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It’s been a long week. Wake up, sit in traffic, work, sit in traffic, sleep; rinse and repeat for five days. But it’s finally the weekend. You texted me earlier and invited me to a new club for the evening. I have to admit, I’m not really a club. I prefer to relax in a bar and have some good beers and some other good laughs. But, hey, time with you is still time with you.

I stop and am greeted by what looks like an old warehouse sitting in the middle of what has been turned into a large parking lot. The terrain is almost full. That’s a good sign, I’m thinking. I park, go to the entrance and pay the cover fee after a short wait in line.

Just inside the door, I find myself in a small hallway. The heavy bass and stench of sweat and smoke struck me. There is an energy in the air that I walk towards what I suppose is the main club. Soon I’m right to do so, because I’m entering a large room that seems to be what was the main floor of the warehouse. There’s a huge dance floor in the middle. Individual bars and rows of tables line the floor. There are stripper sticks erected in the corners of the dance area. Each has a woman barely dressed, much to the delight of men, and a few women, surrounded around the poles. But my eyes are looking for something else tonight.

I briefly wonder how long it will take me to find you as I stand on the edge of the dance floor before I reach you through the crowds of dancing people. You wear a tight red tube top that leaves your shoulders and midriff exposed and a pair of just as tight, black pants that sparkle as you dance. The set is matched with a pair of black heels, red lipstick, a small shoulder bag, and your hair is pulled back into a ponytail. Hell, you’re sexy. You are by yourself, most of the time, swaying to the rhythm. There are a few guys around you looking at you, but none have yet had the courage to approach you. I can’t really blame them, but still, it’s their loss. Not that they have a chance anyway, I smile at myself.

You finally see me through your circle of admirers. Sexy, desirable, playful, mesmerizing… dangerous, tempting… pure desire, I tell myself that I watch you loiter ingung towards me through the people who dance all night, your eyes never letting mine and your hips never leave the rhythm of pulsating music. A smile forms on your lips when you notice the way I look at you. She knows what she’s doing to me, I realize that.

As you get closer, now a few steps away, you take a look at my crotch. I suddenly realize that my jeans and grey t-shirt can’t do much to hide the obvious effect you have on me. You look at me, completely unsurprisingwhen you finally reach me. There are misdeeds in your eyes when you grab to kiss me. It’s a simple hug, far from enough to satisfy. It’s just a taste of the heat and needs of your body. I swear I can feel your heartbeat through the embrace, but maybe it was just the swinging bass.

A slower song starts to play as you pull away from me. Too soon, I’m lamenting. The bass line is artificially improved to facilitate dancing. The smile never leaves your lips as you begin to turn slowly in front of me, showing off this amazing. I’m just standing there watching, enjoying the show, until you look at me again. There’s a trust right behind the mischief. You know you’re in control. For now, I’m thinking.

You tease me, you test me while I stand and you watch your body move to the music. Your eyes close, your hips dilate, your hands wander through your exposed stomach as they travel south. I am pierced as you gently slip past the groin of your pants and over your thighs. whore.

You get closer and turn away from me. It’s almost like you see how far you can push me before I answer and drag you out of the club. Patience, I tell myself that you press your ass in me and grind against my now throbbing cock. I won’t break so easily.

Realizing that I won’t give in right now, you turn against me and bring your hands to my chest. You bite your lower lip when your palms find my nipples. Your whole body vibrates to the music, I can feel it beating through you. Your hands are starting to slide slowly towards my stomach. I expect them to reverse the trend, to care about going up, but they keep going down. Stop, just above the size of my jeans.

A new song is starting to play this very moment. This one’s harder, faster. The crowd responds instantly. Arms are raised to the sky. Slow movements turn into wild jumps. You’re looking at me. evil is back in your eyes, assuming it is ever left to begin with. My eyes widen when they meet yours and a half-smile forms on my lips. I’m telling you, I’m telling you with my own eyes.

And dare you do it. One of your hands dips under my jeans to catch my nagging dick. You caress me to the wild rhythm of music. You’re that tough, so fast. My eyes close and my mouth opens. You close the little distance that exists between us and gently kiss where my neck meets my chest while you work me while your breasts crush in me. I can’t tell if it’s more of your teasing or if you’re trying to fuck me on the spot. I hesitate to let go and stop just in time when you walk away and pull the bottom of my shirt so I can follow you. For now, I would follow you anywhere. And you know it.

I’m so tempted to grab you, rip your clothes off, and fuck you crazy in the middle of this club. But I don’t have one. Instead, I’m this swaying. You let me guide me where you want to go. I’ll have mine soon enough anyway.

You lead me to an opening on the side of one of the bars. A sign tells the story; It’s the way to the toilet. My heart skips a beat. I mean, I’m thinking. But we walk right in front of the two toilets and continue down the hallway, around a corner, and to a door that was barely cracked. It’s either a supreme opportunity or you planned this. Anyway, I’m not going to complain.

We enter through the door and find a small storage room. Freestanding shelves line every wall. There are small crates and large boxes on each shelf. Bar supplies, I note to myself before hearing the door close and lock. The sound of the music outside turns into a thud against the walls that surround us. You turn to me and I smile. I start saying hello before your finger reaches quickly for my lips, shut me up before I can even get that word. There will be no words at this time.

You smile and put your hand on my chest. You’re pushing me backwards. Or rather, I’ll let you push me. You guide me to the wall, until my back presses against the shelves behind me. You step back and look at me from the head to the eyes, lingering on my erection still obvious to you. Now it’s my turn to smile and it’s my turn to know what you want.

You turn my gaze back as you reach for your purse. I watch, still hypnotized, as you pull a pair of handcuffs and swing them in front of me as your purse falls to the ground. I almost laughed, but stopped at a broad smile. I’m going to play the game, I’ll tell you without ever saying a word. You reach my hand, slam the handcuffs around my wrist, and raise my arm above my head. You have to stand on the tip of your toes, but you stretch just enough to slide your wrists behind one of the shelf holders. You’re looking for my other arm. I briefly have the idea of resisting, of making you work for everything you are putting in place. But, to tell you the truth, I don’t have the patience for that. I desperately need you. I cooperate by raising my free arm above me and rubbing the handcuffs around him.

You’ve got me where ver you want me. A fact you take advantage of by smothering my neck. Your hands reach the button of my jeans while your fingers work the zipper. In no time, they’re undone and around my ankles. You step back and admire your quick work. The lust in your eyes is the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced. My dick jerks off in front of me to prove the point.

This triggers your own need. You walk away from me and you pull me behind my neck to pull my head towards yours. You kiss me greedily. Our languages dance with each other, but only for a moment. Without further preamble, your hands find your hips and quickly lift the flaps that hide the zippers. You undo them and tilt your pelvis away from me to slide your pants down enough to expose your freshly shaved.

Hell, a, no panties, I realize. Fortunately I didn’t know it earlier. You turn me over, my dick throbbing against your bare skin. Your hands ereta’s against me as they explore, tease and claw. You’re uplifting the big steps once. The evil in your eyes has been replaced by need and you are biting your lower lip so hard that I am worried momentarily that you could draw blood.

Before the thought ends, however, you turn against me. You reach behind you and take my clogged dick. I lean forward to inhale the smell coming from your hair, only instead panting when you start sliding my dick’s head up and down the slot of your ass. You’re looking over your shoulder. The sheer heat radiates from you like slow down your movements and focus my cock against your tight asshole. I quickly realize that you spread my precum, using me for you lube. I throw my head back and moan, banging my head against the shelf in the process, desperately trying to control me until I can feel you wrapped around my meat.

Just as I’m beginning to believe that I myself have under control, you take half a step back. I feel slowly, dying slowly, pressing you, widening as you get used to my width. I hear your whisper that you’re exhaling against the pressure. I want nothing more than to move forward, to impale you. But I abstain, determined to let you guide this.

With a slow half step back at a time, you’re working my dick up your ass. You stop when I’m halfway inside you and you sit. Your fingers work quickly against your own clitaction and I feel your body shaking. When I realize you’re cumming, my dick vibrates inside you. I am dangerously close to following you on this edge, but in a way I keep my own control.

Once your body is still, you lean over my chest. You’re coming behind us to take the back of my neck. I can feel the moisture on your fingers against my skin. You take a deep breath, you let him out slowly, and you push your hips against me. Just like that, with one last movement, I find myself buried in you. You scream when your meets me with your groin, skin against your skin. Your body shudders against me as my dick trembles inside you. You feel so tight, so sexy, so amazing. I need sperm, I think of myself that my self-control is starting to falter.

As if you could read my need, you start to rock your hips against me, you slide off and then get back on my dick. You build the tempo when I realize you’re fucking my dick. The shelves and their contents rattle behind me. Your hand has a close death handle on my neck as you go faster and harder. Your free hand reaches for your again. I don’t see, but I know you’re behaving again. I’m determined to last that long. I’m starting to meet each of your flare-ups with one of mine. I’m trying to last, baby, but I desperately want to tell you to hurry up. With a last-screen, you’re pushing back against me just in time. Your body convulses and your huddles around me. My dick swells, my balls tighten.

“Fuck,” I moan as I explode inside you. That is the first word that none of us have been saying all night.

You stand against me when I empty myself into you. When I’m done, you let yourself sigh and walk away from me. You quickly reach your pants, always piled above your knees, and pull them up. You reach your purse. I expect the handcuffs to be handcuffed, but instead you pull a small packet of wet towels and open it. You will lean against me once again as your hands gently clean and worry about my still hot cock. I’m halfway hard by the time you’re done, partly from the ministrations of your hands and partly because I realized you didn’t clean yourself up. With another smile, you pull out the keys and undo the handcuffs. In a moment of my first arm being released, I reach you and kiss you. You walk away too soon, but the malice is back in your eyes. We quickly walk hand in hand towards the dance floor. We both know that this night is not over yet.

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