The One-Night Stand Licked My Ass For The First Time

Dating apps were new to me, I was nervous uploading my photo, perfecting my biography and waiting for the swarm of cock photos that my girlfriends had warned me to come.

I didn’t have to wait long for men and women to start talking to me and it made me feel very confident. The cats were all the same:

Texts I get from people wanting to connect

text messages

And although they were all the same, I still engaged in a conversation. I was having fun but no one really caught my interest, they were either looking for a quick hookup or were trying to find out all the details of my life. I waited for him and it was then that he sent me a message.

I won’t lie, he was sexy. He sparked my interest because his profile photo was him in a suit, with dark hair, dark eyes and a witty biography to go with that.

We spoke for AGES, switched to a more appropriate messaging app, and started sharing details about what we both liked in bed, what turned us on, and some of our best sexual experiences. The more excited we were, the warmer the cat got. It was no different from me in sexting but it was very different from sharing all the details like that, but I was having so much fun.

imessage messages

After a few days of discussions, we decided to meet.

He came to my house to watch a movie and order a takeout, it was apparently innocent.

It happened and it was as if the air had been expelled from my lungs, it was magnificent. He was also very confident but charming at the same time, there was something about him that made me feel like a nervous schoolgirl. I knew I wanted to sleep with him instantly, his large frame appeared at my door.

I had a very short plaid skirt and a white polo shirt, he was wearing a suit, I found out later that he had come straight from work.

We sat side by side on the couch, relaxing with a glass of wine, I was trying to do something other than focus on her muscular thighs and her shirt that was bursting at the seams thanks to her incredible physique. He was casting confident looks at my breasts and I caught him trying to see my skirt several times.

We were on fire with lust and it didn’t take long before we got ready and tore each other’s clothes in my bed.

It was so passionate, we were both breathless and so excited.

I didn’t have a shirt, bra or panties, just my skirt pulled up around my waist. He was shirtless but kept his suit pants. I lay flat on my back as he threw himself on me, he was doing everything I liked. He knew what I liked because I told him.

He pulled my pussy to her face and licked me, I moaned his name as he told me that he loved and without warning, he slipped his finger in my ass. He then took out his finger and brought his mouth from my pussy to my ass and he licked it. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt before, but it was extremely good.

I was shocked, I never really let anyone close to my ass before but i was so full of lust and passion that i just kept moaning and shouting her name with absolute pleasure. He brought me to orgasm with his mouth and fingers combined and as soon as I finished, I jumped and started sucking his cock.

It was so hard, I didn’t know that dicks could be so strong.

I ran into him and I did everything he told me about and he pulled my hair as I told him I loved. He told me that he likes hand domination, I brought him to the point of orgasm and then I didn’t let him cum and then when I gave him allowed to enjoy, I did not stop. You should follow my handjob tips to make your man scream like mine.

Before long it came back to me and we love animals. I was riding him, cowgirl, he slipped his finger in my ass. He then knocked me down on all fours and hammered my ass, it was so amazing and even more incredible when he hammered my ass, it was all new to me and it was breathtaking.

We both came back, relaxed and then went down the stairs where we finally ordered a takeout.

In fact, we had been dating for a while, it was a brief relationship but it was filled with so much sex. Every day we looked at each other and fu * k. He was so sexy and we both knew how to satisfy each other’s desires. We were animal in our way of kissing **. We were in the shower, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the car, and just about everywhere we could.

In those few months, I have experienced the best ass licking and the best ass I have ever had, we have experienced so much and have our heads blown.

We had unprotected sex (don’t do this)

I was young and stupid and let it end in my pussy.

It was a big passionate blur sexually frustrated and the pleasure was not worth it, well this time it was, but this is generally not the case.

He ended up in me

He entered me, the pulse of his cock and the feeling of his sperm filling me was incredible and something I will not forget, but make sure you are protected from pregnancy, this is not was just a stupid and warm thing of the moment.

How will I ever find a man who eats and f ** ks ass like this?

woman laying on bed

Honestly, this man is often on my mind when I’m extremely horny. The way he just took control and made me feel so sexy and ignited me with passion was from another world.

He ate ass like he was a professional and even when he got into my ass with his co * k hard rock, he sent chills through my body. We were both so desperate for each other that I never could reproduce what he did to me that day.

We stayed together for a few months and most of the time he ate my ass and fucked me with such passion. Unfortunately, we haven’t worked but I wonder which lucky woman now has the pleasure of being pounded and caressing her ass and ass as if by magic like I did for a few months.

How this anal experience changed my sex life

woman laying attractive laying on bed

After licking and kissing my ass, I discovered a new passion for sensations, it opened me up to anal play and unlocked an incredible thing for me.

I love it when my boyfriend plays with my ass, I’m going to let him do almost anything because it makes me feel good. I am also very confident in my ass and I can give you good advice because I think I have experienced almost everything there is to live!

I have lots of anal sex toys

cartoon anal sex toys

I love sex toys and anal toys are something I never tire of. Here are some of my favorite anal sex toys that I really suggest checking out if you’re interested in exploring your ass further:

– My favorite anal plug

Coat it with a little water-based lubricant and enjoy this anal plug, it’s simple, for beginners and you will feel good about yourself.

– The best anal vibrator

This vibrating butt plug is one of my favorite anal sex toys, the vibrations feel amazing inside of you and make normal sex even better for both of you as the vibrations ripple through all your p ** y and on his dick.

I play a lot with my butt

cartoon in underwear

I love my ass being penetrated, licked and fucked as much as I love being able to play it. It excites me, it feels good, my boyfriend loves it and the sensations make me extremely happy. This intense experience changed the ass game for me and I am eternally grateful to him because it opened up a new world for me.

I love it when my boyfriend licks my butt but I also love it by using sex toys on me because they are so progressive these days that you can experience all kinds of new things.

I tell the boys I am with that they like to touch me and lick my butt

oral sex cartoon

Some guys were a little nervous because they had never tried to play a woman’s buttocks before, but I find that by informing them, they can be confident and confident. ; try it and I never found a man who didn’t like it.

My boyfriend knows how much I love him, I also know how much he loves me to beg so there are a lot of begging, moans and pleas in our room.

  • I tested each anal lubricant under the sun, you need something thick, safe and something that will last the most important and I found that this lubricant is the best anal lubricant.
  • The lubricant makes anal sex easier and more comfortable even with big cocks and toys.

Questions and answers on ass licking

  • How do I make sure I’m clean?

Just wash before sex like you normally do, you can also use a shower if you are really worried, but if you don’t want to do it, just make sure you have been to the toilet, you are showered and clean and everything will be fine.

  • How can I make sure it tastes good?

It doesn’t taste like as long as you’re clean, but you can add flavored lubricant to your regular anal lubricant if you want it to taste something.

Chances are you won’t have orgasm by licking your ass alone, but licking your ass with clitoral or G-spot stimulation and the extra sensations of ass licking will make your orgasm more intense.

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