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His hands found my breasts, and his fingers again pushed my nipples into hard little buttons, and they hurt me with every pinch. My clitoris started to throb, and I pushed my hips with the excitement that was coming up in me again.

“What do you want, my love?” He asked. I licked my lips and waved down with my eyes.

“Taste me,” I said. He smiled and licked his lips and leaned forward, pulling my panties aside. My clitoris was so engorged that it gushed out over the folds of my pussy, and it exhaled a hot breath on it and I gasped how good it was.

And then his warm breath was replaced by his hot, wet tongue. He swirled it in small circles on one side of my pussy and then on the other, never plunging it completely into me but strong enough for the pressure of each vortex to make its way to my clitoris.Husband bites his sexy wife's ass on the dining table