The Best Anal Beads I’ve Ever Used (My First Anal Orgasm)

You may not even have heard of vibrating anal beads, I mean you may be thinking, “Aren’t anal beads enough ?!” Well, yes, but adding a vibration element is even better.

If you like butt stimulation, P-spot stimulation and you are not afraid to experiment, the vibrating beads are going to be something you like.

Whether you are an anal beginner or you know your way, the vibrant anal beads will make you fall. The ones I like that are underneath are not too small and they are not too big, they are just the perfect size for just about anyone.

I didn’t know much about them before I tried them, but I knew if I thought the anal beads were amazing, they would be amazing.

The best anal beads I have ever used

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This is the 10-function pearl anal vibrator which offers 3 speeds and 7 vibrations which offer you a range of different sensations with which you can play, these vibrations can be controlled via the push button on the base of the anal vibrator so that you can easily access them.

Smooth silicone beads are amazing when they grow inside of you as they move with your natural contours, they slide with ease and pleasure, make sure you always use a lot of water-based lubricant for maximum pleasure and comfort.

Something else that we loved is that you can actually take the vibrator out of the anal wand and use it as a clitoral stimulator, which makes it incredibly versatile.

The main reasons why I like these vibrant anal beads:

The vibrations really work: The vibrations that are emitted travel through the whole toy. There are 10 different speeds and models in total and you can feel the difference in each of them. It is really powerful and easy to control, which we loved.

The vibration settings (took me away): Being able to personalize and find exactly the jobs for me and my partner is game-changing. For now, I have a favorite setting available, just like my boyfriend, but it’s nice to know that we have so many choices if we experiment and warm up the area. I also like to slide the bullet vibrator and use it on my clitoris and experimenting with different models and speeds always brings me down.

Flexibility (reaches parts of me that I didn’t know I had): The wand’s anal vibrator may seem small, but it can actually reach the depths of your anus, these depths give you the ability to wiggle with excitement and pleasure. It is a smooth and flexible sextoy that easily threads around your inner contours.

The comments of these anal beads:

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My full body orgasm using vibrant anal beads

I had used anal beads before using these vibrant anal beads so I thought I knew what to expect. Nevertheless, I was still very excited to try them out and see what it was all about.

For me, the key to an incredible orgasm is a lot of foreplay, big strokes and teasing my clitoris. It sends my body into a “cornea” spiral and I know that when I have an orgasm, it will be intense. That day, we decided to tease my clitoris with the ball vibrator and the vibrations were INTENSE, I had to be careful not to enjoy every few seconds because the vibrations were only sending me overboard .

I was so horny and just wanted every part of me to be filled, so when I got on all fours and my boyfriend slipped the vibrant anal beads into my butt, it was hard not to scream of pleasure.

He slipped into the vibrating anal beads on one of the less intense gears and as soon as they were in place, he pressed the button and had one of the more intense gears undulating in my body. He then pushed my pussy in, stopped pretty brutally and told me it was because the vibrations were too strong and he was about to come all over the place.

We went slowly but I could tell that he was biting his tongue and doing his best not to cum, it really excited me and the position I was in meant that he was pushing straight against my G spot. That mixed with intense anal vibrations, my previous clitoral play and my general horny mood meant that I had an orgasm before I could even warn my boyfriend. As I started to enjoy, he entered me and we moaned and gasped.

Later we talked about it and he told me that the vibrations from the anal vibrator, my moans and the stimulation of my pussy had given him an incredible orgasm. I don’t think it can overcome my orgasm, like my whole body is dreaming. The anal vibrations mixed with the G-spot stimulation were enough for me because I came so hard that it hurt me.

My boyfriend had a prostate orgasm

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I had read so many reviews that the vibrating anal beads were a hidden gem for men, so many people had mentioned how amazing their P-point orgasm was and that they certainly weren’t expecting it not and so we decided that my boyfriend was going to try IT out.

We made sure it was clean, applied a lot of water-based lubricant and got to work.

If you read my blog, you may already know, but my boyfriend and I tried it once peg sex toy and he used the best prostate massager never and had interesting results, so he was intrigued and excited to use this vibrating sex toy with anal beads.

My boyfriend doesn’t shy away from anything, but he can hesitate to play with his ass a little. We made sure to make him really horny and I made sure to give him an incredible blowjob before I got close to his butt. I wouldn’t let him cum either, I just left him “on the edge” and worked him to orgasm, it was driving him crazy.

With the vibrating anal vibrating beads, the lowest speed selected, I slowly worked in this sex toy while my boyfriend was lying on his back and I had his cock in his mouth. Due to the beaded shape of this sextoy, it is easy to work slowly and it is not intimidating, so it is a beautiful, controlled insertion.

I completely inserted the vibrating anal beads and increased the vibrations while sucking his penis, my boyfriend was head back and mouth wide open as if he was trying not to scream at the top of his lungs.

It didn’t take long before he started to cum, the hot liquid filled my mouth and then a warm milky liquid slowly left his ass as he came so hard. I slowly pulled out the anal beads as he continued to enjoy with each pull. I could see his whole body stiffen as the sensations filled him and as he struggled to make noise, he was in absolute ecstasy.

His prostate orgasm was extremely intense, he enjoyed it so much and now these vibrant anal beads are constantly being used by one of us.

How to have an anal orgasm with anal beads

Here are a few things I always do to improve my chances of having an anal orgasm.

Have a vaginal orgasm first

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Start by having a normal orgasm, tease yourself, build yourself, get excited and finally insert this toy or try to get out of it to reach orgasm, then stop. It is really hard not to enjoy, but it makes your final orgasm so incredible.

Warm your buttocks

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Lick, touch and touch the buttocks of your partner, warm up and get ready. You can also use other smaller sex toys to prepare yourself. Remember to always go slow, take your time and use lots of the right lubricant.

Find a sexual position in which you are comfortable

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I came doggy style, with my partner’s cock rubbing against my G spot, this vibrator touching my A point and his hand gripping my ass firmly. My boyfriend came by lying on my back, blowing him and inserting the anal beads.

Find the job that’s right for you and run with it. It may take you several times before you find a sexual position that you feel comfortable with, but once you find it, you will find that your orgasms are better and easier to find.

Use high quality anal lubricant

Bottle of organic anal lubricant

It is very important to use the right lubricant, which means that you will avoid friction, make your sex toy more comfortable, stop any pain and allow you to enjoy your sex toy with ease.

I tried the best anal lubricant and I found it amazing with sex toys and a dick.

Learn everything my first anal orgasm.

Clean your buttocks (feel comfortable)

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My boyfriend and I like to shower before any kind of butt play, it makes us feel more comfortable and it is more a courtesy to the other person.

We take a shower, sometimes I like to use a shower and depending on the sex toy we use, I will put down a towel or put on dark sheets.

You should always feel comfortable with your partner so that if something gets messy, it wouldn’t be a problem, but taking a few extra steps would never hurt.

Go slow and use the toy alone first

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I didn’t need it too, because I tried lots of anal toys, but if this is your first anal sex toy, use it alone, take your time and feel it. Test the speed and the different patterns, learn how it feels and learn how it works. This will make its use with a partner much more fluid and guarantee you the best possible pleasure.

Questions about anal sex and anal sex toys

Questions about anal sex

I thought I would answer some of the most asked questions about anal sex toys, if you have more, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

  • Will my boyfriend poop him?

There is always a small chance that things will get complicated, you must have this in mind. However, a prior shower, using a anal shower and making sure you have towels will help you avoid mess.

  • Is there a way to completely stop the chances of pooping?

The best advice I can give you is not to eat anything like Taco Bell the night before, use a shower, clean yourself thoroughly beforehand and make sure you pooped during the day before trying the game buttocks and that should really minimize your chances.

  • How to stop anal tearing?

Be gentle, take your time, stay in control (tell your man NOT to push like it’s porn). You may have to work slowly each day, go slow and listen to your body. The anal lubricant also helps prevent tearing.

From a woman’s point of view, anal sex is amazing, I like the feeling of feeling “full” and when it is penetrated anally, it feels totally different from vaginal sex . It’s hard to explain, but the stimulation of point A makes me feel so weird.

  • Do you let your boyfriend cum in your butt?

Yes. My boyfriend likes to cum in me and it is an amazing feeling for me. I let him cum more inside my butt than I do my pussy!

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