I Used Revolutionary Clitoral Clamps On Me different orgasm

Clips had always sparked my interest, seeing them in porn videos and reading about the people who used them made me want to know more about them, but one thing kept putting me off.

The name.

The word ‘pliers’ just felt like it was going to hurt and although I’m a HUGE fan of BDSM (that’s my Bdsm sex kit) I still didn’t want to hurt my clitoris.

My clitoris is so sensitive and I just didn’t know if using clitoral forceps was going to be for me. However, I decided to do my research and it turns out that a clitoral clip shouldn’t actually hurt, at all, yes clitoral clips are used a lot in BDSM but they are not an instrument of torture, they just make your clitoris feel really good.

It was the only confirmation I needed and with that, I ordered these inexpensive clitoris forceps and looks forward to the delivery of the mail.

What is a clitoral forceps?

what are clitoral clips

A clitoris clip first has many different names that I wish to be more popular as they seem much less intimidating, these are just a few: clitoral jewelry, genitalia clips, clitoris clips and pleasure clips.

Clitoris forceps is a device that you gently place on your clitoris and that stimulates the clitoris by gently pressing against the nerve endings. It is ideal for those who do not like vibration stimulation or for those like me who just want to try something new and exciting.

You only leave the clitoris clip for 10 minutes and once you remove it, your clitoris is excited, really sensitive and more pronounced. This is practically what a nipple clamp does, except for your pussy.

Playing with the clitoris while the clitoris clip is attached is amazing but seems even more incredible to me once it is turned off and all the nerve endings are incredibly excited inside my clitoris. Each contact is explosive.

How to put a clitoral clip…

how to put the clitoral clip

This can be quite difficult to assemble, but I recommend pulling some kind of stimulation from your clitoris before putting on the clitoris clips, as this makes it more pronounced and easier to assemble.

You can do this by using a vibrator, getting your partner down on whatever you really get out of it!

I find that it’s also a good idea to test the clamp on your earlobe before putting it on your clitoris to make sure it isn’t too tight, the last thing you want is that your clitoris is suffering.

How did your clitoris feel after the clitoris clip was put in place?

stick woman masturbating

When the clamp was still in place, it was amazing and you can still have sexual, oral and other stimuli.

However, removing it and feeling your clitoris is the place where the magic really happens to me. As soon as it is off, I feel tingling and improved sensations in my clitoris without even touching it. it’s like it’s throbbing and when I touch it or my boyfriend hits me, anything that feels better feels a million times better.

All the blood is drawn into your clitoris, it’s like having an ultra-sensitive clitoris.

Once it’s off, it’s up to you to decide how to get out of it. I like to use a vibrator but I know that some women like their partners lower them and some can even get away with doing nothing.

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How did your vibrator feel?

vibrator with clitoral clamp

I love using my vibrator (this is the vibrator that i use) after using my clitoris clips, the powerful sensations of the vibrator are incredible and when mixed with my excited and ultra-sensitive clitoris, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Because the clitoris is so sensitive and the nerve endings have all been stimulated and brought to the surface, the vibrator is so intense and I am guaranteed to have an orgasm almost instantly and intensely over and over again.

Tell me, was the orgasm different?

orgasm animation

In short, let me tell you that it makes me feel like I have found my clitoris for the very first time and it is awesome.

Due to the sensitivity of the clitoris, the orgasm (I find) is so much more intense.

My boyfriend was amazed to watch me cum, he was so excited to see me scream in ecstasy.

I find that because the clitoris forceps draws blood into the clitoris and involves all the nerve endings, the orgasm is more powerful because there is more stimulation.

It gives life to my clitoris and I am always looking forward to using my clitoris forceps. It’s funny because I was so worried about using it thinking that it would hurt and a little too much for my clitoris but in fact my clitoris needed it and I found myself craving the clamp when it is not there.

The best clamp I have used (what it looks like):

Lovehoney clitoral forceps on white background

Not as scary as you would imagine, right?

These are my favorite clitoral clips and they are so simple to use.

Stimulate your clitoris, apply a little lubricant, place your clitoris inside the two ends of soft purple silicone and gently slide the ring up to where you feel comfortable and where your clitoris feels firmly pinched.

It is safe and easy to use and although inexpensive compared to other clitoris clips, I have found the best results with these.

When you know how clitoral clips work and how they are not just for BDSM lovers and that they are actually quite innocent and help you reach an incredible orgasm, you realize that clitoral clips should be in everyone’s bedside cabinet and should not be avoided from.

Best tips for using clit clips

woman in beautiful red and black floral braUsing clit clips can be a little tricky, so I found all of the things I was struggling with and I did a quick Q&A of all the best advice on it. use clit clips so you can get the most out of yours. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below.

  • Always put them on you

I always like to take my clit clips and put them on my clitoris myself, that way I can make sure I get the perfect amount of compression and I make sure it does do well. Once my clitoris clips are on my boyfriend can do whatever he wants but I always make sure to apply them myself.

I recommend that you do this too, especially if you are new to clitoris clips. You really don’t want pain and you want to get the most out of your clitoris clips, so it’s very important to apply them properly.

Also make sure to use lubricant or a stimulating gel to really run the juice before applying the clitoris clips. You can wake up the clitoris however you want, but the quickest way is to use a stimulating gel.

Don’t rush into things, just see what makes you feel good and experience it. If you are with your partner, communicate with him and tell him what you like and what makes you feel good.

When I started using clit clips with my boyfriend, he had to relearn what I liked when the clit clips came off because I was much more sensitive. He knew how to be firm but gentle and he knew that my orgasm was going to explode all over his face.

You can’t get it right the first time around, but you just need to test things out and learn what you like and what your clit likes.

  • Use a small, precise vibrator

This sharp vibrator is a true hero in direct and precise stimulation, which is exactly what I need after using the tweezers.

Point stimulation is ideal because it means that no nerve end remains intact and that every part of my clitoris is engulfed by incredible sensations.

If you like vibrational stimulation, you will like it even more after using the clitoris forceps.

  • Be ready to want oral sex BADLY (addicted to my man’s language)

I don’t know if this applies to ALL women but for me and from the things I have read, many women have this. As soon as the forceps are removed, the oral sex just feels magical.

I think it personally has something to do with the sweetness of the tongue mixed with the heightened sensitivity, they are just a match made in paradise and believe me it is so good.

I love to use my vibrator from time to time, especially when my boyfriend is not there, but if the option for oral is there, I want it and I want to.

My boyfriend gently removes the forceps and teases me to orgasm with his tongue, I’m usually soaked and turned into a completely ravenous sex monster.

  • Mix it with nipple clamps 😱

I mentioned earlier in this article that clitoris forceps work like nipple forceps, they draw blood into the area and make them much more sensitive.

Something I like to do is mix the nipple clips and clitoris clips, put them all in at the same time, then remove them completely and enjoy the sensations.

My favorite nipple clamps actually correspond to my clitoris clips, they work exactly the same way and feel just as amazing when removed. They are actually now able to give me a nipple orgasm (how i had my first nipple orgasm).

  • Don’t be afraid to drop the sex toy and come back to your fingers

Some people find it so much better to touch each other or let their partner touch them without sex toys, just with their fingers. You may be one of these people, but you have to learn before you know. I assumed that a vibrator would feel best for me and that is what I did, but then I tried it orally and it is very difficult for me to choose between the two and i always switch from one to the other.

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