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very important areas in woman body that every man should know to be her sex star The Erogenous Zone

very important areas in woman body that every man should know to be her sex star The Erogenous Zone

  • Erogenous Zones: areas of the human body that can be sexually arousing when touched and caressed, either by your partner or by yourself.
  • Do you know your most powerful sex organ? Look up. It’s your brain. It’s where your body receives its most powerful sexual signals, such as attitudes, desires and fantasies. In short, your turn-ons—and your turn-offs. Often gaining a better understanding about your body can turn off a hang-up forever—leaving you freer to explore and enjoy your own sexuality.


Female Anatomy

  • The female body is one of nature’s most beautiful works of art. Soft, curvy, sensual, erotic. unfortunately, a lot of women aren’t really aware of with their very own masterpiece. simply by becoming comfortable with your touch-sensitive areas and understanding a little more about them you’ll quickly enhance your own pleasure, sensually and sexually.

Sadie Sez:

A small hand mirror can help, too!

  • Vulva. The external genitals—the labia minora and labia majora (inner and outer skin folds or “lips”), the tip of the clitoris (“clit”), the prepuce (clitoral foreskin or “hood”), two Bartholin’s glands (which produce lubrication during arousal) and the urethral and vaginal openings.
  • Labia majora and labia minora. The lips is the soft skin on the vulva’s outermost parts (labia majora) designed to protect the inner folds (labia minora) and inner vulva. Both sets of lips, especially the labia minora, are highly pleasurable erogenous zones that swell with blood while reacting to touch and penetration.
  • Clitoris. This is a woman’s orgasm nerve center—the primary source of sexual pleasure. The tip of the clitoris is located at the top of the vulva, hidden slightly under the clitoral hood, where the inner and outer labia meet. You can see it by  pleasantly parting the labia. It’s about the size of a pea. The two clitoral shafts (crura or “legs”) extend inward and straddle each side of the vaginal canal.

The Vulva


  • Vagina. In its unexcited state, this canal usually measures three to four inches deep, but can actually double in depth and width when aroused. Of course, it’s designed by nature to be elastic, since it must also stretch to accommodate a newborn.
  • G-spot. Located inside the vagina, near the roof, about three-quarters of the way up, this small spongy area is a highly pleasurable erogenous zone. The G-spot, also known as a urethral sponge because it surrounds and protects the urethra, responds pleasurably to stroking and pressure in many women.
  • Pelvic muscles. You know these muscles, because they’re what you use to control urination. all women & men have the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. During arousal and climax, the PC muscles contract involuntarily—randomly at first, then building into rhythmic, pleasurable contractions during orgasm. Women actually can increase vaginal tightness and orgasmic intensity by Kegel exercises—just squeeze and release these muscles.
  • Mons veneris. Latin for “Hill of Venus” (the Roman goddess of love), the mons veneris is the soft cushiony area that sits on your pubic bone. The hair protects this area of your body, while the mons protects the pubic bone from impact during intercourse.

Sadie Sez:

Make Kegels part of your daily routine. Flex your pelvic muscles at your desk, in your car, doing your hair, watching TV! No one will know but you.

  • Breasts, areolas and nipples. A sensual erogenous zone, your breasts, nipples and areolas (small rings of color around each nipple) can be sources of great pleasure. excitation can make the nipples erected and sensitive to touch during your pleasure sessions. Some women experience orgasm from nipple stimulation alone!
  • Anus, rectum and sphincter. Full of densely concentrated nerve endings, this erogenous zone can be quite sensitive to touch. excitation of these nerve endings can be intensely pleasurable, even orgasmic.
  • Perineum. This is the small area between the bottom of the vulva and the anus. Many people gentle teasing and stroking of this area to be extremely pleasurable.

Male Anatomy

  • Because a male’s genitals are external—and deliver pure primal ‘motivation’ all day long—guys tend to be self-proclaimed experts on their own sexual anatomy. Let’s just see how much you guys really know:
  •    Shaft. It’s made up of two sections of spongy erectile tissue and blood vessels, plus a third section that extends to the tip of the penis. To create an erection, these tissues fill with blood.
  •    Glans. The most sensitive part of the penis, the glans (“head”) contains the greatest number of nerve endings, making it very similar to the clitoris in women. At the bottom edge of the glans is the frenulum, which connects the glans to the shaft, and has many nerve endings which produce pleasure for men during stroking.
  •    Testicles. This is where testosterone and sperm are produced. Located inside the scrotum (“sack”), these two organs are best handled delicately, though some men find gentle stretching or tugging to be pleasurable.
  •    Prostate. This is the organ that produces the ejaculatory fluid, which later mixes with sperm to make semen. It is located below the bladder and behind the pubic bone and can be stimulated through the anus. A pleasure center in men, many can climax from direct prostate stimulation.
  •    Anus. The anus has a high concentration of nerve endings and can evoke significant pleasure for men. While some men consider anal stimulation to be unnatural or only okay for women, others discover it can provide many new sensations and orgasms.
  •    Perenium. Extending from the back of the scrotum to the front of the anus, the perineum is often overlooked as an erogenous zone that merits exploration. Also known as the ‘taint.’
  •    Nipples. A man’s nipples can be every bit as sensitive as a woman’s, and many men enjoy gentle sucking, stroking or pinching from their partners. Image

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