Daddy’s Sleepy Girl – daddy kink anal toys straight sex

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I was still asleep when my boyfriend came home from his night shift. He was a few years older than me, and he worked as a security guard. He was very tall and strong, and I liked to call him Dad.

It had been a hot day so I had gone to bed naked, just the thin sheets covering my body.

My boyfriend entered the room, seeing me asleep on the bed, lying on his stomach with a bent knee. The blankets had mostly slipped out of my body during the night.

“Mmh, baby…” he murmured as he walked to the bed and sat on the edge. He pulled the blankets out of me slowly, revealing my bare. He slipped his hands up my thighs gently until he got to my. He fiddled with my cheeks before spreading them, and that’s when he saw the pretty large cork nestled in my hole. He had trained me to become a real anal slut for him, which included keeping my ass ready for his cock all the time.

“Such a good girl for Dad,” he moaned quietly. He slipped his hand between my legs, rubbing my gently.

“You’re so wet, baby. Do you dream of Dad? He asked quietly, even though I was still asleep. He started rubbing my clit/rectitude slowly and gently.

I started to wake up.

“Unh…” I blinked, looking up.

“It’s okay, baby. “Dad’s here, you’re safe,” he whispered to me. I turned to look at him and moaned quietly as he rubbed my clit/me a little faster.

“Dad?” The word came out of my mouth partly as mumbling, and partly as a moan.

“Dad just came home and saw you sleeping here. You looked so sexy that Dad had to play with your pretty little. It’s so wet, baby, dad says, rubbing my harder, making me moan.

“I dreamed of you, Dad,” I murmured.

“Mmh, I guessed it. I noticed you’ve got a big cork in your, baby. Did you sleep with her inside all night?

“Yes, Dad. I put it in before I went to sleep, I nodded the tooth.

“You’ve never worn a socket this big for so long at once. Dad is very proud of you,” smiles Dad, making me blush.

“Thank you, Dad.”

“Turn around, Dad wants to make you feel good.” Dad grabbed my hips and helped me turn around on my back. He spread my legs and started eating me, licking on my before sucking it between his lips.

“Oh, Dad! It’s so good! I moaned loudly. Dad did not answer, he continued, licking my as he knows I like it. He didn’t put his fingers inside me as he usually does when he devours me. Since i started training to be his little anal slut, he hadn’t played much with my pussy, he wanted me to be in need for the anal game.

It didn’t take long until I felt this pressure growing inside me. “Dad, I’m close! Can I please cum, Dad? I moaned loudly.

“Yes, baby, cum for Dad.”

As soon as Dad put his mouth back on my, I came strong, moaning his name. Dad licked me and didn’t stop until I squirmed. He kissed up to my naked body, stopping quickly to kiss my breasts and bite on my nipples, then he kissed me.

“You’re such a good girl to dad, baby. “I’m so proud of you for wearing this socket all night,” he murmured.

“Thank you, Dad. I like to be good to you. I kissed him again.

“Dad’s dick is so hard on you right now, baby. Dad wants to enjoy it so much inside of you. What hole do you want Dad to fuck? He asked, and I knew what he wanted to hear.


“Good girl, you’re such a good fucking girl to Dad,” he kissed me again, rougher than before, before turning me on my belly again. I could hear him tearing off his clothes, and then I saw his hand reaching out to the lubricant.

Push your a little, baby.

“Yes, Dad.” I arched my back a little, and I could feel his hands on my. He spread my cheeks, looking at the big red cap in my. He grabbed the base of it and started working out of me slowly. Feeling it moving inside me made me moan.

“Tell me if it hurts, baby.”

“Yes, Dad, I will. It doesn’t hurt now, that’s okay.

“Good girl, Dad doesn’t want to hurt you.” He pulled out the cap almost completely, then pushed it back inside. He fucked me with her for a while, making sure my hole was stretched and ready for his big thick cock.

“Dad, please …” I moaned desperately.

“What do you want, baby? Use your words, he says softly.

“Please Dad, fuck my ass. I want to feel your dick inside me, I begged.

“Good girl. Tell Dad what you are.

“I’m your little anal bitch, Dad,” I said, blushing a little.

“Yes, you are, good girl. You’re a good little bitch to Dad,” he praised me, making me feel so good.

He pulled out the cork completely. “Oh baby, your hole is gaping so beautifully, I wish you could see it. It’s like asking my dick to fill it, so needy for it. He poured lubricant directly into my hole and rubbed some on his dick before slowly pushing inside.

Even though the toy was thick enough, Dad’s cock was still stretching my open hole even wider.

“Oh my God, Dad!” I moaned loudly as he pushed all the way inside.

Oh baby, your feels so good!

Dad started moving slowly, pushing deep each time. He put his hand around my throat, pulling my head back, gently grabbing the sides of my throat.

“You’re such a good little fucktoy, always ready for Dad’s big dick. Look at you, you just woke up, but you’re already taking my dick from the bottom of your ass! Such a good little bitch to me. Dad said quietly. All I could do was moan and enjoy dad’s feeling moving in and out of my.

“H-harder…” I moaned. Dad released the noe on my throat.

“Do you want it to be harder, baby?” Dad asked, the tone of his voice tease.

“Yes Dad, please. Fuck my ass stronger!

He laughed, but he put his hand on my shoulder and the other on my head, pressing me on the hard bed. “Whatever you want, baby.” He started pushing me hard and rough, brutally fucking my asshole, moving fast, going deep on every push. I started moaning and screaming at the mattress, he fucked my ass so hard that it hurt a little, but I loved every second.

During our intense anal training, we discovered that I can only infuse myself from the anal. Dad had been very happy about it and had even hinted at turning me into his only anal slut. As it was fucking life out of me, I began to feel my orgasm piling up inside me.

“Dad, I’m close!” I managed to say with my face pressed into the mattress.

“Fucking cum for me, baby! Daddy Cum fucks your tight little ass, cum for me! Dad growled. I came strong, shouting against the bed, and I could feel how my hole was throbbing as I came.

“That’s right, good girl, such a fucking good bitch. Come on, keep cumming while Dad destroys your slutty ass, keep cumming on that fucking dick!” Dad didn’t slow down, he kept fucking my ass throughout my orgasm. My orgasms seemed to last much longer than my vaginal orgasms, and I kept climbing as high for what looked like an eternity.

Once I stopped Cumming, Dad pulled me out of my. Without saying a word, he turned me on my back, pulled my so high that I was basically bent in half. He got up behind me and slipped his cock into my waiting hole.

“Dad’s getting closer, baby. Your ass hurts you so much, I love the kiss.

“Cum for me, Dad,” I whined.

Dad was pushing his dick deep inside me. I was surprised by the speed and depth he was able to fuck me from such a strange position.

I could hear how he was breathing and moaning that he was really close, but before I could say anything, he pulled his cock out of my ass and came hard, his cum landing on my face and all over my body. He moaned hard as he stroked his cock through it, more and more cum landing on my skin.

Once he had finished, he grabbed the catch and pushed it back into my.

“Think you can keep it for a few more hours?” He asked me helping me lie down.

“Yes, Dad, I’ll be fine.” I nodded it. He lay down next to me.

“Good girl. We’d better clean you up, he said, but instead of getting a towel, he slipped his sperm from my cheek onto his finger and pushed it into my mouth. I sucked it by looking into his eyes. It did it over and over again until there was no more sperm on my body and I had swallowed everything.

“You’re such a good girl to me, baby. I couldn’t ask for anything better, you’re perfect,” he shot me in a kiss.

“I love you, Dad.”

“I love you too, baby.”

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