I Used Vibrating Underwear For The First Time This Weekend

When my boyfriend handed me the box, I thought he had spent expensive lingerie on me. I was flattered but I also hoped that it was a new sex toy for our collection.

As I took the underwear out of the box, I noticed that they weren’t just your average pair of lace panties, they were, in fact, vibrant underwear and I couldn’t have been more excited to try them.

I put them on, I adjusted the vibrator so that it sends vibrations through my clitoris, handed the remote control to my boyfriend, then I left the room and he increased the vibrations until I was basically weak on my knees.

Suppressing my moans and orgasms was a challenge I was looking forward to practicing.

My boyfriend loved having absolute control of my pleasure, it was a huge excitement for him and a huge excitement for me, knowing that I was completely helpless and that he had the ability to make me enjoy when and where we were.

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The vibrant panties I love

woman using remote control vibrator

This is the vibrant underwear my boyfriend got me was one of their bestsellers and since trying them out, there is no doubt in my mind how kinky the general population is.

You easily slip the vibrator into your underwear (it comes with a sexy pair) and you can control the vibrations that are directed on your clitoris and all over your vagina from up to 8 meters a way.

the the vibrations are ultra-powerful and there are more than a handful to browse. I couldn’t get enough of this vibrator, it’s so comfortable to wear and you can’t see it through your clothes, so wearing your vibrator is not a problem.

It feels like you are selling the best seat in the world, the orgasms that erupt for me are not only surprising but also incredibly crinkly, this must be one of my favorite sex toys this year.

I know my boyfriend and I are incredibly kinky, but I feel like most couples can enjoy this vibrant sex toy. It is discreet, it is controlled via a remote control, it gives you breathtaking orgasms and you don’t have to wear it in public if you don’t want to, use it around the house or just in the bedroom. It is a non-intrusive vibrator that aims to please and please you.

How did I use it?

My boyfriend delivered the package to me and I eagerly unwrapped it.

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I slipped the vibrator into my new underwear. The underwear provided with this vibrator is really comfortable and comes with pretty little bow tie strings to fit most dress sizes.

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We trained to turn on the vibrator while I was walking around the house, it was unbelievable. I wanted to know exactly how it worked and what it was like before I went into town and just used it while I was doing the dishes and trying to load the washing machine was a pleasure.

The result?

knee shaking orgasms in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the garden, in the supermarket and in the car.

I can’t get enough of this vibrator. It breathes new life into our relationship. Being totally out of control and having my boyfriend in charge of the fun is sometimes too heavy to carry.

The vibrator is really powerful and where it is inside the underwear, it nestles perfectly in your clitoris and does not move, its main objective is to make you wiggle and enjoy and It’s is exactly what it does.

Before trying on vibrant underwear, I wasn’t totally convinced that they would work for me, but they do it and they are so much fun.

We took mine out for dinner with us, we were sitting enjoying our bottle of wine and I totally forgot the vibrator quietly tucked in my panties and out of nowhere my boyfriend took the remote from his pocket and set the vibrator to the lowest setting.

It blew me up early and shortly I couldn’t hold a conversation, it just kept increasing the vibrations until I was sure my wine glass was going to crack given the force with which I was squeezing it.

The beauty of this vibrator is that you can’t actually hear the vibrations, so not a person in this restaurant with us knew what was going on inside my underwear, which was a slippery mess.

Aside from the restaurant, I also used my new vibrator at the supermarket, I know his taboo but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I happily walked the aisles and my boyfriend took the remote control and took the vibrations higher and higher until I had to crouch down and pretend to look at one of the shelves. It was so exciting and so perverse, my boyfriend also loved it and said he had good rage all the way through the supermarket.

Other vibrating panties I use

I think even people who haven’t tried the vibrant underwear can even imagine how good they feel and so I wanted to include a few more of my favorite pairs of vibrant panties.

Once I opened this first package, I took on a bit of a role and decided to try other types of vibrant underwear, just at research purposes of course.

I get all of my sex toys from xnxxtoys, I really trust them and their sex toys. They always arrive quickly and discreetly and offer incredible discounts on all their sex toys. All of my vibrant panties came from here and I personally wouldn’t want to buy elsewhere for such intimate things.

vibrating panties with remote control

These vibrant lace panties (very comfortable!) comes with a mini vibrator 5 functions which can be controlled via the remote control up to 10 meters.

There is a hidden pocket inside the underwear where this little powerful vibrator is located and it’s perfectly positioned to rest against your clitoris.

I loved this pair of vibrant panties, I found them to be really comfortable to wear and I loved the fact that the remote control has that extra wiggle room of two meters with the remote control, however, I did not find the vibrations as strong, they were strong and I enjoyed but I was more faithful to my original pair. However, I think they would be great if you had never tried vibrating panties or if you prefer something little less powerful.

woman holding fifty shades of gray panties and vibrator

I’m a big fan of erotic and something I found with vibrant panties is that I could get rid of what I read without having to arouse suspicion or even undress.

This panty vibrator is inspired by fifty shades of Grey, so if you’re a fan of the books, do what I did, slip it into your new underwear and read and enjoy the trilogy, even more, this time.

I use this one when I’m alone, not because I don’t like it when my boyfriend joins me but because I think there is something so special and intimate about curling up with a good book and when you launch an orgasm, it’s a whole different experience.

vibrating panties with portable remote control purple

This latest vibrator isn’t exactly in the “vibrant underwear” category, but it feels good and honestly, that’s all that matters.

You just adjust the straps around your whelp, use the remote control and browse through the many patterns and vibrations. You can easily wear this vibrator under your clothes and I have found that it works best with loose, loose clothing.

I use this vibrator under loose summer dresses, the suspenders are not visible and that means I can feel this weirdest little thing. This vibrator is amazing against your clitoris and had my trembling knees in a few minutes.

How I came stronger than ever with this underwear

Vibrators, especially vibrating underwear, are great anyway, but there are a few things you can do to make using them even more enjoyable.

Keep in mind to always be careful and be wary of who is around you and where you are. It’s more fun this way and it also protects you and your partner.

cartoon of lubricant and womans body
  • Water-based lubricant is your friend. I know your * pussy * will get wet from the vibrations and excitement of the vibrator, but by using a little lubricant, everything will be ten times better. Trust me, daughter.
cartoon of pink sex toy remote control
  • Use it inside and outside the room. Have the remote control on you or give it to your partner when you go out, some of my favorite places are post office, supermarket, restaurants and clubs. But don’t forget to take your vibrant underwear in the bedroom, let your partner take full control and experience true submission.
vibrant underwear cartoon on woman
  • Put the vibrator in your underwear before you go out, that way you don’t have to worry about slipping it into your panties in the public restroom. Everyone I tried was virtually imperceptible and I couldn’t really feel them when tucked inside. It is also exciting to remember that your vibrator is there while you are busy with your daily life.
cartoon batteries on table
  • Keep it fully charged. If your vibrant underwear requires a charge (i.e., no batteries), be sure to charge it in advance don’t settle for the fact that it will work and not run out of power, this is a chance you really don’t want to take.
busy city cartoon
  • Once you have tried all the possible places, you will feel comfortable with your vibrant underwear, take a little height. Try going to the supermarket and ask your partner to put the vibrator on full power while trying to keep a straight face. Head to a family dinner and try to wear it afterwards, test yourself, but always be careful and do it at your own risk!
washing machine cartoon
  • Just because you will probably only wear the underwear that came with the vibrator when you use the vibrator, be sure to always wash them after use. They may only stay on for a few hours, but you don’t want them to smell!

After a month of trying the best vibrating panties …

It’s been about a month since my boyfriend bought me this first vibrator and it’s safe to say that I still love it.

I have been wear it to many social events and luckily no one has yet been informed. I even wore it to cinema and found a new problem! After that, I could no longer keep my hands on my boyfriend. It wasn’t even a dirty movie, there was just something extremely intense about trying to suppress the moans inside a crowded cinema.

I have also tried other vibrant pairs of underwear (mentioned above) and I have a new love for these things, I can’t believe I have never nothing tried like this before, they were a turning point for me and my relationship. They are so fun to wear and I recommend them to any single woman or couple who take advantage of clitoral stimulation and a little thrill.

The vibrator that I mentioned at the start, the one my boyfriend bought me first, was amazing. Quality is up there with some of the most expensive sex toys I bought, there is no sign of wear and tear, the battery is still solid and I found that the underwear had lasted many washes without wearing. The vibrations are just as strong the first day, the charge lasts a long time, the remote control always works 8 meters and i stay sperm like i did the first day. Absolute success.

infographic vibrating panties