I Tried The Best Glass Sex Toys Ever Made ( Here & What Happened)

I am, too was afraid of glass sex toys, thinking of shards, broken glass and all kinds of other things. However, when I started to read them, I realized that in fact none of this was true and if you buy high quality glass sex toys, you wouldn’t I’ll never have a broken glass dildo and all the glass sex toys I bought below are made from skin safe glass and high quality materials.

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There is something that excites me so much when I think of clear sex toys covered with my own lubrication and being able to see directly through them, that’s incredibly sensual and excites me simply by manipulating them and imagining what they look like growing in me. I also like the hardness and stiffness of a glass sex toy, I find them incredibly attractive.

Not only do glass sex toys look so amazing that grow in and out of you or your partner, they also feel amazing to handle and may seem to be much more expensive than they actually are.

Another thing I like about glass sex toys is that you can experience thermostat and they feel amazing to roll over your skin and get inside of you when they are at different temperatures. Below I talk about my experiences with the temperature set and why you should also try it.


glass sex toys quickly became a huge problem and something that really got me excited and so started my collection of them. Some are so pretty that I just want to leave them on my coat but once you try them on, keeping them away from you is the last thing you want.

I tested everything from simple dildos to bumpy and ribbed anal probes and below you can read everything about how they felt about me and why I recommend them.

The best glass dildo I have ever used

holding me the best glass dildo

my ribbed G-spot glass dildo (best place for buy in Europe)It slides inside of you and firmly pushes your G-spot with military precision. It is amazing and really sensual to play with, I experienced a temperature game with this glass dildo and I found that it made the experience much more satisfying. Something else to note is that it is quite versatile as you can flip it over and experiment with the ribbed side, I coated myself and this glass dildo in a water-based lubricant before I did, but oh my gosh, it got me made CUM incredibly hard.

It is so pretty to look at and really not intimidating to use, if you like G-spot stimulation, this glass dildo is exceptional.

This glass sex toy kit is amazing!

two cheap glass dildos

Created by Tracey Cox (whom I LOVE!) this set of glass dildos are perfectly designed for those who wish to experiment and stimulate their P point or their G point.

The two are shaped differently so there are so many variations of fun to be had with this dynamic duo. The bulbs and ridges of each of these dildos do different things for your body and both can be soaked in warm water or stuck in the fridge so you can experience different levels of pleasure.

Tracey Cox designed these sex toys knowing exactly where each crest and each bump should sit inside of you and it is done with absolute perfection. They are made with extremely high quality materials and even when you handle them, they feel expensive.

I loved this set because it meant two for the price of one (who doesn’t like it very much) and it also meant that my boyfriend and I could both experiment with shapes and different sizes.

Thick glass dildo

luxury glass dildo in my hand

This next glass sex toy is this realistic textured glass dildo, It has one of the best stimulations I have ever felt from a dildo, rubbing against it when its inside of you just stimulates all kinds of things inside of you and I can’t even explain the sensations.

You can use it anal or vaginal (I prefer vaginally but I have experimented with it) and something that makes it breathtaking is to let it soak in lukewarm or cold water (I prefer lukewarm) for a few minutes and to enjoy realistic sensations.

As I’m sure you can see in the photo, it’s a die the most realistic glass dildos we have met so far. If you like realistic sensations, a realistic looking dildo and extra stimulation on top of all that, this textured glass dildo is definitely for you.

I would recommend using a water-based lubricant with any glass sex toy as they can be a little stiff and the lubricant makes them much more pleasurable and slippery.

One of my beautiful glass sex toys

One of the most beautiful sex toys I have is this wavy glass dildo. When I say you can feel every inch as it slides inside of you I’m not exaggerating, you can literally feel every “wave” come into you and collide with your G or P point.

The finish of this dildo gives the impression that it could literally be part of the furniture, it is so beautiful and in fact quite difficult to mess up because it is so beautiful in the sun.

I love having completely transparent glass dildos because there is something so sensual about seeing everything that is going on but this wavy dildo was too good to go unnoticed.

I had a great time with all of my glass dildos but this one makes me smile on my keyboard because the insertion process is one of a kind and makes me feel all these old feelings again.

This one is ribbed for my pleasure

8 inch pearl glass dildo

A 8 inch pearl glass dildo is not something I thought I would ever talk about on the Internet.

This dildo was the one I never thought would be for me, I like ridges and bumps and something that can really push my The G-spot at its limits but this dildo still seemed a little intimidating, until I tried it.

His unisex so if my boyfriend feels perverse, we try to test what we can on him but if he is not in the mood, I can take everything in me, what I like .

Looking at this, it can be intimidating, but as soon as you’re all lubricated, in a mood and relaxed, it just slides into you and the big bumps are spectacular by pushing and pressing all your buttons.

Like most glass sex toys, you can immerse them in cold or hot water and experience the temperature game, which I highly recommend with this particular glass dildo (especially if you plan to use it anally!).

The tentacle dildo (don’t judge before trying)

  tentacle-shaped dildo in one hand

I know this 6 inch tentacle glass dildo sounds a little strange, especially if you’re not used to sex toys like this, but give it a try.

The rows of bumps, the nodules and “veins” feel out of this world when they are inside of you, they stimulate things that you did not know could be stimulated, it is also very easy to hold and to use despite its misleading appearance.

It stimulates you easily and does G-spot orgasms come to life, just make sure to use a water-based lubricant to make it extremely slippery there.

I also loved the ease of concealment. The light pink exterior behavior, the nodules and the shape of this glass sex toy prevent it from looking like something you insert inside of you and makes it look more like an ornament.

How to use your glass dildo

1. Unpack your dildo from its discreet packaging (if you buy them from xnxxtoys where I buy all mine packages always come discreetly). Carefully read all tips and maintenance tips for your glass dildo, you want to make sure that you take care of your new sex toys to extend their life and make sure you know what to do and what not to do.

2. Experiment with thermostat by popping your glass sex toy either in the refrigerator for 10 minutes or in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes. It also feels good if you are going to use your glass sex toy for a massage. I really recommend testing with the temperature set, this is something that few people experience as they are not sure it will feel different and they usually cannot be disturbed, but it is definitely worth the few minutes as it takes your experience a 10 out of 10 to 20 out of 10.

3. Lubricate! This will make your glass sex toy amazing and help it slide inside you. I say too much this way but the lubricant is essential when using sex toys, it stops wear and tear, helps them to feel amazing and prevents friction.

4. Enjoy! enjoy your glass sex toy as you please, whether vaginally, anal or even as a massage accessory. Get the most out of your sex toy, but do what you think is right, read guides, and even just have fun and try new techniques.

5. Wash your sex toy with lukewarm water, dry it properly and store it. The great thing about most glass sex toys (especially mine) is that they are pretty enough to leave out and I don’t have to worry that someone will find them.

Tips for using your glass sex toys

I wanted to share some of my advice on the things I do for my glass sex toys that make their use even better and maximize every ounce of pleasure I can feel with them.

skin safe glass image

All my glass sex toys are made from this special glass which makes them safe for the skin and allows you to not worry about splinters and break your dildo, so if you opt for a dildo which is not mine and which comes from a completely different store, make sure that its skin is safe.

add sexual lubrication to glass toys

I know it’s said so much but using water-based lubricant is a must with any gender. We all love stiffness of glass sex toys and that is one of the reasons why I buy them, but by just using a quick press of lubricant, they are so much easier to use and they feel so much better.

cartoon image of girls body

If you are new to the world of glass sex toys and plan to use them with your partner, try using your new one solo sex toy first to get used to what you feel and the different sensations. They feel unique to other types of dildos and you may want to take them for a test run by yourself first. I recommend it with any new sex toy, give it a try, see how it works, see if it needs to be recharged or if it needs new batteries and get familiar with it first. This goes for whether you are alone or with a partner, you don’t want a mood killer.

store sex toys separately

Try to keep your glass sex toys in small bags or individual spaces, even if it means they each have their own little satin pouch. Sure, your glass sex toy won’t break after hitting other people, but it will help it maintain it at its highest quality and stop any damage.

Most of my glass sex toys come with their own little pocket or storage bag, but you can pick them up anywhere. If you really want to save on costs, you can use spare pillowcases to put them away to prevent them from being damaged.

glass sex toy infographic