The Suction Cup Dildo That Sticks To Anything

Having a good realistic dildo handy is a must and having one with a suction cup base is even more of a necessity.

I love my suction cup dildo, I mention it way too much but it is so versatile and gave me so many orgasms and incredible memories that I wanted everyone to know.

With a suction cup dildo, you can experiment with hands-free orgasms, mount your hands-free dildo, fix your dildo on a hard surface and mount it in new interesting places, simulate a trio and much more. Lily my story three and learn to simulate a trio with sex toys.

The suction cup dildos give you freedom, they allow you to experiment with different positions, control your speed and they give you a realistic simulation. I have a favorite suction cup dildo that I constantly use with the sex toys mentioned in sex toys that I use everyday. The lucky suction dildo is below.

My favorite suction cup dildo

suction cup dildo

It’s my favorite suction cup dildo. It measures 6 inches manageable, it’s foldable so you can get a lot of different stimulation, and it even has a realistic tree with raised veins, a protruding pink head and compressible balls.

I also have advice on how to use a dildo if you need advice on getting the most out of your sex toy.

The realistic features of this dildo give it an incredibly realistic feel when it comes in and out of you. You can feel that the head pops up inside of you and you are taking the rest of the stem.

We must not forget the base of the suction cup, it is incredibly solid when it is fixed on a hard and flat surface and does not move an inch if it is correctly fixed.

I love the suction cup function which allows me to mount this dildo with ease and allows me to access different positions, whether my boyfriend is there or not. This realistic dildo looks like the real thing, except that you can place it in any position and it will never lose its stamina.

My boyfriend and I love to simulate threesomes with this dildo when we are together and when we are apart, I like to mount this dildo hands free and attach it to the headboard on my bed so that it can fuck me doggy style.

Here are some excerpts from some of the reviews:

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How this suction dildo made me cum hard (story time)

woman laying attractive laying on bed

I already mentioned on my blog (regular readers you will know!) That I like the feeling of being “filled”, I like the feeling of double stimulation and I like everything that allows me to enjoy with ease .

When my suction cup dildo arrived, I was alone, my boyfriend was gone for work and I had some time to kill.

I applied lashings of water-based lubricant to the dildo and warmed up with my fingers and reading eroticism. Before I knew it, I was sliding the dildo inside of me and the sensations were incredible, you can feel all the intricate details on the dick. It pushed perfectly against my G-spot, so I decided to change position.

I attached the dildo to my headboard and got on all fours with my eroticism in front of me, I gently pushed in the dildo and continued reading.

My pace became faster and faster as I read my story and more and more excited, I held my wand vibrator against my clitoris and before long, I enjoyed so hard.

The combined stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris pushed me overboard. I kept pushing on the dildo and kept reading and before long I came back, this time harder than the last.

My dildo was soaked and covered with my juice, it was a very nice site. I took a photo to show my boyfriend and when I sent him, he told me that he had to resist the urge to masturbate in the middle of his office.

He satisfied my need for a dick.

Because it is so realistic that it satisfies my craving for cock, it filled me and satisfied me like my boyfriend’s cock does. I combined them with incredible G-spot sensations with clitoral stimulation and I came quickly and hard and not for the last time.

How to have your first big orgasm with a dildo

These dildos should help you but I want to give you more details. Having an orgasm with a dildo doesn’t have to be difficult, you can choose your speed, your rhythm and above all you can enjoy via your G-spot.

  • Use the suction cup (TRUST ME)

user guide for a suction cup dildo

The suction cup dildo is the easiest to use, as you can place it in many positions and you can fix it in places with which you feel comfortable. Here are some of my favorite places:

  • Against a wall
  • On your shower wall
  • On a glass bowl
  • On a wooden floor / tile or something, it can stick to the floor
  • On the headboard (my favorite)

If you use this dildo with a little imagination, it turns into something revolutionary.

  • Mix the dildo shots with a vibrator on your clitoris (massive orgasms)

Educational cartoon image of clitoral stimulation

This is what I do. I find that the orgasm is much more intense if you combine the two clitoris with the stimulation of the G-spot, if you feel about to enjoy via your clitoris, stop the vibrations for a little while and continue to stimulate your G-spot, even if you are not enjoying via your G-spot thanks to the additional stimulation, it will be incredible when you enjoy.

I use a wand vibrator and I recommend you do it too, it feels good and it’s so easy to use. You simply hold the vibrator on your clitoris and push the dildo and wait for the incredible sensations.

  • Try the border (the biggest orgasm you can have)

freewheeling orgasm

The border works best with a vibrator, but all you have to do is get to the point of orgasm, literally to the point of tipping and then stop, don’t allow yourself to enjoy. Do this 2-3 times and when you finally allow yourself to enjoy, you will experience such an intense orgasm and if you use the wand vibrator, you will find that you will enjoy again and again. Pair it while pushing on the dildo and you’re ready for an incredible ride.

  • Cover your dildo with a water-based lubricant

lubricate a dildo

Make sure you use lots of water-based lubricant when using a dildo, no matter how wet and horny you are, they always feel better when using lubricant as it stops friction and the dildo simply slides inside of you.

  • Simulate a trio with your partner (kinky)

fake trio cartoon

Use your suction cup dildo as a third person, secure it somewhere where your dildo and your partner can reach you and enjoy double penetration.

Turn off the lights and turn on your partner while you step on the dildo. There are a lot of scenarios and fantasies that you can play with this dildo which are incredibly kinky and make for a very fun afternoon.

Questions and answers on suction dildos

questions about dildos

I can not enjoy during penetration, will a dildo be useless?

No, it will help you train and learn how to stimulate your G-spot, so you will be much more likely to enjoy it during sex with your partner. For many women (including myself), you have to learn to overcome the barrier that unlocks the G-spot orgasm, it’s like you have to pee, but once you’re done , it will unlock and it will feel amazing, just stick with it.

Does your boyfriend mind using a fake penis?

Mine is not at all and no boyfriend should. I use my dildo when he is on a business trip and even when he is at home we use it together and simulate threesomes or he just uses it on me and we enjoy of the moment together.

Is this dildo safe?

Yes, it is free from everything from toxic to phthalates and is safe for penetration games without a condom. Make sure to always check that your sex toys are safe if they are not from a reputable seller.

In what packaging is this sex toy supplied?

The dildo is packed in a discreet brown box with no shipping label that suggests what’s inside, nor on your bank statement that it is a toy sexual. It is very discreet if it is something that concerns you.

woman with a fitted body in black bra