My Boyfriend Found The Greatest Prostate Massager

If you read my article on biggest male sex toys my boyfriend owns you will know that he likes to try new things and doesn’t really have any details when it comes to sex toys.

Its rules are that if it feels good, it’s not too intimidating and will make him cum mercilessly then he will try.

While we were doing foreplay last night before we started using one of my favorite sex toys (My wearable vibrator) I thought briefly that it is not often that I talk about the sex toys that my boyfriend likes to use, it is usually about me and my orgasms and I do not especially talk about his prostate sex toys, so I thought today would be a great time to mention his prostate orgasms and what he likes to use to achieve those intense finishes.

Prostate sex toys can work for absolutely any man and some may even be unisex so that they turn into sex toy for men and women.

One of the first and one of his absolute favorite prostate massagers is this little pocket rocket…

The best prostate massager my boyfriend has used

high quality luxury vibrator on white background

This is the prostate vibrating massager he has one constant speed and 5 different patterns to choose. It has a perfect shape to vibrate, massage and stimulate the P point, it even has a flared base so that you don’t have to worry that it rises too far and travels in places too undesirable.

My boyfriend wasn’t sure at the start of the constant speed, but in the end, he actually mentioned that it was one of the best things about it. Constant speed and her favorite motif combined made her P point dance with pleasure.

My boyfriend uses this prostate massager alone and with me in the bedroom and I can tell when I went to see what it does to him seriously sexy and leaves him in a state of total ecstasy.

It is easy to change models and turn off the prostate massager thanks to the push button controls and it can be fully charged in 60 minutes and from there you get 120 minutes of play which is more than enough.

The longevity of the charge is a bonus for him because he often forgets to recharge his sex toys after use, it is also ideal for those who like Take their travel sex toys as this prostate massager can work in countries around the world.

The first experience of my friends with this prostate massager

He doesn’t want me to go into too much detail, he just mentioned that any man will know how bad it will feel when they put it in their hands. They may be apprehensive, but once it is done, you will not want it to stop.

However, despite this little advice, I still wanted to briefly explain what he went through during his first try this prostate massager.

He had already played with his point P (thanks to me!) I love the stimulation and the type of orgasms it can give, mentioning that it sounds like nothing you could imagine. so when we ordered the deluxe prostate massager, he thought he knew what to expect.

I was not there the day of his arrival, but he took it out of the box, felt how soft and high quality it was, immediately applied some of his preferred water-based anal lubricant and sat on the prostate massager.

It is important to mention that he was excited before all this and mentioned that he was walk around rock-hard for most of the day.

Either way, he sat on the prostate massager and turned it on.

He placed it on the second at the highest setting and said his butt tightened around this sex toy and he could feel that he was on the verge of an orgasm. The vibrations and the pattern of the prostate massager were pushing its point P to the point of no return and when he came it was as if a volcano had erupted inside his body.

It happened again when he went to get the prostate massager and felt just as amazing.

It left him weak, squirming with pleasure and completely subjected to this prostate massager. Obviously, when he told me this story, I was so intrigued and begged to see him use it and with my own eyes, I saw the pleasure it gave him. and it made me horny just by looking at it.

If you want to read more of my stories and experiences, be sure to check out my book.

Other prostate massagers he uses

The prostate massager above is his favorite, he uses it a LOT and he still makes it come as he did on the first day, however, before he found this prostate massager he had other firm favorites that we wanted to show you below.

tracey cox supersex vibrating anal plug

This is the Tracey Cox vibrating supersex anal plug and it’s actually unisex and I tried. We both love using this vibrating anal plug, it seems incredible to me and when it’s inside of me my boyfriend will go inside of my pu ** y and he will be able to feel the vibrations on his penis.

This increases the pleasure and feels good for both parties, it’s also very inexpensive and made by Tracey cox which is great.

When my boyfriend puts it in himself, he likes to give me the remote control and I change gears while blowing him. It’s exciting. It makes him moan with pleasure and makes him shout my name.

It is small, ideal for beginners and non-intimidating if you are a little afraid of butt play.

Nexus Revo StealthMy boyfriend likes nexus revo it was one of his first prostate massage sex toys. he stimulates both the P point and the perineum so you can experience double the pleasure.

The shape of this male sex toy is also impressive as it means that it will not go up inside of you if that worries you. It is also very easy to insert thanks to its shape.

The different modes of vibration are amazing and really make this prostate massager what it is. My boyfriend always uses this sex toy, the the vibrations start you slowly before finally reaching its peak with extreme power. The link will remain one of his favorites.

p-spot anal vibrator

Something we like about it P-spot anal vibrator is that it comes with a handy ball vibrator that slides inside this dildo and takes stimulation to another level. It’s another unisex sex toy, so of course we both tried.

The dildo is perfectly formed to stimulate it Point G or its point P, the crests of this dildo feel amazing when they are inside of you and the added bullet vibrator is a wonderful touch.

You can even slip this dildo into most O-rings to be able to use it during sex. Read and see what happened when I stowed my boyfriend for the first time. The vibrations when you slip it into an anchor harness are incredible, they wave all over my pu ** y and send chills down my boyfriend’s spine.

This vibrating dildo makes you feel full and is a great unisex addition to any collection.

photo of an anal plug in one hand

Our Vibrating butt plug with 10 functions is made from flexible silicone and has 10 different vibration modes for you to enjoy. The pointed tip offers thrilling sensations which undulate across the entire canal and send waves of pleasure around point P and perineum.

It is controlled via the push button which has a long 28 inch cord. Make sure to use lots of water-based anal lubricant when using any sex toy on this list, as this allows for a much more comfortable insertion.

Just like with the other wired remote control prostate massager, I I love to use it on my boyfriend and give him a blowjob at the same time, the double stimulation sends it each time on the edge. You should read everything how to suck a big cock or how to suck a small dick so you can really remove every movement when using this anal plug.

The flared base also offers fun, but it also prevents insertion and ensures that your vibrating butt plug doesn’t go up too far.

vibrating prostate massagerThe last prostate sex toy I wanted to show is the vibrating prostate massager it is on a higher price range but it is amazing and worth the extra money.

He has a ball vibrator with 9 functions to browse and the prostate massager itself is designed with anatomical precision for working hand in hand with the male and his point P.

The curves of this prostate massager push and stimulate the male P-point and leave him breathless once he has felt the pleasure that this sex toy emulates.

It is an amazing sex toy that keeps you on your toes and maintains fluid orgasms thanks to its perfect design and attention to detail.

Its design is also pretty discreet therefore its ideal for beginners and those who like to keep their pleasure in an envelope or even for those who like to take their sex toys on vacation. This sex toy will not arouse much suspicion thanks to its unique design, the only thing you need to pay attention to is the amount of noise you make when it is inside of you.

Tips for using a prostate massager for the first time

add anal lubricant

  • Make sure to use lots of water-based anal lubricant, water-based is important because it is safe to use with sex toys and condoms. Even if you think you need a small amount, use a little more. You can never have too much lubricant.

warm up before using anal toys

  • Relax, relax in the prostate sex toy and start slowly. If you are new to anal play, it may take you a few tries before you can fully slide the prostate massager. This is one of the many reasons why I like my favorite prostate massager (the first on this list) because you can use the vibrations to stimulate the area.

start with your fingers

  • Play with the prostate massager before inserting, test the speeds and settings to make the insertion go as smoothly as possible.

choose the right position

  • The best positions are on the back and inserting it this way or sitting on the prostate massager, whatever seems more comfortable to you.

how to find the point p

  • The vibrations feel good, but it is only when you reach this point P when you feel the waves of pleasure, so please persevere if you don’t feel it at first.

how to properly clean your prostate massager

  • Clean your prostate massager after each use and store it clean and dry. It will help extend the life of your sex toy and keep it in perfect condition.

use Google for advice

  • Whichever prostatic sex toy you buy, research some tips and advice on Google before using it, you might find something that is amazing and makes your experience 10 times better.

shower before anal sex

  • Take a shower before using your prostate sex toy.

bed cartoon

  • Put a towel under you to protect your sheets and when you enjoy it will facilitate cleaning.

Using your prostate massager during sex

This can be a tricky step for some men, ask their partner to use the prostate massager during sex or even just start using the prostate massager, however, I have some great tips for using your prostate massager during sex.

Ask your partner how they would feel about using your prostate massager during sex

Explain to your partner how good it is when you use your prostate massager and want to share the fun with them

When you use your prostate massager during sex, you can really experience controlled orgasms and even try something new

Insert the prostate massager and ask your partner do oral sex on you to really experience combined stimulation, you probably won’t last long, but it will seem incredible to you

Let your partner insert the prostate massager and play with the settings, involve them in your orgasm as much as possible.

Always shower in advance and make sure you are clean

Think about role play scenarios where you could involve your prostate sex toy, things like threesomes, BDSM, submissive scenarios, etc., just let your imagination run wild

i have my boyfriend a prostate massager