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1st class worldwide Shipping (Tracked & Insured) Discreet package
8 Of The Best Sex Toys Under $50 You Can Buy Online

8 Of The Best Sex Toys Under $50 You Can Buy Online

Need a savvy shopper in the streets and a freak in the sheets.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know,

1. A customer-favorite RABBIT VIBRATOR 10 MODES G SPOT VAGINA SHOCKER that packs a serious punch despite its compact size — use one of its 20 settings to hitch a ride to O-town.

Promising review: "All I can say is WOW. I love this thing! I have a lot of sex toys, including a Hitachi — which I used right after this to compare. This Shibari is easily my new favorite toy of all time. It's super powerful but not in the way that can hurt a bit like the Hitachi. Absolutely mind-blowing and got the job done within a minute, literally. I think I discovered a new kind of orgasm. Definitely would buy again."

2. A 10 SPEED RECHARGEABLE MAGIC WAND is so sleek and compact you'll want to take it with you everywhere you go (and tbh, there's no reason you shouldn't).

Promising review: "I have a ridiculously extensive collection of sex toys, from cheaper right the way through to fancy expensive ones. None of them match up to this simple bullet. It's the one I always return to, and the one that I am guaranteed to orgasm with. It's powerful and the vibrations are concentrated in the right spot. I never have a night away from home without taking it with me, and it's a rare day where it doesn't get at least one use."

3. A best-selling vibrating cock ring that's quiet and waterproof, for solo or couples' play rain or shine.

Promising review: "The packaging was discreet. I pulled the ring out and showed it to my husband joking around about how it looked small. It stretches... and he needs it to because he is on the gigantic side below deck. So I had never used a cock ring shaped like this. I have a few with a horizontal bullet; this is my first time using a vertical one. I don't see myself ever going back to horizontal. This bullet hit the perfect spot every time. I did not need to move or readjust and neither did he. Who likes having to stop in the middle of things? My husband is good at what he does, I had no complaints. This toy, however, upped the yowzer factor by a megaton. We were both left shaky and blissful. The strength is amazing for such a small little toy."

4. A beautiful realistic dildo, which could easily pass for an amazing piece of art.


Promising review: My first reaction to this product was shocking. It's like a modern art piece. The iridescent glaze on it only adds to the effect. The packaging is minimalist and very high-end. First impressions aside, this sex toy is not only beautiful, but it's actually my favorite one now. It's weighty and smooth, and the ridges give a very nice effect. I didn't experience any irritation related to the glaze, and I didn't find it scratchy at all. One thing I love about this toy is that it can be used vaginally or anally. I prefer the larger end for vaginal use, and the shape gives an incredible sensation. For anal, this was slim enough to be enjoyable without a ton of prep. If you're used to something bigger, this may not satisfy you, however, for me it was perfect. In conclusion, this toy is not just another pretty face. It's versatile and very well-made. Consider me a happy customer."



5. An intense remote-control vibe that'll have you on the train to Climax Town in no time flat.

Promising review: "This love egg is very powerful at its highest setting, so if you are looking for intense stimulation then this is the one for you. I love that you can turn a wheel on the remote end of this egg to determine the strength of vibration. You and your partner could have a lot of fun handing over the remote and being teased by having it turned up and down with ease. I think that this added feature makes me enjoy it even more as it can be used as a sensual couples toy as well as as a solo toy." —Exploringgirl2

6. An all-in-one cock ring, anal bead set, bullet vibrator, and soft clitoral brusher, because yes, you can have it all.


Promising review: "This thing is absolutely amazing. It's done wonders for me. This thing gets the job done in under a minute, or you can back off and let it last a little longer. I've also had no problem getting off multiple times in a row with it. The orgasms you get with this are insane, and they last forever; I'd say at least twice as long as usual. If you are someone who needs clit stimulation during sex, you use it during foreplay and it makes your clit way more sensitive for intercourse. I've found that ever since I started using this, my orgasms during intercourse and oral are lasting longer, too. It's worth the price and discreet. I've recommended this to a few friends."

7. A best-selling "Booty Boot Camp" training kit, a set of three silicone plugs that let you start small and work your way up 'til you ~finish~ big.

Promising review: "With the multiple sizes, it was more comfortable and pleasurable to move up to the bigger size, and once I was able to use the big one, ohhhh." —J

8. This 9-inch rabbit vibrator with seven different settings, because it knows there isn't a one-speed-fits-all when it comes to the big O.

Promising review: "HAPPY WIFE over here! Guess who found her G-spot? This is a spectacular buy, and is one of the best toys I've ever owned. I was originally surprised by the sheer weight of it. It's extremely realistic. If you want to wow your wife in the bedroom, or your husband, or your partner, or whatever — THIS is the one to get!"