Bi Party Of Three (Ch. 3)

Our collective heartbeat had barely picked up the normal rhythm (following a huge three-way fuck-and-suck-fest) when my fiancee pointed to Bob’s still partially-erect cock and exclaimed, “You promised me I would be the opportunity to see this thick monster in his ass!”

“Promise yourself, I did,” replied Bob in an almost perverted manner. “And you will!”

Thinking we would need some time to recover before the next round of play took place, I reached for my drink and beckoned my fiancee and Bob to do the same. I thought extra vodka would help me loosen up for the eventual pounding that was probably coming my way.

Bob’s Cock was certainly suitable for porn – probably 8.5 inches long and probably the same size in circumference. And the purple mushroom head was even thicker than the coke-can tree. I had done my best with it in my mouth earlier, and he surprisingly worked his way into my tender fiancees (much to her delight) earlier in the evening, and soon he would penetrate me for what would most certainly be the gaping of a Life.

As I took a long sip of Grey Goose, my fiancée got up from the bed on which we had all been lying and, with a smile above lyset and a short laugh, whispered something in Bob’s ear that also brought a smile to his face. She winked at me and told me she was heading to the bathroom to cool off.

“I expect a hell of a show when I come back, guys,” she said with a smile. Please don’t disappoint me!”

“I’m almost afraid to ask you what she said to you,” I said a little shyly to Bob.

“Oh, you’ll know soon enough, buddy,” Bob laughed as he moved onto the couch with his cocktail. “But in the meantime, you may want to come here and prepare me for the next round before your beautiful wife returns!”

My own cock was shaking at the thought of a sexual performance with this hot stud for the pleasure of my gorgeous fiancée. But the “unknown” of what his direction to Bob involved made me a little uncomfortable. Nevertheless, my eagerness to get the handling of this beautiful cock again outweighed any concern associated with where it was heading.

I headed to Bob who was now lying on the couch, his semi-straight cock lying against his muscular thigh, a small drop of pre-cum forming at the tip of the bulbous purple head. I reached down with my hand and gently massaged the sleeping giant, feeling it instantly stir under my touch. I lifted it up and felt its wonderful weight and girth. My mouth started to water. I knelt down and kissed the mushroom head, licking this drop of pre-cum and savoring its salinity. I kissed the tree elongating and letting my tongue dance around its big balls, slowly taking each in my mouth as I gently cartthed the now erect cock, striving to wrap my fingers around its circumference Complete.

Bob ran his fingers through my hair and pulled my head closer, forcing his balls deeper into my mouth. I forced them and sucked them with more vigour, tumbling my tongue in circles around each and savoring his manly essence as I looked up from below him. He continued to massage my scalp while I performed my oral dance on his, sometimes allowing my tongue to wander to his perineum and anus. Bob moaned softly to recognize his approval and, after a few more minutes of sucking and tonguing down, pulled up on my head to direct me towards his now rigid, fully engorged.

That’s when I was moving to take her cock in my mouth that I realized that my fiancée had come back from the bathroom and was standing behind the video couch of the scene with her iPhone. When we made eye contact, she silently moved towards me to start sucking Bob’s cock, and luckily I forced it. The exhibitionist in me took over, and I was determined to provide a performance of sucker worthy of porn. Bob’s hands to my head encouraged me to stretch the boundaries of my mouth and my gag reflex as I wanted this monster deeper into my throat. My own cock was rock-hard as it bounced into the rhythm with my sucking and petting.

After several minutes on intense fellatio, Bob placed his hands at my waist and beckoned for me to get up. My heart rate went up because I knew my anal pounding was at hand. But how would he me? Would we go back to bed? Would we stay here on the couch? Would he take dog style or maybe on my back? My mind ran like my heart hammered into my chest.

The sofa overlooked two floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the city. Bob pointed and said in a low voice and very authoritarian and direct, “Go face the window and do not look back. I’ll be right on top.

My fiancée nodded her approval and waved at the giant window. As I walked to the glass, I could see the bustling city twenty floors below me. It was a busy night with lots of people moving through the streets and sidewalks. I heard the click of the light switches and realized Bob had turned on all the lights in our hotel suite (obviously to light our room and make it pretty obvious to everyone who looked at our window the activities that are taking place in our room). I stood there naked, my chest and hands against the fresh glass, my hard cock pressing in the window.

I felt Bob behind me and I could see my fiancée to my left ready with her iPhone and ready to resume her filmmaking activities. Bob leaned over, placed one hand on my hip and the other grabbed my cock from behind, and whispered in my ear, “Your beautiful bride-to-be wants to see me rape your ass.”

My mouth dried up, and my beating heart started beating even harder. I could feel Bob thick, hard cock pressing against the little one from my back, but I knew he was going somewhere else soon. Like many bi guys, I had a recurring fantasy of being taken by force by a hung stud, but never imagined that the woman of my dreams would share in such a getaway.

Bob kicked my ankles further as if he were an arresting cop and repositioned himself, bringing his hand from my dick to my throat. His free hand grabbed his own cock, and I could feel the huge mushroom head balanced at my anal entrance. He again put his mouth in my ear and announced loudly, Your is mine, sissy!

With an energetic thrust, his cock’s head suddenly pops up in my rectum. The sharp pain brought a breath and a little barking, and my legs became weak. Bob moved his hand from my throat to my armour and pulled me hard against his chest, sinking his big cock even further down my ass. Through my eyes, I could see people in the street below pointing to the window, and I could make a few individuals in the building in front of their dark rooms in our suite. Bob pushed again, lifting me from my feet and jamming the entire length of his thick cock deeper into my bowels.

It hurts, but it was glorious at the same time, feeling the fullness of this huge cock stretching the limits of my ass-hole desire. I finally caught my breath and let out a “Holy shit … Oh, fuck! Fuck me, FUCK ME!

Bob bent me at the waist, forcing me to keep my hands leaning against the window as he increased his pace, fucking me savagely. I could feel these huge balls slapping against mine as he grabbed my hips with both hands, pulling me into his powerful thrusts. I was doing everything I could to stay a little upright and not go face to face first in the glass. He fucked me so fast and so hard that my legs were weakening and my knees were wobbly. I could feel Bob getting closer as his breathing increased and his moans became louder.

With a guttural groan and a loud FUCK!, Bob exploded in my, shouting: Take this load, bitch!

I could feel the heat of his cum filling my ass and leaking out of my hole as he plowed again away, seeming to want to get all the last possible shots in. s thrust directly on to my face. Instinctively, I opened my mouth to receive what I could from its decreasing payload.

Seeing my mouth open, Bob guided his cock to her, and I eagerly picked him up, stroking his huge balls while sucking the last remnants of cum from his amazing tool. My gaping ass was on fire under me, dripping from his cum and unable to re-squeeze the extreme fuck that had taken place. My fiancée paused her video, put her phone down and gave me a huge kiss, applauding her approval.

From the street down, we could hear faint cheers and a call from “Encore!” as Bob helped me to my feet, giving me a big hug and kiss.

“Again?” he asked. I laughed. “Let one of them come and try this monster and then go back for more!”

In the eveninge had been full of fantastic action, but the recall would have to wait until the morning.

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Bi Party Of Three (Ch. 3)