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How To Choosing a Good Sex Store

How To Choosing a Good Sex Store

The sad fact is that there are far more bad sex stores than good ones. A bad sex store is one that overcharges offers little to no customer service, and sells products of questionable safety. A good sex store charges fair prices, offers basic warranties, and trains its staff so they can answer your questions honestly and intelligently (and without rolling their eyes). To some extent, finding a good sex store is about the fit, but there are some things to look for and to think about. Below are tips from one of the best people in the business: Cory Silverberg, a twenty-year veteran of sex toy retailing.

Get a recommendation.

It might be embarrassing to ask a friend, but you’re never going to get a more honest answer or advertisement for a sex store than the one you get from someone who has shopped there. If you don’t want to ask a friend, You can ask Our professional customer service and definitely, they will help You with pleasure

Compare prices.

If you go online you’ll find a huge range in pricing for any given product. Use the Web to do comparison shopping, but keep in mind that if you want quality customer service and a company that will stand behind its products, you’ll probably pay a little more, and it’s worth it.

Find a store that caters to your ethics.

There are sex stores that focus on organic products, sex stores that are worker cooperatives, feminist sex stores, and online stores catering just to Christians. One of the great benefits of the boom in sex toy sales is that it’s now easier to shop in a way that doesn’t compromise your ethics and values (or at least doesn’t compromise them as much!). Don’t feel like you have to settle for a cheesy or sleazy porn shop unless that’s what you’re looking for.

Demand real answers, not marketing.

It’s a good idea to ask a few questions to test the knowledge of the sales staff. Asking them to explain, for example, why one product is much more expensive than the other or what they’d recommend for a first-time vibrator should give you a sense of how much they know about their products and how they work. If the answer you get sounds more like a sales pitch than a personal and relevant response, be wary. Although more stores are training their staff, it doesn’t mean they are training them well!

online shopping.

If you shop online, make sure the company will pay for shipping. If they don’t have a posted policy. The same goes for a privacy policy. If it’s not posted on the site, don’t stop until you’ve got something in writing