Cheating Wives – Is your wife one too?

The 3 main indicators of infidelity

Technology is getting better and getting away from your current spouse is easier than ever.

If the things between you and your wife have been weird and yet she has nothing to say when asked what is bothering her, maybe the urge to travel has settled.

While it is impossible to know for sure without receiving confessions from your n / a or catching them in the act, certain signs may tell you the truth.

Your partner may show some or all of these signs, and it would not be definitive proof that she is cheating. Most cases of adultery are not discovered.

One thing is certain, if you arrived on this page, you feel a certain distance between you and your wife, and it is very likely that they too. This could be for a multitude of reasons, including depression, stress, problems at work or with family, or dissatisfaction with you or your relationship.


Whatever the case, there is certainly work to be done to determine if you intend to try to keep this person in your life.

So take these steps with a grain of salt and remember – these signs are more an indicator of someone’s unhappiness than proof that they have gone astray.


One of the first signs that a woman is cheating is usually a huge change in your partner’s mood and disposition. Has it suddenly become cold? Suddenly sad? Angry or happy? This can be an indicator that something is going on. Women who cheat will have less patience for their partner and appear too defensive.

This could extend to your family, friends and even your dog. A low tolerance for the things she once found charming, shouts goodbye. Conversely, a smart cheater will easily go beyond happy and loving action for you to hide his infidelity.

If she is suddenly no longer herself for an extended period, be careful!


Is your wife suddenly absent? Stay after work for a little overtime? Ready to run errands you know she hates? Often, the most noticeable and most hurtful change concerns the behavior of a cheater when he interacts with his partner.

When bae seems better for “the grocery store” than it does for you the night of the date, the arrow points to cheating. Someone looking to have an affair will start to put more effort into his appearance when he goes out, and less effort into the way he will appear with his partner.

Monetary habits are changing, often drastically. These can be gifts and dates, personal items or things they can’t take care of (it takes money to maintain these phones and accounts online.) Open new windows to keep you from seeing what it does.

The room also changes. There is almost always a difference in the amount and willingness to show you affection. It could mean depriving you sexually and intimately or – a huge spike in their libido or a sudden interest in “trying new things” that they had never expressed interest in before.

Do you think she understood that the Brazilian is made for you? The sudden will for a backdoor action? You can grease the other lover’s path. It is likely that you are being played for a madman and that your wife is cheating.

3. Reluctance to cooperate

When you ask him what’s wrong and the rolling of the eyes you receive allows him to see his own brain, yes, that is a sign. Your wife may reject the changes and insist that only you have a problem.

It explodes and becomes very defensive and angry that you question them. Suddenly your real concern turns. She suggests that it may be you who are going out for a little strange.

It does not express any concern for you, your feelings or the deterioration of the relationship. You are treated like a simple place to stay, or a back-up plan until she is finally comfortable enough with her guy to go ahead with their relationship.

This is the biggest indicator that your wife has gone astray because if the other signs that you noticed were really innocent and coincidental, a loving partner would like to find a solution to the problems and not overwhelm your ego, your labido and your machismo in one fell swoop.

While no “sign” is absolute proof of infidelity, meeting more than a few of these signs indicates an unhappy partner in the relationship. She has a wrapped bag and a foot outside. You may not find that your partner is cheating, but go with your gut.

If the feeling is there, it just isn’t the same, and these symptoms persist, you may want to consider leaving anyway. It’s time to find someone who shows you the love you dream of.