Dangers of Swinging Lifestyle

As exciting and awesome as the benefits of swing can be, the lifestyle has real concerns and risks. You should speak with your partner to see if you are both comfortable with the risks and share your concerns. You want to work together to decide if the risks are worth the potential rewards of the swing.

To explain the risks you may encounter while swinging, consider your relationship like a car. Right now, you are driving in your car on local roads with the speed limit. Your car might have a few knocks of little things, like a shopping cart bumping into it. These are your standard vanilla fights. Most relationships can easily lead to local roads. You travel at manageable speed with little danger on the road and the occasional pothole that can be handled easily at these low speeds.


The swing lifestyle is like taking your car on the highway and hitting the accelerator pedal. A small pothole can become a big problem when you’re sandwiching 70 mph between SUVs and dealing with an 18-wheeler semi-trailer that gets in your way. you want to do everything you can to spot and avoid these potholes. What potholes could you encounter in the lifestyle?

Risk for the health

Breaking the condom with your loved one can be a nerve-wracking time. Now imagine having a condom break when you have sex with someone you just met that night.

Even if you are still using condoms, you may still be infected with some STIs. Herpes can spread from skin to skin contact or even saliva, HPV can also spread from skin to contact, not to mention crabs or syphilis can also be exchanged by simply rubbing the thighs together. Many swingers do not use condoms for oral sex, so you should discuss with your partner your comfort level of risk.

You might be surprised to find that swingers tend not to have significantly higher STI rates than the general population according to this study. It makes sense when you stop and think about it. The swing is not like those random, late-night, drunk hookups that are common among singles. Let’s be honest, drunk people make bad decisions. Swingers know that alcohol is a good social lubricant, but it is also a boner-killer – so most swingers avoid drinking too much. Going easy on alcohol also helps protect couples from doing something stupid that could hurt their relationship.

Swingers also work in pairs, so you have two minds and eyes to help minimize the likelihood of bad decisions. The swing community is a solid network of couples who talk to each other. So, when a health alert appears, it can be identified and dealt with quickly. Even though swingers tend to have more sex and with more partners, we do so with our eyes open and helping others to avoid bad situations. This does not mean that the swing is 100% safe as nothing in life is ever 100% safe. Being informed and avoiding drunkards and other wrong mistakes protects you and your partner.

Emotional risks

If your relationship is not very strong right now, the stress of the swing can ruin it. You probably wouldn’t be driving a car with a broken windshield and missing doors on a high-speed highway, so why would you want to take a damaged relationship in the stresses of the swing?

If you have trust or communication issues, they can get worse when your sext partner or flirts with new play partners. Your partner can’t even do anything wrong, but if you are bad at it ; easy, you can become defensive or accusing, turning mild miscommunication into a horrible fight. To minimize emotional risks, you want to have great communication skills.

The lifestyle has helped us to significantly improve our communication skills. Before entering the lifestyle, we used the dangling fantasy as a conversation starter. We watched and read a lot about lifestyle, then we communicated with each other about what scared us, what entertained us and, more pleasantly, what excited us. Lifestyle and role play research brought us together. We found ourselves thinking weirdly the same exact thoughts throughout the day. We were fortunate to be close to each other at the start of our journey and to get even closer as we progressed.

Some people are not so lucky. They are afraid that their partner will cheat on them or leave them for someone more attractive, so they reluctantly agree to enter the lifestyle to keep their relationship together. It is a bad idea. A very bad idea. Most people do not leave their relationships because of gender. They leave their relationships for lack of communication, trust and shared principles. Not being honest with your partner about your desires or fears is a good way to sabotage your swing experience – and your long-term relationship.

And fall in love? Do not worry. Swingers love good sex and they love their spouses, but in general, we tend to love only our play partners. Certainly some play partners that we really, really love because sex is fun and who doesn’t really like fun friends? Swingers tend to work in pairs, so they don’t try to fall in love. A few hours of fun sex simply cannot compete with years spent connecting and sharing the same values ​​and priorities. Oscillation is not the same as polyamory.

You have spent a lot of time developing a great relationship with your true love. You know yourself better than anyone. Spending a few hours with a fun swinging friend simply cannot compete with this type of deep romantic connection. For the sake of argument, suppose you develop romantic feelings for a playmate (which is very unlikely). It’s probably safer to find a new gaming partner. In fact, it’s the only thing you need to do to protect your main relationship. Your spouse must come first. It should also be noted that once you have accidentally – or deliberately – expressed these feelings, your playmate and spouse will likely choose to avoid you and this potential drama because they love each other. . To swing is to have fun with fun friends. Swingers are not looking to replace their special partner because swingers know they have already found the best person to be their special person.

Being exposed as swingers

It is a great fear of many potential swingers. We will talk later about how to protect yourself from the collision of your vanilla world and your lifestyle. People have been sidelined as swingers in the past, and unfortunately others will be sidelined in the future. Your privacy should be yours to do what you want, but there are negative people in the world who like to gossip and judge others.

One of our friends has a very colorful past – to say the least. He did crazy things like snorting coke on the body of a hooker (we presume that the body of a hooker is not dead, but he never said and we never asked). He has a regular appointment for a dominatrix to pluck his buttocks, and gave us these famous words of wisdom: “never ask a dominatrix to” really surprise you this time “”. Oh, and did we mention that he’s married and cheating on his wife? You would think that if someone could be confident and able to cope with our swing lifestyle, it would be this guy. Nope. He knows everything about it, and this swinging thing is blowing his mind. He’s super worried about us and keeps telling us how terrible it is (when he’s not taking drugs, visiting his dominatrix, or cheating on his wife).

You have to be careful when entering the swinging lifestyle and even more careful with whom you share your decision. You may think your friends will accept, but you cannot predict who will or will not understand.

If you are lucky enough to have friends who support you, you should always care about family, colleagues, employers, neighbors, friends of your children and their parents, people you know from the church and many others. We have heard too many stories about family members fleeing loved ones who are swinging. You may think it is illegal or impossible to be fired for being a swingers. Unfortunately, there are creative ways that an employer or co-worker can make your life hellish until you leave or get fired for some reason.

Friendly neighbors may start to fear that you are secretly trying to seduce and sleep with them. We know that the swingers are difficult with whom they sleep, but not the vanilla neighbors. Some people may start to see you as a sex-obsessed monster. It is enough for a neighbor to say something in front of their children, who will then spread the gossip around the school. Suddenly your children are harassed and intimidated about your private sex life.

It’s not fair, but it’s a real risk, and you should talk about it before you get started and enjoy the sexy swinging lifestyle. To help minimize this risk, see our page on privacy guarantees.

Eyes wide open…

The swing is dangerous like alcohol. Having a few drinks is unlikely to ruin your relationship … unless your relationship is already having problems. Maybe there are money issues, or maybe you have a disagreement, or maybe your schedule is too busy. If you don’t have a strong, stable relationship, then getting drunk in your local bar is more likely to cause big problems. This will certainly not solve anything. When you’re working on your relationship and you’re ready to party and celebrate, alcohol and swing await, but until then, you should probably wait.

The swinger lifestyle may still be considered taboo by some people, but it is much more accepted today than ever. In fact, the statistics on swing in Europe give a fascinating reading:

  • About 90,000 Danish men and women admit to swinging regularly
  • Around 500,000 people in the UK swing
  • 95% of swingers interviewed in a 2015 survey were in a long-term relationship
  • 60% of women swingers consider themselves bisexual, while only 17% of men say the same

Obviously, there is something in the swinging lifestyle that people love. One of the main attractions is the freedom to have sex with more than one partner, keeping your passion alive in a committed relationship when it might otherwise diminish.

In a long-term relationship, the swing can allow you to both keep your sexuality alive and share new experiences together, usually in a safe and secure environment with like-minded people. However, before adopting the swinging lifestyle, there are a few things to take into account.

Identify What Attracts You To The Swinger Lifestyle

Why do you want to have sex with other people and watch your partner do the same? You have to talk openly about your motivations: maybe it’s because you love sex and want to experience new feelings together, or the prospect of watching others make love is incredibly exciting.

Whatever your motivations, if one partner is obsessed with the swinging lifestyle but the other is not, it does not bode well. While you should feel free to offer encouragement and discuss the benefits, you both need to be sure that this is what you want. Don’t pressure your partner if he keeps saying no.

Know what kind of swing excites you

There are three different types of swaying.

The gentle swing basically involves foreplay with multiple sexual partners in the same space, as well as full intercourse with your own partner. The degree of foreplay is usually confirmed in advance (e.g. touching, kissing, oral, etc.).

The closed swing allows you to have sex with a new lover away from your long-term partner. This usually involves everything and everything you want to do, and allows committed partners to enjoy some private entertainment separately.

Last (but not least), the open swing allows any number of people to have sex, triplets, quartets, etc. Couples will be able to have sex with everyone they love in front of each other and embrace the experimentation in a confined space.

swinger lifestyle rules

Establish ground rules for your swinging lifestyle

Discuss the limits with your partner. Couples should feel comfortable to relax and enjoy the swing experience without fear of feeling pain. Will you allow kissing? Is penetration sex a no-no? Be frank about what you like and what you don’t like.

Swinger Lifestyle Requires Precautions

Not everyone likes to use condoms, nor does everyone like to take the pill. Yet sexually transmitted diseases and infections are much more difficult to love, so it’s best to be safe. If you’re not comfortable having sex with another swinger who refuses precautions, just say no – it’s not worth the risk.

Get to know others in the swinging lifestyle

Getting to know other couples involved in the swing lifestyle means that you will be more comfortable when you are starting out. Having a few friends around you while exploring a new sexual territory will only make the experience more relaxed, intimate and less intimidating.

Do your research before exploring swingers clubs

There are many swingers clubs and parties nearby – if you know where to look. When you feel ready and confident enough to attend, consider your options. Try to find comments from other swingers and make sure they suit your personality and sexual preferences.

Know When To Get Away From The Swinger Lifestyle

If you or your partner starts to fall in love with the swinging lifestyle, be prepared to stop. If one of you just can’t leave it behind, you may have a difficult choice to make. While the swing can wake you up to new experiences and breathe new life into it, make sure you stay with it before you make any important decisions.

As you can see, adopting a swinging lifestyle can be quite complicated, but for adventurers and the curious, it may well be an incredible experience. Make sure you keep the lines of communication open with your partner at all times and know why the two of you are getting started before you start.

At Xnxxtoys, we are committed to helping married and committed people find their ideal lover for new sexual encounters. As with swing, a bond or discreet individual meetings can rekindle your passion, allow you to make fantasies a reality and allow curious couples to meet new partners separately. Join our adult dating network today to meet the lover of your dreams!