The escort (5) – A new experience

My summer job as an escort for Marchmont Ladies was much better than I expected: I was getting very well paid to hang out with interesting clients and the sex had turned out to be very nice too. If my life as a student only ended in a dead end, I knew now that I had a profitable line of work on which to fall back. I may have a hard time explaining to my friends and relationships that I was actually a call girl, a high-end prostitute, but I would cross that bridge when I got there.

Meanwhile, I loved just using my body to give pleasure to others and, it must be said, to please me; I had never realized before what a high sex drive I had, and now I could indulge in this side of myself with a clear conscience and with an enthusiasm without strings.

Shortly after my last assignment, with the strange Mr. Harris, I had the opportunity to visit Rosie, my “Madame”, the owner of the agency, to discuss some mundane pieces, things that could not be done on the phone: mainly papers to sign about our financial arrangement. You see, you can’t believe this, but Rosie ran a perfectly legitimate business and had to go to all the official documents – paperwork if you like. After finishing the practical side of things, she asked me how I have but I loved the job until now.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” I say, in all honesty. “I actually found it quite easy and indeed enjoyable to have sex with strangers. If I’m quite frank, I think I can become a bit of a nympho.

Rosie laughed. “Well, you are certainly very popular; you made a good impression in a very short period of time. It must have something to do with those exotic oriental looks of yours. And your eagerness to participate. I get reports one way or another, and I know you’re really throwing yourself into the work. Some of my daughters are just as attractive and pretty as you are, but don’t understand that they have to play a role when they work in this business.

“Actually, I think that’s why I love him so much,” I say. “It gives me an outlet for the frustrated actress hiding inside. And I really like it. I remember when you first interviewed me and told me that I should have sex with people That I might not want, I was wondering at the time if I would be able to handle this without showing my reluctance. But in fact, it wasn’t a problem at all. So yes, overall, it was good.

I said, “Good. I’m very happy about that. By the way, I have something to show you.

“Ooh, what could it be?”

Rosie looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and took my hand. “Come,” she said. “I want you to see the latest addition to my collection.”

She got up and led me by the hand to the room that I thought was her boudoir. I had been there before, of course, when, as part of my interview, she had “sampled the goods,” and I knew that the walls were tastefully decorated with erotic prints.

But when I entered the room, I gasped. Just in front of the bed was a framed and enlarged version of the photo that Geoff had sent me, that of me riding his wife Anna’s face and his cum dribbling down my cunt on his lips and tongue. I had masturbated to this picture several times and seeing it now more or less life-size brought me home how sexy it was. What I liked about it is that my thigh-high black stockings and the red choker just pointed out the thick white dripping down; so many colors and textures, including my olive skin and Anna’s white flesh.

“What do you think?” Rosie asked. “You said I could hang it up.”

“It’s amazing, Rosie. The size of it apart from anything else. And to think you want a picture of me here in your private room.

“I certainly do, my sweet Evelyn. I lie on the bed, looking at you like a slut, and I rub myself slowly until I cum. This is one of the favorite photos in my collection now. Come, let’s sit down and enjoy together for a moment or two.

We sat down on the bed, supported by lush satin pillows, and took a quiet moment to savor the eroticism of the image. Even though it was me, I was somehow detached enough to appreciate it for what it was: an excited girl playing hot games with a sexy older woman.

“Would you like to taste the goods again?” I managed to whisper after a while.

“You know I would, al-lover,” said Rosie. And we turned to each other and kissed persistently. With tender care, we undressed each other and lay side by side looking at the picture. Her was as smooth and wet as mine, and little by little our fingers worked faster, sliding on our lips, our hard clitoris.

Spontaneously, we moved so that our legs would be intertwined in a scissor position, and as we secreted our cunts together, we looked with lust at each other. The sensation of my rubbing against hers as she rubbed my clitoris with her thumb was so great that I wanted it to last forever. But of course the pressure was just too much and within minutes we were both cumming hard, grinding away as if we wanted to get inside each other’s cunt. As we sank back filled and satisfied, we just held hands, looked, so to speak, by my photo on the wall.

“Mmm,” Rosie finally said. “It was great. You really are a hot aldo, Evelyn.

“I like to think so. Anyway, you’re not so bad yourself.

She smiles. “You know,” she said, “there’s something I’d like to try, if you belong. Something a little different.

I had no idea what she meant, but as you know, I am a pretty adventurous girl. As we lay there, she turned me gently to the side and let her hand reach out to hold my. She dragged one of her fingers into my ass crack and, separating from my cheeks, started running her finger around my asshole. I thought I could see where it was going and decided to make things a little easier by kneeling down and pushing my in the air.

She’s a good girl, Rosie said, Do you like having your played with?

“I like kissing him, if that’s what you mean.” And indeed, I loved it when a partner ran their tongue on my little hole; it’s so sensitive out there that I can come almost to have it licked.

“I was thinking of something a little more than that. Just tell me to stop if you don’t like it.

“If you want to say what I think you mean, then please be gentle with me. I’ve never had anal sex of any kind before.

“Don’t worry, darling. I’m going to be very careful — and I’ll stop as soon as you tell me. You can trust me.

She held my butt apart and started tonguing my tight little hole, making it wet with her saliva. She for her part was so excited by it that she fingered herself as she tongue-fucked my. After a few minutes of this, she took a finger, wet with her own juice, and began to probe my. Slowly, his finger came into me, and I have to say it hurts a little, but it was exciting at the same time, and I didn’t want it to stop. I reached my again on my finger as her finger went deeper inside my ass-hole; it was so lubricated that it came in quite easily, but it was very tight and I could feel stretched more than at any time in my life.

“How is that, darling?”

“Yes, it feels good, I like it.”

“OK, now that you’re nice and open, I’m going to put something in you.” She reached the bedside drawer and pulled out what I realize now was a set of. I felt a tingling of apprehension, but also of excitement at the prospect of having these inserted. Rosie smeared them well with a special lubricant she had, then put them in my asshole, one pearl after another, a tiny one first, then a little bigger, and so on. None of them were really great and soon all the beads were inside me.

“What does it feel like?” she asked.

“Curious. It was pretty nice when you put them on, but it doesn’t look like anything at the moment.

“This is not unusual. The best piece comes later. But while they’re in it, let me suck your for you; I just want you to turn on as much as you can.

I got up for that I knelt, but could look down as Rosie get into position to lick my. I could feel the beads inside me, comfortable and exciting, especially as his tongue lapped to my wet cunt. She had positioned myself so that I could bend over and suck her at the same time, whiche I was of course happy to do.

“I love you licking me like that,” Rosie gasped, “And now I want you to really experience anal sex.”

As she was sucking on my, she proceeded to pull the one by one. As the first one came out, I felt a wonderful feeling of having my being massaged from the inside; As each pearl emerged, it created new waves of fun, really exciting and exciting.

“Oh, Rosie, it’s so good. Start. Please.

She gently pushed the beads back, and as before it didn’t feel like something special. But when she started taking them out again, all those orgasm puffs returned. She did it two or three more times, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, always slowly. If I had thought about anal sex at all before it was mainly with fears of evil, but it was sensational, giving me the climax after the climax. I couldn’t really focus on Rosie’s while she was doing this, but she didn’t seem to care.

“I don’t want to hurt you, darling,” she said, “so maybe we should leave him there for now. You seemed to be enjoying it.

“I loved it. I never thought it could be so good, especially when you start removing the beads. And you licking my at the same time meant just double the fun.

“You’re so cute,” she smiles. “So young and in many ways so innocent, but such a hot little thing. I’m glad I was the one who introduced you to the joys of anal sex. There is much more we can do and much more for you experience, but take the advice of an older woman and make it easier for you in it.

“You have certainly calmed down something in me,” I cried. “Did you cum at all? I could barely concentrate on you while you did what you did.

“Don’t worry about me, darling. Giving you pleasure was what it was all about, and that’s enough to satisfy me now.

“You’re so good to me, Rosie. I love how you took me under your wing and have now become my teacher.

“Such a sweet girl,” she says, snuggling up more closely. “You may also find, once you get used to it, that it’s a way to make even more money. Many men will pay a lot of money to have sex. Their wives and girlfriends rarely do it, but the guys have seen it on porn videos and think it’s something that women should submit to. I don’t know what attraction is for men: maybe a combination of dominating a woman and having a really tight hole to fuck. But you can more or less name your price if you agree to do so.

“I don’t know. Anal beads with a sensitive lesbian lover is one thing, penetration by a thick cock is another whole perspective.

“I can help you, if you like. Not today, perhaps, you’ve done enough for a day; but if you wanted to give it a go, I have a couple of small dildos and ass-plugs you could try for size. And then I have a strap-on for anal fucking too. It could be fun.

“You make it look very attractive,” I said. And yes, I’m interested.”

We didn’t indulge in more serious making love that day, but kissed and cuddled a little bit until it was time for me to go. I had had such a wonderful time that I could not wait for my next mission. And I had to learn what it was like to be much earlier than expected.

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The Escort (5) – A New Experience