Caught Reading Erotica – anal

“So that’s what she does when I’m not home?” Jerry thought looking at Ali’s laptop, the shock and fire in his eyes. He quickly scanned the story’s titles in his favorites, clicking on a called Sleepy Anal. He read through it, getting harder and harder when the man in the story took his girlfriend’s while she slept.

He quickly read through the rest of his selected favorites and was shocked to find that they were all on anal, and sneaky ways the men talked to their girlfriends while trying it out. He had no idea that Ali wanted it up his and now he couldn’t wait until she got home. He had planned to test the waters tonight and see if he could make his fantasy a reality.

When Ali came home, she kicked her heels at the door, stumbling a few glasses of red at happy hour. She was starving, and something smelled delicious. “Honey?! What are you doing? It smells amazing!” She called.

Jerry came walking towards her from the kitchen, holding a large glass of wine to her, “Just a little scampi shrimp.” He pulled her for a kiss, lingering a little, “How was your day?”

“Okay! Just tiring. Do I have time for a quick shower before dinner?

“Go ahead! Dinner will be ready in about 20. He smiles at himself, happy at the idea of Ali soaping in the shower.

She came out with her black hair still wet, up to her collarbone. She was wearing a loose black muscle tank without a bra and a pair of grey shorts with white stripes on the side, no underwear. Jer knew this because he pulled her for another kiss and copped a sensation in her back and on her ass, her fingers arched under the fabric to squeeze her cheeks.

He felt going hard at the idea of having his way with that right now. But he knew she needed to be cuddled, as in the stories. “Mmm, let’s eat.” He said, walking away and sitting down.

They ate at the small table where they had to intertwine their legs in order to adapt. Jerry gently stroked Ali’s knees and thighs under the table as they talked about their days. When they finished Jerry told Ali to lie down while he was cleaning. He used to give her a massage when he read.

Everything was going according to plan until now. Ali drank three more glasses of wine with dinner and was already excited with lust, grabbing Jerry’s with every chance she had. “I’ll wait.” She winked.

When he entered the room, he found her lying naked, face down on the blankets and slightly snoring. He undressed and took the bottle of oil he had put on the sin. He dimmed the lights low and went to sit next to her on the bed.

Jerry took in sight of her, so vulnerable in her sleep, her skin calling for her soft touch. He rode her, pulling her manhood hardening up and out of the way, as he warmed up some oil in his hands.

He slowly spread the lubricant over his and up, all the way to his shoulders. He squeezed his shoulders to the top, then slipped his hands slightly behind his back, completing the blow by pulling his cheeks out and dipping his thumbs down to slide gently over his tightest hole.

He went through this motion over and over again, stopping to add more oil to Ali’s lower back and began to draw his attention from there down. At that moment she sighed slightly in her sleep and relaxed more and more deeply under him.

The next time he stretched his cheeks with his thumbs, he let them sink deeper between the folds to make small circles directly around his main lens. He concentrated one of his thumbs at the entrance while the other massaged around her.

Smooth oil and its relaxed state make it easy to slip your thumb gently past the rim. “Mmmnh, so tight.” He murmured to himself that his thumb jumped in and he began to kiss her gently with her. He grabbed his cock with his free hand and began to caress him.

Ali waved his a little below him, trying to get him to go a little further. She had woken up as soon as she felt her thumbs circling her hole, but wanted to give the illusion that she was sleeping a little longer.

She had been curious about for so long and couldn’t believe Jerry finally tried it. And when he thought she was sleeping no less! It is as if he had read his thoughts.

Jerry felt his movement under him and he knew she was awake, but pretending. She’d always slept. He liked that they were both in this game and he staggered on it, putting more oil on his hard manhood.

He moaned as he spread his cheeks, placed it cock between them and began to slide back and forth as he squeezed them together, disappearing his cock between them. Every time he reached his hole, he would get into it.

After a while of this, he started squeezing into it when he reached the bottom and he felt just the slightest little pressure back as she raised her to meet him. That’s what she wanted.

Jerry wasn’t sure he had stretched enough and was about to get back to fingering when he pulled his cheeks aside once more to get a look and saw the tip of his cock finally pop in. slowly entered her completely.

“Mmnh,” she moans under him and began pushing against him until he felt his balls brushing his ass. He was there!

Jerry began to push in and out faster and faster as Ali writhed with pleasure under him, no longer feigning sleep.

“Oh baby, it feels good… harder please. She moans, lost in pleasure and pain. He fucked her as hard and fast as he could now as she encountered every push.

It exploded into it as she contracted tightly around him, cumming as he had never seen his sperm before. After his own orgasm finally subsided, he slowly withdrew and lay down beside her, pulling her into him.

“How did you know I’d be in this?” Ali asked, his face blushing.

“Baby, I just had a hunch.” He smiled at himself as he wondered what other fantasies she had that he could make a reality.

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