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How To Convince Your partner to use A Sex Toy?

How To Convince Your partner to use A Sex Toy?

Great sex starts with open communication. So if you’re eager to introduce a sex toy or two, don’t startle your lover by pulling a giant, buzzing phallus out of the nightstand. Spend a few minutes beforehand discussing this new opportunity for adventure. Whether your lover is gung-ho or a bit shy, it’s important to consider their feelings and not apply undue pressure if they hesitate. In fact, airing anxieties is often the best way to relax, and both of you could soon be in for a future full of record-breaking orgasms.

Why are people hesitant to try sex toys? Fear and lack of education. Even if they are mildly curious—or fantasize secretly about them—the reality may be a bit overwhelming. Here’s the key to introducing a plaything into your repertoire: be patient. You’ll discover that a little knowledge about sex toys will help ease your fears and open new doors to sexual exploration with your partner.

Fear, guilt, and shame can be rooted in family conditioning, societal pressures or religious upbringing.  After all, discovery and pleasure are healthy, both in life and in bed.

how Sex Toys Can Increase Sexual Intimacy In Women?

Women who resist toyplay the most are also among those who could benefit from it the most. By starting off with a simple toy, either alone or with your lover, you could begin enjoying many more of the physical pleasures you have coming to you, especially if:

  • You haven,t yet know how to orgasm, or do not orgasm very often
  • You’re able to orgasm during solo play, but never with your partner
  • You want exciting new pleasures that complement your relationship
  • You want to break out of a sexual rut and rekindle your physical fires
  • You still want satisfaction when your man is out of the city!

Many 1000 of women has enjoyed their first-time orgasms with the help of a little help of vibrators to send them over the edge. Others have learned to orgasm more easily—either alone or with her lovers—and at the same time, increase sexual intimacy. You will know these people by the sudden appearance of smiles on their faces.

You can then take it to the next level and give your lover one of the most craved treats of all time: let him watch you play with your toy. Don’t believe me? Try it when you’re ready, and you’ll see his eyes widen with awe. There’s just something a little naughty about it, and that’s okay—it’s just the two of you exploring and having fun. Note how special you feel. It’s truly empowering, and he’ll adore you even more for it.

You may be surprised to learn that many sex therapists and sexuality experts actually prescribe sex toys for their patients. Toys are safe, fun and liberating, once you find the right one (or ones!) for you. And they can be purchased discreetly on the Internet or by catalog, and shipped to you in a plain unmarked box.

Read on. Understanding more about yourself, your comfort, and the modern toys available to you today are your first steps toward enjoying greater sexual intimacy and physical pleasure tomorrow—and for the rest of your life.

Hey friends: Sex Toys Can improve your sexual life it can turn you into A Sex Star!

I know you guys can get just as antsy about introducing sex toys. But once you overcome your hesitation, you may soon discover intimate pleasures you’ve only dreamed about. And toys offer many other benefits, too:

  • You increase your sexual mastery. If you want to be a bigger star in bed, a toy can help you raise the volume of your partner’s orgasms, making her climax easier, more often, and with much greater intensity.
  • You add variety to your lovemaking. sex Toys give you a new means to satisfy your partner. They’re not competing for your hands, penis, and tongue, they simply give you a new way to pleasure your partner that will drive her wild and make her crave you more often.
  • You gain new steam. Toys let you continue pleasing your lover after you’ve been totally satisfied—easily, passionately, completely.
  • You earn more appreciation and affection. When you focus on her pleasure, you’ll get a lot more in return.

Attitude Is Everything

You are a great lover. If that’s anything but total truth, toys will help—not hurt—your sexual confidence. Do any of these fears sound familiar?

I must not be good enough for her.

Toys are no replacement for you. They don’t kiss, whisper sweet nothings, exude pheromones or even take out the garbage. There’s no emotional connection. They complement sex, and your lover will usually compliment you. Think of toys as a sexual enhancement designed to bring pleasure to both of you. After all, the more ways you can give your lover orgasms, the more passionate your lover will be with you, and the more you’ll be turned on.

Will she still want our relation as a lover after we start using sex toys?

Humans are built for sex; toys are designed for foreplay and fun or extending the lovemaking after intercourse. So the answer is yes, she will still want you, and now, probably more.

I feel weird about bringing sex toys gadgets into bed. Is this normal?

Yes, the sensations and vibrations of another object in bed with you can be a bit unusual the first time, but this doesn’t mean there’s anything amiss. What could be amiss is that you didn’t discuss your desire to bring a toy into bed before the lovemaking began. A gentle conversation about the subject, perhaps eased with a glass of wine and the glow of candlelight can actually inspire the desire you were seeking.

‘peter, 37, a high-tech sales, wanted to try a vibrator with his girlfriend sally. “I sat her down and told her I had a very important question. ‘I really enjoy our sex life,’ , ‘but don’t freak out... I’m kinda curious to try out a sex toy together. I think we would both love it.’”

“Well, that got Janet’s interest right away, and she said she’d be open to exploring it with me. Phew! I thanked her and suggested we look through a catalog or boutique together to get something she’d really like. She was thrilled—and it all came down to open honest communication.”

How To Bring It Up

Introducing the subject comes in a natural way to some, while it’s awkward for others. Yet, the rewards of acceptance far outweigh any risk you’ll take. Here are some suggestions to overcome your fears that have worked for others, and will make those first steps easier on you.

Women: slow and go

When a guy’s hot and turned on, he’ll go for almost anything, right? Can you think of a better time to bring up that cool little vibrator you discovered?

Start by whispering there’s something you found that you REALLY like—then bring out a small, non-phallic vibrator (even if it’s not your first choice). Virtually every guy loves watching a woman use a toy on herself, so why not start there? After a little while, you can try it on him—up and down his penis and all around his scrotum. You won’t hear any complaints.

Now that you’ve broken the ice, you can break out even more toys. If you enjoy penetration, start with something smaller than his penis—no guy wants to see a toy that’s bigger than him (at first). Give him a sense of control, engage in sexy talk about what you’d like—and find out what would turn him on. Chances are, he’ll act like a kid in a candy store.

Guys: work it in

  • If you have difficulty bringing up this subject, as most guys do, here are some suggestions to make it easier on you:
  • Explore this book with your lover. This will save you the stress of finding the right words to educate her on the pleasures of toys. You’ll both find an opportunity of common sense advice designed to ease fears and spark passion.
  •    Be sensual. Even without any sex toys, start exploring her in new creative and erotic ways. Let her feel special by touching her in new places. Use the magic of your hands and fingers. Try delicate strokes and back massages with sensual massage oils. Move the sexual and sensual part of your relationship into a new phase of exploration, so that graduating to sex toys will be part of the natural progression.
  •    Use humor. Yep, try bringing up the subject in a funny way. For instance, on your next grocery shopping list, write ‘milk, cereal, bread, Love Egg, juice. ’Voila, the topic is opened for discussion. Use your imagination—well-timed humor can instantly knock down barriers and lead to open, honest communication.
  •    Have a look together. Go online and see an array of pictures and descriptions of the various toys your lover might like. Or visit a sex toy shop together. After the giggling stops, you may find the toy that’s right for both of you. Then be a sport—spring for the purchase and the treat will be all yours!
  •    Don’t push it. Start with something simple, non-phallic and non-vibrating, like a flavored lube or topical enhancement gel. After that, you can at the beginning introduce a vibrating egg small, effective, cute. Make sure she knows that if she says stop, you will stop.
  •    Reinforce positively. If she’s shy, just leave the vibrating egg with her. She may get curious and try it out on her own. Don’t forget to include the batteries! She may surprise you.

Sadie Sez:

Guys! Don’t fight ‘em, join ‘em! Team up with vibrators and win every time!