My First Anal Orgasm, I Can’t Express How Good I Felt

Getting my ass licked, sucked and fucked is one of the main things I like. I love the sensations of being pushed aside, I love the wild sensations of seeing someone stimulate my ass and I love the anal orgasms.

Luckily for me, my boyfriend loves anal and he jumps at the chance to play with my butt every time I suggest it. But it wasn’t always like that. In fact, I never went near my butt, it was only when an overnight stand licked my ass (history of ass licking) that I really started to experiment with my own body.

Some people have never experienced an anal orgasm (male or female) and today I want to share my experiences and what I do to achieve this incredible sensation.

My first anal orgasm (story time)

woman with beautiful bubble buttBefore having my first anal orgasm, it was not like I had never had anal sex before, of course I had and it was awesome but i never felt incredibly close to an orgasm well.

It all happened one night when my boyfriend and I got really intimate on the couch, watching TV. We had been separated for a while and as soon as our lips touched, it was as if sparks were flying behind us and each touch was electrifying.

We moved into the room and continued our heavy foreplay, everything was amazing and we were both so submissive and ready for anything the other wanted to do.

My pussy was wet and I don’t think my boyfriend c * ck could have been harder.

I had inserted this anal plug and turned on the vibrations while my boyfriend licked me. The combined sensations were crazy and I could have died right away and be happy.

The anal plug stimulates each part of my buttocks internally and relaxes the muscles so that anal sex is much easier. My boyfriend then moved his mouth from my clitoris, turned me over on my stomach and sank into me, we were both screaming in pleasure.

My boyfriend removed the anal plug from my ass and I grabbed my bullet vibrator and held it against my clitoris as it entered my ass. I love the feeling of stretching, anal sex is amazing for me and as the ball vibrator further stimulated my clitoris as I felt all of my muscles relax.

I was on the verge of an orgasm, just like my boyfriend and before long, I could not hold it anymore and I felt an orgasm burst inside my whole body and with that, my boyfriend got into my ass almost instantly.

The mixture of anal penetration and clitoral stimulation forced my ass and pussy to engulf me in a crazy orgasm, leaving me breathless and a need to do it again and again.

How to experience your own A-Spot orgasm

I thought that an anal orgasm was almost impossible for women but it turns out that it is not the case and that it is in fact incredibly simple and easy to achieve. Check-out my favorite and biggest anal sex toys.

  • Get an anal sex toy

a selection of anal sex toys

I have found that although anal sex is enjoyable, it is ideal for warming up the area beforehand, I used a vibrating anal plug because the vibrations give me such incredible stimulation and really stimulate the area and prepare it for orgasms.

If you don’t have a real penis to put in your butt, get something incredibly similar that you’re comfortable using, I like to use this suction cup dildo because I can put it on my headboard and push it and put it in the perfect position without tiring my arms.

  • Explore your buttocks (don’t be afraid)

explore anal sex

They are the key to a great anal orgasm, whether you are a man or a woman, it is to explore your buttocks, to learn what feels good, to learn your limits and explore for yourself.

I make sure to use all of the anal sex toys solo before presenting them with my boyfriend and he does the same. It is really important to do, for me especially, it makes the use of the sex toy with my boyfriend a lot easier.

  • Find a man who wants to explore

animation of stickman and girl embracing

This tip is, of course, optional, there are many ways to explore if you are a man or a woman without your partner. Women invest in dildo and men try this prostate toy.

The benefit of having a partner ready to explore means that you can try new things with them and explore anal orgasms with their help.

  • Have some clitoral orgasms (open it all)

guide to stimulate your clit

What helps me achieve an anal orgasm is having constant clitoral stimulation and even allowing me to have an orgasm once before I try an anal orgasm .

The easiest sex toy I have found to stimulate my clitoris is this one bullet vibrator, it is small and very powerful. Once my clitoris is on the verge of an orgasm or has orgasm and it is ready for the next one, I find that my anal orgasms come to me more easily.

  • Ignore porn (go slow and relax)

stickmen attractive bed

This tip is not for everyone, but I find that porn can sometimes ruin my orgasm, especially if I use my hands and I can’t get the video to where I want it to be. ;she is.

I like to use my imagination and if I am with my boyfriend, I really like to enjoy all the sensations and be excited by him and what we are going through.

I am not at all opposed to porn, but I have found that an anal orgasm can sometimes be a bit difficult to achieve and I am put off by porn in this case.

Being relaxed, using my imagination and having no external stimulation outside of my sex toys and my boyfriend is the key to my incredible anal orgasms.

  • Get an amazing anal lubricant (believe me, that’s the key)

anal lubrication bottle

The anal lubricant will make all this difference. I always use and talk about this incredible anal lubricant, it is made from all natural ingredients, a little goes a long way and it is safe to use with condoms and sex toys.

Having a good anal lubricant makes inserting sex toys and / or a penis much easier. It is much more comfortable when using lubricant, it feels so much better for both and it is definitely an essential if you want to be as comfortable as possible.

cartoon girl in lingerie

It is very important not to just put something in your buttocks, you have to relax the area and prepare it. You can use small sex toys, use your fingers, ask your partner to practice oral sex on the area and lick your butt.

This step is really important because the relaxation aspect is what I find gives me my anal orgasm, if my buttocks are relaxed and stimulated then I am more likely to enjoy.

  • Choose your position wisely

stick man doggy style cartoon animation

You need to find the position in which you are most comfortable and stick to it. For me, constant stimulation is the key to a great anal orgasm.

Make sure you are in a position that feels good and does not cause you any discomfort, this is what you are looking for.

Some of the most popular positions are: missionary, doggy style, on the side and lying flat on the front.

How to keep anal sex clean

I shower before I have sex: I always try to shower before anal sex and any type of sex really. It makes me feel more confident and gives me the peace of mind that I like to have, especially with anal sex.

I know sometimes sex can be spontaneous and at that time I obviously can’t take a shower, but if I know that sex is a possibility, I always make sure to cool off in the shower beforehand.

I shower my buttocks in the shower and make sure everything is clean: i’m using my anal shower from time to time and without being too rude, I do this to get a “deep cleaning”. If I know I am going to have sex with someone again or even if I want to go strong, I will use my shower in the shower and it will make me feel so much cleaner.

I do this after going to the bathroom (never when I have stomach problems): It is really recommended not to experience anal sex if you have not been to the bathroom or if you have stomach problems. Whether you have used your shower or not, it will probably end badly.

Save it for when your intestines are clear and you have no internal problems like food poisoning, my friend once thought it was always a good idea to have anal sex on vacation after an upset stomach and the result was very messy sheets.

Then I do these three things:


I find that dark sheets are erotic anyway, but if I plan on having anal sex, I always put on darker sheets. My boyfriend also likes to explore himself anally, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dark sheets can be found anywhere, but if you don’t have any, you can use old towels that don’t bother ruining you.

Dim lighting is so sexy, candle light makes me wild and I think it has the ability to make anyone attractive. However, the reason for the low light is not to become more attractive in this case, it is to hide any mess. Like I said, everything looks better by candlelight.

  • Anyway my boyfriend (he knows the risks, we really don’t care)

I don’t always do that but I like to let my boyfriend know after all these years that there is a chance it will get messy. He also did this to me when we started exploring his point P, this is no longer a usual thing where we just inform each other and make sure it doesn’t bother the other nobody if things go wrong.

Which anal sex toy gives you the best orgasm?

vibrant anal beads in a woman's hand

These are the 10 functions anal vibrator, it slides easily (using a lubricant) and the vibrations are controlled via the ball vibrator which is discreetly housed in the base of this anal sex toy.

It has 3 speeds, 7 models and is flexible to work with your natural contours.

I like to put this anal vibrator in my ass when my boyfriend drops me, it feels incredible pushed inside me and when I am satisfied I will gently remove it and take the ball vibrator and will push against my clit while my boyfriend enters my ass.

It is an ideal toy for men and women because the vibrations are incredibly strong and sensational when they ripple in me. My boyfriend also likes this anal vibrator, it pushes against its point P and it always has a good time with this sextoy.

While I am having penetrative sex:

vibrating anal plug

I mentioned it vibrating anal plug earlier in my article it is amazing and really allows you to warm up the area and prepare for an anal orgasm.

Just like the sex toy that I mentioned before this one, it is ideal for men and women because the shape is versatile and will stimulate orgasm of both sexes.

It is small, easy to use and allows you to get used to and prepare for intense and satisfying anal play.

It’s an easy to use butt plug with a flared base, so you don’t have to worry about it going up too far, it also has 2 different speeds to play with and 3 models that you will grow over the edge.

Questions about anal orgasms (Q & A)

woman in pink panties

Was it the first time a man had cum in your ass?

No, before my first anal orgasm, I definitely had a man who cums in the ass. I love the feeling of sperm and it’s something I’m used to too. It sounds different from when it is done in my pussy, but I still like the feeling in me.

What does anal sex look like?

For me, anal sex is like vaginal sex, except that I feel how tight my ass is and how much more perverse it is. I have the impression that anal sex is different for everyone, some people prefer the sensation to vaginal sex but I think it all depends on the person.

How can I insert a large penis into my buttocks?

Practice, patience and relaxation. Never force a large penis or large sex toy into your butt without warming up properly. It is very important to stretch the area and allow it to adjust to your large penis or sex toy. The last thing you want to do is cause pain or discomfort, take things slowly and relax.

Putting the penis inside can take a while and a few tries, but it will get there in the end, don’t force it and use lots of lubricant.

Has your boyfriend had a prostatic orgasm?

Yes! He likes to have anal orgasms. He was not always a lover of anal stimulation but once he saw how intense and incredible it was for men, he just bit the ball and love ever since.

When I tried to anchor my boyfriend he came everywhere and probably had one of the strongest orgasms I have ever seen.

It is actually easier for men to have anal orgasms because point P is located much more easily than point A and it is actually quite easy to bring a man to orgasm through this type of stimulation.

What anal lubricant do you use?

my favorite anal lubricant (with results), it is organic and made from natural ingredients so you know that there is nothing nasty hidden inside. A small amount goes a long way and makes anal sex a lot easier thanks to its consistency and the lubrication that makes it enter.

Can I have vaginal sex after sodomy?

Not without a condom, never go from ass to vagina, the vagina to ass is fine, never come back without removing a condom or putting on a condom. If you do, it can cause infections and the spread of bacteria and it’s really a bad idea, so be sure to keep a condom nearby if you want to go from ass to vagina.

sexy woman laying on bed