The Best Giant & Thick Dildo I Ever Used (Pics Included)

I LOVE big dildos!

There is something about feeling completely filled that makes me smile and of course enjoy myself. My boyfriend has an awesome penis even after trying a penis pump (my boyfriend tried a penis pump!) He is always taller than average and I love it when he is extremely excited and can fill me up. But using a dildo is a whole different experience and I think anyone who has ever used a dildo may agree or know where I come from.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like little dicks and little dildos, I have tried a few and there are benefits both big and small, but today we are talking about of my favorite and biggest dildo, which means that I can go there wonderful details on why I like big dildos and why my favorite is my favorite (preview, it’s because it makes me JET).

The big realistic dildos make me so excited, the veined, erect and flexible material is guaranteed to make me happy. I think that by using such a big dildo, I unleash a fetish from the bottom of me, it is as if my body wanted it.

I sometimes pair my dildos with other sex toys, but let’s go deeper into that below, first of all, I wanted to show you the biggest and best dildo I have ever used:

My absolute favorite big dildo:

best big dildo

Just looking at this photo of this giant dildo (you can buy it in Europe here) bring flashbacks of me riding this piece of meat for the first time. I was dripping, but my pu ** had a hard time getting that big dildo inside but once it was in the fun was unquestionable. I recommend slowly softening this big dildo even if you are advanced with big dildos, like me. The reasoning behind this is because you want this experience to be as pleasant as possible, you don’t want aches.

It measures 9.5 inches, all insertable and incredibly satisfying. I recommend brushing this big dildo with water-based lubricantnot only makes it easier for you to glide, it also stops friction and increases pleasure. I recommend something else for more realism and fun: immerse your dildo in hot water to bring this dildo to body temperature, which is just amazing.

One of the many reasons why this is my favorite big dildo is because of the detailed hand characteristics making it one of the most realistic big dildos I have. It has veins, folds and bumps which, on the whole, give this dildo an absolutely incredible realism and realistic details. Even looking at the photo, I’m sure you can see how real it is.

Another amazing feature is the base of the suction cup, which allows you to attach it to any hard, flat surface, which I like to do because I can mount it as I please and that allows me, as well as my boyfriend, to boost a trio, there’s more on how we do it later in this article.

This big dildo pushes your G point and P point so if you are a lover of squirting and G-spot stimulation, you will love this dildo as much as I do.

If you are a full sensation fan like me, be sure to check out what happened when I used a fisting dildo, it was incredibly fun.

Make my big dildo even better

Besides loving G-spot stimulation, I’m also a huge huge fan of clitoral stimulation and combining these two things drives me crazy. Mutual stimulation is one of the most intense things I can do for my body and every time I do it, my body goes wild.

I like to attach my big dildo to my tiled floor, apply lashings of lubricant, plug in my vibrator and stimulate both my G-spot and my clitoris at the same time.

a woman holding a massage wand

One of my favorite vibrators is this wand vibrator. I wrote an entire article on this subject which you should read here: I tried the largest wand massager last night.

I could go for something smaller, but there is something so exciting about having two big sex toys stimulating me at the same time.

The head of this wand vibrator offers the best vibrations that I have ever felt in my life through all my pu ** y, I can enjoy again and again when this vibrator is on me and believe me, enjoying the vibrator and the dildo at the same time is not just orgasm, it is an experience.

It can be a bit difficult to focus, roll and stimulate your clitoris at the same time, but once you master it you will never look back, it is the most fulfilling feeling I have ever had ; never felt. Fortunately, this wand vibrator plugs directly into the wall and will never run out of charge, so you don’t have to worry about taking your time and the vibrator runs out of charge!

I suggest trying the big dildo stimulation and the clitoral stimulation mutually if you are excited, like big things and want experience one of the best sensations on this earth.

Even more of my favorite big dildos

Sex is different for everyone and you can watch my favorite big dildo and not be as thrilled as I am, so below I’m going to leave you with a few more of my favorite big dildos.

Now, none of these big dildos compare to my favorite above, but I know my taste isn’t for everyone, so I thought I’d let you in on some of my other best choices that should satisfy even the most difficult of people.

All great, all with amazing details and all from my favorite online sex toy store (sweetheart).

long thick dildo held in my hand

This dildo measures 12 inches of insertable length, it is recommended for more advanced dildo users as it is a lot to take, but with great ease, time and patience will make any type of user happy. Take your time, use lots of lubricant and be patient.

With a pronounced bulbous head, it is easy to insert and thanks to the venous stem, you are internally stimulated with each push.

Just like my favorite big dildo, this 12 inch dildo comes with a suction cup base so you can attach it to any hard, flat surface for intense versatile pleasure.

photo of the thickest dildo on a white background

Measured 10.5 inches of insertable length and 3 inches in diameter, this giant dildo will satisfy even the most advanced and picky dildo users.

Very realistic with a big head, balls and veins this mega cock is a must for those who are fans of well endowed dildos.

Just like the other dildos that I have shown, it also comes with a suction base that does not move when attached to a hard surface.

Always remember water-based lubricant with big sex toys like this.

long skinny dildo with suction cup

With 9 inches insertable length and 6 inches in circumference, that big dildo is a great addition to any collection of dildo lovers.

With exaggerated functionality, this dildo has pronounced veins, realistic sensations and tip. It is not as big in circumference as some of my other dildos, but it is still a great trick when attached to a hard surface.

a large female sex toy being holding hands on a white background

With a naturally curved realistic tree this dildo research your pleasure zones, your G-spot or your P-point has never felt anything like it 8 inch tree.

Wonderfully stimulating, inexpensive and realistic, this big dildo is a favorite among many sex toy professionals.

Just like I mentioned with my favorite dildo, be sure to immerse this dildo in hot water to experience the game of temperature and increase realism.

big suction cup dildoThis dildo comes in pink and clear (I chose pink), it measures 10 inches in length and is made from a flexible material that allows you to place it in all kinds of positions. This is my first big dildo without a suction base and even if I like to make a dildo, have this flexible pink dildo made a huge change and was actually quite fun to use.

It is designed with a realistic rooster in mind thanks to its head and venous stem. I was very happy with this big dildo, it certainly hit all the right places.

Tips for using a large dildo

add lubricant to a dildo

Make sure to always use water-based lubricant, it is really important to lubricate yourself and keep your dildo. Water-based is safe to use with sex toys and condoms, so it’s always a good idea to keep them close at hand.

cartoon saying go slow

If the dildo is larger than the one you are used to, make sure always go slow and if you can’t do everything at first, come back the next day, never try to force it. However, if you are excited, wet, lubricated, and ready, you should put on your dildo with little force.

how to clean the dildos

Keep your big dildos (and any sex toy!) Clean. There is nothing worse than having to clean a sex toy when you are in the mood and you cannot use it because it is dirty. Just a quick wash with lukewarm water and soap safe for sex toys is enough, dry your dildo and store it properly and that way every time you go to use it next time it will be within best conditions.

harness with dildo added

Many dildos are compatible with O-rings, which means you can use them with harnesses and ankle sex toys (anchor the toys i use on my boyfriend). Just check the details and make sure your new dildo fits your harness and you can add a new dildo to your collection of strap-ons and ankles.

lip cartoon about deep throat

You can also use large dildos to practice blowjobs and hone your skills, it sounds crazy, but it will help you hone your skills and deliver the best blowjobs your partner can ask for.

vibrator and massager cartoon

Increase your pleasure by using a vibrator paired with your dildo. I mentioned it from the start of my article and I stand by it. I find it easier to use a vibrator when my dildo has a suction cup base (like my favorite) because it allows you to mount and use the vibrator mutually which is amazing.

Tips for using a big dildo with your partner

hot girl laying on bedIf you want to use it with your partner, there are many ways to do it. No partner should ever feel excluded or intimidated by a sex toy and that’s a rule I live by. My boyfriend and I are constantly using sex toys and this has only made our sex life better.

I like to use dildos when I’m alone more than when I’m with my partner but there are times when we use them together and This is what we do:

  • I’m blindfolded by my boyfriend
  • He uses the wand vibrator on me and directs me to an orgasm (brings me to the point of orgasm and then turns it off)
  • The border makes me absolutely wild and after a while, I practically scream for him to run away ** and make me come.
  • So after I go crazy, he rushes inside my wet pu ** y and usually cums on me.
  • It will then grab my biggest favorite dildo (the one I mentioned at the start of this article) and push it inside me until I squirt with pleasure
  • He will then let me cum via my clitoris using my wand vibrator

It sounds simple but this act is just amazing and makes me so horny and so wet. My boyfriend likes to get me down and combining two of my favorite sex toys makes me not only wild, but also wild.

We do something else simulate a trio:

  • We suck my favorite dildo on our hard tiled floor, apply a lot of water-based lubricant and I start to harden the dildo.
  • He looks at me and has fun and sometimes uses a Fleshlight (favorite male toys my boyfriend owns).
  • He will then use my vibrator on me and move me from the dildo on all fours and throw himself inside me while I blow the dildo
  • Sometimes I’m going to blow it and keep riding my dildo, it all depends on our flow.

woman with amazing body in sexy lingerie