get with most glass sex toys and a reason to try one if you’re in more rigid and constantly hard sex toys. The glass is hypoallergenic, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to inserting the dildo and enjoying every inch of it sliding.

More user thoughts:

“Due to the pleasant little circumference, your P-point vibrates more compared to other more circumferential glass dildos!” Imagine it would be even better for anal and vaginal women! If you want to try the P-spot anal game, you will not go wrong! Excellent for experimental anal couples of both sexes. Easy to clean! Good quality construction and glass! Discreet packaging and fast delivery as always! “

Ribbed G-spot dildo

torn dildo g spot

The last of my favorites on this list is this beautiful G-point dildo. Curved for your pleasure, you can then progress and descend to the wavy base which will leave you wondering what you did without this dildo before.

Although it is advertised as a G-spot dildo, it is in fact unisex and can be used both vaginally and anally and it will give you as much pleasure in the hole as you decide to put it in. Clean it in the dishwasher and store it in the luxurious bag included.

What others have said:

“This toy was responsible for several first orgasms, even more first spurts, some complaints of noise in hotels and perhaps the occasional tickling of the prostate. 10/10 would recommend it. “

Will my sex toy be delivered discreetly?

All the sex toys I talk about and promote are bought from the same store where I buy all of my sex toys. This company prides itself on being discreet and making sure that its customers are satisfied. Your toys will be delivered in a discreet, boring and plain brown box, the shipping label suggests nothing and neither does your bank statement. I will not include what he says on the box as I am sure everyone will agree, keeping these things as discreet and silent as possible allows everyone to enjoy the toys Anyway, yes, your sex toy will be delivered and nobody will have a clue.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find your perfect glass sex toy.

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