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April awoke to the sound of a winter wind blowing in front of her window. She trembled a little to the sound, then sat down and took a few deep breaths. To her relief, she was not coughing and her lungs were more or less clear. After checking her temperature to confirm that her fever had disappeared, April jumped out of bed and stretched.

“It’s over,” she says aloud in the empty room, “this fucking disease is really over.”

April had been bedridden for most of last month. He had started with a nasty flu and progressed into an even nastier pneumonia. April’s boyfriend Ross even had to rush her to the local emergency room one night when her breathing difficulties became so severe that she fainted. It had taken him a few more weeks to recover after his leave, including a brief relapse. Throughout this, Ross had slept on his couch, taking care of April as she convalesced.

As she walked to the closet, April unearthed a favorite skirt and sweater as well as underwear. After three weeks of wearing only pajamas and hospital dresses, she wanted to wear real clothes again. As she slipped her pajama top, Avril noticed herself in the mirror. She turned around and gave herself a closer assessment.

A month of illness and lack of appetite had left the normally lean and tonic April body looking lean, even emaciated. Her improved breasts, a legacy of her previous life in the sex trade, looked even more in her place than they usually did. She had considered had the implants removed, but Ross seemed to like them and she wasn’t exactly rich.

Slipping the rest of her pajamas, April dressed. The thick, warm mass of the sweater would hide his body out of shape. As she checked herself in the mirror again and teased her hair in shape, the April nose trembled at the delicious smell of food. She was hungry, correlated, after the meagre diet she had consumed during her illness. Turning the mirror, April walked down to see what Ross was preparing for breakfast.

The food was forgotten, however, when she saw her living room. A six-foot tree with lights and ornaments shimmered in a corner. Two carefully wrapped packages lay underneath. Wreaths hung from the window and sofa, while long garlands stretched from the ceiling lamp to the corners of the room. A strand of mistletoe hung from the lamp itself.

“Oh my God, it’s so beautiful,” she says, drinking everything.

Ross came out of the kitchen. He leaned against the wall and flashed a big smile on his face.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” he said, “welcome to the land of the living.”

April took another long look at the Christmas decorations, then sprinted up to Ross. She threw her arms around him and kissed him twice. As she clung to him, April looked around the room again.

The unfortunate memories of past holidays danced in April’s head for a while. There was the moment when her mother’s drunk enduring boyfriend beat her savagely on Christmas Eve for peeking at a gift. And the time she had spent the day turning towers in a grungy apartment while the chants played loudly in the next unit. April had come dangerously close to suicide at the end of this Christmas. Even the recent Christmases, as his past began to recede, had often been painfully lonely. The realization that this Christmas would be different, that she would finally celebrate and enjoy the party with someone she loved, stunned April for a moment.

“Merry Christmas, Ross,” she said quietly, her voice trembling with emotion, “I can’t believe I’m having a real Christmas this year.”

As she breaks down, Ross hugs and kisses her in the back.

“It’s getting better and better. Mom invited you to dinner tomorrow, he says, but I told him it depended on your health.

April smiled and sighed, “If I feel as good tomorrow as I am right now, we’ll go. A family Christmas dinner is another thing I’ve never really had. In the worst case, I find a comfortable chair and glide quietly in the background if I’m tired or not feeling well.

The idea of food turned April’s attention to her empty stomach and she looked at the table where waffles and coffee were waiting.

“It’s for you,” said Ross, laughing, “I’ve already eaten.” Take it easy, though. You’re still recovering.

More cheerful than she had been in a long time, April sat down and creduted into the food. As she ate, April kept looking at the decorations and to her boyfriend. Ross had entered April’s life as a university classmate and good friend. The previous spring, she had seduced him at a party, which had turned this friendship into a sexy romance. At the time, April did not anticipate the impact their new relationship would have on her life. Now, as she pondered what Ross had done for her over the past month, April realized that it had profoundly changed her life.

Then the April eye fell on the plots under the tree. Her heart sank when she realized they were probably for her. She had nothing to give Ross in return. It was the last day of shopping before Christmas and there was no way that his weakened body was battling last-minute crowds in shopping malls. A tear was streaming down her cheek and she started to hurt her head to find out how she could give Ross a present.

“Something’s wrong, baby?” Ross asked when he saw the tear.

“I don’t have a present for you. You’ve done so much for me, you’ve shown me so much love, and I have nothing to give you for Christmas,” she says, crying.

Ross put his hand on his and tenderly caressed.

“You’re alive and healthy, April. That’s what I want more than anything,” he says quietly, holding April’s hand in his and kissing her lightly, “That night, when we went to the hospital, I was afraid of losing you. This thought scared me. Having you is more important than a gift in enough packaging.

I said, “Thank you. I always feel like I should do something. This is my first Christmas and I have no gifts to give.

“Just be there for me when I need you, that’s all. I love you, gift or not.

They hugged and kissed, and then April sat on the couch while Ross cleaned breakfast. When he was done, Ross joined her. She huddled near him and he put an arm around her.

“I feel so much better,” April says softly, “with a hand on Ross’ thigh, “I couldn’t have asked for a better nurse.”

Ross laughed and replied, “Happy to be on duty. I’ve never seen someone so sick before.

April’s hand caressed Ross’s thigh and suddenly something came to her mind. She writhed to face him and slipped her hand between her thighs.

“I know something I can give you,” she whispered in her most sensual voice, something you haven’t had in a long time.

Ross smiled as she began to stroke her cock through her sweatpants.

“Are you sure you’re for that?”

“Hey, I can just stand there and let you do all the work,” April said with a laugh, “But it’s not as much fun that way. Slide your pants down, I want to touch it.

Ross obeys, slipping his sweats and underpants to disgorge his cock. He got up slightly, already excited by his touch. April began to caress him, enjoying the sensation of his flesh in his fingers.

“So, did you take care of your needs as well as mine?” she asked, after giving a Ross a long, deep kiss.

I said, “Yes. I’m not going a month without release. It was just to get him off the road, though. I didn’t really appreciate that most of the time.

“But you’ve sometimes enjoyed it?”

April had wrapped her fingers around her cock and was slowly jerking her off.

“Sometimes I thought of more pleasant moments with you that I caressed and that made me feel good,” Ross said, looking at his hand carefully, “Like that first night, you seduced me. And I know where you keep this hiding place of your old movies.

“Which one is coming down to you?” April asked with a smile.

“The first I’ve ever seen. The one with the outside trio. You and the other woman actually seemed to be enjoying it.

April smiles. It was, in fact, one of the few porn shoots she had really enjoyed. She had been in a bit of a relationship with the other actress, which made filming more enjoyable than usual.

“I did it. But it was still a porn shoot, not real sex with someone I love deeply,” she replied.

With this, April pulled her sweater up and off, becoming nervous as she did. She didn’t know how Ross was going to see her body. Her bra followed quickly, then April got up and started unbuttoning her skirt.

“I look so horrible right now. Like a fucking skeleton. I hope it doesn’t put you out,” she says, her voice a little sad.

“Not at all. I’ve seen you naked many times, you know. One of the marginal benefits of helping you swim and dress.

After dropping her skirt, April got down on her knees and pulled Ross’ sweats the rest of the way. He parted his legs, leaving her to get closer. After lightly kissing the head of her cock, she put her lips around her and gently sucked.

Ross watched, fascinated as always by the sight and feel of April giving the head. Ross never failed to take advantage of his oral skills, sharpened during his years in sex work. Leaning his head back, Ross closed his eyes, focusing on the gentle aspiration as Avril worked her way down her stiff cock.

Suddenly, April withdrew and had a coughing fit. Ross panicked a little bit.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m good,” April replied, sagging, “obviously still a little phlegm. Can we go to bed? It’s a little chilly here.

“No objection.”

Ross got up and took his sweater. April took his hand and led him to the room. She went to bed and covered herself with her heavy duvet, then Ross crawled with her.

“Warmer?” he asked, pulling April’s naked body against his.

“Many,” she said softly, almost asleep.

April slipped her panties low enough to leave Ross’ excited between her thighs. Slowly, she rubbed her against her tree, leaving a small trail of moisture along it.

“You’re wet,” Ross said.

“It’s been over a month for me too,” she replied, appreciating the sensation of her cock pressed against her excited pussy.

“You were too sick to notice for most of it.”

April laughs. Ross began kissing her and running his hands over her body. He could feel his ribs under his skin in a way he couldn’t before.

“Damn, you’ve really lost weight, haven’t you?”

“And not in a good way,” added April, sighing.

“They are still kind and plump,” he continued, his hand kneading his chest.

April sighed, “A rare advantage of implants, I suppose.”

“Always thinking about losing them?” Ross asked, recalling past conversations on the subject.

“I’m .” With your permission. I know you like my.

“I’d rather you were happy, April,” Ross said, “and if that means breast reduction, then we can do it.”

“It won’t be cheap and I don’t know if Medicare will cover it as it has been an elective boob job to begin with.”

Ross smiled, and said, “Cost is not a problem.”

April gave him a puzzled look. “How do I do that?” he asked.

“They settled my uncle’s estate and I had a nice portion of the change out of it,” Ross explained, “We can use some of it to get a good plastic surgeon to repair you and save the rest for when we want buy a house together.”

April was surprised. She knew that Ross’ uncle had died childless, but that she had not realized how likely her boyfriend was to benefit from the estate.

“Are you sure you want to spend your inheritance on me?”

“I spend it in the U.S.,” he said, “and I bet there are guys who have spent a lot more on you than I have.”

April laughed.

“Oh my God, yes. Even this apartment was originally paid for by a sugar daddy, she laughs. Then she became calmer and more sober, nervously asking, “Does this bother you?”

“It’s all in the past, isn’t it? As long as I have you all for me now, let the past be over.

“It’s behind me, Ross,” April said softly, her fingers stroking her boyfriend’s face, “You are my gift. And, I hope, my future.

April kissed him, then began rubbing against him again. Ross took the clue and resumed the massage of her breasts.

“I feel better all the time,” April whispered, “much, much better.”

She gasped and her body shook. Ross felt his dick get wetter. He was a little surprised at the april climax so easily, but, as she had said, it had been a long time.

“Will you fuck me now?”

Ross laughed as he rolled April on his back and mounted it. His cock slipped in easily, much easier than he expected.

“God, it feels good,” he sighed, delighted to be inside his girlfriend again.

“Me too. Your dick is so perfect for me,” April replied, still feeling a little dreamy of her orgasm.

Slowly, slowly, Ross began to move inside her, feeling her tunnel hot and smooth around her cock. His peak began to rise quite rapidly, but he kept his thrusts slow and even. It was better for him that way and he was still afraid of being too April, given the fragility she took care of her illness.

“Harder, Ross,” she said quietly but eagerly, “I want it to be more difficult.” Don’t have sex with me. Fuck off.

Ross took April to her word and began to fuck her fast and hard, seeing her breasts oscillate with each impact of the body against the body. He was nearing the climax and his body was eager for her. April’s hands were holding him and she began to move her hips, pressing against him.

“Jesus Christ, yes,” cried Ross when his orgasm struck. His cock pulsated as he pumped a load into the body in April.

April clung to her boyfriend’s body and urged him. Finally, she let out an inarticulate cry of triumph as she culminated again. For a while, they were both in the throes of near-simultaneous orgasms, then they relaxed and Ross rolled out of April.

“Are you all right?” Ross asked after quietly cuddling her for a while.

“Better than agree. I needed this fuck as badly as you did,” April replied in a calm voice.

“Sexual healing?”

“Something like that. Now, however, I need a rest.

April pressed tightly against Ross and closed her eyes.

“I’ll be there,” he said, stroking his bare skin.

“I know,” replied April, who was asleep.

Soon she was drowsy in her arms.

Ross sat down a few hours later, surprised to realize that he had fallen asleep, too. He was even more surprised to find April missing. Long naps, sometimes whole afternoons, had been the norm during his illness and recovery, so he had assumed she would be out for a while. Sliding out of bed and realizing that he had no clothes in the room, Ross wandered into the drawing-room naked.

April was sitting on the couch in an oversized nightgown and leggings. There was a thoughtful look on his face. When she saw him, Avril smiled and her gaze fell on her sweet cock. He was surprised to see the flamboyant lust to life in them again. His girlfriend had a very active libido and it seemed that he was recovering with the rest of her.

I said, “Good morning. I was surprised to find you asleep when I woke up, she said.

“I was surprised to find you when I woke up. I guess it’s a sign that you’re really getting better and better,” Ross replied as he put his sweater and pants back on, “Decided to go more casual?”

I said, “Yes. It’s probably going to be a relaxed and comfortable day at home, isn’t it?

“He is. Rest as much as you can before going to my parents’ house tomorrow. Most of my family have never met you, so you will be toasting the party.

“It was really wonderful, Ross,” April said as she sat next to her, “The best sex since our first time, I think.”

“Really?” he said.

“Perhaps not the most intense orgasms. If I was stronger, I could have done better. But I felt more intimate with you than I have in a long time.

“That I agree with.”

Cuddles and kissed a little, then April remembered something she had thought of earlier after she woke up.

“This little church that we can see from my balcony? Do they have a service tonight? April asked.

“They do it,” replied Ross, “I saw their sign when I was shopping at the pharmacy for you.”

“Can we go? I rarely went to church, not to mention a Christmas Eve service.

“I haven’t been for a while myself. You get religious on me?

“In a way,” April replied after a moment of reflection, “you said that you were afraid of losing me when I was in the hospital. I was very scared that night, too, but for other reasons. I worked so hard to escape the nightmare that was my life until a few years ago. The idea that I was just going to lose everything because of a damned virus… God, this would have been a terrible end to history.

“Then you want to thank God for your recovery?”

“I knewppose. The idea that someone has our back is a little appealing after all this.

“It is, isn’t it?” Ross replied: “I agree to go. It’s a pretty liberal church, as I understand it. And it’s not far away.

The service turned out to be a fun evening. They sang songs, saw a play by the children, and then joined the congregation for snacks and social time afterwards. As they chatted with a couple who had approached and greeted them, April’s eyes fell upon a familiar man in a suit mingling with the congregation.

“Who is that?” he asked.

“Oh, it’s our minister, Reverend Austin,” said Marilyn, “the woman, the Sunday school did the early service, but he must make a communion by candlelight later.” Would you like to meet him?

“We met once, I think,” April replied, “a long time ago.”

She fled and went to the place where the minister was standing alone. She wasn’t really sure if she should even talk to him, but thought enough time had passed since the cold night when she had briefly been her lover.

“Hello, Reverend,” she said quietly, “I don’t know if you remember me.” I’m April. We met a few years ago.

He looked surprised and April realized that his appearance had changed a bit. She had been a blonde at the time for one thing. Then the recognition rose on his face.

“Oh yes, April. It’s good to see you again,” he says, shaking his hand.

“Is this your church now?”

“He is. More suited to me than the last one, I think.

“How are you?”

“Much better than when we last met,” he replied in a cheerful voice, “I get married in the spring.”

April smiles. The last time she saw him, he was crying both a previous bride who had died in a car accident and the fact that the woman had cheated on him with a good friend.

“It’s fantastic,” she said, “I’m so happy to know that things have finally worked out for you.”

“How about?” He stopped naming his old profession.

I said, “No. I’m in college now. Sociology here in Eversham. And I have a wonderful boyfriend who has accepted my pass and just breastfed me through a serious illness. So everything’s fine,’ she replied.

The two fell silent for a moment.

“April, that night… he began, and then seemed to choke a little, “it helped me. It helped me so much, both in Lisa’s handover and in my new relationship. Thank you.

She was stunned by that. She had never been thanked by a former client so abundantly before.

“It also helped me,” she says, taking her hand in hers, “it set me on my current path. Maybe even saved my life. Merry Christmas.

“Merry Christmas, April. God bless you and keep you in everything that comes into your life.

“Do you know the minister or something?” Ross asked him when they were walking home.

April turned away for a moment, then answered in a tense voice: “We met once. In my previous life.

It sank quickly.

“Was he a client?” Ross asked.

“Just once,” April confirmed, “he was at a different church then. In fact, I stayed longer than he paid and I gave him the money back. He was a kind of broken man at the time, suffering from both grief and betrayal from people he loved. Bring a few hours of fun and companionship to him that night really opened my heart. It was probably the beginning of my departure for good.

One with a heart of gold history? Ross asked, giving his hand a compression.

April laughs and shakes her hand back, replying, “I never thought that way, but I guess so.”

Back in the apartment, they put on their coats. April walked by the tree, standing just under the mistletoe, and then turned to Ross. Slowly, she began to unbutton her blouse.

“Come and get your next gift,” she says, lowering her voice to a seductive murmur.

“I’ve never had a gift unpacked,” Ross said.

“Then maybe you should come and unpack it,” April replied, dropping her hands to the side, “It’s an old blouse so you don’t get too soft either.”

Grinning, Ross got up and grabbed the front of his blouse.

“Are you sure?”

I said, “Do it.”

With a sharp shot, he opened the blouse by sending the remaining buttons to disperse on the floor to the sound of April laughter. Throwing the ripped blouse aside, Ross put his arms around his girlfriend and undone his bra, sliding it out of his arms. When the bra had joined the blouse in a pile on the floor, Ross took the April breasts in her hands and massaged them coarsely while laying a firm kiss on her lips.

“You’re playing with your gift and you’re not even done unpacking it,” April said in a stern voice.

“Some gifts are hard to resist playing with,” Ross growled back, starting to undo his pants.

April laughed as he kissed and shoved her neck after pushing her pants and underwear far enough to get a hand between her legs. As her lips and teeth gently kissed and nibbled at her throat, a finger explored her lower soft lips and opening in. April moved her hips a little, eager to have her finger inside her.

“I never thought going to church would be a trick,” Ross says softly before nibbling April’s ear.

“Anything that can be turned on with you, Ross,” she replied, “but now I think I also need to unwrap my gift.”

Ross backed away and helped April out of her pants, then pulled her sweater over her head. Getting down on her knees, she started undoing her boyfriend’s pants. When she pulled them down, her dick popped up, already hard. Leaning closely, April lowered the tip and swung her tongue around her head.

Standing, she began to stroke Ross’ cock with her fingers while giving him a long French kiss. After a while, Ross began to caress and caress his girlfriend’s breasts. Her fingers come back to caress and caress her.

“Read?” he asked. April asked quietly.

“Here,” replied Ross firmly. Their first time having sex with each other had been on this very floor and making it there again woke up fiercely.

Sinking to his knees, he pulled April down with him. They knelt face to face and kissed again. Hands have begun to explore the intimate spaces, April massaging Ross’ cock as his finger probed inside her wet pussy.

“Fuck me,” April finally ordered, turning around.

She got on all fours and shook her to Ross. Grinning, he walked behind her and guided his cock to his opening. With a quick and hard push, he entered his girlfriend’s wet.

“Yes,” she gasped, “take me hard, Ross.” Give me your Christmas toy.

Ross didn’t really need encouragement if he started kissing her as fast and as hard as he could. April was very wet inside and her cock was moving easily. Her big breasts clicked under her body with rapid movements and the body’s collision against the body.

“God is good,” Ross moans.

“Want something better?”

I said, “What?”

Get him out and put it in my, April suggested.

“Really? I’ve never done that before. Without lubricant?

“It’ll be good. I’m not new to being fucked in the ass and you’ll be very wet from my own lubricant.

A little nervous, Ross nevertheless slipped his free cock and moved it to the small creased hole above. He pressed his head inside slowly, feeling the tight opening grasp.

“Damn, it’s tight.”

“That’s what’s great. Keep going, Ross.

Swallowing hard and worried about hurting April, Ross nevertheless slipped all the way. The tight passage felt very different from her tablecloth, rather loose,. Slowly, he began to work back and forth inside.

“Oh my God, it feels good,” he moaned, “I won’t last long.”

“Then don’t do it. Fill my with your hot cream, baby, April moans, backing up a bit to force it deeper.

A few more thrusts and Ross screamed as his cock spasmé in April’s ass. The intense orgasm made her body tremble with every breath of her seed. When he was drained, Ross slipped out and just looked at his April hole cream dribble.

“I can’t believe I did this to you,” he murmured.

April got up and turned to him. Slowly, she stroked her face with her fingers.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, Ross. It doesn’t hurt or anything. I liked it. The waterproofing makes it a very intimate feeling to me.

She kissed him, then got up, feeling her seed run away from her.

“I need to take a shower, though. Are you joining me? I can wash your dick for you.

Smiling, Ross got up and they rushed to his bathroom. Once they had cleaned, April put on a favorite nightgown and Ross put on his pajamas. Then they turned off all the lights in his apartment, but the tree and sat on the floor in front of him.

“Did you like your gift?” April asked, sliding her hand into Ross’s top to stroke her chest.

I said, “Very well. Beat a pair of socks, he replied, giving him a slight pressure.

April laughed and kissed her, then rested her weary head on her shoulder.

“So how’s your first real Christmas going?” Ross asked, “Living up to expectations?”

“Better. I feel so happy and alive tonight. But tired, too. I think this disease has really taken a lot of things from me.

“Let’s go to bed, then. I guess we can start sleeping together again?

“Of course. It was so lonely sleeping alone. I really need someone to hold me and rock me to sleep.

April yawned, stretched, and rose. Ross joined her and they kissed one last time under the mistletoe before walking hand in hand to her room.

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Christmas in April