Story of brunette’s masturbation fantasy and hot encounter

I close my eyes well and know that my teeth are bare. It’s always like that when I masturbate. I like to keep going for as long as possible, but I feel like I’m going to come soon. I am lying on the bed in my hotel room, legs apart, sliding my fingers up and down my wet cock, pushing my hips up, teasing me with a quick rub of my clit I’m always a little ashamed of doing this, which partly explains why it excites me so much.

Now my breathing is irregular and I’m speeding things up. I tighten my chest by pinching the nipple; pointed nails in soft flesh. I love the pain. That hurts me. I’m close now. I know what I have to do to get out and it’s always the same thing: I think about a guy. Any guy will do the trick; maybe someone i know, someone i’ve seen, or just someone straight out of my imagination.

But he must have a big cock. It’s always part of the fantasy. It must be so big that I know it will hurt me. I imagine her spreading my legs. I gasp when I see the size. I tell him that I don’t think I can bear it, that I will be too tight, but he sticks it to me anyway and really gives it to me, hard and deep. Sometimes it is the back entrance. This can make it more exciting; make it more impersonal. Like a complete stranger who fucks me at a wild party.

I am thinking of one of the personal trainers in the hotel gymnasium. I saw him yesterday by the pool. I’m sure he noticed me, but he said nothing. Maybe it is not allowed. I was too shy to talk to him, but I couldn’t keep my eyes on him. It was really built. His muscles waved as he moved. I watched him train and I was shocked to find that I was soaked. I went back to my room to masturbate. I imagined that he had dragged me there and fucked me. I had a really quick and hard orgasm. Damn, it felt good.

As my fingers rub faster, I think of him who catches me, undresses me. He takes off his clothes and he is hard and huge. He’s hard on me and doesn’t waste time with foreplay. He just sticks it. It hurts, but at that point, I’m so wet that I can take its full length. He grabs my breasts and makes me cringe against him for more. He slaps my ass, he pulls my hair and while he hits me, giving me what I need so much, sweat dripping down on both of us. Then he turns me around and sticks him from behind. It is really deep. I push my ass away for more. I tighten up then he groans in pleasure, my breasts swaying as he slams into me.

That’s it. I can’t stop it now and I enjoy it with such force that it almost lifts me from the bed. I lie there, gasping, thinking of him, imagining him holding me and caressing me after he took me; after it is fucked me.

I take a quick shower and wash my hair to cool off. I look at my body in the full length mirror as I put on my bikini. I know I have the kind of body that men want. Large hips and large breasts. I am completely shaved and my lips stick out a bit. I know men like to see it. I know this bikini makes my breasts sexy and that’s why I wear it. I leave the room and head for the pool.

He is there, as I hoped. I take my glass from a lounge chair and look at it. He’s oblivious to me like he was yesterday. I steal sly looks while he crunches and presses. It is as if he was showing me his body, making me want his cock. I can see that he is starting to sweat. I can’t imagine what he would think if he knew what I was doing. As I imagined it hard and fast, he fucked me. The dirty words I used while I was enjoying, imagining his cock deep inside me, telling him to be brutal with me, telling him that he was the biggest I was never had and I loved every inch thick and hard like stone.

And then I lower my eyes. I didn’t even know I was doing it. With the middle finger of my right hand, I slowly and gently draw a line up and down on my vaginal lips, sometimes pushing against the bikini fabric to get a little more stimulation. I feel myself blush. It’s like I’m masturbating in public. No – there is no “as if” about it. I a m masturbating in public. But I don’t want to stop. I feel humiliated and excited at the same time. I look around to see if there is anyone else here, but, like yesterday, it was just me and him.

I watch his back muscles flex as I continue to enjoy myself. I feel my nipples harden and my breasts start to swell. How I would like to get my hands on this fit muscular body. Slide my nails along his back as he entered me. Take that firm, muscular ass. Enjoy this first brutal and deep push. Whisper the dirtiest things. Look at his face as he felt how tight I was. Adjust my position to deepen it. Lift my knees up to my breasts. Tell him that he doesn’t need to be gentle; telling her that I don’t like sweetness.

My breasts are hurting now, and they need attention. I must be crazy. I pull my bikini top so that my breasts and nipples are completely exposed. There is still no one around, but for now, I don’t care if there is or not. In fact, part of me wants it. The idea that complete strangers are watching me cuddle is totally exciting.

I gently pass a hand over my breast. The nipple is painfully stiff. How I would like him to take it in his mouth and suck hard. Or maybe he prefers to bite him. I gasped thinking what it would do. I massage my breasts until I can no longer bear it. I pull my bikini briefs to the side and open up. I’m soaked. I’m rubbing myself harder now, my fingers are sliding with my juice. Can he hear the noise it makes?

Just as I slip out of my panties, he turns to me, working hard on more pumps. He looks me straight in the eye, but does not react. Does this kind of thing happen all the time here or is he the coolest guy on the planet? I can’t stop now. With one hand, I work my breasts and use the other to kiss my fingers. I can hardly believe it. I’m practically naked and fingering myself in front of a stranger. I smile at her. There is no doubt in his mind. I send him a blatant invitation. I tell her I’m ready for a fucking fuck.

Now he’s looking at my shaved, wet crotch while I’m working. I feel so powerful and sexy. I’m starting to dream of taking on a lot of guys like him, one after the other. Take a guy in my mouth while another guy makes me from behind. Maybe another guy takes me in the ass. It would do so much good. So good and forbidden. The idea of ​​double penetration makes me shudder and I would love to do it one day.

I use my thumb against my clitoris, which is very swollen. I rub quickly. I’m almost there. I sink my nails into my chest, give my nipple a vicious pinch and enjoy hard, my pussy jerky and pushing like the most egregious of invitations. The juice flows from me. I feel so mean. I feel like a whore. I feel so good.

He gets up and withdraws his runway bottom. For a moment, I think he’s coming towards me, but he’s heading for the pool. Maybe he needs to cool off in several ways. He turns to me and smiles. He knows exactly what has happened. He can hear me gasping. I’m putting on my bikini top, but don’t worry about the briefs. The idea of ​​walking towards him with my swollen pussy exposed is intoxicating. I look around to see if someone else has arrived.

I sit by the pool. I can see that his dick is hard now. It’s as big as I hoped it would be; maybe bigger. His thighs are heavily muscled and he has a well defined six pack. I dreamed that a guy like that would do it to me, but now it’s going to happen, I feel a little nervous. Will I be good enough? Will I be able to satisfy him? Will he think my breasts are big enough? My pussy tight enough? Seeing that big dick coming out like that makes me pass out. Then he grabs my thighs and opens my legs wide.

He looks up and I smile briefly then his mouth is on me, kissing my shaven mound. Little sweet kisses. I didn’t expect that. I thought it would be quick and difficult, but sort of, it’s even more of a turnon. He runs his tongue over my lips, then sucks and nibbles them in turn. I am already wide open to masturbate and once again I can feel the juice trickling out of me.

Then it becomes more intense. Its grip on my thighs is so firm that it starts to hurt, but I like it. I push my pussy towards her face. I want to show him that I want this, that I’m ready for anything he wants to do to me. His tongue goes in and out faster and faster. I see him licking his lips, savoring the taste of my juice. Then it really starts to work on my clitoris, licking and sucking. I feel my stomach muscles throb. Will I still enjoy?

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I showed him my teeth, wishing him to continue whatever he did. I’m ready for it. Just when the pain in my breasts starts to get unbearable, his two hands are on them, squeezing hard, pinching the nipples, pulling them as if he was treating me. I hold my hips against his mouth, letting him know that I want more of his tongue, and when he’s done with that, I want his dick. The idea of ​​being pregnant and milked by it comes to my mind. I gasp about it and that makes him look up.

I think he knows I’m ready now. He gives a final clitoris to my clitoris, a long and exquisite lick and gets up in front of me, his hard stick contracting and his strong hands still kneading my breasts. I look at my nipples. I have never seen them so big and rigid. He can read my mind. He pinches them. Oh my God I love the pain.

I take his cock in my hand and start to wank him. I run both hands around it, rub it and stick my nails. He groans. He likes that. He’s so tall. He’s so hard. I can’t wait to feel what this monster in me looks like.

Then I take it in my mouth and start rubbing myself, while secretly hoping that someone will pass by and look at us. As I suck and lick his rigid erection, I imagine I am in a porn movie, the whole team watching me suck him while I rub. I think the movie would have more than one guy in it. Maybe girls too.

I fantasize about a really sexy girl behind me, her breasts pushed against my back, kissing my neck, pinching my nipples and all the time I take a cock deep in my mouth, suck and tease it with my tongue. I can almost smell the girl. I can feel her long hair falling on my shoulders. I can hear her moans of pleasure.

It’s too much for me. I must have it now. I take his cock out of my mouth and give it one last hard press with both hands. I open my legs wide, opening my lips with my fingers, offering myself to him. He rubs my belly with one hand and with the other, he easily slides three fingers into me, going in and out, to the joint. I push on his fingers and tighten, giving him a hint of what I’m going to do to his cock. As his strong fingers penetrate in and out of me, he grazes my clitoris with his thumb. I groan and jump with the sensation and he smiles.

His fingers slide out of me and he licks the juice from me. I grab his cock once more, placing his swollen glans at the entrance of my wet cock and he smiles. For a second, I think it will prolong the agony. I think it will tease me a little more. But then I scream in pleasure as he hits her, to the hilt. It’s almost too much for me. It is too big. I groan loudly and hold him tightly, my arms around those big muscular shoulders, telling him with my tight pussy what I want him to do.

Then his hands move from my breasts to my buttocks and he pulls me towards him. I lift my legs up for more length and soon he hammers at me, giving me what I need with the speed I want. He is so, so great. The feeling of stretching is heavenly. I look down to see my breasts wiggle with each powerful blow, my nipples stiff again. I try to grab his dick every time he pulls out; I want to touch him while he fucks me.

My fingers go down to my clitoris. I want to rub myself, but he withdraws my hand and replaces it with his, rubs my clitoris through the hood, makes me wild. The simple touch of his fingers brings me closer and he knows it.

Then he withdraws and turns me over. I feel his fingers open and then he pushes me from behind, his solid and stiff sex. I tell him to stick me hard. I needle it. I tell him he doesn’t give it to me brutally enough, fast enough. I know it drives him crazy the way he does me: those strong hands on my breasts again, scratching them, hurting them. I tighten once more and hear him start to moan.

Each vicious push is deep, frantic and relentless. He slaps my ass and I scream with pleasure. It’s my dream come true. Tough and ruthless back entry in public with a guy I barely know. I think about fucking myself again but I feel my orgasm coming. Just when I peak, he fingers me, pulls deep inside me and then it’s over for both of us. I gently touch her ass to let him know that I want him to stay in me. I want every drop of it. I want to feel it. I want to feel like we’re one. And then I want to bring him up to my room.