I’m a cuckquean and I have the hottest husband (I share him all the time)

Today, my friend Roxanne will take control of the blog and give you a taste of being a cuckquean, I’m very excited to read it myself when I’m done.

I’m a self-diagnosed cuckquean, I didn’t realize that I had this elbow until late in life, I wish I had discovered it earlier, that would have explained A LOT. My husband and I talked about what it meant to be a cuckold and for him to be my hot husband / deer and we started slowly, first only to talk to other women, then slowly introduce them into our dynamics and finally go where we are Now this is where my husband fucks these women, sometimes I join them and sometimes they even like me & Humiliate and make me jealous, which excites me a lot.

What is a cuckquean (just in case you don’t know)?

woman in shirt

If you have no idea what a cuckquean is this is an excellent definition however, if you can’t bother to read this, let me detail it for you. Being a cuckold (in my world) means allowing your partner (in this case, it’s my husband) to kiss a woman of their choice. It doesn’t always have to mean sex, it can be a flirt or a general sex chat. I go down on him kissing other women (cuckcakes or sometimes called unicorns), these women know me and sometimes even like to humiliate me. I also like my husband to humiliate me once it’s all over or during sex with me, I like to be told how much better they are than me.

Being a cuckquean involves a lot of rules and limits and understanding where they start and end. A cuckquean, in short, is the female version of a cuckold and involves the participation of a third person (a cupcake). Humiliation is not always something that people like, it’s just one aspect of being a cuckquean, everyone looks different. If humiliation is not involved, the male partner often likes to be called hot husband or vixen instead (the female being the deer), however, we like the term cuckquean and respect it.

How did I get cuckquean? 😮

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I had always fantasized that my husband fucked my friends, I used to dream that they all had too much to drink and ended up accidentally having sex behind my back . It got me so excited to think about all of them fucking my husband.

I didn’t know what my fetish was, so I decided to go on the Internet (always a great idea) and I found things on Reddit and Tumblr, I have read sex stories about other women feeling the same way I did and it made things much worse, I was so horny and I desperately wanted to try it, but how the hell can you bring something like that? “Hi, Hunny, I want you to fuck my best friend and tell me everything while I go down.”

I kept my fantasy secret for a long time before a night when I could no longer keep it, I told my husband everything. I told him everything to want to watch him fuck another woman and how I wanted him to tell me all about it, I told him how much it had made me dream and to my surprise, he was so outgoing. He asked to see all the threads I had read online, we talked about it a little more and practically a few days later, I installed my husband on Tinder and watched him flirt and seduce another woman.

It was a thrill, it was everything I had always wanted, I just knew I needed more.

After that, I needed more so he skyped with another woman and they ended up masturbating with each other. Seeing him expose himself and touching this woman made me animal, I needed more. It was so hot watching them both come, I knew it was going to be better than that.

My husband is really sexy, so finding women was easy online. He wanted them to send him nudes in no time and he sent them back immediately. I also sometimes scroll through their messages and I have always found myself like a horny and jealous brothel.

After doing this for a while, we decided it was time he met a woman and fucked her.

The first time I shared my man with another woman 💔

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We met her on Tinder, we were honest from the start and explained that I was fine with her fucking husband and that it got her excited. She liked the idea that I was a cuckold and she loved telling me about it, not just my husband.

We arranged for her to come to our house one evening, I had to wait upstairs while they were fucking, my only request was that they were noisy so that I could hear them kiss, I wanted to touch myself knowing what was going on there.

I saw her jump out of her taxi and run to the door, she was wearing a short skirt and a pink shirt. My husband answered the door and they went for a drink in the kitchen before retiring to the living room. I could hear them talking before it calmed down and I heard the familiar rustle of the clothes being taken off.

sofa in the living room

I heard my husband put her on all fours on our couch then she moaned as she slipped inside of her, he is very well endowed so I understood why she was moaning . I could hear his balls slapping against his ass and I couldn’t resist sliding my hands along my pants to play with myself, I wanted to join them so much but I knew we had arranged to do it next time .

Hearing my husband slap in her wet pussy pushed me over the edge, I had to see it for myself. I walked slowly down the stairs and sat on the step where I could see them, I opened my legs and started to finger myself, my husband was still behind her but he had pulled her up to his chin in his hand and his other hand pinched and pulled over her pink nipples.

I could see her tremble with pleasure, my husband was sweating, he was magnificent as he kissed this woman on our sofa. I groaned a little and she looked up the stairs and saw me, she smiled. I knew she liked voyeurism because she told me so, I knew she was going down now knowing I was watching them.

She started to tell him how good he felt in her, how tall he was, she made me jealous and my clitoris was going to explode with orgasmic pleasure.

She was so sexy and my husband was so hard, I could see his venous cock swelling as he fucked her with it. After about 30 minutes, she felt when he was about to cum and made him come out and cum on her small breasts, her pink nipples dripping with his sperm. I was always teasing my own clit, I couldn’t wait for my husband to eat it later, telling me all about it and how good it felt to kiss.

The Cuckquean Texts (His Last Lover (cuckcake))

I wanted to show you the types of conversations he has with other women, they excite me so much. I like that he texts her to women because then I can read them and he knows that the more sex he is with them, the more excited and jealous I get, it’s like read my own private erotic stories.

cuckquean text messages

More of the texts it sends:

cuckquean texts

I don’t know if it’s hot to read someone else’s posts, but if you like, I can download more of their text history, let me know in the comments .

Questions I always get from people about cuckold

cuckquean questions

People often have a lot of questions when they find out that I’m a cuckold, a lot of people have a completely wrong idea about it. Below I have answered some questions from Jess (the owner of this blog). I hope I can clarify some questions you may have if you have others, please leave them in the comments section below and I will answer you.

  • How do you have the confidence to share your man?

It’s always been a big deal, I didn’t know there was a name for it. Because I always wanted it, there wasn’t really a problem. However, I compare myself to some of these women, it just lets me know that he is fucking someone who looks so much like me. We also have a lot of confidence, I know he is committed and loves me, it doesn’t change our relationship, it’s just sex at the end of the day.

  • I’d love to do it, but how do I trust my man?

All of this is subjective to the type of relationship you have, some people could never do it because of jealousy, luckily a lot of us cuckqueans are doing it. You need to talk about it first and maybe start slowly like we did by flirting with women on Tinder and see how it makes you feel, be quite sure it’s ; is a path you want to take.

Yes! I am human after all. I don’t care about jealousy, there is something about the humiliating aspect for me. However, I don’t feel jealous after all this has been said and done, I appreciate it then and then it’s over. Jealousy is part of being a cuckold for me, I know some people don’t like the jealous look and to fight that there is no such thing humiliation, degradation or secret meetings.

  • How the hell do you find women to share your man with?

It can be difficult, in the cuckquean world we find the third person we call a “cuckcake” or “unicorn”. It doesn’t matter if that third person is a man, a woman or whatever, it is always a cupcake. It’s just more difficult to find female cupcakes. We find them on dating sites, Tinder and we actually saw my husband kissing two of my best friends. If you want to hear about it, let me know in the comments below.

  • How often do we leave another woman (cuckcake) in our life?

I would do it everyday if we could however at a realistic level this is usually a few times a month. I do not like the idea that these women become a girlfriend, I like that they are my husband’s boyfriend. Sometimes I participate, sometimes not, it all depends on the woman and what we all want from the meeting and how often we meet.

I am 29 years old and my husband is 31 years old. We meet women of all ages, shapes and sizes, we love the variety.

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