Claiming Her Ass – anal rough young and old surprise reluctance dom submission

Her boyfriend hated her talking to me, and I honored her request at first. I didn’t want to get into it. But it was obvious that she could not stop. She had dark fantasies and as so many women discovered that it was difficult to find men serious enough and not afraid to think or do the things she wanted. I surprised her because I have a dark, sadistic side and a vivid imagination. Even better, I had done these things. Like most women, she didn’t believe me at first, but after seeing some pictures, she had total faith in what I had done, and what I would do.

Jay was a beautiful young woman. She is a nursing student, works at the school and lives with her boyfriend. She is 21 years old with blond hair and typical shape body of a young woman who does not have to work terribly hard to stay slim. If she could simulate the right accent, she could pass herself as a Nordic heritage. She found me on a fetish site and we started chatting. It was not unusual for young women to contact me, but it was different from most of the people I had spoken to. She wasn’t exploring, she knew exactly what she wanted. It didn’t take long for her to determine that she wanted me to be the one who pushed her through her ultimate fantasies, and she was serious. The chat turned into online tasks and demonstrations of what was coming when we met. The only bad thing about Jay was that we weren’t close geographically. Meetings and the actual game would take time and coordination to happen.

She told me about her boyfriend and their relationship, and that they saw it as an open relationship. He had let him play with the others, usually with him around. Outside the room, their relationship was fine, and I was clear to them both, I had no desire to separate them or steal it from him. I just wanted to help her with her fantasies, and let her experience them when we could. At first he agreed to talk, but that changed when he saw how much she was in love with me. She wanted our first meeting to happen so badly that he became concerned and told her that she should not talk to me. She obeyed for a month or two, but she realized that she had become depressed about him taking away or suppressing her fantasies. So she contacted me again, and it was as if we never stopped. The only difference was that she now had a sense of empowerment knowing that she was doing what she wanted. His young and immature manners had lost to my distinguished older and more experienced confidence.

Our first meeting went very well. She wanted a CNC-type scenario, kidnapping and torture. I planned things for a month or two, and then I surprised her. She was not only caught off guard when it happened, but surprised by the intensity and realism I had made. But this story is for another day. We continued to talk after that first meeting. We had many conversations reliving what had happened, what she liked about it and why. Then we moved on to other things and future meetings. There was no doubt that it would be rude, extremely rude by the standards of most people. But what happened was going to be a surprise. After she enjoyed the first meeting so much, the idea of being completely in the dark lit her up. She didn’t want to know. When I had the dates set for my next trip to his area, the planning and intrigue began for good.

That morning, I waited in the suite for it to arrive. She still didn’t know I was in town, a few days earlier I had dictated that she would take the time for me today. I had sent his tasks to accomplish a bit like I had on other days. He started at 8:00 a.m. after her boyfriend left for work. There were some dummy tasks to prevent him from suspecting, but some were for today’s meeting. I demanded that she wear a dress and I made her go to a pharmacy and buy among other things, a marker and a scarf.

The hotel was next to a park that she had used before for photos. The online tasks I often give him included photos for me. Sometimes I play on his fear of exposure and force them to be in public places. The park was a semi-secure area that she often used when secretly exposing herself in public. I told him today to be at the park at 9:00 a.m. She had to write on her thigh with the marker as she had done in the past, “Master Darwin’s Toy.” She would then go to the part of the park near the hotel, and expose this thigh to the hotel. She gave me updates as needed and my excitement increased when I found out she was in the park. I told him someone, or a few people, would be watching from the hotel. She received a text from a room number and immediately went into that room. She had to approach the door and use the scarf to blindfold before knocking.

She was just on time and I saw her walking away from the hotel’s view. I had tested it and i knew it couldn’t see it in the rooms because of dazzling it on the windows early in the morning. She stayed there until 9:00 in the morning, then looked around and raised the hem of her dress. His thigh was perfectly exposed. She was a naughty girl and lowered her panties as well. I smiled and sent the room number. She lowered her dress and lifted her panties, then stretched life for her phone. I decided that if she was going to be mean, I’d be too. I added another twist, to take off her panties in the elevator. She walked to the hotel and I could see she was nervous, but she didn’t stop. We had talked in the past about many things like strangers, who drove her out and groups of men. I was sure there were a lot of possibilities running through his head right now, wondering what was going to happen.

Knowing that it would only take him a few minutes to knock on my door, I made the final preparations. I made sure the camera was ready and that the things I would need were near the bed. I grabbed a piece of rope and moved to the door. I heard her outside blindfolding and I looked through the peephole. As soon as she tied him up, she put her hands on her sides and took a deep breath. It was a nice site. She trusted me completely and I was going to enjoy it. We both wanted it that way. She raised her hand to knock and I quickly swung the door open and Grabbed her wrist by pulling her in. As I pulled it in front of me, I simply stuck my foot when I stumbled. I dropped him to the ground. I closed the door and threw myself at her as she was just trying to get up. My body hit hers and my weight pushed her to the ground. I covered his mouth with one hand and held one of his arms with the other.

“It won’t do you any good to scream, it will just bring more pain. I don’t intend to hurt you any more than you can bear. But I know what you want, and I know you want it to hurt.

I grabbed her on the floor and threw her on the bed. She struggled a bit, but it didn’t stop me as I took off her jacket. The next step was to tie his wrists together. I moved his body sitting on his upper back. I laid my knees on his biceps to help hold his arms as I tied his wrists together. She struggled and seemed sincerely scared, but I knew she would use her safety words if she needed it. She may not have recognized my voice yet, but even if she did not trust me to make sure that any man I put her before would honor those same words. I suspected that she had recognized my voice. I knew she would focus on any sound or touch trying to figure out what was going on. This meant that the fear she showed was due to surprise and what was happening. Everything had the desired effect of scaring him.

Once her wrists were bound together, I tore her fragile sun gown and ripped it off. A few weeks ago, I had given him a task to try on three different dresses. My favorite of the three hung in the closet after buying it yesterday. She lay there now, tied up, blindfolded and naked under me. I pulled out my knife and held it at his throat and moved my face next to his ear. We discussed several times your virgin. You will leave here today with that changed. You know it’s going to hurt and you know I won’t be sweet.

She grimaced and moaned at hearing my intentions. Several times we have discussed his past failed attempts at anal sex. She always stopped when it hurt too much. Unfortunately, the men she had let try were still too fearful to push on. She wanted it and I knew it. She knew I had been brutal like this before. She knew that at that point it would happen.

I moved my free hand under her crotch. I found it as wet as I suspected. I told him not to move and I shot her. I put my square hand behind his back and pressed up as Ie got up, not concerned about how my weight would feel or hurt him. Every move I made and every key was rough, and it had an effect. Tears were now streaming under his blindfold.

I undressed and moved in front of her. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. She didn’t quite sobb, but the tears still fell, and she moaned. She knew that her tears and sounds were inciting me. They made me happy because it was a clear sign that I was giving her the realism she wanted. “This is the only time I’ll ask you, do you remember your sure words?”

She answered with a quick, “Yes sir.”

I told her that she would not hesitate to use them if necessary and that I would never be upset to hear them. We had put on red, yellow, green as safe words. Red intended to stop everything immediately, yellow was a request to slow down or discuss, and green meant more or more difficult.

Jay let out a “Green” business among his moans.

I didn’t hesitate to put my cock in his mouth when I heard it. Holding her head by the hair, she opened her mouth and did not fight her. My dick was still growing, but hard enough to push all the way into it. I didn’t let him give me a. Instead, I used his mouth. I forced my dick in and out, to live up to every push. I stopped occasionally to allow him to gasp for air, but returned to fuck his face. The rhythm prevented her from swallowing as regularly as she would if she was in control. She tried to get some fresh air at every opportunity. Every time she tried to swallow it, she would inevitably make her gag or choke. His brooch accumulating on my dick felt sloppy and good. Taking him out and wiping his own brooch all over his face from time to time felt just as good. A few more pushes and it was time to move on.

I moved behind her and straddled her legs. I reached an arm completely under his waist and lifted so I could put two pillows under his waist. I groped her and slipped my thighs along the back of hers until my body was closer to her. My dick was perfectly between his cheeks. I was now completely hard. The natural color of my dick head, reddened by the rough face fuck, looked wonderful against the pale skin of her ass. I turned my ankles up and on his calves as I knelt on his thighs. I then tucked my toes down and pulled his legs open slightly. She let me open them, but moaned in anticipation of what was to come. I knew she was already preparing for pain. I shook back and let my cock slowly slide down the crack of her ass, past her tight virgin asshole and falling against her pussy. I reached down and grabbed my cock and moved his tip up and down his slot. I coated his juice all around. I then made a point of moving the head between his lips by spreading them as I moved it up and down a few more times. Now all her pussy was soaked as well as my dick head. I moved it to the entrance of her and pushed it in.

It was not a gentle thrust, but the moan she let out was the force of the thrust, not the pain. She was way too wet to hurt. I also suspected that it was a bit of a surprised relief that I hadn’t screwed up her yet. I wanted it to get wet because it was the only lubricant I intended to use, and I told her. I then placed my hands near his shoulders and bent down and bit the back of his neck. I fucked her like that with several hard pushes. I held my bite like an animal to hold his dog in place. His first reaction to the bite was to push his head back against me. When she realized that she couldn’t stop me, she leaned her head forward and offered me her neck completely.

I finally released my bite so I could grab her hair and pull her head back. I moved my face near hers and moved as if to kiss her, but when our lips met, it wasn’t for a kiss. I took his lower lip between my teeth and bit it down. She screamed, but it wasn’t good. I kept hitting her and holding her lip in my bite. But the weather was getting closer. I let go of her lip and put a hand on her head and pushed her down into bed and hovered over her.

He tried to take your before, but couldn’t. You know I won’t stop until I take it. No matter how much you scream and cry your will soon be mine. I know you and I know you won’t want him to hit your after I’ve taken your as viciously as I intend. This weak little boy doesn’t deserve to get what I’m going to open.

The time had come and she felt it. I leaned over and put my hands firmly on her. I groped her hard once, then slipped my thumbs down to her little bud. My fingers were pointing outwards, as I shook my hands, my thumbs could stretch it. When I did that, she knew there was no turning back. Instead of trying to fight more, she was preparing instead. His hands gripped the mattress in a death handle and his body began to tighten. I pushed into her twice more get ready to change holes in one move. And then I did. Pulled my cock out of her pussy and lined it up quickly. I leaned over and let my body fall on it. My weight helped my push force my cock down her ass.

She screamed out loud and I left it. My push was deliberate and his cry lasted as long as he did. I didn’t put my head and stop like most men. My dick was now buried and my groin was against her ass cheeks. I pressed his hips into the pillows. She held her body stretched for a few moments. When I felt her body relax just the slightest I leaned over and spoke in his ear again, “You’re my anal bitch now.”

When she learned that she was exhaling. She tried to talk and I knew the guttural sounds were her attempts at a “Yes sir.” I backed off until I felt his tight sphincter grabbing my dick head. I pressed him again to make his pants and panting and trying to catch his breath. I started to set a rhythm and she shouted, “Oh Fuck, yes sir, I’m your anal bitch!” She let her head collapse on the bed that just made her ass mount on my dick.

He started like this, pulling slowly and pushing it again. I have said it over and over again. I grumpy and louder to let her hear it more than anything. As young as she was her pussy felt tight on my cock, but her virgin ass felt twice as tight. I couldn’t slip into her, I had to be brutal and force my way in. Its agitation makes it feel even better. It didn’t take long to get closer to orgasm and I knew it. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. I let my strength try to deepen myself if it had been possible. I alternated between pushing his head down into the mattress, then shaking his head through his hair, making sure the look on his face was captured on camera.

To my disappointment, I couldn’t hold back. I gathered as much strength as I could and plunged as deep as I could. My hardest thrust yet brought another cry as I pumped the first spray of deep into her. When I pulled out this time, I went out completely letting the second push cover her little. I looked at it as it was already trying to close. I haven’t stopped my pace though and pushed back into it. With my sperm as added lubricant, I slipped in a little easier so I went back to fuck her. Pumping my sperm into it every time I hit rock bottom. Finally, I stopped and still held buried in her, half collapsed on her.

She let her head fall off and finally relaxed the grip on the mattress she was holding all the time. At my age, it didn’t take long for my cock to start losing its hardness, and get out of it. I rolled her out of it and worked my way to the pillows. Jay looked at me with the most beautiful mix of smiling happiness and grimacing of pain. She crawled up to me her legs almost dragging as if she were paralyzed. She looked me in the eye and said; “Thank you, sir! My will forever be yours.

We kissed for a minute or two until we both realized how tired we were. As she rolled up and curled up, I looked down at the mess that was her. My semen was beginning to seep from her, on her already bloodied.

I moved in right behind her and wrapped my arms around her. I knew Jay had several hours before she was home. We both let ourselves relax. We slept almost instantly.


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