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Bullets, eggs, and Bunnies: Compact Clitoral Vibrators Create a Buzz all what you need to know

Bullets, eggs, and Bunnies: Compact Clitoral Vibrators Create a Buzz all what you need to know

Compact clitoral vibrators are designed for external use against the vulva and clitoris. (They can also be used on nipples, balls, penises, and perineum.) Although they can be used to stimulate the vaginal opening, you should not attempt to use them for penetration. Most of them are compact and discreet, making them ideal for use during intercourse. All of these clitoral vibrators are battery-powered or rechargeable and range from the size of a double A battery to slighter larger than a computer mouse.

Bullets and Eggs A First-Timer’s Delight

Small and portable, bullet-shaped and egg-shaped vibrators are widely available and among the most popular for first-time users. They are usually made of hard plastic and are relatively inexpensive ($10 to $30). The number and type of batteries that power these tiny vibes varies from one watch battery to two or three AA batteries. As a general rule, the more batteries, the greater the intensity. Most egg vibrators are attached with a wire to a separate unit that houses the batteries and features a dial or buttons to control the speed. Some units come with two eggs, so you and your partner can each use one at the same time. Bullet vibes tend to be all-in-one, with one small battery inside the bullet; you turn it on and off and control the speed by twisting a dial on the cap. There are also sleeves sold separately that fit over egg and bullet vibrators; a particular favorite is the bunny, which extends the surface area of the vibrator, conducting the vibration from the body of the rabbit all the way to the ears, which flutter furiously. You’ll like these kinds of vibrators if you’re a newcomer to the world of vibration, you like low to moderate intensity, or you’re shy about using a vibrator.

Can I Get Addicted to My Vibrator?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked, and it’s something a lot of people are concerned about. First, people worry that once they learn to reach orgasm with a vibrator and get used to it, they’ll never be able to go back to the old days: They will not be able to come with their hands, their lover’s fingers, or oral sex. Not true! Sure, you can grow accustomed to climaxing with the help of a vibrator, just as you can get used to coming in a certain position. If this concerns you, then simply switch it up from time to time, and practice having an orgasm in many different ways so you don’t get hung up on just one.2nd people think that vibrators can desensitize, numb, or damage the clitoris which is also untrue. Can you overdo it? Of course. Just like with lots of other things, the average is best. when you use your vibrator for hours of many orgasms, your clitoris may feel overly sensitive, worn out, sore, or even numb. Don’t worry, the feeling isn’t permanent. Give your body a break and a chance to recover, and it will be back to itself in a very short time.

Fingertip Vibes Give Your Digits a Helping Hand

Because many women first learn to stimulate their clitoris with their hands, it seems fitting that there’s a style of vibrator created to give your fingers a helping hand! Although plenty of women say that fingers (their own or their partners) can produce the perfect stimulation, why not add a little buzz to those already award-worthy techniques? Made of hard plastic and rubber or silicone, fingertip vibes slide right over the fingertip like a ring and feature a small on/off switch on one side (and are usually under $30). They’re great if you are looking to intensify your finger’s power or take over when your digits need a break. This kind of vibe works equally well for solo or partnered adventures and is extremely quiet. They are good for beginners because the speed is low to moderate.

You’re Worth the Splurge: Luxury Compact Clitoral Vibrator

Imagine that a bullet vibrator were stretched out to be more than 5 inches (13 cm) long and had no separate control unit, and you’ve got the Little Something vibrator made by luxury manufacturer/retailer Jimmyjane. It’s got the perks of the best compact vibes: It’s waterproof, is whisper quiet, and runs on one battery. And, of course, it’s small and discreet enough to leave out on the nightstand, throw in your purse, or travel with. But here’s what makes it luxury: It’s available in 24K gold or platinum ($325 to $3,250)!

Pocket Rocket: Discreet Design, Powerful Buzz

Band-Aid is such a well-known brand that it has become synonymous with adhesive bandages. Similarly, the Pocket Rocket is thought of not just as a brand name but also as a particular style of compact vibrator. About the size of a lipstick, only slightly taller, it is made of hard plastic and runs on one double A battery, which sits in the lower two-thirds of the vibrator. You twist the base to turn it on and off (and to open it to replace the battery). It has a rounded top with several metal nubs on it; this texture feels really good against the vulva and clitoris. Some pocket rocket vibes are also sold with plastic caps with different bumps and ridges, and most are under $30. Leaving the cap on can not only change the top’s texture but also slightly mute the intensity of the vibration. This kind of vibrator looks completely innocuous to your spying roommate or the TSA inspector at the airport. There is only one speed, but it’s more powerful than many of the other vibrators in this chapter. There is also a mini version (which is about half the size) and a waterproof version called the Water Dancer.

Perfect Pairing: Finger Vibe or Pocket Rocket + Cowgirl Position

In the Cowgirl position, he lays on his back with his legs together, and she sits on top and faces him. She can control the angle, depth, and rhythm of the penetration, and he can lie back and let her take charge. Not only does he have a wonderful view of her body and the penetration action, but he also has easy access to her clitoris. Whether he slips on a finger vibe or grabs a pocket rocket, he can hold the vibrator against her clitoris as she moves on top of him. If she wants more pressure against her clitoris, she can lean forward toward him. If she wants less intense vibration but there is only one speed option on the vibrator, he can put his finger (or she can put her own finger) between her clitoris and the vibrator. This will decrease the intensity of the stimulation.

Disguised Vibes: They May Look Innocent But . . .

Lots of different kinds of vibrators fit into this category, but they all have one thing in common: They’re disguised as something else. Some disguised vibes are very small, making them easy to slip into a purse, take on a weekend getaway, or use during intercourse with a partner. The Lipstick Vibrator ($30) is the perfect choice for a girl on the go who likes to be discreet; it looks exactly like an indispensable makeup tool—a perfect disguise if it falls out of your handbag onto a stranger’s lap at the coffee shop! There’s also a vibe that looks like a pen and one whose case looks like a roll of hard candy. For those of you who like their vibes to be as cute as they are reliable, look for one of the many small vibrators that resemble cuddly animals such as bunnies, ducks, bears, and beavers; these are usually made of rubber and contain an egg or bullet vibrator within the body of the animal.

You’re Worth the Splurge: Luxury Ergonomic
Clitoral Vibrators

The Pebble (available at Myla, $165) is a hard plastic vibrator designed by Japanese sculptural ceramicist Mari-Ruth Oda. Its shape is truly unique: It resembles a large rock with ergonomic indents meant to fit perfectly against a woman’s vulva and clitoris. It’s rechargeable and a perfect gift for the nature girl in your life. Lelo is a luxury toymaker based in Sweden that produces some of the most stunning toy designs on the market. The Yva ($1,500) is an 18K-gold-plated compact vibe that is quiet, rechargeable, and beautifully packaged.