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Every Thing You should Know ABOUT VIBRATORS For better choices and more satisfaction

Every Thing You should Know ABOUT VIBRATORS For better choices and more satisfaction

Vibrators are the most popular of all sex toys on the market, and it’s no wonder: When something vibrates against the sensitive genitals or inside the vagina or anus, all the nerve endings come alive. To put it in plain terms: Vibrators feel really good. They can get you in the mood, turn you on, warm you up, make you hot, and get you off.

I cannot tell you how many stories I’ve heard from women who experienced their very first orgasm by using a vibrator.

The truth is that when we begin to masturbate, we’re aren’t experts right away, and some women find that they can’t get the exact technique down to bring themselves to orgasm.

When they try a vibrator, it delivers consistent, focused stimulation that may help them achieve what was once elusive.

Many women use vibrators during masturbation to get to know their bodies better, discover what kinds of stimulation they like, and then pass that information on to their partners.

And while it may seem like vibrators are just for women, they aren’t! Plenty of men enjoy using vibrating sleeves or pumps and traditional vibrators to stimulate the head of their penis, their balls, or their perineum. Some of the more adventurous ones use vibrators for anal stimulation.

Vibrators aren’t just for solo exploration either; they’re wonderful for partnered sex. Think of a vibrator as your “extra set of hands” in the bedroom: While you’re doing one thing, it can be doing another.

Is one hand working her nipples and the other one stroking her hair? A vibrator can be rubbing her vulva when you’ve got your hands full. Want to spice up oral sex for him?

While you’ve got one hand on his shaft and your lips wrapped around him, slip a vibrator up against his balls. Can’t reach to stimulate her clitoris during intercourse in a particular position? Vibrator to the rescue!

For some women, a vibrator can be a big help in getting them aroused. Do you have a low libido? If so, it can take you a long time to get turned on, and you can get frustrated by the process; mentally and emotionally, your desire is red hot, but your body can’t catch up.

A vibrator can be like a shortcut: It helps to get you relaxed, turned on, and lubricated quicker. Research shows that the majority of women need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm; it might be clitoral stimulation on its own or combined with penetration, but the clit needs to be in the mix! And we’re not talking about any old kind of stimulation.

There are plenty of partners who can use their fingers, mouths, tongues or some combination to bring a woman pleasure, but many women need prolonged, targeted stimulation on their clitoris in order to orgasm. Let’s face it: People can run out of steam.

Their jaws get sore, their necks begin to cramp, and their fingers start to slow down but a vibrator just keeps on going!

And a vibrator can deliver a kind of stimulation no human can, stimulation that’s consistent and powerful—the perfect combination of speed, pressure, motion, intensity, and rhythm 

How to Choose a Vibe That Works for You

There is such a wide variety of vibrators on the market that browsing at your local sex shop or online can sometimes be overwhelming. The best place to start is to decide what you’d like your vibrator to do.

Do you want it for external clitoral stimulation only, penetration, or one that can do both? What about a vibrator that’s designed for simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation? Once you’ve decided about its function, then you can move on to what you want it to look like.

There are insertable vibrators created to look as close to a human penis as possible, with different skin tones, veins, circumcised heads, and sometimes balls. There are others that have a realistic penis-like shape but come in playful colors like pink, red, green, or purple.

Others are designed to resemble something familiar like a tube of lipstick or a cute animal. Some are completely innocuous looking: small, discreet gadgets most people wouldn’t look twice at.

Some vibrators are like works of art, with sleek modern shapes, top-of-the-line materials, and satin-lined cases.

Most vibrators are made of rubber, PVC, elastomer, TPR, hard plastic, silicone, or some

combination. In addition, vibrators are motorized, so they have some specific features to consider.

First, what’s your speed? Some vibrators have one speed (it’s on or it’s off); others have a choice of two or three speeds. Some have dials that let you gradually increase or decrease speed, and others have a range from gentle to knock-your-socks-off.

As a general rule, battery-powered vibrators have less intense vibration than their plug-in counterparts, and the more batteries, the stronger the intensity. Electric vibrators are considered at the top of the heap for their power, but you need to have an outlet nearby to use them! In addition to the power and speed of the vibration, many vibrators offer different types of vibration.

These are the next generation of vibrators that go beyond a one-size-fits-all model and attempt to give you a customized experience. You may also need to consider how loud a vibrator is, because they range from the whisper quiet kind to the type that sounds like a small appliance running. If you have roommates, thin walls, nosy neighbors, or children, you may want to choose a vibrator on the quieter end of the spectrum.

Finally, not all vibrators are waterproof. Those that are will clearly state this feature on the package or in the description; waterproof vibrators are easy to clean (because they can be submerged in water) and are great for people who like to play in the shower, bath, hot tub, or pool.

• Compact clitoral vibrators: small, discreet, battery-powered or rechargeable, designed for external clitoral stimulation, low to moderate vibration; good for beginners, easy to travel with

• Plug-in clitoral vibrators: larger, plug-in, designed for external clitoral stimulation, moderate to intense vibration; unmatched power for those who want a strong vibration

• Wearable and hands-free vibrators: unique shapes that you can strap on, sit on, or slip inside during intercourse

• Insertable vibrators: phallic and curved, battery-powered or rechargeable, designed for penetration and G-spot stimulation

• Dual-action vibrators: battery-powered or rechargeable, designed for simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation; this group includes “rabbit” vibes

• Smart vibrators: next generation of toys that feature advanced technology, varied features, and top-quality design and materials

• Vibrating cock rings, sleeves, and pumps for men will be featured in later chapters.

best Tips for Buying Your First Vibrator

Like other “firsts,” buying your first vibrator is a big deal! Reading about all the different kinds of vibrators is a good step toward discovering what’s out there. Next, try to gather information and advice from Our customer service to help you in the buying process.

You can ask your friends about their preferences, visit a quality sex shop with knowledgeable salespeople, attend an in-home sex toy party, or read customer reviews of products on sex toy websites. Look for a vibrator with many speeds, so you can have options.

I recommend choosing one with low to moderate vibration to start out. If you find you need more pleasure, you can always upgrade. It’s best to select something inexpensive in case you don’t end up loving it.

How To Using a Clitoral Vibrator

They may come with batteries or a stylish carrying case, but most vibrators don’t come with instructions! You’ll find specific tips in subsequent chapters about using different types of vibrators, but let’s start with some basics that apply to all clitoral vibrators.

Before you turn it on, you may want to warm yourself up with your own hand or a partner’s hand or mouth. In fact, some women like lots of foreplay before a vibrator enters the picture at all because they need to be really aroused. If they aren’t warmed up, the stimulation feels way too intense and doesn’t feel pleasurable.

Some people like to have lots of play, including some intercourse, before reaching for their favorite vibrator. For others, the vibrator is a surefire method to warm up it’s the key to lighting their erotic fire. Whatever your preference, always begin on slow speed at first. Be sure to dab some lubricant on the side that comes in contact with your body.

Start by placing the vibrator against your inner and outer labia and your vaginal opening. Avoid the clitoris at first as you give your body a chance to rev up. Gradually increase the speed if you want to (and if that’s an option). When you’re ready, move it to one side of your clitoral hood. You want to approach the clitoris indirectly, in the beginning, to give yourself a chance to get used to the stimulation. Try each side of the hood, then try the vibrator directly on top of the hood—the hood, not the glans itself.

Most women find that a vibrator on top of or to one side of the clitoral hood is plenty stimulating; however, some women like it when you actually pull back the clitoral hood and expose the clitoral glans for direct stimulation. Some women like to do this occasionally or only when they are very, very turned on. Try it and see how it feels for you, and be sure to tell your partner your preference. If you find the slowest speed of your vibrator too intense even for indirect stimulation, here are a few tricks to decrease the intensity:

• Keep your underwear on while you use the vibrator, so the fabric will slightly mute the vibration.

• Put a washcloth between your vulva and the vibrator; fold it once or twice depending on how much you want to decrease the intensity.

• Place your fingers or hand (or those of your partner) between you and the vibrator; this can diffuse the vibration. Once you’ve gotten used to it, you can experiment with different speeds, varying amounts of pressure, and different vibration modes if your vibrator has them. Some people like to move the vibe against them, while others prefer to hold it still and let the vibration itself be the only motion. Whether you are alone or with a partner, explore different positions to find the best ones for you.