Callipygian Excursion – spanking kink raunchy playful switch bdsm non-gendered ass play

I had to say goodbye to my last partner to say hello to getting my ass fucked.

Yes, this sentence unfortunately describes the worst thing one person can do to another. (They us… in the ass!”) I metaphorically. However, I wasn’t literally getting it and that was the real problem.

How can you even phrase this request without looking like a huge, perverted monster? Only the “bad” people want it. I never wanted to go wrong in my life.

My next partner was … Well, playful. Do not joke to mask the insecurities, but seriously invested in having a good time and giving that good time to others. They had the most wonderful smiling eyes.

I used to put something in my when I was playing with myself. I just like the way it felt, having something “up there.” Needless to say, the buttock caps and sex toys for the loot were a revelation.

When I did with smiling Eyes, I felt imbued with extra feeling. Their lips and tongue always seemed to discover something new in me sexually.

One day while wearing my shorts (not an accident), Smiling Eyes let go with, “You have a beautiful butt.”

Officially open door.

I teased right away with, “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

The smiling eyes beckoned me with the arrival finger. I rushed to their embrace. We kissed deeply and immediately these beautiful hands were on my, squeezing him, caressing him, revelling in his sensation and weight in their hands. They magically took off those shorts. Then massage oil, hot and moist on my hips, in my crack, caressed in my muscles and my dirty little heart.

“Face down, ass up, baby,” Smiling Eyes ordered. I almost went out with a full-throated rattling, but I managed what I thought was a seductive laugh. Way to read my mind.

Once I took the stand, they were all beautiful fingers, delicious light stripes, impudent slaps, and playful kisses, all for my delightfully presented posterior.

Then their finger slightly corrected the outer edges of my.

“OOOOOH,” I moaned. Smiling Down eyes, throat laugh let me know they knew they were on to something.

“Time, darling,” I say.

Smiling eyes asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, me, just … Ok… Uh… nightstand, middle drawer, I pleaded.

Smiling Eyes flashed that little diabolical smile that I was beginning to love and set off on my sexy treasure hunt. They came back with my butt bag, vibrators and sex toys.

“Well, what can I assume you want to do with these?” Disputed smiling eyes.

“Choose something and fuck my ass with it,” I said frankly.

Smiling Eyes chose the instrument and spanked me with it. The pleasure went through my body and made my skin electric. Their teasing, kneading fingers have worked wonders. Spank, rub, kiss, caress, smooch, slap … over and over again.

Then their fingers ripped off my cheeks. I sucked my breath and held it back. In it went, always so slowly, gentle blows, in and out.

When they hit this place, I couldn’t hold it. I shouted, “Fuck my ass hard!”

And Smiling Eyes has found the rhythm. Spanking my, hitting my place, stroking my, hitting my place, squeezing my, hitting my place. I was all delicious screams and screams. “Yes! Kiss! damn! damn! Oh… My… Goodness.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed on me, drowning with joy, so much so that I lost the power of speech. I was all grunting and barking and barking, like a happily wounded animal.

When I bend down and present my in the air this way, I feel the most distant thing from gradient. I’m strangely proud of myself. I feel like a sexual banner that reads, “Pleasure here! Spank and fuck for other instructions.

I can imagine what I looked like for Smiling Eyes: a quivering, tremors, teasing, sexual pleasure for the eyes, hands and kidneys. Each terribly timed slap of them resulted in a torrid tremor from me. They hit my left cheek; I twerked in circles on the right. They reached over and pulled on my nipples; I bounced my off their hips. They kissed the little one from my back; I turned my head to make eye contact and smiled. They stroked me from the to the thighs at the feet; I shook my toes in response. I called their name, demanded that they be mean and then kind, and begged them to become rough and then be gentle. I shed tears of happiness, whispered non-chaste secrets, reached for ecstasy, and reveled in my total surrender.

And finally, when it was all over and I could feel Smiling Eyes sweaty weight collapsed on me, breathing their gentle breath in my hair, feeling their fingers playing with the back of my neck and ears, they said…

“My turn.”

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Callipygian Excursion