Brea’s First Time At The Club

Brea wandered around the house by herself. Her husband had gone on a business trip or, if the truth is known, he was probably screwing something young somewhere exotic around the world. Brea had only been married to him for a few years before she discovered that he was not interested in being faithful. She was fifty-eight, but you’d never know. She worked regularly to maintain a shapely figure. Most men assumed she was in her 30s.

Her skin was that of a soft tanned color, showing just slight signs of age and wrinkles. Her breasts were smaller in size which helped them to stay firm and not sag with age. She always felt that her greatest asset was her legs. At just over five feet-eight inches tall, she had long legs compared to other women her size. She was always being dredging by young men at the gym.

Even with a husband’s, Brea had not been as unfaithful as he was. She visited websites and talked to men. She has always avoided attempts at face-to-face meetings though. During one of those conversations with a guy, with the screen name Happy2screwU, she learned about a local club that catered to men and women who wanted attention without complications. Brea had thought of going there many times, but still deflated.

She was thinking about the club again today and decided it was time to see what it was all about. She did some internet surfing and discovered that the club was a discreet place reserved for members. Even to check their site, you had to become a member to pass the introductory page. Brea decided what the hell, for a penny for a pound. She filled out the new members’ form with the required information and waited to be verified.

Moments later, she received the email with her membership number and an access code to use on the site and at the club. She logged into the site and accessed the member’s area. Listed there were some of the things that the club provided for their members. Private lounges, social spaces, a fully endowed bar and private swimming areas. It left her wondering what kind of place this club really was.

Brea spent the rest of the day shopping, looking for an outfit for her club trip. She visited a couple of shops that had very sexy outfits. She finally decided on an outfit that had a tight top that hugged right to her little breasts. It made them look much bigger than they were. The only cause of hesitation came when she realized that there was no way she could wear a bra. This brought him the second concern, that her nipples would be clearly visible sticking in the top.

Dismissing these concerns for a while, she slipped the short skirt on which went with the top. He was as tight as the top and hugged his hips and very tight. As with the top, she realized panties of any kind would be out of the question. It was much shorter than it appeared. If it leaned too far, it would be totally exposed to the world. Gathering her courage while looking in the mirror, she decided to go to hell with her. I can get away with it and love the look. His colour choices were simple; she got the black skirt, her favorite and a red top that looked good against her tanned skin.

With most of the day spent, she jumped on the computer for some social time. She found Happy2screwU online and started chatting with him. He was always so hot to talk to. If even half of his description and the photos he shared where it was true, she would let him fuck her anytime, anywhere. He had a way of pouring his juice with very little effort.

It was time to get ready to go, but chatting with Happy2screwU had excited her a little too much to get ready right away.  After taking off her clothes, she sat on the bed and pulled an open drawer on her unsubscribed. Reaching in she pulled out her favorite vibrator. It was very thick and about six inches long. She also pulled out her favorite anal toy. An cap with ever-growing sized balls stacked to spread and fill his anus.

She loved to use it on her anus. His husband’s, when he wanted to sleep with her, wouldn’t do much more than work her until he came. Typical of the bastard he was, he never tried to meet his needs or desires. This has always been left to its own devices.

Coming back behind her, Brea pushed the pillows into a pile in the middle of the bed. She then moved around so that she leaned back on them as her feet rested on the padded headhead. She had discovered a long time ago that it was an ideal position to masturbate. Just by moving how far from the headboard she was, she could lift her bottom from the bed to get easy access to her anus and with her feet spread apart, he would open her so she could play with even her biggest toys.

Today, she chose to play with her. Scooting herself around on the bed until she had her feet spread apart resting on the headboard. As she settled into position, she looked up in the mirror mounted on the bed. She could see her open wide. Already excited, his clite was already peeking out of his normal hiding place in his folds, but he really didn’t take much to get him out of hiding.

Looking in the mirror, she reached out to her and ran her hand over her, dragging her fingers over the folds until she came to her clit/toiles. She gently teased him with his fingers, pulling and rubbing each other getting moaned. She loved doing this so much as she masturbated. As she continued to play and tease her clit/hettism, she took the mood in her other hand and began to run it on her nipples in a low setting, making them instantly harden to small pebbles.

She always thought that her nipples should be the switch on her because no sooner than she had started teasing them, she could see her juices forming along her. She liked to get wet and often rubbed her nipples to get wet. But now the humidity was for a more practical reason. She moved the vibrator to her, running the thick tip along her lips, gently pushing it through the folds as she had done with her fingers.

Not being able to contain her need any longer, she pushed the mood deep into her. As she did, she quickly pressed the speed button on the end of it until it hummed away at its fastest speed. Brea slowly began working her toy in and out at a steady pace, while continuing to tease her clitoris with her other hand. The feeling that this was sending through her was quickly pushing her to a quick orgasm.

All of a sudden, she felt the overwhelming wave of liberation spread through her body. She pinched her hard clitonde as she forced her toy deeply. Her was clutching around her as if she were trying to crush him. She felt her juice flow from her, running on her fingers that were sergin ingring her clitaction. It felt so wonderful to her as she slowly relaxed. She released her clitoris and slowly removed the vibrator from her, feeling more of her juice dripping over her and through her puddle clitoris on her skin.

Brea posed there looking up in the mirror for a while enjoying the appearance of her body. She could see her red and swollen cliton from her game. Her opened the toy being out and her juice twinkling on her skin. His only regret was that all this had been done by his own hand and not that of a lover. After relaxing on the bed for a while Brea finally got up to take a shower and get ready for her trip to the club.

Go to the club!

After preparing for his night at the club, Brea decided to call a car service instead of driving. His journey arrived just at 9 p.m. to take him to the club. She felt nervous about going, but even after a long hot shower, her was still wet with excitement when she got dressed. She didn’t know where it would lead, but she knew she wanted to.

Upon arriving outside the club, the car stopped to the sidewalk in front of the club. Brea looked at the entrance. It was a single glass door with a young man standing next to him in a tuxedo. It made him feel a little better coming here. She had been worried that it would be shady and run down, even though all the pictures online were very nice, but you could never really trust things like that.

The young man in a tuxedo got up to the car, opening the door and offering him the hand to help him. Brea looked up at him, placing his hand in his. Being in her short skirt, she couldn’t help but flash the young man udid extremely high thigh as she slipped around to get out of the car.

His first thought after getting up in front of him was, he was absolutely gorgeous. With him helping him, she found herself standing close enough for him to study him as well. She would have sworn that he was licking his lips when she looked at her. Imagined or not, this sent an instant jolt to her, making her already wet condition that much wetter. After releasing his hand, he showed it at the club’s front door. She could see a small plaque on the wall next to the door that said, “Club Excite, The Place Your Excitement Is Full-Filled.

As they approached he opened from the inside automatically revealing a pretty young woman in a black cocktail dress waiting to greet her. Brea exchanged greetings with the young woman and was escorted to a reception area to finalize her membership. She was surprised to see the woman behind the desk was just as sexy as her escort. Not really being in Brea women still couldn’t help but imagine what either would be like in bed.

In completing her membership, Brea received a simple silver bracelet to wear either on a wrist or ankle. She was told that he was waterproof, damn almost indestructible, was also for his billing and would she please wear it on her person anytime she was in the club. The young woman who had brought her, had waited for her to finish and had escorted her to the main part of the club.

As they entered the main area of Brea’s head was on a pivot to take everything in. She could see a large bar at one end of the room, a large seating area in a section with sofas and comfortable looking chairs. Then high above the seating area at the end was a dance floor.

Also, taking in the way everyone was dressed relieved his anxieties a bit. Brea was afraid that the way she dressed would have been a little too slutty, but now she saw that her worries were for nothing. She saw women with almost no clothes and men dressed as casualas you could be and still be dressed. His online friend had said, “It was a place where a woman could connect,” and he was right.

The young woman escorting Brea asked, “Is there anything else I could do for you?”

Brea replied, “No, I think I’ll just start with a drink, thank you.”

Brea wondered to the bar taking in the surroundings as she went. The place was not crowded but was quite full. She noticed that there seemed to be more men than women at the moment. She finally arrived at the bar and was about to ask the young woman behind her for a drink when a gentleman sitting at the bar offered to buy her a drink.

Looking towards him, she said, “Thank you.”

“It is a pleasure for me for such a beautiful lady like you,” he replied.

Brea blushed a little to his compliment, but slipped on the stool beside him taking the time to look at him. She guessed somewhere in her late 40s or early 50s in her early age. Not a big guy, but seemed pretty toned under his polo shirt.

“Do you come here often?” she asked.

“As often as work allows me. I love this place. I’ve never seen you before, you must be a fairly new member here,” he said, adding, “My name is Rob.”

“Hi Rob, my name is Brea. Why do you think I’m new enough here?

Before he could answer, the bartender brought his drink and Rob a refill on what he had already been drinking.

“Well, I don’t want to give secrets, but you have a silver bracelet. It is still shiny as it just came out of the packaging. Only new members have money, once you’ve been here for a while and experienced some of the nicest things the club has to offer, they give you a gold. Then you’ll get a specially engraved one if you stay a member long enough, he told him.

Without really thinking, she looked down at her wrist to see what colored bracelet he had on. It had a tricolor effect to it. Brea guessed it was one of the specials he mentioned.

“You must have been a member here for a long time. That sounds really expensive. She said, nodding her nodding her to her bracelet.

“I’m not telling a lot of people, but I’m interested in getting to know you better tonight, so I’ll level it off with you. I am a founding member of the club and we have all these tricolor bracelets. They were given as a gift to everyone by the people who started the club,” he replied.

He liked his honesty greatly and helped him relax a little more as they continued to talk. They discussed life in general, but not much in the way of personal things. They just shared some experiences and as they consumed a few more drinks the discussion turned a little more to why they were both here at this club.

For Rob, it was simple, he was a widower and didn’t want a complicated life. He had the opportunity to have sex as often or as little as he wanted with a number of partners.

Brea confessed that she was married to an who found having sex with someone other than her more attractive. She explained that she had had relationships on the Internet, but had always resisted requests to meet guys in person. After discovering her husband’s last affair, she decided it was time for her to find someone she would like.

Rob listened as she told her story and if she had known how many times he had heard this story of women in this club, she would probably leave and never come back. Almost all the older women here had the same story.

“Are you dancing? Do you want? Rob asked to stand up and offer him his hand.

She took her hand and he took her to the dance floor. They danced near that the songs played. Brea relaxed and was almost molding her body to hers at the end of the fifth song. Sensing that she was relaxing for him, he let his hands wander behind his back until he had one on his upper back and the other cuped a cheek from his. He smiled at himself when he did not feel underwear and knew she could be her tonight.

After dancing for nearly thirty minutes, he took her to a sofa on her side. He raised his hand to a young woman in a shimmering blue dress. She recognized her wave and brought them drinks. Rob couldn’t help but peek into the back of this girl as she went away. Yet he quickly turned his attention back to Brea. She was hers for the take and the new daughter Tonya was not, not yet anyway.

As they got comfortable on the couch, he pulled her towards him and kissed her gently. Feeling his reaction, it became deeper and deeper until they danced with their tongues as they had danced on the floor.

Knowing what he wanted, he took his first step. As they continued to kiss, he slipped his hand over his top until he was cup rinsing his chest. He could feel his nipple hard against his palm. Pressing against it, he rubbed it gently. He felt his stiffness and moan as they continued to kiss.

Taking this as a positive sign, he wrapped his fingers around the nipple and massaged through his shirt, not knowing it would be Brea’s instant button. Brea felt him slip his palm, then his fingers around his nipple. She knew he was opening his valves and that she would soon be flooded.

While continuing to exchange long, deep hard kisses, Rob slipped his hand from Brea’s breasts to her thigh. As short as his skirt was, he didn’t need to try very hard to be under the edge of it and to her in no time. He was too happy to find out he was right, no panties. He worked his fingers on his mound, feeling his lips and the small bulge of his clitme that was already getting excited. He was really surprised by how wet she was already.

After stroked her for a short time, slipped a finger through her lips, opening it gently to him. She moaned in their kiss as he slipped a second finger into it. Finally, unable to keep kissing, she laid her head on the couch as he began to move his fingers slowly in and out, working her near an orgasm, but knowing that he did not want to let her reach her. He had other plans for her tonight and just wanted her to pick them up.

Every time he brought her closer, then slowed down until he begged her to come. It was then that he leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Would you like to go somewhere more private to finish this?”

“Please, yes, I need sperm so much!”

He got up and grabbed his hand and pulled it towards him. She was a little weak in her knees and Rob had to support her. They walked to the back of the club where there is a set of elevators. Rob just lifted his wrist with the bracelet and the door opened. He decided that the room he wanted was on the third floor and lookedyé on the button. The doors closed and with that Brea was on the way to a night she would never forget with a man whom she would come to know much better.

The room for Brea

Rob with Brea in hand came out of the elevator and moved down the hallway of a room with a simple green light lit next door. Rob again held his wrist with the bracelet and the door clicked open. Pushing the door open and leading Brea inside, he looked around and decided yes, that would be nice.

In the room was a full-size platform bed consisting of bright blue satin sheets on one side. On the other was a set of poles with rings attached and various dots. Next to the posts was a table that looked like a doctor’s examination table, but lower. There were poles placed around him also with rings attached to various points. Then in the middle of the room, there was a harness swing to hang.

Overall, Rob had chosen the perfect room for what he had in mind for Brea. Now it was time to see if she was ready to play along or not.

Standing face to face with Brea, he slipped his hand back under her skirt immediately slipping two fingers into her. She moaned and tried to force them to sink deeper. Rob held it to keep it from moving too much. Looking into his eyes, he could see the lust and sexual need for construction as he fed it through her. Deciding now was the time, he pulled his fingers from her and recoiled a lot to his frustration.

Looking at Brea standing there, Rob said, “Strip for me.”

Brea didn’t even think to say no, she just reached the edge of her top and pulled it over her head, dropping him to the ground. Then reaching the side of her skirt, she grabbed the small zipper and pulled it down. Taking her fingers, she grabbed the belt of the skirt and gave him a boost to get it on her hips, then he landed around her feet. This left her standing there in only her heels completely naked to Rob.

Rob took in the view and was very happy with what he saw. He decided he couldn’t have picked a better playmate tonight. Returning to her, he pulled her naked shape by kissing her hard and moving her hands along her body. He ran his hands into his arms and that’s when he applied the padded restraints to his wrists.

Brea felt him slip the constraints on her and broke their kiss to look at her wrists. She then looked into Rob’s eyes.

“Believe me, you’ll enjoy it tonight,” he told her. With this, he began to embrace his deep and hard again. She was giving it to him tonight.

Finally breaking the kiss, he led her to the small table and made her sit on it before gently laying it back. He took a small rope with pliers and attached one to each of his wrists and the other to the poles surrounding the table above his head. This caused his arms to spread comfortably without causing him pain.

With his arms held back, he walked towards his ankles. He placed a padded restraint around each ankle, then cut a rope to each. The ropes ran through a ring on each post and down to a attachment point at the bottom of the posts. Rob took the first rope and pulled it up, extending Brea’s leg. He then tied it up and worked the second rope. He did this in a few steps until he had Brea with his legs held and spread as wide as she could comfortably stand up.

Standing there, looking down on her, he could see her sparkling with moisture and her already excited clitoris was swollen. He dropped his gaze towards his which was also well presented with his legs held open.

Yet, before he could participate in one of the pleasures that awaits him before him, he had one more task. Looking into Brea’s big eyes, he said, “If you want to stop, just say the purple color and I’ll stop and release you immediately. Understand?

Watching him spread helplessly, she simply replied, “Yes.”

“Then you are up to me to do what I want with for the night. Understand?

I said, “Yes!”

With his final answer, he reached out to her, sliding two fingers between her lips. This caused an instant groan from Brea that continued longer and harder as he began to work those fingers outside, deeper with each thrust until he could not go any further. He kept this, but never let Brea cum for a good ten minutes. She was begging to enjoy when he pushed his fingers deeply and reached out with his other hand to pinch his extended clitoris.

It exploded like it had never orgasmbefore. She had never slapped, but she let go like a fountain, spraying all of Rob’s hands and even getting her shirt wet. When she settled down, she had her juice running down her to sink under her and puddle on her belly. He pulled her fingers and wiped them along her and thighs before moving away. Brea has just been lying there trying to recover from the most intense orgasm of her life.

Brea finally started recovering and was trying to see where Rob was. She could not move her head far enough to see around her bottom which was so widespread. She was starting to get a little anxious when Rob came back into her vision completely naked. She quickly took the view of him in it looked like she had been sculped for a men’s fitness ad.

Her chest was muscular, her abs wavy, her legs bulging with muscle, but what finally stopped her wandering eyes was the dick swinging in front of her. She guessed that it was seven or eight inches long and that it was as thick as a beer can. She swallowed involuntarily looking, imagining it hard and inside her before long.

He approached the side of the table and looked down at her and said, “You had your first orgasm, now it’s my turn.”

With this, he jumped on the table and knelt on his chest, his cock resting between his breasts. He reached down crudely pressed each nipple causing Brea to bark, but he paid no attention to it. Scooting higher up the table until his knees were in his armpits and his cock rested against his face.

“Open your mouth and take me. You know you want it.

With this, she opened her mouth wide and he guided his cock between her lips. She started licking her head, running her tongue around it all. She worked the underside of her head, licking. He slowly began to push more of his cock into his mouth and she continued to work her tongue along the length as he went deeper until he completely filled his mouth with his cock.

Brea continued to work her tongue along her length as she began to work her lips along her tree. He retreated as she sucked at his cock. Once he had pulled most of the way out of his mouth, he leaned forward and pushed his cock back deep.

Brea felt that he was hitting the back of his mouth, trying to force his way down his throat. She had deep throat a dick before, but it had been so long. She gagged a little as Rob continued to press against her. She was trying to relax her throat to allow her to slide.

“Good girl, swallow that dick,” he said.

Finally, he slipped down his throat with his gagging just a little. He held his cock deep for a few seconds before retreating and letting it catch its breath. He allowed her a few breaths before slipping her cock into her mouth, pushing deep again. This time, being ready for her, Brea let it slide straight down her throat this time. Rob kept his steady pace of kissing his mouth, always pushing a little faster and a little deeper each time.

Brea’s face was covered in saliva. He was running on his chin and cheeks as Rob continued. He gave her just enough time to breathe before each time he pushed deep again. He was relentless and the size of his cock was starting to tire Brea and she started trying to move to limit how far he could push. She tried to make him hurry and enjoy or stop, but with her hands held all she could not move her head.

Rob was close and was not going to be turned down. He leaned forward and grabbed the sides of his head to hold her still. He moved then he was lying on his face, forcing his cock into his mouth and really started dealing with the fuck in its entirety. He felt his orgasm coming and just as he burst, he pushed one last time down Brea’s throat, unloading flow after flow down his throat, leaving his gag. Rob slipped his still pulsating brea cock to allow him to breathe and, in doing so, let the last of his cum dribble on his lips and chin.

Brea just landed there, her head turned to the side trying to catch her breath. There was a puddle of Rob’s on the table where he ran out of Brea’s mouth. She could not swallow it quickly enough.

Rob a gsmoothed out of the table and reached for a towel. He gently wiped Brea’s mouth and face, removing some of the mess, but not everything.

When Brea seemed to have recovered a little Rob said to him, “I hope you’re ready for more? You still have two holes to jostle before we’re done. With this he bent kissed him on the lips before turning away.

Brea couldn’t see what Rob was doing, but when he came back to her, he had several vibrators and caps in his hands. He put them on the table next to her and sorted them as he wanted them. All Brea could do was look and wonder what he was going to do. She quickly learned when he picked up a major anal cap.

I think it will do well to stretch you out for when I’m ready for that, he said, looking at it as he applied a large amount of lubricant to the plug.

He moved then he was standing between his outstretched legs, holding the anal cap and lubricant in one hand, he squeezed a generous amount on his fingers with the other. Moments later, Brea felt her fingers running over her anus and the cool sensation of the lubricant. Rob worked the lubricant around the opening and when he was satisfied, he pushed a finger into his anus. It slowly worked in and out, pushing the lubricant around and relaxing Brea. Satisfied, he placed the end of the socket against his anus and pushed gently, but then with some force. He slipped in, spreading his anus making him come out with a sigh, then a faint groan.

Rob kept up the pressure as the grip slipped deeper. The socket was only about five inches long when inserted fully, but expanded to nearly three inches to its thickest. It continued to work deeper until it was fully inserted. He could wear his Brea pants a little while overcoming the discomfort.

Now he had his anus being prepared, it was time to enjoy this. He hit under his leg and grabbed a large black vibrator. Without any hesitation, he slipped it straight into Brea’s wet, almost pushing it’s almost the entire eight-inch length in it in one movement. Brea’s hips jumped on the sudden intrusion of her, causing a hold in her breath.

“You liked what didn’t you?” Rob said looking between his legs to his face.

Brea’s face showed all the feelings she felt. It was contorted in both pain and pleasure with a large anal cap filling her in the back and now a large vibrator filling her pussy.

Rob, pressed the button at the end of the vibrator that turns it on. He pushed it twice as much by setting the speed at a very fast pace. Then leaning down, he ran his tongue over his clititme. Brea moaned and jerked off against her constraints. He loved his reaction and continued to lick around his clitoris as he began to move the vibrator in and out of her. He pulled her between her lips and sucked her hard, making her moan as loudly as she had so far at night.

Rob continued to fuck her with the vibrator and tease her clitoris by licking, sucking and nibbling at her. She kept trying to lift her hips up every push of the vibrator, but being tied up as she was, Rob had all the control as he pushed her towards her second orgasm of the night.

The orgasm suddenly came surprising both Rob and Brea herself. He hit hard and she jerked off her hips as she let out a scream of liberation screaming into her orgasm. As she had done the first time, she burst like a fountain again, squirting over everything Rob and herself again letting her juice run everywhere. Rob, took his time, licking some of his juice. He pulled the vibrator from her and ran his tongue along her, licking deeply to catch everything he could. All Brea could do was get into it and moan as she recovered.

Finally getting full, Rob started getting ready for what he really wanted that night, his soft tight. He let him recover as he took the lubricant and smeared it along his dick, making sure it was well smeared. He knew from experience, he was a great man and many women had trouble taking him without a lot of lubricant.

After ensuring that he was lubricated, he returned between his outstretched legs. He put his hand on her and gently rubbed her, looking at her, saying, Now I have the opportunity to have my second hole of the night. Remember, just say purple and I stop.

She nodded to him, knowing that he was preparing to fuck her in the ass with that big cock. She didn’t know if she could take it. She enjoyed anal play, but had only had anal sex once before. This had not been very good because he had been with her worthless husband.

She felt Rob pull the plug from her anus and could feel that she was very open. Holding her breath, she waited for Rob’s next move, which soon came.

Rob pulled the plug from his anus, leaving it gaping open. He knew he wouldn’t stay like that, so he immediately took a step to slip his dick head into it. He pushed his head through the gap opening causing Brea to counter his constraints and scream a little. He continued to push with a slight pressure getting another inch or more in Brea left another cry followed by a big moan.

Rob stopped for a few seconds to give him time before pushing deeper until he was halfway there. Brea wriggled against her constraints as she gasped and moaned. Rob continued to grow, feeling a little resistance as his inner sphincter muscle expanded. This caused Brea’s loudest cry ingsh until she settled down to just pants. Rob kept pushing until he was fully inserted into his. His immobilized against his cheeks.

Rob wanted Brea to enjoy it as much as he would and didn’t rush her. He let her get used to it and settle down before starting small slow movements back and forth in her. Brea moaned with discomfort and excitement as he continued to move his shots in a longer, faster motion. Soon he was shooting three-quarters of the exit before plunging deep balls again.

Brea moved against her constraints as far as she could with long, noisy moans coming from her. Every time Rob walked away, she tried to force herself to stay with him. He had all the control of the rhythm with his hold. She began to encourage her to fuck her harder. It was amazing for her.

His encouragement is what he wanted to hear. Keeping his pace of acceleration, he was regularly plowing in and out of it. Holding her by a thigh, he reached down and grabbed the black vibrator and slipped it into her as deep as it would go, pressing the button to light it high. Brea left a screaming groan of pleasure as soon as he started, sending him into an orgasm causing his anus to squeeze around Rob’s cock. Rob never slowed down and could feel her orgasm and the vibrator working her way through her and.

In a few moments, he could feel his orgasm approaching. The sensations were just overwhelming between brea beating about, the vibrator and his orgasm. He wanted to last as long as he could not know if he would ever have it again. He could hear Brea working towards another orgasm and when he struck, it was over for him too. He pushed as deeply as he could and emptied his balls in her ass as she trembled with her third orgasm.

Knowing that she could no longer take it, he pulled the vibrator from her and dropped it to the ground. It remained deep inside it again as they both descended. He slowly began to soften and his he moved away from his anus, a chain of his sperm dribbling on the edge of the table below before running towards the ground. She lay there with gaping anus, flooded with her juice and breathing hard to get out of her own orgasms.

Rob released his legs and dropped them gently until they swayed on the edge of the table. He then went and undone his wrists, helping him bring his arms back to rest on his chest. Leaning over he kissed her gently before standing back looking at her in all her post-sex glory before finally backing off.

As Rob just looked at her, he knew he wanted more of this woman.

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Brea’s first time at the Club