I’m a Cheating Wife Who Loves Men In Sexless Marriages

I’m not a single woman, I’m not a housekeeper, I’m actually happily married to the man of my dreams, the only thing different from us is that we are in an open relationship.

For us, this means that we can sleep with other people and hang out with them as long as the other person is happy. It worked very well for us and it made us very happy people.

I love that a specific type of man opens up too, I’m not looking for any man in a downtown bar, I’m looking for men who are unhappy in their marriage, men who thirst for sex and who simply do not want home. I take these men and I give them the best sex of their lives, then I go home and I tell my husband everything.

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I am in my early thirties and I love the men I find to be very young in the late 40’s, for me there is a certain attraction for these men who are older than me and who fight so much in their marriage. I like to come and to put it bluntly, kiss their brains. Show them what they are missing and uproot their emotions.

I find these men on sites like Ashley Madison, my husband and I go through the desperate profiles of these unfortunate people and we select them together. I also use looking for adult friends to help me find the perfect man, my success rate is high on these two platforms, the unhappy in asexual marriages are everywhere.

I like to kiss men who are married without sex

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It’s a pleasure to know that I’m the best sex they have probably ever had and probably never had. Hearing their stories about their wives being absolute prudes and not kissing them for years makes me so wet and knowing that they will never forget me makes me practically enjoy that thought.

Sexless married men will do almost anything I ask them to do and they will be so thankful for everything I do to them. These men like me to take control and fuck them, telling them how much their wife is missing, and then letting them fill me with their desperate load.

Their tails are almost always solid, desperate for privacy, begging for pleasure and begging to kiss me. I love this first touch, the first time you take a man dick in your hand when it has not been having sex for ages, it is like releasing a trapped tiger from its cage in the wild.

Most have never had a woman to swallow or have anal sex, some have not had sex for years

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What I love most about these men is that they are so thankful and so eager to try things that they never imagined would be possible. A vast majority of the men I fuck have never even tried anal sex, so when I ask them to “please fuck me in the ass” they are more than happy.

Some of the men I fuck have not slept with their wives for years, it’s like dusting the cobwebs when I put them in my bed. Yes, they enjoy it almost instantly but they know we will keep going on and on until they are completely exhausted.

I love to see their faces while I let them do anything to me, I like to watch them squint and moan while they still feel pleasure, I like to know that I am so much better than their partners will ever be.

The first time a man cheated on his wife with me

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My husband and I had opened our relationship before finding a niche of men that I loved so it was not the first time I did it, it was the first time however I kissed a married man. We found this man on Ashley Madison, he actually started the conversation with me and from the start he intrigued me, he was so sexually frustrated and he liked the idea of ​​getting married too.

My husband liked his appearance and he both decided it was good for me to pursue this man.

We chatted for a few days, it was interesting, sweet but exceptionally excited. He revealed to me almost immediately the problems he had with his wife, he told me all about the fact that they had not had sex for 2 years whole and how dirty he felt every time he masturbated.

He told me that he loved his wife but that he was thirsty for sex and each time he broached the subject, she walked away or told him that he was perverse. He was at an impasse and still wasn’t sure to kiss me and cheat on his wife.

A few days of conversation, a phone call later and he was impatient to find me in a local hotel for the two of us. He told me how nervous he was but how desperate he was to feel my tight pussy. I reassured him that he was going to have the best night of his life and I even had the idea of ​​telling my husband everything when I got home. He was perfect.

We entered the hotel room and I could see that he was nervous, he was waving with his hands and his eyes roamed the room as if he were looking for a hidden camera. I undressed and told him to relax, I took off his shirt and laid him on the front, pouring coconut oil all over his back and rubbing it. I could physically see him start to let go and relax and once I had massaged him he was like a different human.

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His cock was hard as rock, I could feel it through his suit pants, he was panting as he ran his hands over my breasts and when I took off my panties and spread my legs, he shuddered. He was so desperate for sex that I had butterflies.

I told her to lie on her back, I wanted to do all the work. I straddled him and started guiding his thick, hard cock into my pussy. His cock was big, his wife really lacked it. He slid inside me with ease because I was so wet and horny, I slowly started to ride it, his hands were next to him, his eyes closed, I started to moan and before we both knew that He began to enjoy, thick and deep bursts of semen filled me and sank in his tree.

I got off him and he apologized, told him there was nothing to apologize for and once he was ready I wanted him to He fucks me again.

10 minutes later, it was rock hard again, his face between my legs, devouring me. He had told me before he liked to do it, but his wife never left him, he couldn’t even remember what she looked like. It was actually very good and I moaned out loud so the whole hotel could hear.

I then got on all fours and told him that he could use any entry he liked, he positioned himself behind me and teased one once more in my pussy, he grabbed my hips this time and pushed slowly into me, his pace quickened and as he then I felt my own orgasm build up, I told him to not to stop when an orgasm sprang from inside me, my pussy throbbed and gripped her sex. His nails were sinking into me when I got there, I knew he was on the edge again.

He slid his cock out of my pussy and into my tight ass he told me that he had never done anal before. He pushed himself slowly inside and I started to bounce on his cock, he grabbed my waist again then let go:

“I am … enjoying”

He filled my tight asshole with his cum and we moaned softly together.

He then told me that it didn’t feel bad to meet me, he just wished I had met earlier.

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