Omg I Found The Best Sex Swing Will (mind-blowing orgasms)

i got ALWAYS I wanted to try a sex swing, I think they are so kinky and look like so much fun. I had also heard orgasms were different when you were suspended in the air, which I was really looking forward to seeing. I had also heard that the penis could much deeper into the pu ** y and I was looking forward to testing that too.

I am much smaller than my boyfriend so one of the main reasons why we bought a sex swing is that certain sexual positions could come true, we were both very excited to try a sex swing and as soon as it arrived , my boyfriend set it up and we were in action.

I have watched a lot of porn and actually been to many BDSM sex clubs and sitting naked, horny and desperate in this sex swing in my own bedroom was so incredibly sexy that a single touch on my body could have made me cum.

The sex swing that we bought and that made me feel like a horny sex slave was this:

My favorite sex swing

hanging sex swing

One of best selling sex swings (you can buy here in Europe), this fetish sex swing hangs from any ceiling and is fully adjustable. It is also very soft and comfortable to slide (thanks to the faux velvet) and unlike another cheaper version, it does not rub against your skin and does not irritate it.

This sexual swing is also currently on sale so if you are thinking about buying it, the price will go up very quickly.

I was also worried that it would come from the ceiling, taking me with it, but you must have faith when you go up there. This faith definitely paid off because when I was in it, I felt like this sexual swing could hold me forever, it didn’t creak, dribble or show any sign that I was 39; was too heavy. It can support up to 300 lbs of weight and therefore can accommodate most people. As long as it is securely hung, you will be safe!

It has two straps and two-legged stirrups so soft and made of faux velvet so you can imagine how soft and pleasant it is against your skin.

You feel absolutely weightless in this sexual swing, a tug on your ankles is pretty much all you feel and it feels very safe, I never worried about it falling and having it a lot used.

How this sexual swing gave me multiple orgasms

woman in dress laying on bed

As I mentioned at the start of this article, I had always wanted to try a sex swing, I had seen them in action and I knew exactly what I was doing when I slipped into it.

The day we got it, my boyfriend had it fixed to our ceiling and was naked, ready and waiting in our room. He had used one of his favorite fleshlights, read all about it in this article: biggest male sex toys my boyfriend owns.

Once I was in the sex swing, on my back, he started playing with me and used my magic wand vibrator on my clitoris. This vibrator always keeps me moving and the feeling of suspension has just given a whole new pleasure rental for sensations. I had read about what was happening to other people but it was absolutely true, whether it was hanging on the ground or my body knew it was was incredibly perverted, I don’t know, all I know is that these vibrations were sending waves of pleasure around my whole body and my body.

I came almost instantly, moaning in absolute pleasure. Hanging, legs open, my whole body vulnerable and having my boyfriend using my vibrator on me and looking at me, sent me over the edge pretty quickly.

It was then that my boyfriend took my favorite satin headband and covered my eyes with it, then sunk into me.

I already mentioned in this article (how to suck a big cock) that my boyfriend has an incredible size of penis, but the position we were in meant that his penis hit my G spot directly and it was amazing. He noticed how deep he was pushing and by the look on his face, he was trying really, really hard not to have an orgasm.

We then changed position and I got on all fours, I thought it would be a lot trickier than that but it was so simple. All I have done is jump off the sex swing, then put my arms and legs in all the corresponding places and before I know it I was hung on all fours! I needed my boyfriend to help me stabilize at one point, but other than that, changing positions on the sex swing was easy. Then again, thanks to the elevation, my boyfriend was able to penetrate me so deeply that i thought i was dead and gone to heaven.

My boyfriend couldn’t keep his orgasm longer than that, we both were screaming in ecstasy and that was enough to tip anyone, probably including our neighbors!

Other sexual swings that I love

If my favorite sex swing doesn’t look like you or if you just want to watch some of my best sex swing, I’ve left them all below. There are cheaper and more expensive ones and all have their pros and cons so just choose the sex swing that best suits you and your needs.

All mine are LoveHoney, one of the only places where I will buy sex toys. The quality is also amazing, the prices are cheap and they have totally discreet shipping.

Adult sex swing sportsheets

It is a above the door sex swing, it is ideal for couples who do not have a ceiling capable of supporting the weight of my favorite sexual swing.

This sexual swing can support up to 325lbs of weight, so it’s perfect for most people and is actually 25 pounds heavier than any of my other sex swings. It is also fully adjustable and allows you to experiment with vertical intercourse.

It is really sensual to look at and is very easy to install and store when not in use. I think it’s so great for couples who want to try a sex swing and see what it’s all about without the permanence of having one hanging from the ceiling.

Because it is adjustable, you can sit high, low or just sit somewhere in between to get the most out of your partner’s pleasure.

I love what this sex swing looks like, It’s really easy to use and once suspended, at the right height and ready to go, I saw that just like with my favorite sexual swing, I could feel much deeper penetration than with normal sex alone.

woman, yoga, sex, swing, man, looking at her

This sexual swing is slightly more expensive than the others but it allows you to get so many more posts without too much difficulty. He turns 360 degrees and holds up to 350 lbs of weight. If you are adventurous and really want to take every movement out of the kama sutra and put it into practice, this sex swing is for you.

This sex swing also comes with a free headband, which I highly recommend taking advantage of as it takes sex swing sex to a whole new level.

It is made of incredibly high quality materials and gives you so much freedom, you just have to choose your positions and enjoy the pleasure of being suspended and the new sensations that invade you.

If you don’t already have one, I would make sure to take a copy of the kama sutra or at least find an incredible sex position list online like with this sex swing you can really experiment and pour your juice in all kinds of positions including, it’s for all levels of sex swing users, but I would say that because of all you can actually do with it, I would get all of your positions that you want to try before putting them into practice.

bow with fantasy fetish carries love swing in

Finally, we have another on the sex door swing, this one is cheaper than the other and the quality is not as good, but if you’re just looking to test it out and see if you like sex swings, it is a great product that does what it says on the tin.

It slides easily on the door and attaches when the door is closed. He can safely supports up to 300 lbs of weightt and has two foot stirrups and two secure hand straps so you can adjust to any position you didn’t think was possible.

You can also adjust this sex swing up or down to suit your size and needs. You can reach positions you didn’t even know were possible and relieve your joints and even stretch a little while you’re at it.

Why try a sex swing

girl laying on the bed

Otherwise for the suspended sex, suspended masturbation or pure ecstasy while watching your partner in a sexual swing, like me, many people buy sex swings because it can relieve the joints, it can be ideal for people who suffer from back pain, knees or any other pain that prevents them from placing themselves in different positions and to enjoy sex comfortably.

Sex jumps are also ideal for people who have difficulty accessing jobs, either because they are rigid, old or just not very flexible.

Sex swings are also amazing for couples who suffers from a big difference in heights. If you are 4 feet 9 and your partner is 6 feet 5, you will have problems with sex positions in the bedroom and a sex swing can help you access these positions.

It’s like being in a pool or in the sea, where you feel weightless. So if you or your partner are slightly larger or for any other reason struggling with upright positions or standing too long, a sexual swing is also ideal.

The positions are really easy to get and with a little practice you can do them easily. I found missionary and doggy style to be my favorites, they feel so different from what you do on the bed, the elevation is just wonderful and allows your partner to get really deep.

Can men use sex swings?

can a man use a sex swing

This is actually a question I asked myself when I first thought of a sexual swing. I thought they were for women but I was really surprised when I started researching them.

Something that makes me feel good is when my boyfriend uses sex toys on me when I’m just lying on the sex swing, so obviously just as fun and exciting to do it to a man. Ask them to sit on the sex swing and perform oral handjobs and even use sex toys on them. Hanging masturbation is one of the reasons we bought the sex swing, I always wanted to be hung in the air while my boyfriend used sex toys on me after seeing him do in a porn movie.

Men can also get on all fours and you can enter if you are a man or use a pegged sex toy (See what happened when I used a pegging sex toy on my boyfriend) if you are a woman. It is also a great position for using butt sex toys, just use your imagination.

Sex swings are for everyone, they’re not hard to use and mine is ultra-safe and carries 300 lbs of weight before it gets dangerous, so let your frizzy imagination run wild.

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