The best big anal sex toys (butt plug, anal vibrators, anal beads)

Today we have another blog takeover! Previously, my friend * Lindsay * took over my blog and wrote this article: lesbians belt dildos and harnesses.

So today I asked my good friend * Mark * if he wanted to share his favorite anal sex toys with us. I will be here co-writing with Mark so that we can both share our experiences and give you the best article and information possible on the best anal sex toys.

Mark has had so much anal experience that he could write a book about the dick he had. He knows what he likes and is not afraid to tell his partners what to do, but he likes nothing more than showing a partner his favorite anal sex toys and how much he can make them come.

I am also a fan of anal, as you know very well. I love the feeling of being double filled and simulate a trio is one of my favorite kinky things to do.

Why I love big anal sex toys:

We gathered our heads together and we really started laughing and explaining why we love big anal sex toys so much. It was so interesting to see how Mark’s reasoning was practically the same as mine.

  • I like to be completely filled
  • Sex with a big butt plug is paradise
  • Fantasize about sex with a big man
  • DP feels amazing
  • The feeling for men and women is heavenly
  • Point P orgasms are out of this world
  • Stretching and filling the hole is a problem
  • Big anal sex toys are a feat

Anal sex toys are amazing, especially if you like anal stimulation but want a little more. They allow you to really explore your body and experience different sensations and techniques. Both men and women can experience extreme pleasure and, of course, there is the added bonus of the infamous P-spot orgasm that everyone on this Earth should try. You will not regret having unlocked this little gem.

Be sure to read everything on my first anal orgasm.

The best oversized anal sex toys I have

We have selected our favorite large anal sex toy in each category. There was practically no debate over the selection of these anal sex toys, it was as if we both instantly knew what we wanted to share with you. Mark obviously chose the prostate massager sex toy but I used this sex toy with my boyfriend and it came HARD.

The best big butt plug

big butt plug in woman's hand

We both agreed that it was the best big butt plug which is ideal for advanced anal lovers. This large butt plug is flexible but firm and is made of silicone for easy insertion.

The butt plug has a flared base, so you don’t have to worry that it rises too far inside of you and it even has a hole in the base where you can put on a vibrator to balls and really intensify the sensations.

The tapered tip and general shape of this large butt plug means that it will gently press on your anal curves and will feel amazing when it climbs inside of you.

Remember to use a lot of water-based lubricant for easy insertion, to stop friction and for you to enjoy your anal sex toys even more.

Oversized anal beads

giant anal silicone beads

here are the giant anal silicone beads that will fill you with undiluted pleasure. You have to take your time to conquer each of the three oversized pearls.

Made from skin-friendly silicone, these large anal beads are great for those who like the stretching feeling, like to be challenged and want something much bigger than your average anal pearl.

The finger loop at the base of the sex toy allows you to retrieve it easily, so you don’t have to worry about removing them when you are about to come.

If you like great pleasure, these anal beads are not for shy people but they are for those who like intense pleasure via large anal sex toys.

My favorite big anal dildo (fisting)

woman holding a fisting dildo

Legendary porn star Belladonna created this awesome big fisting dildo which will help you transition to both anal and vaginal fisting.

We both loved the shape of the graduated fingers because it helps you put your fist inside and it is realistic. The detail that went into this fisting sex toy is extraordinary, it feels amazing and really like the real thing. The fisting dildo has knuckles and nails while being firm but flexible for maximum pleasure.

Whether you’re just pushing your limits, trying something new, or fisting, you’re an advanced gamer, this fisting dildo is the real deal and feels amazing in you.

The big prostate massager that always hits the spot

This prostate massager is not as big as the other sex toys on this list, but it was an honorable mention because it is an awesome prostate sex toy.

It may be slightly smaller, but it certainly does the trick.

Nexus Revo Stealth

the nexus revo prostate massager is a powerful massager with a rotating head that gives you incredible stimulation of the prostate.

It combines stimulation of the prostate and perineum to send you to another world of pleasure. My boyfriend and Mark, two very different guys, both agree that this prostate massager is amazing and has given them some of the most intense and intense P-spot orgasms in their lives.

The shape of this prostate sex toy is perfectly designed so that it pushes against your point P effortlessly, it knows exactly what to do so that you remove your stones and enjoy everywhere.

Essential tips for using big sex toys

woman in pink lingerie on all fours on bed

1). Get the right lubrication

Making sure you use the right lubricant with your sex toy is essential to making sure that you are comfortable and that your sex toy will not be ruined. Here are some key things you should really know:

  • Silicone toys do not work with silicone lubricant.
  • Oil breaks condoms.
  • Water based is essential to use with most sex toys as it is safe to use.
  • An anal lubricant is more difficult to wash and completely different from vaginal lubricant, it is thicker and generally lasts much longer.
  • Coconut oil is not safe to use with condoms.
  • I found the best anal lubricant with results This article.

-You should remove the toy and reapply the lubricant from time to time, especially if you are not using an anal-based lubricant that is not as thick.

This lubricant is great to use with big sex toys

2). An anal desensitizing cream is good, but …

… Be careful, don’t use it before testing a toy, you don’t want to use a big anal toy and you won’t be able to feel if you stretch too much.

I like to use an anal desensitizing cream if I haven’t had anal sex in a while, but remember to be careful and go slow. It’s my favorite good quality anal desensitizing lubricant.

3). Warm your butt to play anal

You probably already know this, but you need to warm up before using any of these toys. Don’t try to slide it, warm your anus and make sure you start slowly no matter what your experience is.

Warm-up techniques:

  • Use a smaller sex toy first.
  • Use your fingers to stimulate and stretch the area.
  • Make sure to use lots of lubricant.
  • Start small and progress.

4). Always wash your anal toys with hot, soapy water and allow to dry

Cleaning all of your sex toys is always a must. It helps you avoid infections and other problems caused by dirty sex toys. It also helps keep them in great shape.

Before washing your sex toys, make sure they are waterproof or splash resistant and if they are not, clean your sex toys using wet wipes or cleaning wipes for sex toys.

5). multitasking

Myself and Mark mentioned that by diving into anal pleasure, most people forget that they can stimulate other areas, especially women.

You can hold a vibrator on your clitoris while you try an anal dildo and you can masturbate your penis while making your P point fun. Learn to multitask and unlock a huge feeling of pleasure.

6). Milk your prostate

Press on its point P which is the size of a walnut inside this anus and gently exert pressure on it and watch it moan. See how the seminal fluid will come out, it looks 10 times better than a normal orgasm. You can also do this by using anal sex toys.

Milking the prostate is amazing and it’s not hard to do, just find the prostate, lubricate your fingers or your sex toy and wait for orgasms.

Things to know about using big anal sex toys

Can I damage my buttocks?

You can if you don’t warm up properly. You have to start small and progress, it won’t take long, but it is definitely worth the extra time.

Using lots of lubricant, being excited, stimulating the area in advance and going slowly will help you avoid any painful experiences.

Are these toys for men and women and can we both enjoy them?

Yes! All of these sex toys are for men and women. The only sex toy I would not use as a woman is the prostate massager, everything else is perfect for both. The orgasms are all due to what makes you feel good and my female orgasms are amazing and are really intense when I enjoy. Mark says you haven’t lived if you’re a man and haven’t had an anal orgasm.

Are all these toys safe for the body?

Every sex toy I promote is phthalate-free, latex-free, and harmless to the body.