The Best Male Sex Toys My Boyfriend Has Ever Used

I have a fantasy of making my friends cum, seriously, I love it inside me, all over my body, on the bed, her belly, even inside a toy.

The simple fact of seeing the rush of pleasure he feels as he ejaculates all over my breasts and my face is exciting and knowing that I caused it makes me turn BIG time.

Over the past few years, I have become incredible at getting him down and pretty much controlling his orgasm.

This article is about my secret sex toys that I used to make him cum several times and that he uses when I am not around to f ** k or suck.

Before I get into this article, I just wanted to mention that I have my own erotic book that I have filled out with some of my most erotic sex stories, so feel free to check it out!

So … let’s start.

The best male sex toy

the best male masturbator

I put my ball vibrator at the bottom of this masturbator, squirt lots of lubricant on his dick and I am going to town, sucking his balls, pushing it up and down and massaging his gouache, he ejaculates very quickly, as you can imagine.

He uses it alone and says it’s like a wet pussy and once you add this ball vibrator, you start to tremble with pleasure.

cartoon guide to masturbation

The first male vibrator he tried

the first male vibrator ever made

When I want my boyfriend to enjoy everywhere and have numb sensations this vibrating masturbator.

I slide his cock inside, put it on a very vibrant setting and kiss his abs and thighs, while slowly licking his balls in between.

It always takes him less than 5 minutes to come and when he comes, it’s almost like a female orgasm, his whole body stiffens, starts to shake and it lasts about 10 seconds.

It is his favorite toy when he masturbates alone and the number of orgasms he has had that implicate him, this toy and porn are well worth it.

Her new Fleshlight (how it made it last longer during sex)

woman holding a fleshlight stu

If you want to fuck a tight pussy while you’re single or your girlfriend is out of town, then that goosebumps will take your breath away.

My boyfriend originally had this toy when he couldn’t go over the 3 minute mark during sex, but it quickly turned into one of his favorite masturbators.

I am a really happy girlfriend, because not only my boyfriend had fun with this toy, he has no more problem during sex, he can even hold while I cum on his c * * k, which was something we & I have been working for a long time, but I never arrived because he enjoyed it too early.

I asked him what his training was (with this sex toy) to help him last longer and here is what he gave me:

guide to last longer in bed
how to last longer in bed

Trust me, it works better than anything you find online.

Our most used male sex toy

Tenga male toy

The things my boyfriend and I look for in a sex toy are:

1. Big explosive orgasms

2. Easy to clean

3. Good quality

If a toy can give it to us, we use it all the time and the Tenga rocking hole is incredible f ** king.

It can barely last a minute indoors and we have used it hundreds of times in the past few years.

He will sit for hours building his orgasm, testing different techniques and stopping every minute to avoid enjoying, then once he lets go and comes, it’s amazing how fun it is He gets it.

All of the toys on this list are amazing, but this Tenga gave her some of the best orgasms in her life.

In addition, it is easy to hide, does not look like a sex toy and takes a few seconds to clean (which is not common for male sex toys).

My favorite sex toy he owns

3 inch penis sleeve

My buddies are a nice size, but I and many women enjoy the feeling of being completely full and this penis extender does the job every time.

This is where this penis extender came in, now I am writing a whole story about the day my boyfriend surprised me with this penis extender and how it gave me one of my first orgasms during sex (something I will never forget).

Since then, we have used this repeater many times and it has really changed our sex life.

I came on this toy more than I can count and when my boyfriend puts it on, I weaken my knees, the circumference, the length, everything, it gets me started.

The only shame is that many women and men can be closed to the idea of ​​using a toy like this.

Toy he uses to get a harder and longer erection

Bathmate penis pump

I never believed in penis pumps, I felt like they were a joke, something for a novelty effect, I had the same thought when I & I have ordered a Bathmate pump.

I kept seeing the name of Bathmate everywhere with incredible reviews, my boyfriend decided to give it a try for a month, he measured himself every day and I went to bed with him and we published all the results on this penis pump item.

What happened?

His erection lasted longer, was stronger and even longer than ever.

He has a much larger flaccid penis and I noticed him the most in the bedroom, his parts of me that he couldn’t reach before.

I am not sure if it’s for everyone, but my boyfriend has been using this penis pump for over 90 days now and the results have been incredible.

Make sure you take things very slowly and progress on time.

Here is my boyfriend’s penis pump training plan:

penis pump routine
bath routine

Delay spray which is incredible for P.E

delayed spray out of the box

If you suffer from premature ejaculation and need a quick fix, you can this delay jet.

You put it about 10 to 15 minutes before intercourse and it will numb you and allow you to last longer during intercourse.

It doesn’t stop your pleasure, it just helps to overcome that mental block that keeps you from lasting after the first few minutes of sex.

As a girl, I have some great advice:

  • This can rub off on women, so wear a condom or wash it off after ten minutes and you will still get the effects without risking rubbing off on your girlfriend.
  • If you use condoms with a delay spray, understand that it is less effective than this spray, because the delay spray gets stronger over time and its effects increase.
  • Use my boyfriend’s other tips and delay training, he now only uses it on nights when I really need long, hard s * x.

A selfish toy that I like to use during sex

lovehoney vibrating cock ring

Okay, I added this toy for selfish reasons.

What are they, you ask yourself?

Well i only learned recently to reach orgasm through penetration and this vibrating cock ring was one of the ways I learned to enjoy while my boyfriend was in me.

This gives my boyfriend a hard erection, helps him last longer in bed and once the vibrator hits my clitoris, I lose control and beg my boyfriend to push deeper, the depth mixed with the vibrations is enough to make me come in a few minutes.

Believe me, as a girl, I can say that there is nothing hotter than when I cum hard on my boyfriend and I feel him trying not to cum inside me while I hold him tight and groan.

The prostate massager who gave him his first P-point orgasm

prostate massager in my hand

My boyfriend never played with his buttocks.

He would force my hand and move away whenever I approached this area.

We spent some time apart at the start of the year and I got it this prostate massager, I knew he wouldn’t use it, so I gave him a deal…

… I would start using anal toys and I would let him try anal sex with me if he tried a prostate massager.

He agreed and like any man who has had a prostate orgasm knows that he blew when he reached his first orgasm.

It lasted 10+ seconds, it was like 5 normal orgasms and it was the best feeling of his life (his words, not mine).

This was achieved with the above prostate massager and now has the golden place in its collection of sex toys.

PS: I lived until the end of the agreement and after 3 months we had full anal sex for the first time in our relationship (more on that in a future article) ).

Vibrating anal plug

anal plug

The above prostate massager is amazing, but we needed something a little smaller at use during intercourse.

Nothing hit, then after many tests we tried this vibrating anal plug.

It was a change of sex life, like a change of game, only better!

Once we found it, we bought another one and now we both wear these anal plugs almost every time we have sex.

They stay in place, they send vibrations on all the parts of my wife and her virile parts and when it is in me, he can feel all the vibrations on his sex.

The sensations turn me into a little slut, honestly, he could do anything sexual to me when that is in me and I would be at his feet to ask for more.

How to get the most out of your male sex toy

My boyfriend and I have a list of things that make male sex toys much better, here they are:

Use loads of this lubricant with your toy

add lubricant to a male sex toy

My boyfriend thought he could get away with a DIY lubricant or lotion when using sex toys, of course, many of his toys had to go in the trash.

So if you want your sex toy to be silky, slippery and extremely wet like a real girlfriend, then you need to take this water-based lubricant.

It is easy to clean, can be used in real sex and is completely safe for skin and toys.

I even use it on all of my sex toys and during sex with my boyfriend, it is perfect.

Use it with your girlfriend

caricature of using a sex toy with a partner

Gentleman, I love nothing more than rubbing a fleshlight on my boyfriend’s hard cock, feeling his load preparing to shoot, then removing it when he ejaculates so that I can use my mouth to really make hard cum.

Your girlfriend could be the same.

Bring it, ask if she would like to try sex toys.

I started off by using a massage wand, while my boyfriend used his masturbator in mutual masturbation, now we both use the toys one on top of the other.

So don’t assume your partner doesn’t want to try a male sex toy on you, you might miss it.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up and explore your body

try an anal plug

I always avoided anal sex by thinking it was wrong, my boyfriend too.

Although my girlfriend tells me how amazing anal play is, I ignored them and only tried it in my late 20s.

I missed my chance and since we started exploring anal play, our sex lives have improved and we have had some of the best sex in our lives, myself and my boyfriend would just love to have it 39; have tried earlier.

So go slowly, experiment and remember that there is nothing wrong with a little anal play.

Stop and Start

stop and start masturbation

Coast, bring yourself to the point of orgasm, then cool down.

Do this 5-10 times and your orgasm and load will be massive.

Try real adult erotic content

cartoon of someone watching real adult content

I used to watch adult content on tube sites, but damn it gets boring.

There are only so many times that I can see a “REAL amateur threesome” or a “big dick f ** ks tight pussy” before I start to get bored.

So I gave up on porn … Then I found Erika Lust, she creates real eroticism.

Just look at its content and you will see how much better it is than the content of a normal tube site.

I also have a thing with the guys who start writing, so read some of my content and know that I touch myself every day to the idea that you get excited by reading my content 😉

Too much information, probably. Just the truth.

Always clean and dry it after use

how to clean your sex toys

All of the male sex toys on this list are easy to clean, which is a MASSIVE plus.

You just need to rinse them with cold water and a small amount of soap, dab them lightly with a dry towel and then let them dry.

This will extend the life of your toy by several years and keep it fresh and new.

The end.

Okay, that was weird.

While writing an article on male sex toys as a girl, I asked my boyfriend questions about a thousand questions and we tested these toys so many times that I just thought it was time to this article.

If you liked it, let me know and I would love your comments. I will be updating the blog soon with more pictures of myself and my body, this should be exciting. Have a nice day – Sally.

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