How to Use Butt Plugs to Simulate a Gang Bang (And Other Tips)

The world of anal plugs is not as well known as that of dildos and vibrators.

But in all honesty, they are very popular with those who are more familiar with sex toys.

In fact, did you know that despite being perceived as a gay sex toy, the butt plug just as popular with women, if not more popular?

This is the second of two guides on anal toys that can be used to provide the anal stimulation you’ve always missed.

The first guide dedicated to anal beads is available here.

If not, let’s start discussing the plugs and how to integrate them into your sex life!

What is an anal plug?

On the surface, it is fairly obvious that an anal plug is an object that is inserted into your ass for sexual pleasure.

But for those who are less familiar with plugs in general, it is important to define their most important physical characteristics.

(The very characteristics that are directly related to the effectiveness of the butt plug as a sex toy!)

While the dildos and vibrators can measure up to 8 inches long, if not more, the plugs are typically Shorter.

Because these devices are just “plugs”, the length is not as important as the circumference and general shape.

Speaking of general shape, the most defining characteristic of an anal plug is the base.

There is almost always a flat circle, a wide rod or a circular ring at the base of the anal plug.

It is simply a matter of preventing the inserted anal plug from sliding completely into the anus!

All plugs have wide bases
The plugs always have wide bases to prevent the whole plug from slipping!

Similar to dildos, they are made of various materials.

Everything from silicone to pure glass, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

How to use an anal plug

If you’ve already read our guide to anal pearls, you already know that the muscles of the anal sphincter are the ones that create the pleasurable sensation.

For anal pearls, these sphincter muscles are much more relevant because sliding the pearl cord one by one over these muscles is a sensation in itself.

The anal plugs are slightly different, however.

The sphincter muscles in this case are under constant tension due to the shape of the butt plug.

In general, this means that you don’t have to constantly insert and remove the anal plug for pleasure.

Leaving the butt plug in place will be amazing!

The Butt Plug game gives your body a feeling of “satiety”

It is honestly the best way to describe the feeling of having an anal plug in you.

The sensation is due to the fact that your body is just not used to something as big and heavy sitting in your anal cavity.

Simply leaving the anal plug in your body while you masturbate regularly is a great way to use anal plug.

But when you have a partner involved to penetrate your vagina, that’s where the real value of anal plugs comes in …

The anal plug with 3 sets: for beginners as for pros!

If you are new to anal plug, we recommend that you try one of our beginner anal plug sets.

It is a set of three anal plugs, all of different sizes.

And with two different styles: the flat base or the ring base.

Made from soft yet sturdy silicone, experimenting with different sizes is a great way to make anal play easier.

And the best of all?

It’s only $ 37 for a full set!

Simulate double penetration (sex with an anal plug)

It is definitely my favorite use of plugs.

If you are a woman, you should definitely experience it for yourself.

Just note that it will ask a guy to help you get into your vagina.

Basically, while your butt plug is inserted, ask the guy to have regular vaginal sex with you.

Due to the pushing motion of the vagina, which is right next to the anus, it will almost feel like having double penetration!

Also known as a gang bang!

However, it will be with only one guy!

And it won’t be as intense as having two dicks penetrating you at the same time.

How to use an anal plug for a gang bang


Use an anal plug with your partner to simulate the feeling of double penetration!

This is because there is no real beating in the anus.

The constant tension of the anal plug feel like a second cock penetrates you from behind.

But without any pain that generally adapts to anal sex!

Being able to feel like I’m being banged, without the clumsiness of a second guy and without the pain of real anal sex, makes this “stance” my favorite use of the anal plug.

It is well worth trying at least once the “simulated double penetration”!

You will not regret it!

Wear an anal plug all day! Use of the public anal plug

This is another great way to use an anal plug, if desired.

The use of an anal plug in public is ideal for having a pleasurable “full” feeling throughout the day.

The best part is that you can literally spend your whole day without thinking twice.

Just slide it out before you leave your house and remove it once at home!

Even removing the butt plug just to poop is pretty simple and unobtrusive too, since you have to be in a private bathroom cabin to poop in the first place!

The perverse factor of having people who have no idea that you’re doing it in public is also great!

The vibrating butt plug – the best of both worlds!

For an even more intense sensation, the anal plug takes a step forward with the vibrating anal plug!

It simply takes the concept of an anal plug, and that of a vibrator, and puts it all together!

The “full” feeling when an anal toy is in your back really takes on new sensations when combined with high frequency vibrations!

At xnxxtoys , we offer high quality anal vibrators that are perfect for intense anal play.

We start with 7.3 inches of high quality waterproof silicone material for the butt plug itself.

Next, we include 4 separate ridges that act like anal beads on top of the rigid rod itself!

And finally, we put it all together with a mini bullet vibrator that fits directly into the butt plug.

Intense vibrations go up all along the rod, and with the added sensation of anal beads, this is the perfect toy for anyone who loves anal play!

It can even be used vaginally – first make sure to clean it thoroughly!

You want to know one perverse anal toy? Discover part II of our backdoor fun series: Guide to anal beads.

Purchase your first anal plug

During this first purchase, we have a tip to do.

And it’s the same as our tip for anal beads: Start small.

Especially if you have never had anything in your anus before!

Alternatively, what you could do is insert a finger or two into your anus to see how much you can handle.

If you have had serious discomfort, we recommend ordering anal plugs on the small side.

At least for now.

Although some pain is common with anal play, it is best to start smaller and develop bigger and better plugs.

It also makes the trip much more enjoyable, in my opinion!

Start with smaller holds but


Anal plugs are bigger than it sounds – beginners should always start small!

Always keep your anal plug clean

This is additional advice which certainly deserves to be explicitly highlighted.

Keeping your butt plug hygienic is a must for safe anal play.

To clean, simply boil your butt plug in water for a few minutes. So it should be good to go.

Just make sure to let it cool before using it again!


Take the plunge with Butt Plugs today!

Anal plugs are an excellent complement to anal beads in terms of anal play.

And they are well worth the price alone, just to be used as a tool to simulate double penetration!

At Xnxxtoys, we offer a wide assortment of anal plugs and anal beads that will surely excite you in a way you never thought possible.

Whether you are playing alone or playing with a lover, using an anal plug is a fantastic sex toy to give you extra (intense) sensations and improve your sex life immensely!